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Chapter 912 - Desiring Immortality

"Haha, truly a distinguished meeting. Not just one ancient king set out! This can be considered quite the magnificent feat!" 

On the three thousand bluestone roads, someone laughed, but there was no warm feeling, only making others feel a type of coldness. 

Banners fluttered about, experts gathering like clouds, mists overflowing into the heavens. Human figures stretched as far as the eye could see, creatures from all different races present, separated into several large groups. 

Divine Dark Child, Jun Dao… these types of individuals appeared one after another. If news of this got out, it would definitely shake all the experts under the sky. Their backgrounds were all astonishing, yet today, they gathered to take action together.

"Huang is vicious by nature, harming all sects, his hands covered in blood. Everyone is unsatisfied, deciding to work together to eliminate him. This can be considered a good thing." Someone said. 

Ha ha…

From the distance, a figure stood on the enormous skull, its laughter like that of a wild animal, making one's scalp go numb. 

Heavenly Country's number one assassin stood respectfully below the skull, his hands below his body as he awaited orders. 

This left many people shocked. Heavenly Country's king, the one known as one of the most terrifying among ancient freaks personally came, even displaying his true body, not hiding anything. This was enough to illustrate his resolution. 

Even the number one assassin was so reserved, not daring to display the slightest bit of carelessness in his presence. One could imagine just how terrifying he was!

When they thought of the rumors surrounding him, as well as his splendid years in history, everyone felt like they were suffocating. This was a deadly creature who had killed many ancient kings before. 

"Fallen Divine Child, do you see? I came to get revenge for you." Jun Dao said. Purple mist surrounded him, his body releasing an extremely powerful and intimidating aura. 

He had now recovered from his injuries, arriving today to fight a bloody battle!

"Divine Temple's dao brother, please do not feel any misgivings. The killing of Huang is an eradication of evil. If we act together, there will be no issues!" Jun Dao looked towards someone who wasn't too far out.

Everyone moved again. Ancient kings appeared one after another, joining together. Regardless of who the enemy was, they would still die.

"What else is there to say? Attack!" Divine Dark Child said coldly. Behind him, underworld mist covered heaven and earth. This place was pitch-black like ink.

His body was the only thing that flowed with brilliant colors, able to split apart the void. That was because his body was too powerful, the unbreakable precious body left behind from the previous world. There were powerful symbols that remained in his flesh. 

The great army advanced, wishing to break apart the great formations.

Formation banners were everywhere, killing intent surging like a sea. Human figures were everywhere here. Endless symbols lit up, battle intent overflowing into the sky. 

Several ancient kings appeared, walking forward, commanding everyone to surround the bluestone paths, about to take action to kill Huang. 


The great formations suffered attacks, symbols shining from within. There was a cold shout of disdain. 

"Get lost!"

This voice rang through heaven and earth like thunder, echoing in all directions. 


"Shi Hao!" 

Someone shouted angrily. Even if they were burned into ashes, they still knew that this was his voice. In addition, his aura surged outwards. 

This was an imprint left behind by Shi Hao, sealed within a statue. Together with the echo formation's support, when it was released like this, it was deafening, leaving everyone feeling shaken up. 

Aside from this, he had previously scattered out a bit of essence blood, as well as supported it with magical formations to recreate his blood energy, making roiling scarlet multicolored light overflow into the sky from within the formation, covering the figure sitting within. 

"Sure enough, he's here. This time, your wings are impaled, it'll be difficult for you to escape!" many people shouted, revealing looks of excitement one after another. 

There were ancient freaks overseeing the place, moreover not just one. They were still scared of something. As long as this great formation was broken down, Huang will definitely fall, his blood splashing over the bluestone paths. 

"Kill!..." War cries shook the skies. Everyone took action. 

Outside the bluestone paths, the creatures of all clans who rushed over after obtaining the news were all shocked. They watched from the distance. 

No one expected Huang to be cultivating in seclusion here, right at Immortal Ancient's entrance, sitting on the bluestone paths. It exceeded everyone's expectations. 

