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Chapter 913 - Immortal Ancient Curse

"What powerful methods, Huang is too domineering, provoking several ancient freaks by himself! This is the same as establishing hatred that wouldn't end until one side dies!"

"The three thousand bluestone path are now the grave for several great armies, and even the ancient freaks were injured. It truly is earth-shattering news!" 

News traveled in all directions, and quite a few small worlds learned of this battle. A great storm was brewing, triggering tremendous waves.

Huang had previously cultivated in seclusion in the three thousand bluestone paths, and when he came out, he even killed Fallen Divine Child. One could see just how shocking his accomplishments were here. 

It was clear that the current Huang's reputation could match ancient freaks. He was one of the present world's most powerful existences. 

This day, Jun Dao, Divine Dark Child, and Heavenly Country's ancient freak's alliance suffered greatly. When news of this spread, many people found it hard to believe, but it truly did happen. Many people saw it with their own eyes.

"Huang's true body didn't appear, using formations to bury the enemy's armies. His methods are truly heaven reaching!" 

"People like him have shocking divine senses, sensing danger before it arrived, thus leaving and setting up this type of trap. The great armies that followed were swallowed up as expected."

Everyone sighed in admiration. Jun Dao and the others definitely didn't feel good. As ancient kings who were high above everyone else, they normally definitely wouldn't work together. However, the first time they took action together, it led to this kind of defeat. 

For them, this was a great humiliation. It was just one person, yet he slapped all of them on the face, moreover extremely loudly.


In the fog, someone released a low roar. This was an ancient king. Their plan this time was truly without much brilliance. Losing was one thing, but they didn't even see Huang.

"Haha…" A wild laughter sounded, one that was accompanied by bloodiness. 

Heavenly Country's ancient freak hadn't been injured, leaving others shocked. His divine senses were really were extremely sharp, never taking half a step into the formation. 

When everyone learned of this, they all shivered inwardly. Worthy of being someone even Ning Chuan had to be wary of, powerful to a terrifying degree. He was the greatest assassin in Immortal Ancient. 

"Huang has now truly done it. If not even ancient freaks can kill him, he will definitely rise up in Immortal Ancient, and quickly grow." 

In the outside world, at the border of the uninhabited region, someone released a light sigh. 

"I truly hope that Immortal Ancient's gate will open in a few years, and not after several hundred!" A heavenly deity said, not wishing to give Huang too much time. Otherwise, it would lead to great troubles. 


Cold Realm, the tribal remains. 

Shi Hao held the Everlasting Immortal Sword. He saw scenes one after another, leaving him greatly shaken. That was a person becoming an immortal!

That was a native, his divine might matchless, piercing through heaven and earth to resist heavenly tribulation. He was simply unstoppable.

"Actually able to freeze heavenly tribulation!" 

Shi Hao was stupefied. That person achieved the dao through ice, advancing it step by step, forming the great yin. Any type of natural law was terrifying when it reached the extreme, their power boundless. 

He used ice to freeze the heavens, sealing up the heavenly tribulation, possessing an unmatched attitude. 

The heavens was frozen, shining and sparkling. Eventhe  heavenly tribulation was destroyed. However, he was coughing blood as well, receiving serious injuries. 

"Break through Immortal Ancient's restrictions and blast away the curse, I want to lead the clansmen to the past!" This was what he roared, as well as his conviction. 

His entire body released a white expanse of light. Snow and ice drifted about, hacking towards the heavens. Great yin force surged, engulfing the boundless great tribulation that appeared again.

Within the tribe, countless people were praying, waiting with hope and expectation for him to succeed. 


Powerful lightning tribulation crashed down, the heavenly tribulation about to scatter. It was about to end, specks of light shining everywhere, the light of ascension appearing. 

Everyone inside the tribe revealed joyous looks, all of them crying out excitedly.

However, a crack appeared between that male's brows, and then it continuously widened. He was… crumbling apart!

"The curse has appeared, great one… for the sake of resisting heavenly tribulation, couldn't resist the curse. In the end, it broke into his primordial spirit…" Cries of alarm sounded. 

The one that discovered what had happened first was an elder. Others were still immersed in joy and excitement. 

Together with the most powerful people of the clan, he activated the altar, wishing to assist the male in the heavens. 

"Do not worry about me… quickly retreat!" The space between the male's brows split apart. His body crumbled as he roared loudly.

Those elders didn't listen to his advice, frantically operating the altar. A streak of divine light rushed into the heavens, shooting towards that male. 

They overestimated themselves. That person was already about to become an immortal, already at the final leg, his strength terrifying. Their assistance was completely useless. 


A final streak of lightning descended, blasting that male apart, the curse invading his primordial spirit, blasting him apart. His flesh turned into a bloody mist. 

He released a final great cry, frantically doing everything he could, releasing all of his life force and everything else towards the heavens to eradicate the heavenly tribulation, preventing it from approaching Immortal Ancient. 

Unfortunately, a bit of great yin divine force sprinkled onto the surface, all because those elders were activating the altar. The divine force that rushed up was connected to him, and as such, his great yin force was guided downwards. 

In that instant, ice covered the world, the entire small world frozen over, all living things perishing!

This was all brought about by just a trace of his great yin force!

At the final moment, even though he was mournful, when he looked downwards, he saw that the elders were all smiling, carrying a look of freedom.

"Rather than muddling their way on, it is better to just return to the earth. This type of conclusion isn't too bad either." 

He heard this type of voice, and then it disappeared. The powerful tribe was thus frozen, forever disappearing. 

Shi Hao didn't move for an extremely long time, as if he was petrified. The altar was already calm, no longer shining, entering a type of stillness. 

