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Chapter 916 - Immortal Twins

“I am just asserting a fact.” Shi Hao reclined there as he calmly said. 

His current attitude left Yue Chan feeling extremely bewildered and uncertain. She carefully inspected him, but didn’t detect any abnormalities from his body. She was sure that he was just purposely humiliating her. 

“Hahaha…” Yue Chan laughed, her voice sharp and clear, as well as extremely cold. “From how much time has passed, I reckon that she should be here soon. Let’s give her a pleasant surprise.” 

When he heard this, the radiance in Shi Hao’s eyes flashed. He inwardly let out a breath of relief. He was finally certain that Qing Yi was fine, that the two didn’t merge together. 

Yue Chan produced another magical artifact in an unhurried manner, a divine chain. She directly activated it, wrapping it around Shi Hao’s body. 

This object’s name was Dragon Chain, known as something that could even bind dragons, impossible to struggle free from. Right now, it entered Shi Hao’s body, preventing him from acting out.

“I was originally going to save it for Qing Yi, but I have no choice but to use it on you first.” Yue Chan said to herself. 

Soul Locking Pagoda, Dragon Chain, these were both well-known secret treasures, shocking and extraordinary. Now, they were both used, locking down the body and mind, and only now did Yue Chan completely relax, not believing that he could stir up anything else. 

“Should greet Qing Yi now.” 

Her primordial spirit shone, multicolored light glistening brightly. A small person flew out from between her brows that looked the same as her, vivid and lifelike, beautiful and aloof. 

“Are you going to send your spirit into someone else’s body, wanting to experience the feeling of being male?” Shi Hao ridiculed. 

“You should just obediently display your remaining worth! Keep going until there’s nothing left!” Yue Chan coldly replied, similarly provoking the male before her. 


She directly entered the space between Shi Hao’s brows. There was no need to feel any fear right now, because she had long added several dozen heavy seals. Just the Soul Locking Pagoda she added later on alone was enough to suppress Shi Hao’s primordial spirit. 

“Wu, even though this body has been injured to the point of collapse, it is still so strong. However, I should loosen up the Dragon Chain a bit, or else you’ll be caught in your own trap you know.” Shi Hao spoke, his words quite strange. 

It was clear that Yue Chan had occupied his body. It was her that was talking. 

“How is it? This kind of sturdy body is giving you a unique experience, right? Do you feel the urge to take a bath, to relieve yourself, experience something different?” Shi Hao’s voice sounded. 

Yue Chan became petrified!

She never met this kind of ‘expert’. This was someone who looked down on the crowd and overlooked his peers. However, the words he spoke… really made it difficult for others to assess him. 

“Men and women really are different. You don’t even want to give it a try?” Shi Hao continued to urge her on. 

“You shameless, absolutely disgraceful being, hateful, deserve death!” Yue Chan berated, dark lines covering her forehead. She really wanted to kill him with a slap. This was the first time she lost her cool like this. 

Immediately afterwards, she had Shi Hao close his mouth, preventing him from speaking further, completely assuming control over his body. 

“Wu, just waiting for Qing Yi to arrive now.” Yue Chan smiled. 

Everything was already put in order within the cave. The mountain range was full of battle traces, displaying the current situation where both of them looked like they suffered serious injuries. 

“Defeated while comprehending the dao, almost having body and dao erased, yet still wish to fight decisively against me. This type of illusion, is it a bit much?” Yue Chan frowned, and then she redid the battlefield traces. 

“Soul Locking Pagoda, seal!” Yue Chan shouted. 

“You are?!” Shi Hao was shocked. He discovered that the faint green little pagoda that sealed his primordial spirit became even more shocking. Stars appeared on it, covering its surroundings densely, suppressing and sealing his primordial spirit. 

“I am the only one that can undo it, others will not be able to move it. Just wait for me to successfully capture Qing Yi.” Yue Chan said. 

Then, this place became completely peaceful.

In the ice and snow, the little rabbit and Divine Striking Stone were stupefied. Where was Shi Hao? Why did he disappear? 

Just now, Shi Hao’s aura was clearly weak, failing in comprehending the dao, so why did he suddenly disappear with Qing Yi? They should be treating their injuries and recovering. 

