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Chapter 917 - Immortal Qing Yue[ref]Qing = Green, Yue = Moon[/ref}


Yue Chan cried out purely out of anger. She had never experienced this type of thing before. Shi Hao was truly too hateful! That type of voice truly was lowly. 

Even though nothing much happened between the two, his skin was still so thick, purposely provoking her, speaking in such a vulgar manner, making her face flush with anger. Yue Chan was unbearably angered. 

From the past until now, when Yue Chan walked in this world, she was known as a fairy, white clothes exceptional, who had ever treated her like this before? Even the most outstanding disciples from every sect who showed admiration would act with utmost respect. 


She was angered to the extreme. She temporarily controlled her body, her long and slender legs becoming perfectly straight, the sparkling whiteness carrying a type of moving luster. When it moved, Shi Hao was fiercely swept flying. 

"Aiyou, masculine lady, don't be so rough!" Shi Hao's mouth was extremely lowly. After suffering this heavy blow, he didn't change his tone, still provoking her, angering Yue Chan. 

It was because the other party was was carrying out a great battle of the primordial spirit, power at a spiritual level. Any bit of emotion would affect its might. 

Otherwise, why would Qing Yi do this, burning away the white clothes? It was all to provoke Yue Chan, hoping to ruin her mood, making her feel fear, and thus cause great chaos in her mind. 

"Masculine lady?!" Yue Chan's beautiful brows jumped, truly wishing she could give him a beating, trample him into mush with a single step! This was the first time someone used this type of term to describe her. 

In front of everyone in the world, she was a sacred fairy, a holy being. No matter where one went in the higher realms' three thousand provinces, there would definitely be people who thought of her this way. 

"Hey, buff fella, let's become sworn brothers. We're clearly kindred spirits. I'll be the big bro, and you can be number two!" Shi Hao leaned against the cave's wall, blood flowing from the corner of his lips, enthusiastically 'connecting' with her.

It was as intolerable as it could get, simply impossible to endure!

Yue Chan was truly angered badly, hating him so bad that she didn't want to directly kill him, but instead after capturing him, slowly tidying him up, letting him suffer viciously for a long time. 

Of course, she wasn't an ordinary person. Even though she felt rage, she could still control it, let alone the fact that she was in a life and death battle situation. 

She rushed over again, her naked lotus arm white and glowing, drawing out an expanse of light as it struck over.


However, her other arm raised upwards, similarly dazzling, stopping her own attack, obstructing this attack aimed at Shi Hao. 

It was clear that this was Qing Yi that was taking action.

How could she let the opportunity go? She understood Yue Chan well, and as such, her soul decisively took action while Yue Chan's mind was affected. 

Shi Hao was creating opportunities for her, and she herself was fighting hard.

It was because they were originally one, so no one understood better than Qing Yi how arrogant Yue Chan was, always incredibly pure. She had a terrifying obsession with cleanliness, someone who wouldn't tolerate the slightest bit of profanity. 

Now that there was this type of 'openness', Yue Chan definitely couldn't take it, feeling great resentment inside. 

Meanwhile, this was precisely Qing Yi's opportunity. She was the second body, inherently inferior, so she used this to strategically seize the initiative, using it to recover some lost ground and suppress Yue Chan. 

Shi Hao was trying to neutralize his own body's critical situation, hoping to undo the seal.


Up ahead, that snow-white body shone, especially the space between her brows, forming mysterious symbols. The two imprints intertwined, producing golden patterns that were profound and mysterious, the radiance astonishing. 

It was clear that their great battle had reached its climax!


The gold symbols trembled, releasing heaven reaching radiance. The void distorted, continuously splitting apart, producing terrifying black-colored cracks. 

It was a wave of pure and terrifying soul force. The power dormant within their sea of consciousness was stirred on, reviving at this time, now participating. 

Back then, Shi Hao had seen a golden-colored gate in the depths of Qing Yi's consciousness. There was a slumbering divine awareness power that was extremely mysterious and powerful. 

Now, this type of power awakened, flowing out through the enormous golden gate, separately nourishing their primordial spirit, making the battle more and more terrifying. 

Vaguely, from behind the golden gate inside the sea of consciousness, an indistinct woman gradually appeared. Golden light surged, resplendent light erupting into the heavens. 

This wave of power was extremely terrifying, produced purely from soul force. She simultaneously supported Yue Chan and Qing Yi's opposition, producing two streaks of light, granting them mysterious force. 

The entire sea of consciousness immediately erupted with endless radiance, shining from the space between the perfect body's brows, appearing more and more holy. 