With a light sigh, he put away the Everlasting Immortal Sword. He now knew what had happened here before. His mind was heavy.

"Turns out the reason why the natives cannot leave their tribes is because of a curse. It is just like living in a cage." 

It was difficult to imagine how someone who had hopes of becoming an immortal, still failed at the last spurt due to the curse. How terrifying and sinister was that power?

This was not the ominous or suspicious, but rather an ancient and mysterious curse that originated from the last great era. 

It was as if there were formless shackles imprisoning them in their respective tribal regions. They couldn't travel too far from them, or else they would suffer from the curse and die. 

In the past, there were immortal ancient residents that left, following the geniuses of the higher realms into the three thousand provinces, but in the end, they all ended up disappearing, unable to exist for a long time. 

The various tribes, the places they resided in were comparatively safer places. They couldn't travel too far from those places, and after all this time, the curse was already deeply rooted in their blood. 

As such, once one reached the sect master level, it became dangerous. They would either go crazy or die. 

As for people from the three thousand provinces, if they left in the end, then that was one thing, but if they left behind descendents, it would be even worse for them. If one lived here for a long time, they would go mad once they reached heavenly deity level, exhibiting abnormal signs. 

This tribe's most powerful expert exceeded the sect master level, continuing to attack at the limit, suppressing the curse, in the end almost becoming an immortal. It could be seen how astonishing he was. 

Unfortunately, he was still defeated.

Immortal Ancient had all types of natural luck, a cultivation holy land, but it also had an unforeseeable curse. For outsiders, it was still manageable, normally not exhibiting any abnormalities after leaving.

However, as long as one left behind heirs, these descendents would inevitably be cursed, similarly encountering disaster like the natives. 

This tribe's most powerful expert might very well be the most powerful individual within all of Immortal Ancient's small worlds. He wanted to break through Immortal Ancient's restrictions and destroy its curse so that he could bring all of his clansmen out of this entrapment. 

However, in the end, unfortunately, his blood dyed the skies, ultimately falling. 

"How unfortunate, truly respectable!" Shi Hao said with a sigh. 

The little rabbit rushed over. After understanding what happened, she immediately felt stupefied. There was actually this type of thing that happened!

She said quietly, "How lamentable. An exceptional individual who was comparable to the Demonic Sovereign, Ye Qianyu and Mo Yudao died, completely unbeknownst to the rest of the world."

Shi Hao's mind moved. He recalled the scene where he saw that when Cold Realm became dull and lonely, all things freezing over, something fell from the sky, smashing into the great earth. It was something that belonged to that person. 

"Carefully sense around, the source of the great yin might be here. You are a Lunar Jade Hare, so it might be an unimaginably great natural luck for you." Shi Hao said. 

Both the little rabbit and himself began to move, digging up all around the tribe.

Unfortunately, they didn't discover anything special here. 

"Take your time looking around, I am going into isolation cultivation!" Shi Hao said. The main reason he came here was to comprehend the dao. He wanted to improve even further, to cultivate his second strand of immortal energy. 

"Wu, I'm going to look for the Snow Lotus. Who knows, there might even be divine medicines or immortal medicines!" The little rabbit began to move about within the mountains. The Divine Striking Stone followed her, wishing to find the Great Yin Immortal Stone and other things. 

Shi Hao arrived in the mountain range's innermost depths. He sat down on a snowy peak and began to cultivate. 

The space between his brows shone. An object surfaced. Strand after strand of source energy overflowed, that thing about to come out. 

During this process, Shi Hao frowned, feeling a bit of pain. He carefully and prudently extracted that item. 

This was the unmatched divine treasure both him and Qi Daolin sealed between his brows, and today, he was finally going to use it. 

If the Celestial Clan was here, they would definitely gnash their teeth in anger, driven mad from fury. 

This was the 'immortal seed' Shi Hao seized from Celestial Clan's ancient mine. Earlier in Supreme Being Dao Rite, Shi Hao already decided what kind of path he was going to take. This magical object was a vital piece. 

After entering Immortal Ancient, the three thousand bluestone paths drew his attention, so that place became a part of his cultivation. 

That place was now useless to him, so he was now finally going to use this extremely rare wondrous object. 

Its size was constantly changing, suddenly becoming large and suddenly becoming small, world shocking heaven and earth source energy swirling around it. It was hazy and indistinct, incredibly mysterious.

When it was large, it was comparable to a millstone, when it was small, the size of a dragon eye fruit. It changed unpredictably, source energy swirling about it. 

This source energy couldn't be attacked, because once this energy went berserk, a single strand of it would be enough to collapse mountains and rivers, let alone this amount of it. 

When the energy was at peace, it was still good, gentle as if nothing was there. 

Even now, Shi Hao didn't know what was inside this 'immortal seed', what kind of rare treasure was stored within. Even after cultivating the Martial Dao Heavenly Eye, he still couldn't see through it. 

Back then, Qi Daolin had suspected that there might be Immortal Gold inside, but it hadn't fully taken form yet, still evolving. As for whether this really was true or not, there was simply no way of being certain. 

However, there was one thing he was sure of, and that was that what rested within this thing was currently evolving into an unmatched treasure, something even more precious than true Immortal Gold. It could be said to be invaluable!

It was because it was currently wrapped within source energy, connected to heaven and earth, currently being nurtured by all dao. 

Right now, this object became one with heaven and earth source energy. It was as if a world shocking placenta was nurturing the mysterious object at the heart of this thing. 

Shi Hao had always remained calm and unhurried after entering Immortal Ancient, because this had always been the main part of taking that step, cultivating immortal energy! 

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