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Chapter 914 - Captured

Shi Hao wanted to use the world as a furnace, use the heaven's dao as flames to ignite his true self and transcend!

If news of this got out, it would definitely make everyone's expressions freeze, their minds greatly shaken, thinking that he was crazy. It was because this was just too difficult.

He was definitely going to burn himself to ashes!

However, he already succeeded in his first step. The three thousand bluestone paths were the first part. The three thousand great dao that place contained were a part of the path he wished to take. 

Normally speaking, even if it was the last great era where heaven and earth's natural law conditions permitted such things, one path could only produce a single strand of immortal energy. There was no way for it to give birth to more. 

The road reached its end, and then immortal energy would appear!

This was common knowledge, as well as the rule that was publicly accepted. 

However, his path was too terrifying. As such, even after the three thousand dao reached its end, the first strand of immortal energy successfully condensed, there were still further steps to take. 

It was also precisely because of this that proved the difficulty of this path, the danger of having his body and dao wiped out at every turn. It was because the three thousand bluestone paths could be considered the first stage of dao comprehension. Shi Hao barely made it through alive.

The immortal seed before him continuously changed, from less than an inch in size to half a zhang in length. It truly left others feeling extremely amazed. 

Shi Hao silently comprehended, immediately sensing the endless dao flow into the immortal seed through the source energy, carrying out a nourishment. If he carefully harmonized with it, he could hear a deafening chanting of scriptures. 

"It really is like an egg." 

Regardless of how it changed in size, it always stayed an oval shape, appearing like an immortal Luan. Back then, Shi Hao already wondered if it was some egg birthed by some heavenly phoenix. 

Qi Daolin had previously shook his head, saying that it only contained an immortal treasure produced by heaven and earth. 

Shi Hao closed his eyes, silently sensing it. This egg contained all types of imprints, and with the support of the world's great dao, all types of scripture voices rumbled. It was as if it could communicate with the entire world. 

In that instant, he saw all things in the world, all the stars in the sky, a single stalk of grass, a single tree, a divine bird, walking beast, etc. 

Everything appeared before his eyes!

This was the most valuable part of this 'placenta'. 

Heaven and earth source energy, eggshell, and all things harmonized together, able to communicate with all living things, connecting intimately with heavenly dao, absorbing nutrients in this way. 

Since the ancient times, how many people were able to witness the creation of a sacred object?

This was truly a marvel, something that was a rare sight even for true immortals. Those with long lives from the last great era might be able to find Immortal Gold, but if one wanted to find this type of embryonic form that was currently nourishing a supreme treasure, it was too difficult!

Shi Hao immediately immersed himself inside, his mind feeling as if it was wandering about unhurriedly between all dao, resonating with it. 

He didn't immediately use all dao to burn his true self, instead communicating with it first, carefully studying it. It was because it was going to become even more dangerous than when he was cultivating in the three thousand bluestone paths. 

Cold Realm, the weather was truly cold, rumored to be so cold that it could wipe out all types of dao flames. 

Shi Hao now knew the reasoning behind this, understanding that this wasn't an exaggeration. There was someone who almost became an immortal here, able to freeze over heavenly tribulation. However, in the end, he fell here, so the cold was naturally world shocking. 

He felt that once he used all dao to burn his body, this place might be able to help him neutralize a bit of the danger, perhaps not burning him to ashes. 

After all, there was immortal dao energy here. That person almost ascended to immortality, his journey cut short here. The coldness still remained, perhaps able to help him make it through this trial.

Shi Hao didn't move at all for several days in a row. 

The little rabbit carried the sleeping Emperor Butterfly, bringing the Divine Striking Stone with her, wandering all about the mountains and plains, exploring everything within several thousand li, picking Snow Lotus and searching for immortal dao remains. 


Serene Moon Realm. 

Qing Yi and Yue Chan confronted each other. This was the fourth time the two clashed, victory or defeat about to be decided!

The first time, the Green Lunar Flame appeared, directly shocking Yue Chan and forcing her back. She used a Realm Shattering Symbol to escape, not staying behind for even a moment, not fighting decisively at all. 

The second time they confronted each other, Yue Chan's soul fluctuations were the same as Qing Yi's, even the slightest difference vanishing. She had her confidence when facing the Green Lunar Flame.

Sure enough, during the second clash, she received a few injuries, but the Green Lunar Flame didn't inflict fatal damage. 