At the same time, the Green Lunar Flame slumbering within her body was immediately attracted over, unexpectedly resonating with that wave of soul force. It was incomparably gentle, divine and noble. 

Green radiance erupted, forming a ring of light, surrounding that perfect jade body like a divine moon, illuminating the fairy within. 

This type of marvel was incomparably beautiful. 

Shi Hao was deeply shocked, finding it a bit hard to believe. Even though he was sealed, he still saw that astonishing scene. 

It was because Yue Chan's forehead and sea of consciousness were incomparably brilliant, vaguely displaying what was currently happening. 

Her spotlessly white frontal bone became transparent, the golden gate within the sea of consciousness open. A mysterious power guided the Green Lunar Flame, the two interacting, continuously resonating, intertwining together.

Since the ancient times, few people were fortunate enough to obtain an unmatched ancient flame left behind after a true immortal fell, and even then, they only used it to break through, entering the Divine Flame Ream. The flame itself would depart afterwards. 

However, Qing Yi was extremely special. The Green Lunar Flame didn't leave her, following her. Now, this type of change even happened. 

This flame seemed to be innately intimate with her, staying with her, and now, it even resonated with the sleeping beauty behind the golden gate in her sea of consciousness, producing this miraculous scene. 

Of course, it was precisely because of this that Yue Chan was surrounded, also acknowledged, accepting nourishment, obtaining tremendous benefits. 

It was because the Green Lunar Flame acknowledged the soul force. As Qing Yi and Yue Chan were from the same source, originally one to begin with, they were both nourished by the mysterious rain of light scattered down by the green divine moon. 

"Is it… going to transform?" 

Shi Hao was shocked. Right now, it was already no longer an issue of the two merging. The soul force within the depths of their consciousness was reviving, joining in. Meanwhile, the immortal seed Fairy Qing Yue left behind from the last great era moved as well, joining in. No one knew what was going to happen.

"Qing Yue, Qing Yi, Yue Chan, the woman sleeping behind the golden gate… could it be that there really is some reincarnation imprint?" 

Shi Hao frowned. He didn't believe in reincarnation, but he felt that perhaps someone really could leave behind some type of astonishing revival method. 

When he thought of this, he broke out into a cold shiver.

"Hey, masculine lady, what kind of relationship do you have with the exceptional Immortal Qing Yue from the last great era? Don't tell me that you were… her slave servant?" Shi Hao purposely mocked, once again trying to 'provoke' Yue Chan. 

"Masculine lady…" Yue Chan grinded her teeth. Her beauty was unmatched, known to be beautiful enough to topple the world. There was no way she would be described by those two words!

Even though she knew that the other party was clearly trying to anger her, she still couldn't take it. With a peng sound, she took action again, sending Shi Hao flying, smashing into a stone wall.

Qing Yi naturally tried to stop her, neutralizing a great portion of the power. 

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao still grimaced in pain, enduring the enormous and terrifying power. If it was any other Divine Flame Realm expert, they would have definitely turned into a bloody paste.

His flesh was incomparable. He went through a heavenly tribulation and even cultivated a strand of immortal energy. That was why even though he had long suffered serious injuries, he still didn't break apart on the spot.


The void trembled lightly, shaking intensely. 

Upon close inspection, one would discover that the imprint between Yue Chan's brows was becoming more and more gentle and holy, making her look like the goddess of the moon. 

"This is…" Shi Hao's mind was greatly shaken.

Qing Yi and Yue Chan were fighting an intense battle in the space between their brows. Soul force merged, the mysterious woman behind the enormous golden gates within the sea of consciousness was reviving. The Green Lunar Flame was also merging inside, displaying astonishing changes. 

A strand of immortal energy was currently forming!

"Green Lunar Flame, it's the power of Qing Yue!" Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air. It was that green moonlight that was resonating with them, producing immortal energy. 

How could this be? It left him shaken.

In the past, he had never heard of an ancient flame helping one cultivate immortal energy. In the end, they would choose to leave, never staying behind for even a moment longer. 

Even though everyone knew that the true flame left behind from Immortal Ancient was an immortal seed, something left over from an unmatched true immortal in the past, an invaluable immortal treasure that was difficult to find throughout the world, no one was able to use it. 

And now, this flame, the immortal seed left behind by the fairy that was most widely known from the last great era, unexpectedly taking the initiative to help Yue Chan and Qing Yi change, this… was inconceivable.

The most shocking thing was that the green moon and their soul force were pulsing at the same rhythm, shockingly harmonious without the slightest bit of sluggishness, merging together as if that was the way it should be to begin with. 