"What a pity, Huang is about to fall. Even if he was a heaven warping divine individual, he can't stop the joint assault of all clans. Even if Ning Chuan was attacked like this, it would still be difficult for him to escape. 

In the rear, people discussed. 


On the bluestone paths, the great formation displayed its might. The first wave of attacks already incited a powerful retaliation, immediately blasting more than forty people apart, their blood splashing high into the air, white bones flying into the distance. 

It was incomparably miserable, and also extremely shocking.

It was just the beginning, yet so many died. One has to understand that all of these were powerful individuals, all of them elites. 

What was unexpected was that Huang didn't move, nor did he produce any sound.

"I know what is happening. Huang has reached a critical moment in his comprehension, his body affected by some condition, unable to get up. Truly… dangerous!"

In the distance, the expressions of those watching changed. Someone came to this conclusion. 

"Hehe, Huang's judgment day has arrived!"

"If you aren't coming out, then wait for us to slaughter our way in and destroy you!" 

On the bluestone paths, several armies attacked. There were naturally some that speculated that Shi Hao's isolation cultivation had some issues, and that was why he didn't appear, borrowing the formations' power to hold off the enemy.


Even more terrifying symbols erupted. The great formations revived, surrounding a large amount of people. Sword energy immediately interweaved here, symbols burning. It was as if fireworks were set off, stellars streams descending.

In an instant, large amount of powerful individuals exploded, blasted into bones and blood. Scarlet colored mist pervaded the air. 


"Kill Huang!"

People shouted from the rear, voices ice-cold, stopping those who were running back and giving this order.

This place erupted into chaos!


Cold Realm, it was ridiculously cold, the cold air bone piercing.

Within the mountain range depths, a rain of light filled the sky, as if someone was ascending. This place was too beautiful. 

Shi Hao held the Everlasting Immortal Sword in his hand, preparing himself mentally. He sensed his surroundings, moreover supporting his heavenly passage, protecting the little rabbit at his side. He felt that this place was extremely strange. 

"Why is there immortal dao energy?" His strand of immortal energy curled about his body like a True Dragon.

"Uh, could it be that I accidentally touched this altar?" The Divine Striking Stone began to have second thoughts. 

It was clear that endless years ago, before the great disaster arrived, this tribe was offering a sacrifice, using beautiful young ladies as the offering. 

Unfortunately, the altar was half destroyed. Nothing was left behind. 

"Back up!" 

Shi Hao said, becoming serious and vigilant, backing up.

Sure enough, when they left the altar, the rain of light that covered the sky disappeared. This place slowly recovered its peace. 

"Truly weird. I saw that the altar's stone material was special, so I took a bite out of it, and then it suddenly became like this." The Divine Striking Stone was a bit concerned. 

Only when a long time had passed did Shi Hao collect his only heavenly passage, releasing the little rabbit.

"So cold. Just now, I felt a type of mysterious force that was a powerful yin." The little rabbit said. 

Shi Hao blew away the ice and snow, allowing the ancient tribe to reappear in this world, completely revealing everything. 

It was an ancient hill village that had an Immortal Ancient style, resembling the last great era. The ancient land was perfectly preserved, ice and snow covering everything, sealing this place up completely, just like back then. 

"So many plants, all of them frozen." The little rabbit's eyes were wide as they moved all about. She looked around to see if there were any frozen holy medicines. 

This type of situation proved that endless years ago, Cold Realm wasn't cold, but instead rich with vitality. Only, when disaster suddenly descended, surrounding this small world, all of the creatures were frozen to death. 

It was difficult to imagine what kind of coldness that was. It definitely contained endless magical force, or else this type of thing definitely wouldn't happen. 

As for that disaster, there were no clues at all. Shi Hao searched through this tribe, but didn't discover anything. 

"It seems like we can only try our hand at that altar. It has something to do with it." Shi Hao frowned. 

"Be careful." The little rabbit didn't get close, instead listening to his advice, hiding in the distance. 


