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Chapter 911 - Cold

The three thousand bluestone paths. The dao flames stopped burning, this place recovering its peacefulness. 

The road was extremely long. All three thousand roads rested side by side, appearing mysterious and distant. Even the fall of a pindrop could be heard, a place where one's heart would become peaceful. 

Shi Hao turned around, about to leave. This place brought him a strand of immortal energy. In the two years he had been in Immortal Ancient, most of it was spent here. His benefits from this place were great.

This was merely the entrance to Immortal Ancient, a place countless people had passed, but no one stopped here. However, he chose to cultivate in seclusion here, turning it into his dao path.

"Hurry and leave already, what are you looking all distracted for?" The little rabbit happily carried a purple-golden radish in her hands, currently nibbling it. In reality, this was a holy ginseng. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything, only snapping out of his daze after a long time. He looked towards the Divine Striking Stone and said, "To lay a few formations, will it take long?" 

"Not that long. Didn't we make some killing formations to deal with the final ominous and inauspicious, but didn't end up using them? The formation banners and dao platforms are still here." The Divine Striking Stone said, feeling a bit confused, not understanding why Shi Hao suddenly asked this.

"That's good. Arrange them again, set them at their most powerful with the greatest destructive power!" Shi Hao said. 

"Right here? Weren't we going to leave? It would be such a waste!" The Divine Striking Stone said. Even though they were absurdly wealthy right now, with divine materials piled up in heaps, they still shouldn't squander things like this. 

"It's fine. Fallen Divine Child, Immortal Palace's inheritor, and Jun Dao have all been robbed, the heavenly materials about to pile up into a small mountain. We should make use of some of them," Shi Hao said.

The Divine Striking Stone was never of the good sort. After grumbling for a bit, it immediately understood what he wanted to do. He began to laugh strangely with hehe sounds. 

Shi Hao also laughed, his laughter ringing through the three thousand bluestone paths. 

The little rabbit swung her silver-colored waist length long hair about, staring at them with her large rubylike eyes. "The two of you really aren't good people!"

There were quite a few dao platforms, as well as many formation banners. They were quickly arranged on the bluestone paths, turning into a great formation, making this place incredibly dangerous and terrifying. 

Shi Hao personally took action, producing a sculpture of himself made out of magical force. It was vivid and lifelike, having him sit at the center of the formation, his back towards Immortal Ancient's little worlds. 

"Set up a concealment formation so that not even Heavenly Eyes will work, unable to see through it." Shi Hao asked the Divine Striking Stone to take action, setting up a background formation.

"That's a bit difficult…" The Divine Striking Stone felt that this was a bit troublesome. In the end, it took out a formation banner obtained from Immortal Palace's inheritor, reluctantly arranging it here. 

This formation banner had immortal dao methods, something that was brought out from Immortal Palace. It was something that resembled the effects of the formation the Willow Deity arranged in Stone Village. 

"You collected so many dao platforms and formation banners, so arrange a few more of them. Make sure there's no holes," Shi Hao said. 

"A single one is more than enough. I still have to study the others!" The Divine Striking Stone strictly refused, and it even had Shi Hao use his Heavenly Eyes to observe from the distance. 

"Yi, it is effective." Shi Hao was shocked. 

"But of course! Don't you see who it is that's working here? It's not about how many formation banners there are, but rather in how the banners are arranged. Immortal Palace's inheritor was a complete amateur. These things, in my hands, are ten times more valuable!" The Divine Striking Stone spoke extremely narcissistically. 

Layer after layer of killing formations covered the figure within, surrounding it, making it impossible to see. 

"It's still missing something. There needs to be a few strange formations arranged, best if you can make it so that as long as one approached this place, they would feel a temptation to come here, or forcefully be transported into the formations."

It was clear that Shi Hao's request would make the Divine Striking Stone expend quite some effort again. 

In the end, the Divine Striking Stone personally took action, setting up mazes one after another in the outermost area, as well as even a great concealment formation, making everything in front disappear. 

"The two of you really are scoundrels!" The little rabbit said. 

"Those without any hostility wouldn't discover anything. Only those who are targeting me, using an extremely large amount of time to follow and search for me would discover something strange, realizing that there's another world in the maze, that someone is cultivating in isolation." Shi Hao said indifferently. 

"Let's go!" Shi Hao waved his hand, bringing the little rabbit, Divine Striking Stone, and Emperor Butterfly away from this place. They thus disappeared without a trace. 

Cold Realm, this was a place within Immortal Ancient that was bitterly cold, an incomparably terrifying little world. 

As soon as they stepped foot in this realm, the little rabbit cried out with wa wa sounds. It was too cold! The chilliness seeped into their bones, the air they exhaled directly freezing, falling onto the ground. 

The ground was cracked, incomparably cold. The rocks and soil were all extremely hard. This was a quiet and frigid little world. 

This was precisely Shi Hao's destination. He was going to make use of something else, about to cultivate a second strand of immortal energy. After careful consideration, based on what he understood, perhaps this was the world that was most suitable for him.

"It's so cold!" The little rabbit cried out. This cold energy was extremely sinister, unexpectedly able to pass through divine force and directly enter one's bones. 

"You are a Lunar Jade Rabbit, so you should be resistant to the cold." Shi Hao teased. 

"That makes sense." The little rabbit surprisingly didn't argue back, instead closing her eyes to sense around, muttering, "Could it be that this little world has some great yin treasure?" 

Ordinary cold energy couldn't harm her, only something that exceeded her imaginations could.

"Great yin force can turn into water to nourish all living things, something that complements my natural dao." She muttered. 

After entering this frigid little world that could freeze them alive, Shi Hao directly headed towards into the centermost area. This was the coldest ancient land. 

