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Chapter 918 - Collapse of the Masculine Lady

"Yue Chan, you actually… bit me! You really are too unreserved!" Shi Hao released a heart tearing lung splitting scream as if he was extremely miserable. "Masculine lady, I am going to resist you to the end. Even if you bite me, I still won't yield!" He cried out strangely. 

Yue Chan was shocked, because Qing Yi temporarily controlled her flesh, unexpectedly behaving intimately with this shameless bastard. She was like a cat that had her tail stepped on, all of her fine hairs standing on end.

"Ah ah ah…" Yue Chan screamed, frantically trying to seize control of the body. However, because of this, she suffered a soul attack, immediately becoming at a disadvantage. 

"Qing Yi, I am going to erase your imprint, destroy your everything!" Yue Chan was furious. As an aloof fairy, forget about her lips and teeth touching a man, she had never even experienced skin contact. For someone who had an obsession with purity and didn't tolerate profanity, this was even more uncomfortable than death. 


After temporarily assuming control over the body, she truly wanted to smash her face into the ocean to wash her lips and teeth. However, no matter how vast the sea was, it still couldn't clean her mouth. It drove her mad. 

"Hey, Buff Lady Yue Chan, how can you just spit anywhere you want?" Shi Hao shouted.

Yue Chan felt like when she won in a bit, successfully merging with Qing Yi, she definitely couldn't kill this bastard. That would be letting him go too easily. Instead, she had to use the cruelest methods to punish him. 

Shi Hao grimaced his teeth in pain, and then he provoked once again, "Yue Chan, take back the saliva you left in my mouth too! Otherwise, the grudge between us won't be settled!"

The corners of Yue Chan's eyes were twitching. Faint blue veins vaguely appeared, truly couldn't stand him anymore. How could there be this type of person in existence?

This shameless bastard who lacked all virtue and elegance was just too hateful!

Chop him into eight pieces, lighting up a sky lantern, hot pillar torture, and then ten thousand cuts… at this moment, Yue Chan could only think about all types of torture, truly wishing to use all of them on this person's body.

"Hey, buff lady, stop being all silent. Do you think that you can muddle your way through just by staying silent? You took advantage of me! This debt has to be fully settled!" 


Yue Chan slapped down towards him, wishing to make his mouth burst. This bastard's mouth was too lowly, deserving to be completely destroyed!

A green moon appeared around her body, subsequently moving downwards. However, it incited the reaction of the flame within Shi Hao's body, forcing it back. 

Her strike also gave Qing Yi an opportunity. She took action with full force. 

A strand of immortal energy pervaded the air, curling around their body. White colored immortal dao mist curled about the glowing body, astonishing and mysterious. 

"This is the end!" 

Yue Chan released a low shout. She ignored everything, temporarily forgetting all that happened, frantically attacking at Qing Yi's imprint, wishing to merge her into her own origin. 

"Don't be like this!" Shi Hao shouted.

This body temporarily lost control, laying on Shi Hao's body, making him feel a type of suffocation. The first was because the Green Lunar Flame was burning right in front of his flesh, making him feel a type of uneasiness, his fine hairs all standing on end, fearing that the mysterious flame within his body might not be able to save him in time. The second reason was because the white body was fine and wonderful, curves rising and falling, sparkling and shining, carrying a delicate fragrance. Touching so intimately truly was a bit too much. 

"Yue Chan, hurry up and move, or else… I'm going to stake it all against you!" Shi Hao shouted.

Then, he took action!

To be more precise, he bit down, biting her snow white neck, feeling a wave of smoothness, as well as smelling a sweet fragrance. 

Immediately afterwards, he felt a layer of goosebumps appear on Yue Chan's neck, her body shaking, face becoming red. She was angered to the limit.

A wave of tremendous power moved towards him, about to kill him.

"So heavy, you are going to crush me to death! Yue Chan, buff woman, you should lose some weight!" He shouted noisily. 