“Not good!”

The little rabbit and the Divine Striking Stone cried out at the same time. Their reactions were swift, immediately realizing what was happening.

“That was Yue Chan?!”

“Fuck, that deceitful hag is too daring, actually making her way here!”

They couldn’t help but cry out. That was clearly Yue Chan. Previously, she was just looking here, waiting for an opportunity, not expecting that something wrong really would happen to Shi Hao. 


Suddenly, white clothes fluttered about. A beautiful figure appeared, descending in the snowy mountains.


The Divine Striking Stone rushed out, his eyes becoming just as red as the little rabbit’s. 

“Stop, I am Qing Yi. Did something happen to Shi Hao?” The one that came shouted. She already sensed that something was off.

“Liar!” The Divine Striking Stone berated. 

Qing Yi didn’t move, not evading, allowing the Divine Striking Stone to come at her. 

“It really is you? Ah ah ah, just now, that bitch fooled us bad!” The Divine Striking Stone cried out angrily.

“Older sis Qing Yi, is it really you?” The little rabbit rushed over, clenching her fists and grinding her teeth. Being tricked made her really angry.

“Hurry and save him! Shi Hao is in danger!” The Divine Striking Stone said. 

“Right, hurry and chase after her!” The little rabbit shouted. 

“Don’t be in such a rush.” Qing Yi calmed herself down, and then said, “Shi Hao won’t be in danger right now. Her target is me, so she still wants to use this to trap me.” 

The more she spoke, the more cool-headed she became. She carefully thought things through, analyzing the situation to avoid directly entering a trap. 

“How did she know that we are here?” The little rabbit said. 

“I fought with her, and not long ago, we merged for a short period of time…” Qing Yi said.

In that instant, both of them learned of many secrets about the other party. The two of them were not ordinary. Even though they were of common origin, when they reached their current cultivation realm, they could seal themselves, not being sensed by the other party. However, at that moment, it was difficult to hide anything, thus a few matters were learned by the other party. 

When they separated, the two of them were injured, both of them withdrawing. 

Qing Yi wanted to see Shi Hao immediately, but along the way, she discovered that Yue Chan seemed to be rushing for Formation Realm, her target the little fatty.

“I was fooled. She used a bit of her soul force to trick me into making a pointless trip. Even though I realized what was happening, I was still a step late.” She said with a sigh. 

“Too hateful!” The little rabbit was furious, but she found it difficult to curse. After all, that crafty Yue Chan was the other side of Qing Yi. 

“I presume that when I appear, she will definitely have prepared a great gift for me.” Qing Yi calmly said. 

Then, she took to the sky, rushing towards a specific direction. 

“Older sis Qing Yi, we’ll go with you!”

“No, the final result will definitely be a battle of the soul. I will merge with her, so if you two are there, will you be able to take action against the merged body? You two will likely be exploited by her as well, and then used to threaten me.” Qing Yi rejected.

She quickly left, disappearing. 

“We… will follow behind and slowly advance, prepare to provide support. However, we shouldn’t get too close.” The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Qing Yi and Yue Chan’s main body had the same origin, so there was a strange connection between them that allowed them to sense each other’s whereabouts. 

Originally, when they were within a set distance, they would even learn of everything from the other’s mind. Only, as their cultivation realms became more profound, they were able to close off themselves from each other. 

However, the connection between their bodies still existed. Of course, they had to use a lot of time to carefully sense it. 

Qing Yi arrived. She looked at this enormous mountain range, the Snow Peaches and Golden Cypress Trees everywhere making this place extremely brilliant. In Cold Realm, it really was a scenery that was beautiful to the extreme. 

When she saw the battlefield traces in the mountain range, she frowned. Could it be that Shi Hao broke free from the trap?


Loud sounds could be heard. They were still fighting, but the power was much weaker. 

Qing Yi didn’t have a choice. She could only rush into the mountain range’s innermost depths. She saw two people within an ancient cave, the two confronting each other, both of them seriously injured. 

This was especially the case with Shi Hao. He was already in a terrible state after comprehending the dao, but now, he was injured beyond belief, on the verge of collapse. 