When the two met a third time, Qing Yi didn't lightly use the Green Lunar Flame, because she knew the other party's plans, wishing to adapt bit by bit to the flame. As a result, during the third encounter, she received some light injuries. 

Now, it was the fourth time they collided. The two fought intensely once again. 

Right now, they revealed their true appearances, both of them wearing white clothes, appearing incredibly spiritual and transcendent. Even though they were fighting fiercely, they still seemed untainted by the world of mortals. 

Both of them had graceful bodies, tall and slender, as if they were true immortals, beautiful to the extreme. Not the slightest flaw could be detected from them. 

Snow-colored clothes danced about, fine black hair flying in the air. Their umber black eyebrows were curved, eyes carrying brilliance, nose straight and tall, red lips brilliant. They were incredibly perfect.

The most important thing was that the two of them were the exact same. This type of fight produced an indescribable type of beauty, as if true immortals were dancing, their styles unmatched.


However, their fighting strength were world shocking, overlooking their peers. With just a raise of their hand or a move of their feet, a mountain peak would be flattened. A mountain range collapsed under a single finger. 

"Qing Yi, you are me, and I am you. Why must you be so stubborn? Merge with me, we can immediately take that step and cultivate a strand of immortal energy!" Yue Chan said. 

"You are the main body. You want to occupy the leading role and erase many things from my mind. How can I agree to this?!" Qing Yi said. 

"When wasn't this case for you? Do you wish to change from being the guest to the host?" Yue Chan smiled faintly, within her quiet bearing a type of shocking charm that was world shocking. 

"I am not as decisive to sever all as you." Qing Yi said. 

"I've already walked quite far on that path, about to take that step. We only need to merge, and then it will immediately succeed." Yue Chan said. 

Qing Yi only released a cold snort, displaying a great divine ability.

"I know that you are quite extraordinary on this path as well, even obtaining the immortal seed fairy Qing Yue left behind. Moreover, after igniting your divine flame, it didn't leave, so it's clear how great the opportunity was. If the two of us merge, my dao and your path will join up, so a strand of immortal energy will immediately rise." Yue Chan said. 

"Sure, we can merge together, as long as you release your body and mind." Qing Yi said. 

"Qing Yi, you are just a second body, your requests are too great. However, you can feel at ease. Once we merge, none of us will be destroyed, as that true body is our true selves." Yue Chan said. 

"Then that's good, come and merge with me!" Qing Yi rushed over, the Green Lunar Flame shining resplendently, appearing once again. 

Yue Chan smiled faintly, appearing aloof and exceptional. As her white clothes fluttered about, the light within her brows shone brilliantly, her soul fluctuations the exact same as Qing Yi's, drawing over the Green Lunar Flame to try and seize it. 


The two both sent out a fist. Their mouths claimed to wish for merging, but none of them would show mercy, so how could they believe the other side?

Both parties were injured in this battle. In the end, both of them backed up.

In the following half a mouth, they continuously fought. Once they unexpectedly charged into each other, becoming one. The Green Lunar Flame immediately shone resplendently, immediately producing a faint strand of immortal energy. 

"Qing Yi, the things both you and I obtained really are extraordinary. Fairy Qing Yue and us are brought together by fate."


However, after an intense tremble, both of them split apart again, both of them coughing out large amounts of blood.

"You wish to erase my imprint?" Qing Yi's beautiful eyes released cold lightning, confronting her.

"You misunderstand. I just wished to clear up a bit of unnecessary memories between the two of us," Yue Chan said. She then looked at her. "Didn't you want to erase my portion of the imprints as well?" 

This time, both of them backed up, because their injuries weren't light. 

Cold Realm. 

"That fella isn't moving at all, is he really going to sit there like an idiot?" The little rabbit muttered, staring at the snowy peak at the center of the mountain range. Shi Hao sat on it, not displaying any activity. 

The little rabbit and Divine Striking Stone had been searching for immortal treasures these past few days, but there still wasn't any gains. 


Suddenly, on the snowy mountain, streak after streak of flames appeared, some originating from the void, some from the heavens. It was too spectacular, immediately drowning out that place. 

The ice and snow that contained natural laws and divine force immediately melted, the snowy mountain about to become a place of lava. 

"Heavens, so much dao laws, did all of the heaven's natural laws appear?" The little rabbit cried out in alarm, staring with her large red eyes. 

"Too ferocious! Don't throw your life away too now…" The Divine Striking Stone had second thoughts. 