It was clear that the other party didn't purposely try to deal with him. This was the critical moment, so it was just an instinctive clenching of her body, releasing radiance to blast him to death.

Fortunately, Qing Yi sensed something, stopping this attack. 

Moreover, Shi Hao's body was also powerful enough, unbreakable and difficult to destroy.

Since this is the case, you're taking action against me, I am also going to… declare war!" Shi Hao cried out, doing everything he could to bite down, changing to another place. 


This time, he bit down on her delicate and fine face. He couldn't move freely about, to the extent where he almost couldn't move, only barely able to move his head. As such the areas he could choose from were few. 

Yue Chan wasn't the only one whose hair stood up in anger, even Qing Yi trembled. This fella really knew how to talk, not just spewing empty words, biting quite fiercely. 

Between his lips and teeth was a strand of immortal energy. Even though he couldn't use immortal energy, this was still enough, leaving behind a row of teeth marks on that fine jade like perfect face. 

Yue Chan felt as if her lungs were about to explode. Was there still heavenly reason? She was actually bitten by the most shameful scoundrel, moreover on her sparkling cheek.

"Aiyou, Qing Yi, it doesn't hurt right? I bit down a bit too heavily. Don't mind it, I will watch myself next time." 

"Yue Chan, buff woman, do you feel like I am too gentle? Please don't be too polite with me. I was just returning the saliva from before." 

Shi Hao spoke smugly, treating them differently. Moreover, with a smack with his lips, he bit down again, leaving behind a bit of saliva.

Huang! You fucking bastard! Yue Chan was truly about to go crazy, almost swearing out loud.

To anger this graceful, noble, holy, dignified, otherworldly fairy to this extent, Shi Hao really was the first. 

For Yue Chan, this type of feeling was just too terrible, the first time in her life feeling like she was about to collapse. She had never been touched by a man, yet today, not only did she face the other party with her naked self, she even made contact at such a close distance, moreover… she was bitten, his saliva still on her!

Her sparkling skin flickered, multicolored light swirling. Her snow-white body became taut, her throat feeling sore. Because of her obsession with cleanliness, she couldn't help but feel like retching.

"Ayaya, Yue Chan, you actually dare discriminate against me, wanting to vomit, this is angering me to death! You left your saliva in my mouth, yet I didn't even settle things with you. All I did was leave a bit on your cheek! I… am going to stake it all against you!" Shi Hao shouted as if he was annoyed to the extreme. 

Then, he grinded his teeth, releasing brilliant white radiance, his mouth biting over again.

"Saliva, saliva!" Yue Chan's soul was screaming, almost on the verge of collapse. Shi Hao's saliva finally entered her mouth. She absolutely could not tolerate this!

At this moment, her beautiful body suddenly arched back, and then did everything she could to take action, attacking Shi Hao, blasting him flying. 

At this moment, Shi Hao's strand of immortal energy displayed its use. Even though he was restricted, unable to participate in the battle, it could still protect his body.

Otherwise, he would definitely be in danger. 

Despite this being the case, he was blasted until his blood and qi roiled, flying outwards and smashing against the cavern wall, the intense pain nearly unendurable. 

"Masculine woman, it really is hard for you to change your nature. Too barbaric!" Shi Hao said through clenched teeth.

For the sake of this attack, she paid quite the price. In the battle against Qing Yi, she immediately fell to the disadvantage. 

She originally occupied the initiative. The situation was now not looking favorable. 

"I won't be defeated, because I am the main body. I inherently have the ability to subdue you!" 

There wasn't much time left. She quickly calmed down, doing everything she could to make her soul shine, becoming resplendent like a sun, surrounding Qing Yi. 

It was the same on the other side. Qing Yi's soul surged like a bright moon rising into the sky, a rain of light following it. Soul force surged, suppressing Yue Chan. 

This battle was about to reach its conclusion.