“Qing Yi, you finally came! I’ll leave it to you!” Shi Hao said, walking backwards. He then sat on the ground, breathing heavily, about to go unconscious at any moment.

Qing Yi stared at Yue Chan in the battlefield, closing in step by step. “Your calculations failed, the captive broke free?” 

Yue Chan’s expression was unpleasant, turning around to leave. She produced a Space Shattering Symbol, not staying behind for a second. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” Qing Yi lightly berated, turning into a streak of light and chasing after her.

The Shi Hao sitting on the ground revealed a strange smile from the corners of his lips. He suddenly acted out, attacking towards Yue Chan’s back. 

“I knew there was something wrong with you. Yue Chan’s soul force wasn’t that strong when she escaped, already foresaw that you would be caught off guard!” Qing Yi didn’t turn around. An earthen-colored sealing diagram suddenly appeared behind her, and then she quickly rushed backwards, perfectly facing the incoming Shi Hao. 

Yue Chan’s primordial spirit that was inside Shi Hao’s body was shocked. 

Shi Hao himself was similarly shocked, inwardly crying out, “Qing Yi, can you not always be so smart? Seeing through things so quickly, can’t you give me a bit of time here?” 

It was because at this moment, he also took action. The hibernating immortal energy guided an expanse of fiery light that flooded outwards, engulfing towards his primordial spirit to suppress and kill Yue Chan. 

These were the remnant flames of the ten thousand dao that were ignited when he cultivated on the snowy peak. It remained in his body.

At first, it didn’t obey his control at all. He continuously communicated with it, and only at this moment did he have some kind of reaction. However, right at this moment, Yue Chan’s attack on Qing Yi started. 

This flame was extremely overbearing, possessing the aura of ten thousand dao. If not for the mysterious flame hibernating in his body, this remnant flame would have definitely risen in revolt, becoming incomparably terrifying. 

That mysterious flame that accompanied the Three World Coffin didn’t obey Shi Hao’s control, or else it would be a terrifying killing weapon. 

This was the flame that was left behind when he was comprehending the dao, hibernating together with that mysterious flame, avoiding Yue Chan’s earlier inspection.


The remaining flame swept outwards, not being controlled by his primordial spirit, nor guided by his flesh, completely activated by that strand of immortal energy. It rushed at the primordial spirit in his body. 

The yellow paper outside also flew over.


Shi Hao’s body trembled violently, unable to move out of the way. That golden paper was mysterious and unfathomable, breaking through all obstructions, sticking to his body and carrying out a seal. 

He was extremely speechless. A wave of powerful force poured into his body, making that remnant flame escape his control.

Meanwhile, Yue Chan’s primordial spirit was incomparably decisive, rushing out from his forehead, not hesitating to use a secret treasure in order to break free from the earthen paper seal. 

“Bitch, where do you think you are going?!” Shi Hao flipped out. He had already waited for an extremely long time, now finally communicating with that remnant flame, so how could he just watch as she escaped, failing at the last step?

At the same time, the earthen symbol paper shone as well, dealing with Shi Hao’s fiery light while suppressing Yue Chan’s primordial spirit. 

“What a pity, both of these forces are extremely powerful, and if any of them landed on her, she would definitely be crippled!” Shi Hao howled inwardly. He never expected Qing Yi to be so sharp, taking the initiative to rush at him, colliding with the attack he released with such difficulty. 

Yue Chan cried out in pain. She suffered a disaster, freeing herself form Shi Hao’s forehead, not dying. 

“Where are you going?!” Qing Yi chased after her, suppressing the injured primordial spirit. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao’s expression changed. When Yue Chan’s primordial spirit left his body, even though his primordial spirit and other things were refined, he could still move slightly. He released a weak divine sense voice. 


In the rear, Yue Chan’s true body actually turned around in reverse, attacking from the void, rushing at Qing Yi’s back. In addition, the space between her brows shone brilliantly, clearly possessing powerful soul force fluctuations. 

Even though Qing Yi’s reaction speed was fine, she still suffered an attack!

She coughed out large amounts of blood, flying outwards.

“Hahaha…” Yue Chan laughed softly, standing there. As for the wounded ‘primordial spirit’ that rushed out from Shi Hao’s brows, it entered her own body. 

