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Chapter 915 - Fairy's Prisoner

Cold Realm, a place of bone-penetrating coldness. 

There was someone who had almost become an immortal here, but in the end, suffered a disaster. Great yin source scattered outwards, sealing up this small world. Even after millions of years, it was still incredibly cold. 

However, life was always tenacious and hard to defeat. 

Aside from the central region where snow descended over ten thousand li, ancient tribes frozen, the distant borders didn't have any snowflakes, but the great earth there was still dry and cold. However, even under this type of environment, there were still a few plants that persistently grew. 

This was a mountain range. Mountain peaks towered one after another, grand and massive.

Entering this place felt like entering a legendary era. Every single mountain peak was imposing like the cultivation place of an immortal. Unfortunately, it was just too peaceful. 

This mountain range had quite a few plants, but they were all extremely strange. Some of the mountain peaks were snow-white, Snow Peaches growing there, pure white flower petals fluttering about, fragrance wafting through the air. 

There were mountain peaks that were covered in gold, shining resplendently. Those were Golden Cypress Trees with exuberant vitality. They absorbed nourishment from the cold sky and frozen earth to strengthen themselves. 

From the distance, this mountain range looked extremely peculiar. There were plants of all different colors, creating an incomparably strange yet beautiful scene. 


A beauty appeared, white clothes even purer than snow, fine black hair fluttering about, indescribably beautiful and striking. 

Her beauty was untainted by the world of mortals, devastatingly beautiful. In her arms was a male, precisely Shi Hao. She entered this vast mountain range.

Her feet didn't touch the earth, incomparably agile and graceful as she danced over the peach blossoms, jumping on the leaves of the Golden Cypress Trees. She was incomparably pure, like something out of a fantasy. 

Even while carrying a person, her exceptional figure still couldn't be concealed, as if she was a fairy born from heaven and earth, without any imperfections or impurities, separated from the ways of the world. 

In the end, she arrived at the foot of a massive ancient mountain. She saw a cave left behind by a cultivator from the previous generation and then entered inside.

The passage of time could erase many things. This cave endured the baptism of several millions of years, so the traces all faded away, all of the formations already decayed, no longer existing. 

The cave was extremely clean, and also orderly. There was a stone bed, and a quiet room, a good place for cultivation. The spiritual essence here was extremely rich. 

The snow-clothed beauty flung out her sleeve, using a dust eliminating technique, making this place appear even more bright and clean. 

In reality, the weather was cold and ground frozen, ice and snow freezing the skies, so there was almost no dust in all of Cold Realm. After all this time had passed, the cave could still be considered clean.

The white-clothed fairy randomly tossed Shi Hao to the side.


Shi Hao frowned, his flesh colliding with the stone walls. If it was an ordinary person, this type of force would definitely break many bones and muscles. This was the toss of a deity.

"Yue Chan, I truly underestimated you!" He released a light sigh. 

The snow-clothed woman laughed, her beautiful hair pitch-black, her skin snow-white, displaying an otherworldly beauty that was also bright and moving. Her smile could topple a country. 

"It's been a while since we met. Brother's style has even surpassed the past." Yue Chan's smile was peaceful and moving.

"Where's Qing Yi? Suffered from your vicious methods?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Yue Chan is Qing Yi, the two of us were originally one. What difference is there?" Yue Chan smiled in a quiet and contented manner as she asked. 

"At the very least, Qing Yi wouldn't mount a hidden attack." Shi Hao said. 

"Qing Yi has fallen. In the few years of time she has separated from me, her pure heart has been contaminated. I will change her back, becoming clear like crystal." Yue Chan smiled faintly.

While speaking, she raised her hand, continuously forming imprints. Strand after strand of light flew over, turning into strange symbols that resembled the stars in the sky before entering Shi Hao's body.

"Brother Shi, you shouldn't trouble yourself so. It is better if you take a long and proper rest."

She applied seals while speaking, symbol chains entered Shi Hao's body streak after streak. 