"Heavens! What kind of blasted place is this? Even divine corpses have cracked after being frozen." The Divine Striking Stone cried out when it saw the broken corpses, clearly destroyed after being frozen. 

Up ahead, heavy snow fell, creating an expanse of silvery whiteness. The cold air hacked down on their faces like blades. 

The closer they got, the more they felt that this ancient land was terrifying. The snow contained divine force and even killing intent. It made one's soul tremble. 

This was definitely not normal snow!

The great snow sealed the sky, covering heaven and earth. Everything was white, killing intent everywhere. There was a boundless expanse of silver, an austere aura filling this place. 

"Aiyou, can this even be called snow anymore?" 

After proceeding for several dozen li, snowflakes the size of washbasins directly smashed downwards. Later on, there were even ice blades and other things hacking down from the void, these things all containing divine force. 

"This really is a damned place!" The little rabbit also cursed. Even though she had been sensing for Cold Realm's origin, she didn't discover anything strange. 

When the Emperor Butterfly came here, it frantically ate half divine fruits. In the end, it spew out silk, wrapping itself up to enter hibernation.

This left Shi Hao stupefied. It already turned into a butterfly, yet it could still turn into a cocoon?

They reached a great snowy mountain. Snow stretched far into the distance, three thousand li frozen over!

This was Cold Realm's central ancient land!

Along the way, a strange sight caught their attention. There were many snowmen standing within an ice cave. Those figures inside the sparkling ice cave were of all different poses and expressions.

"Something's wrong." 

Shi Hao frowned. He waved his sleeve, sending symbols outwards, scattering the snow from those snowmen. These were corpses, all of them frozen there without moving. 

There were men and women here, all of them deities. They had died a long time ago. 

Outside the ice cave, wind and snow swept over from time to time, as a result covering them. 

"So many divine corpses!" The little rabbit sucked in a cold breath of air, feeling that things were extremely dangerous. Upon closer inspection, she discovered that there was no lack of true deities, but they had already died. 

"It shouldn't be some Ice Immortal Stone or Great Yin Essence Stone, right?" The Divine Striking Stone was not only not scared, it even became excited. It began to threaten that it might just prepare a killing formation and barge straight into the snowy mountain.

They observed for a period of time here, and then continued on their way. 

It was a world of ice and snow, silver decorations binding up everything. The snowflakes in the sky were terrifyingly huge, and from time to time, a large wave of snowflakes slammed downwards. 

"Wawawa, I can't take it anymore!" The little rabbit cried out. This place was too cold, cold to the point of directly attacking at one's soul through their divine force. 

"Almost there, we are already approaching the heart of the mountain range." Shi Hao said. 

Along the way, they saw many corpses buried in snow. When the snow was removed with divine force, they saw that these belonged to creatures of all different races. 

"Yi, this cave has old and young, even infants!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out in shock. 

When they passed by a cliff cave, they were shocked to find a group of natives. This was a clan of humanoid creatures, but they had Lin[1] scales. All of them were frozen to death. 

They continued into this region, fumbling about, scattering the snow. They were incomparably shaken. They saw many constructs, but in the end, they were all sealed in ice, all of the creatures within killed. 

This was a tribe, but for some reason, everyone inside died suddenly, frozen here. 

There seemed to be a wave of coldness that suddenly swept over, freezing all of the deities here, ultimately sealing them under ice and snow. The postures of many of the people here were still preserved, making them look vivid and lifelike.

"So strange!" 

Shi Hao cried out in shock. He found a tattered altar, discovering a group of beautiful young ladies that were offered as sacrifice. They still maintained their previous appearances, sealed within sparkling and transparent divine ice. 

These young ladies legs were straight, bodies tall and slender, skin snow-white, delicate and fine. Before dying, they didn't experience any suffering, becoming frozen beauties in an instant. 

"Do you all see? The tribe is extremely large, and before their deaths, everyone was quite happy, looking forward to something, but in the end, they were all mysteriously frozen, all of them dying." The little rabbit was rather careful, her expression serious as she spoke.


"Right at this moment, the Everlasting Immortal Sword on Shi Hao's body shone, releasing waves of cries. 

At the same time, the entire snowy mountain surged with a rain of light, releasing terrifying light, as if it was ascending. It was incomparably sacred!

"Immortal dao energy?!" Shi Hao was shocked, because the immortal energy around his body was also lightning crying, coiling about, displaying abnormalities. 


"Destroy Huang, send him on his way!"

"Set off!"

In the outside world there were troops gathered from all different small worlds, converging at the same place to kill Huang. 

Within Immortal Ancient's small worlds, only a small amount of people's senses were sharp, learning of some news beforehand. They were incredibly shocked. 

"Heavens! The ancient freaks are commanding armies to kill Huang together. Something huge is about to happen." 

"Where are they heading?" 

"Someone saw them leaving for the three thousand bluestone paths. No matter who it is that is wishes to deliver news, it is already too late. They've already reached their destination!" 

Dark mists surged. Underworld Clan's experts were everywhere, the atmosphere oppressive. They arrived before the bluestone paths. 

In the rear, Divine Dark Child towered there like a demonic mountain, his flesh releasing mysterious symbols, making the void cave in and crack apart!

In another direction, Heavenly Country's people appeared. On top of an enormous skull that was even taller than a mountain peak sat a single person. This was one of Immortal Ancient's most powerful creatures: Heavenly Country's ancient freak made his appearance!

In his surroundings, there were also many assassins!

In the distance, Jun Dao walked over with a single person. There was another large group of experts. 

More and more people came, killing intent overflowing into the heavens. 

1. The lin of Qilin

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