“The legendary Primordial Spirit Mirror Image Technique, you… actually refined it?” Qing Yi was shocked.

“Correct, barely able to display it once.” Yue Chan nodded. 

Her flesh still possessed powerful soul force, the earlier weakness feigned. Her true primordial spirit hadn't completely left, and the primordial spirit in Shi Hao’s flesh was just the Primordial Spirit Mirror Image’s embodiment, able to temporarily display the true power of her primordial spirit. 

“Fucking bitch!” Shi Hao cursed. Even he thought that what entered his body was Yue Chan’s primordial spirit, let alone Qing Yi who didn’t know about the situation, so she was naturally fooled. 

“Qing Yi, with such heavy injuries, are you still going to try and run? There will be no chances left anymore.” Yue Chan smiled faintly, her white clothes perfect, appearance unmatched. Everything was now under her control.

Qing Yi wiped away the blood from the corners of her lips. Her snow white clothes fluttering about, just as beautiful as the one on the other side. She didn’t say anything. She knew that things were now extremely troublesome!


Suddenly, the space between Shi Hao’s brows shone. Blood trickled outwards. The immortal seed was rushing out, its speed too fast. A strand of immortal energy curled about it, turning into a streak of flowing light and then smashing towards Yue Chan!

“En?!” Her expression immediately changed. 

Outside the immortal seed, there was endless source energy, and at this moment, a large amount had been activated, every single strand enough to collapse an expanse of mountains and rivers, powerful to an unimaginable degree. 

Yue Chan directly hacked apart the void, turning around to leave. This immortal seed was too terrifying, if she were to face it head on, she would definitely suffer greatly, crushed under its weight. 

However, all of the source energy surged, crushing the void. Yue Chan who fled inside was also forced out, suffering terrifyingly injuries. She flew upwards, large mouthfuls of blood coming out from her mouth, dyeing her snow colored clothes red. 

The Immortal seed smashed into the mountain region depths, producing a black hole. 

This unforeseen change came extremely abruptly. Yue Chan never thought that Shi Hao would still be able to display this kind of attack. 

“Qing Yi, I’ll have to hand things over to you now.” Shi Hao transmitted with difficulty. His final trump card was now used. The space between his brows split apart, no longer possessing any more strength.

Activating the immortal seed was too difficult. When attacking the enemy, he had to seriously injure himself first!

Qing Yi rushed forward to pursue Yue Chan, but the latter unexpectedly didn’t escape, rushing over as well, saying, “Then let’s just completely settle things!” 

With a shua sound, the two of them merged together, becoming one. They still had that exceptional appearance, and at this moment, the space between their brows shone, soul force surging, carrying out a great battle there.

“You… actually have the legendary Soul Nurturing Bottle?” 

“That is… Deity Beheading Sword?”

“It’s actually… Soul Chain!” 


The two fought intensely. This was a battle of primordial spirits. They clearly both hid divine objects, now brought out in the final battle.

After who knew how much time had passed, that body quieted down quite a bit, the space between their brows blossoming with auspicious multicolored light, releasing Yue Chan’s voice.

“Qing Yi, I am the main body, so I naturally have the superiority. You should just acknowledge allegiance!” 

What she received in response was only a cold snort.

“Accept suppression then!” Yue Chan said, calming down quite a bit. She had quite a bit of confidence.

Suddenly, their perfect body shone, clothes burning, revealing their snow-white immortal bodies. 

With a shua sound, Shi Hao was brought over, moved over by the sparkling flesh to their body.

“Qing Yi, what are you trying to do? Do you think that this can upset me, making me give up?” Yue Chan shouted.

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao made intimate contact with that incomparably wonderful body.

Yue Chan screamed out, “Qing Yi, you’ve become corrupted, actually so despicable, you… do you think that I will concede and withdraw?”


Shi Hao was flung onto the ground, clearly the result of Yue Chan displaying might. 

However, immediately afterwards, that snow-white body approached once again. The two of them made contact, almost within reach. This could be considered quite intimate as well.

“It hurts, be a bit more gentle!” 

A cry of pain sounded.

This lowly voice was clearly something Shi Hao did everything he could to release, purposely to deal with Yue Chan, provoking her. 

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