In reality, while on the snowy mountain, she already added many layers of seals. Now that she was taking action again, it really was wrapping Shi Hao like a zongzi[1].

In addition, the primordial spirit was where she placed the most attention, using Heaven Mending Sect's most powerful methods to seal and thoroughly confine him.

"This is the thirty-sixth great seal. Aren't you being too careful?" Shi Hao was touching the ice-cold stone walls, not moving an inch as he said. 

"For someone who has taken the final step, exceeding the ancient predecessors, someone who has cultivated a strand of immortal energy, I truly feel sincere admiration and deep respect. That is why I am treating you especially carefully." She smiled faintly like a blossoming flower. 

"I'm a bit confused. How can your soul and Qing Yi's be the exact same?" Shi Hao asked. 

Even though they were originally one, there were still some differences. Shi Hao had touched the main body before, and he couldn't be more familiar with Qing Yi, already understanding her quite a bit.

The main body had a few slight differences, so he could definitely sense the differences in spirit fluctuations. 

No matter who it was, as long as they used soul force, displaying it towards others, then they could definitely be differentiated. Everyone was different, no such thing as completely identical creatures. 

"Heaven Mending Sect has existed since the ancient times, not something as simple as you think. It is larger than your imaginations, the fact that it has some secret treasures not all that surprising." 

Yue Chan had a faint smile on her face. While speaking, she produced a blue crystal that was carved into a small cauldron. This type of thing surrounded the primordial spirit, able to mimic soul fluctuations. 

"It is a heaven defying wondrous treasure as expected." Shi Hao's eyes shone. 

"Your realization is too late." Yue Chan spoke, and then she brandished her leg. Her long and slender beautiful leg drew out a beautiful arc, smashing heavily against Shi Hao's body, sending him into the air, smashing into the stone walls with a peng sound. 

"Wasn't Heaven Mending Sect's fairy extraordinary and free from vulgarity, holy and pure? How can she be this rough?" Shi Hao said. 

"Fairies have tempers as well." Yue Chan smiled extremely sweetly, walking over step by step calmly and gracefully. She moved the beautiful hair in front of her forehead, lowering her head to look down on Shi Hao. "Capturing my second body, injuring my true self, always displaying crazy behavior and speaking nonsense, what does this small amount of suffering count as?" 


Her lotus arms were spotlessly white and sparkling. When they were brandished, Shi Hao was directly sent flying out, once again smashing into the cavern wall on the other side, producing a human shaped hole.,

Blood flowed out from Shi Hao's lips. Soon after, he was locked down by the other party again, and then with another leg, he flew outwards. 

He was originally injured from his comprehension of the dao, his body and dao almost erased by the dao flames. Right now, it was adding injuries on top of injuries, his condition terrible to the extreme. 

"Can you not be so rough, be more gentle. Regardless, we've already paid our respects to heaven and earth, entering the bridal chambers." Shi Hao said while leaning against the stone wall.

"Is that so? Then I'll be a bit more gentle." Yue Chan calmly spoke. A finger pointed out, a beam of light entering the space between Shi Hao's brows. It looked gentle and holy, but this type of pain was unendurable. This was injuring the primordial spirit.

"Stop, even though we entered the bridal chambers, actions based on emotions should still stop within the limits of propriety! It was extremely pure and sacred, don't misunderstand!" Shi Hao shouted. 

"Misunderstanding, hehe…" Even though Yue Chan's bearing was exceptional, beautiful to a dreamlike degree, her smile still made one feel as if there was demon attached to her. 


Shi Hao flew out again, his body dyed with blood.

"Treating me fiercely now, do you really feel content with yourself? Did you forget that in the lower realm, you were blasted into a little girl by my Reincarnation technique and then captured, spanking your bottom?" 

When Yue Chan heard this, a hint of redness immediately rose on her pure white pretty face. Her eyes became as brilliant as brilliant could be, the smile on her face not decreasing at all. However, she picked Shi Hao up. 

"You still dare bring up old matters. If you didn't speak about it, I was about to forget about it!" 