When the Everlasting Immortal Sword touched the altar, the altar trembled slightly, producing a rain of light again. It was as if it was ascending to immortality, a sacred aura pervading the air. There was also a bone-piercing coldness. 

Shi Hao didn't back up. He produced the True Primordial Record -- Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, holding the spotlessly white bone piece in his hand. This allowed him to become much more calm.


Even more resplendent light erupted. A rain of light scattered down, covering this place. Cold energy overflowed into the sky.

This altar was moving. Even though it was damaged, there was still a powerful reaction. Light spread outwards, engulfing the world.

"Shi Hao didn't back up. The strand of immortal energy on his body swirled about, and all of his symbols erupted to resist the cold. 

"That disaster shouldn't appear again, right?" The little rabbit was starting to get scared.

"It probably… won't." The Divine Striking Stone was already speaking with an uncertain tone, lacking confidence inwardly. They stared nervously towards Shi Hao's direction. 

Shi Hao closed his eyes. Through his divine senses, through his perception, he saw scenes appearing one after another from the altar, as well as all types of ancient imprints. He was immediately shocked. 

"I want to become an immortal!" These words were ear splitting, crashing down on his sea of consciousness like thunder.

He saw a handsome and imposing male roar towards the heavens. His body was accompanied by a rain of light, carrying resplendent rainbow radiance. 

That kind of aura, that type of power, and that type of style truly left one shaken!

Since the ancient times, who could become an immortal? At the very least, there were none in this great era, all of them failing. It was because the natural laws of the world changed, there were no immortals in the world!

However, this person still roared loudly, shaking the heavens above and earth below. His aura was matchless.

This person was definitely not weaker than Ye Qianyu, his roar causing rivers of stars to collapse, the world trembling in response. It was incredibly terrifying. 

Shi Hao learned from the Void Sky Divine Vine that in the Archaic Era, the emperor clan's Ye Qianyu had entered the cosmos to cross a tribulation. He almost succeeded, but in the end, he died due to the ominous. A large black-colored claw reached down, covering everything.

This person's attitude wasn't inferior to Ye Qianyu's in the slightest!

"Sure enough, as expected! It is related to the immortal dao!" Shi Hao was indescribably shaken. He looked at those scenes, and then at that person, as well as the ascension light. 

"This person didn't incur any suspicious irregularities, nor did any ominous events happen." He watched everything with shock.


Three thousand bluestone paths. Shouts of war shook the skies. 


The great formations erupted, suddenly releasing strange brilliance, surrounding the nearby people. There were unusual formations that were activated, placing all those who were attacking this place in danger.

Everyone immediately became confused. They were just outside the formation, but now, they were suddenly transported in.

"Not good, that isn't Huang's real body, just a statue! We were tricked!" Jun Dao shouted loudly. When he entered the formation, the space between his brows opened, displaying a vertical eye. After observing from a close distance, he finally discovered the truth.

The Heavenly Eye could be opened between the brows, or it could merge with both eyes. They were both shockingly terrifying.


The three thousand bluestone paths trembled, the great formations displaying their might, unleashing a bloody massacre.

In the distance, all of the spectators' expressions turned deathly white. They couldn't help but take steps backwards. This was too terrifying! Ancient kings unleashed such a great assault, yet in the end, they ended up provoking a great disaster. 

After this battle, the losses of these armies were severe, almost being completely wiped out. 

Jun Dao was trapped in the formation. He used up a secret treasure, struggling free after receiving serious injuries, almost dying.

Divine Dark Child's body was unmatched, instinctively releasing the most powerful precious technique, forcing open a path. His injuries weren't too serious, because his flesh was too powerful. 

Heavenly Country's king never entered the formation, so he was safe and sound. He released a cold laugh, declaring in front of everyone that he was definitely going to kill Huang!

This battle left all sides shaken. All those who watched this trembled inwardly, not daring to believe what they were seeing.

The armies the ancient freaks brought with them all suffered tremendous losses. It was too hard to believe. When news got out, many small worlds erupted into commotion. 

After this battle, all of Immortal Ancient was greatly shaken. The sects of the outside world were in shock as well. 

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