Qing Yi was still the second body in the end, and even from her title, one could see that she had an inherent weakness. Strictly speaking, she had no way of resisting the main body. Being able to fight to this extent was already quite respectable, incredibly shocking.

"Haha… it finally ended. Qing Yi, you've lost!" Yue Chan laughed coldly, the expression on her face noble and elegant. 

Not far out, Shi Hao felt anxious, but here was no way to for him to offer help.

The two figures in the sea of consciousness intertwined, almost indistinguishable. Even if Shi Hao could move, he didn't have any way of settling this. 

Suddenly, Yue Chan's body went rigid. Qing Yi unexpectedly temporarily gave up the battle between her brows, directly seizing control of the body, and then moving towards Shi Hao. 

"Qing Yi, you dare! You cannot do this!" Yue Chan shouted angrily, her face becoming pale. She was now truly worried.

"Why wouldn't I dare? I am about to go out of existence, my imprint about to vanish, so you think I'll still worry about your pureness, give consideration to your future?" Qing Yi said. 

"We can talk things over! Stop!" Yue Chan berated. 

"We've already reached this point, you think I'll believe you?" Qing Yi laughed, her beauty enough to topple a country. She didn't stop.

"Hey, have you guys considered my feelings? The glorious future Heavenly Emperor is actually being manipulated by you two!" Shi Hao shouted. 

Soon after, he couldn't say anything, his breathing becoming heavy. It was because a perfect sparkling white, ivory body already leaned over, touching him. It was incomparably warm. 

"Qing Yi, you are courting death!" Yue Chan shouted loudly.

"That's good, destroy me then! We'll both be ruined!" Qing Yi smiled, replying decisively.

A crack appeared between her brows, producing a few wisps of blood. Several drops of scarlet red blood appeared, trickling down. They were fighting intensely. 

"I am going to stake it all against you two!" Shi Hao argued noisily. His body released all types of light, almost making his own body crack apart. Those were all symbols from great divine abilities.

However, how could Yue Chan who occupied the advantage want to die? Success wasn't far. She wasn't willing to throw her own life again, and thus, she slightly withdrew. 

This was precisely Qing Yi's opportunity!


Between the brows, all types of multicolored light surged. It was the soul that was using precious techniques, fighting a life and death battle.

However, in the end, this place suddenly became quiet. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. Qing Yi frowned. Yue Chan was frozen. 

A moment later, Yue Chan released a scream. "Qing Yi, what have you done? I'm going to kill you! There won't even be a trace left!"

Shi Hao was a bit stunned as well, but he quickly snapped out of it, saying, "Yue Chan, you have to take responsibility!" 


Yue Chan was so angry she slapped over. Then, she immediately released a muffled groan, because Qing Yi was also moving. 

This type of feeling was too terrible!

Everything that happened left Yue Chan a bit stupefied. 

"Hey, how are you all going to deal with the consequences?" Shi Hao spoke.

While looking at Huang, Yue Chan became slightly clear-headed, and then she immediately collapsed. She released all of her power to kill Qing Yi and Shi Hao, destroying all corpses and evidence.

This type of contact, for her… was too terrifying. 

However, the flame that accompanied the Three World Coffin appeared again, almost touching her, immediately making her body go taut, her fine hairs standing on end. 

"Yue Chan, Qing Yi, you two…" Shi Hao spoke, unable to form a complete sentence.


At this moment, the perfect body shone, immediately once again separating into two people. QIng Yi was still in the original place, while Yue Chan struggled free, rushing out from the cave.

She staggered, almost falling. When she thought back to what she had just experienced, she simply couldn't believe what had happened. Why didn't she leave a bit earlier? Moreover, after it happened, why did she freeze up for a moment? When she thought back to it, she found it difficult to accept. 

"Hey, Yue Chan, how can you just leave? Are you trying to run without taking responsibility?" Shi Hao shouted from behind. 

Yue Chan staggered again, truly about to collapse. Her graceful immortal body swayed, quickly running. 

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