With a peng sound, she smashed Shi Hao into the ground, and then stepped on his body, fiercely grinding her feet. That beautiful foot wasn't that large, but as it crushed down on Shi Hao's body with unmatched divine abilities, it displayed brilliance, immediately becoming as heavy as a mountain. 

Shi Hao was trampled into the ground, his vertebra releasing gezhi gezhi sounds, about to break. As for his flesh, it had long been damaged to the point of being impossible to damage further. 


In the end, he was sent flying by the elegant foot again. 

"If I don't remind you, how can we make deeper impressions on each other? Regardless, there was someone that entered the bridal chambers with you, spanking you before. This type of thing has to be remembered and engraved as deeply as possible. You cannot forget about it in this lifetime." Shi Hao said. 

Yue Chan's gaze became even more penetrating. She laughed coldly and said, "Good, your mouth is still hard huh? You will definitely have time to regret it." 

"I've been feeling regret for a long time already! If the heavens give me another chance, let's start over in the bridal room again." Shi Hao put on an annoyed expression, and then continued, "I believe that this day will definitely come." 


Yue Chan's right hand shone. Scarlet multicolored light erupted as if an immortal phoenix was spreading its wings, releasing a wave of strange power. She pressed it against the space between his brows, and then she suddenly withdrew. 

Shi Hao's body trembled, the space between his brows splitting. Strand after strand of source energy spilled out. That was the 'immortal seed' being seized outwards, about to be extracted.

This type of thing couldn't be forcefully taken, or else a single strand was enough to crush mountains and rivers, unimaginably dangerous. 

Right now, even Shi Hao with his powerful flesh couldn't hold on any longer. The source energy began to revive, inflicting serious injuries upon him. 

"You crazy woman, did you merge with Qing Yi? How do you know everything?!" Shi Hao's expression changed for the first time. 

"YI, where is that strand of immortal energy? Why hasn't it appeared yet? Where is it hiding? If you still don't display it, then there won't be any more opportunities! I am still waiting for you to release a fatal attack against me." Yue Chan smiled extremely brilliantly. 

She used the Immortal Phoenix precious technique's loose move to guide the 'immortal seed', making Shi Hao's entire body tremble, the space between his brows continuously trickle out blood. His situation was extremely terrible. 

"Sigh, truly a pity. I was waiting for you to make a move this entire time, wishing to guide out that strand of immortal energy to take a look, but you really aren't cooperating. Since it's like this, then I won't give you anymore opportunities." Yue Chan's smile was extremely sweet, but her actions were decisive and ruthless. 

Her arm shone, scarlet multicolored light filling he ancient cave, drawing out that immortal seed a bit more. Source energy seeped out, making Shi Hao's entire body tremble greatly, his body and spirit struggling to endure this

Then, Yue Chan produced a small pagoda that released faint green radiance. It quickly entered Shi Hao's head, drawing out the primordial spirit that should have long been restricted.

The little pagoda didn't fly out, remaining behind Shi Hao's forehead. 

"Soul Locking Pagoda, even with your powerful divine abilities, you can still obediently accept the fate of imprisonment." Yue Chan said calmly. 

At this moment, she stopped the guidance of the immortal seed, allowing it to return into Shi Hao's forehead. Right now, everything was under her control, so there wasn't much to be worried about. 

"If not out of fear of having the Kun Peng technique be forever lost, fearing the Lightning Emperor's secret method's inheritance being severed, I would have directly extracted the immortal seed." She said coldly. 

Without a doubt, once it was forcefully extracted, all of the source energy would erupt. Shi Hao's forehead would explode, and his primordial spirit would be erased as well. 

"Let's pay our respects to heaven and earth again, I'll give everything to you." Shi Hao said while leaning against a piece of bluestone.

"Things have already reached this state, yet you are still trying to incite me, haha… no matter what kind of methods you have, it's all too late!" Yue Chan said coldly. 

1. Chinese sticky rice wrapped within leaves

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