"Yi, so strange, the ice and snow appeared again. This mountain region is shining! There's immortal dao energy too." The little rabbit widened her large eyes. The mountain region was frozen once again. 

She quickly realized something, crying out, "We're rich! That fella that almost became an immortal left something behind after all!"

On the snowy peak, the fiery light burned more and more viciously, about to destroy heaven and earth. It was difficult to bear even from far away, dao, bones, and divine force all about to melt away. 

This left the little rabbit and Divine Striking Stone shocked. What kind of power was this? 

However, the snowy mountains were quite strange, continuously releasing symbols. Icy coldness surged, the great snow and ice reappearing after melting. 

In that instant, the little rabbit and Divine Striking Stone forgot all about their search for immortal treasures, only staring at Shi Hao who was sitting on top of the snowy peak in a stupor. He was enduring the burning of endless dao flames there.

"Freak! Too powerful!"

This flame burned for three days straight. During this period, all types of great dao sounded, as if there were chants ringing through the air. It was as if heavenly immortals or devils were chanting scriptures. It was extremely shocking. 

"Yi, older sis Qing Yi, you came?" The little rabbit was shocked. She saw the exceptionally beautiful Qing Yi in white clothes descend here. 

"Did he succeed? There's actually this type of strange scene. It truly is shocking." The ice fairylike exceptional beauty revealed an expression of shock, her beautiful eyes flickering with brilliance. 

"Still in the process. Right, older sis Qing Yi, you went to look for the main body. Did you suppress her?" The little rabbit blinked her large eyes as she asked. 

"I was injured. She is extremely difficult to deal with." Qing Yi shook her head, her face a bit pale.

"Ah, are you alright?" The little rabbit was shocked, hurriedly producing a stalk of holy medicine for her to eat.

"Don't worry, I'll be alright after a bit of rest," Qing Yi said. Then, she asked the little rabbit about the situation with this place. When she heard what happened here, she was immediately shocked, saying, "Almost ascended to immortality… there is an unmatched divine treasure here?" 

"Right!" The little rabbit carefully spoke things over. 

"Wu, you all search for the immortal treasure then, I reckon that it's buried under the earth. I'll stand guard here and use this time to treat my injuries. Who knows, I might be able to comprehend something from Shi Hao's cultivation." Qing Yi said. 

"Okay!" The little rabbit wanted to look for it a while ago. The Divine Striking Stone didn't say another word, immediately digging into the snowy earth. 

The seated figure fell down, the endless fiery light disappearing. Shi Hao's entire body was scorched black, receiving serious injuries!

Using the heavens' dao as flame, how could it be so easy? Even though he made ample preparations, now powerful to the extreme, even cultivating a strand of immortal energy, he still almost died.

This road was too difficult!

Shi Hao was incomparably weak, his entire body in pain. He sat up with difficulty. It was too miserable this time, almost having his body and dao destroyed. Fortunately, he endured it at the critical moment.

"So difficult!" He released a soft sigh. For a second strand of immortal energy to appear, it was harder than climbing to heaven. He began to think hard with a frown. 

With a shua sound, a streak of white light appeared. An exceptional beauty descended on the snowy peak. White clothes fluttered about her like an immortal, beautiful to the extent of moving souls, refined and extraordinary. 

"Qing Yi, why did you come? Could it be that there was a conclusion?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Not yet. I was injured, needing some time to recover." Qing Yi shook her head. She then asked about his current state with deep concern. 

"It's a bit troublesome. I need to rest for a few days." Shi Hao released a light sigh.

With his current strength and terrifying flesh, even if he was heavily injured, a day or two of rest was still enough to make a complete recovery.

However now, he actually had to rest for several days, so one could imagine how severe the injuries this time were. These really were great dao injuries that almost killed him. 

"You were injured so badly even after cultivating a strand of immortal energy?" Qing Yi was shocked, feeling even more concerned as she asked. 

In addition, she walked over, grabbing Shi Hao's arm, personally taking a look. She then said with a sigh, "Really do have to rest for some time."

"En?!" Shi Hao suddenly became alarmed, because he discovered that he couldn't move.

Qing Yi took action, sealing his seriously injured body!


In addition, she continuously formed imprints, completely sealing Shi Hao from his flesh to his primordial spirit. 

"You…" Shi Hao stared at her.

Qing Yi revealed a peaceful smile, beautiful to the extreme. Her body was tall and slender. She lifted Shi Hao and then moved through the sky like a fairy walking on ripples. Her white clothes fluttered about, disappearing from the snowy mountain. 

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