That strand of immortal energy became more and more real, gradually appearing. It was snow white and mysterious, producing astonishing immortal dao energy!

"Just like this… the step was taken?" Shi Hao was stupefied. 

Between Qing Yi and Yue Chan's brows, the soul force was astonishing, far surpassing all those of the same cultivation realm. That type of force surged like a golden sea, incomparably grand and powerful. 

The green moon was hazy, scattering out moonlight, making that unmatched snow white body more and more holy, as well as incredibly moving, beautiful to the extent where one couldn't even properly describe it.

Yue Chan and Qing Yi's fine black hair danced about, their appearance exceptional, beautiful eyes containing spiritual energy, body spotlessly white and refined, waist small, legs long and slender.

This was a truly moving scene. An exceptional fairy was releasing immortal dao radiance, the aura astonishing. That strand of immortal energy became more and more compact, truly appearing. 

The green moon was brilliant as it suspended above, wrapping around this wonderful body, scattering down moonlight.

Shi Hao was shocked. The other party cultivated immortal energy. That green moon was too astonishing!

At this time, Qing Yi and Yue Chan's intense battle also reached its final point. The victor, the one that would take command, would completely erase the other's existence. 

"Qing Yi, you aren't my opponent. I am the main body!" Yue Chan shouted.

Things weren't looking good… this was what Shi Hao thought, feeling startled. If Qing Yi were to lose, his end would definitely be miserable. He immediately shouted, "Hey, masculine lady, come at me!"


That green moon really did descend, smashing into his body.

"Aiyou, buff lady, please be more gentle!" He cried out in pain.

At the same time, the clothes on his body were ignited, soon becoming like the fairy at his side, without an inch of clothing. His powerful body was completely exposed. 

"What are you trying to do? I won't yield!" Shi Hao cried out, clearly trying to provoke and incite Yue Chan.

"I'm going to burn you to ashes!" Yue Chan shouted. 

The green moon crushed downwards, moonlight turning into flames that could burn through everything. 

However, at this time, the inside of Shi Hao's body shone as well. That mysterious flame finally reappeared, forcing back the green moon's radiance, greatly alarming Yue Chan. 

Qing Yi seized the opportunity to attack fiercely. Yue Chan blocked it with great difficulty. 


The two of them tangled together, their ivory like immortal body landing on Shi Hao's.

At this moment, neither of them had clothes on, so this was truly intimate contact. 

"Ah, it hurts so much. Buff lady, why are you so heavy, you are crushing me to death!"

At this time, Yue Chan and Qing Yi were at the most critical point. Even though she was angry, she still completely ignored this. She was going to capture Qing Yi in one go.


Suddenly, a jade arm wrapped around Shi Hao, moving around his neck, intimately making contact.

"Ah, Yue Chan, what are you doing? I firmly refuse, hurry and release me!" Shi Hao shouted loudly.

Yue Chan's fine jadelike arm was about to become crooked from anger, feeling incomparable shame and humiliation. She screamed out, "Qing Yi, you… what you doing?!" 

Shi Hao shouted loudly, "Nonsense, Yue Chan, you can forget about trying to lie through this! It's clearly you! Me and Qing Yi have both already been husband and wife for a long time. You are too lecherous, actually want to rape me. Buff woman, get off me!" 

"Absolute nonsense!" Yue Chan screamed, using her soul to attack Qing Yi berating, "Qing Yi, you're mad! You're playing with fire!"

"Yue Chan, buff woman, I was mistaken about you! Actually trying to rape me, I would rather die than submit!" Shi Hao shouted. 

Yue Chan was simply about to go mad. While fighting a great battle, she had to endure that shameless noise. What made her feel the worst was that she had no way of dispelling the other party's flame, so it completely forced back the green moon's radiance. 


Shi Hao was knocked over, suffering a heavy blow. However, that body also pressed downwards. 

Even though he could only slightly move, he didn't let go of this opportunity. He faced the snow white and sparkling body that was pressing down on him, opening his mouth and biting down.

In addition, he mumbled ambiguously, "I won't submit to you!"

"Qing Yi, you dare act crazily, both of us will be destroyed indiscriminately!" Yue Chan screamed out. The feeling that was transmitted from her body made her feel like she was going mad.

However, Qing Yi remained unmoved. For the sake of defeating her so that she wasn't erased by the innately superior main body, she did everything she could to resist. 

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao was dumbstruck. 

Yue Chan was also stupefied. She struggled about, releasing a cry of alarm. 

"Qing Yi, you're crazy! You're playing with fire!" 

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