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Chapter 910 - Great Ripples

"How could this be?!" Xue Lin's beautiful eyes widened, feeling that this was inconceivable. She looked at this corpse that was overflowing with divine radiance, immediately becoming dumbstruck. 

"Silver, it's not all that impossible." Shi Hao didn't watch his words, inadvertently calling her Silver again. When he wanted to correct himself, he found that Xue Lin was still in a stupor, not catching his 'mistake'. 

"Something's wrong, there's no way it's an immortal. It is rumored that when a true immortal dies, no one can get close to them. If we tried to touch it from a close distance, we will be blasted to pieces, the immortal dao symbols destroying everything." After a long time, Xue Lin snapped out of her daze and spoke like this. 

Shi Hao released a sigh. He had no choice but to tell her everything, about how the Immortal Body suffered a strike from a palm, the patterns within its body already scattered, completely wiped out. 

As for the Immortal Body that remained, the flesh had long disappeared, the bones spotlessly white like jade. Hazy radiance spread outwards, making one feel as if they were bathed in autumn winds, as if they had entered an immortal pond.

"Don't look down on it. Even though the symbols have scattered, the essence pretty much all gone, there is still a rich immortal dao energy. If one cultivates while facing it, there will be endless benefits. You might be able to use this to continue your evolution, becoming a true Heavenly Phoenix." Shi Hao said in a rather tempting manner. 

Xue Lin was truly quite shocked. These fellas really knew how to stir up trouble. Eating Divine Temple's holy beast was one thing, but they even cooked Fallen Divine Child. Now, they even had half of an Immortal Corpse, truly leaving her stupefied and finding everything hard to believe. 

"Will you exchange the information with me for the Immortal Body?" Shi Hao asked, his eyes shining brilliantly. He was always thinking about Supreme Hall, from the lower realm to the higher realm. He continuously stumbled upon clues, yet was never able to see it for himself. 

"You will most likely be disappointed." Xue Lin released a soft sigh.

"What, could it have been just a rumor?" Shi Hao was stupefied. He couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

"No, I truly did see it. It was an enormous mysterious tortoise, hiding in an ancient palace, bringing with it chaotic energy. It moved through the world barrier, appearing in the higher realms' great earth." Xue Lin said softly, her eyes a bit distant. When she thought back to the scene she saw then, it made her feel indescribably shaken even now. 

"Where is it?" Shi Hao asked. 

"It's in a valley, I've recorded the coordinates. However, when I was reporting to my clansmen, there was a leak of information, and that was why I ended up being pursued from all sides." Xue Lin said. 

Shi Hao knew what happened afterwards, and it was precisely him saving Xue Lin. 

"In the end, when I returned to the clan, the ancient ancestor personally came out of isolation, hurrying there…" 

The result was quite regretful. Supreme Hall was no longer there. The enormous tortoise that carried the ancient palace had long disappeared, vanishing. 

"Sigh!" Shi Hao released a light sigh. 

"My ancient ancestor is definitely not an ordinary person. He has lived for an endless amount of time, magical force shocking the past and present, not weaker than Immortal Palace's most powerful existence." Xue Lin said.

"Could it be that… he discovered something?" Shi Hao asked. 

"En, my ancient ancestor continued to follow a trail of clues, discovering that Supreme Hall entered the boundless uninhabited region's depths. This… immediately cut short many people's intentions… After all, who dares enter that kind of place?" Xue Lin sighed. This was why she felt regretful. 

"I'm going to go there sooner or later!" Shi Hao clenched his fists, asking her for the concrete coordinates. 

"In the most dangerous place. The ancient ancestor has said that Supreme Hall should be heading for the ancient city where the contract of alliance is." Xue Lin said. 

"What?!" Shi Hao's mind immediately trembled. The uninhabited depths had an ancient city?

Even Qing Yi and the little rabbit were shocked, quickly asking for more.

"I don't know what kind of thing this so-called ancient city is. The ancient ancestor only spoke about it without thinking, and then stopped without saying any more, returning to the clan and entering isolation." Xue Lin spoke about things as they were. 

"Contract of alliance, ancient city…" Shi Hao muttered. Soon after, he thought of the archaic contract of alliance. Could it be that the so-called contract of alliance was carried out there? He felt strangely shaken inwardly. 

Then, he thought of the Desolate Border, about the sin blood seven kings, the mysterious and unknown world's terrifying great battles, the black-colored ancient boat, as well as the Undecaying, Immortal, and others. 

All of these seemed to be connected, as if there was a line stringing everything together. 

Shi Hao felt a huge headache. He shook his head, not allowing himself to fall into that kind of vicious cycle, waking himself up. 

"I'll have to make a trip sooner or later to see this so-called archaic contract of alliance!" Shi Hao set a goal for himself for now. 

Compared to the other things he was thinking about, this wasn't too great of an objective.

However, for the creatures of the higher realms, this was already sky shattering. Who could reach that kind of place? Since the ancient times, how many people could safely enter the uninhabited region's innermost depths? 

"Thank you all for your hospitality. I am going to leave to cultivate in isolation." Xue Lin said her goodbyes. 

"Yi, you don't want the reward?" Shi Hao was shocked. He pointed at the Immortal Body, indicating that he could give her a portion. 

"The part I said couldn't truly help you. Who can enter the uninhabited region's depths, let alone reach that so-called ancient city?" Xue Lin shook her head. 

Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the little rabbit released a light sigh. The uninhabited region was too mysterious, who knew how many times larger than the higher realms' three thousand provinces. No one could freely explore it. 

That place was surrounded by dense fog, and also enveloped in horrifying dangers. 

It was rumored that there might be perfectly preserved immortal corpses, living True Dragons, phoenix nests and eggs, as well as other things. There were even powerful races that transcended above. 

That place was impossible to investigate, a restricted place. 

Unless there were mysterious creatures receiving them, otherwise, who could walk inside and enter the so-called ancient city?

"I will enter sooner or later. When I leave Immortal Ancient, after flattening all enemy sects, I will march straight there!" Shi Hao said. 

The little rabbit widened her large eyes, looking at him as if she was looking at an idiot. This annoyed Shi Hao, and as such, he directly gave her another strike, making her feel so much pain she screamed out with wa wa sounds.

"You can stay behind and cultivate with us, absorbing the immortal dao energy." Shi Hao said, inviting Xue Lin to stay behind.

"I…" Xue Lin felt quite embarrassed. 

"Older sis, just stay behind. Otherwise, with this entire Immortal Body, we won't be able to use up all of it anyway." The little rabbit said. 

In the end, they chose a pure land and prepared to cultivate with this Immortal Body.

This was a mountain region with flower fragrance and bird cries. The scene was poetic and picturesque, the earth filled with spiritual elegance, essence energy seeping out hazily. 

The Divine Striking Stone and Cao Yusheng joined hands, laying a formation to prevent the Immortal Body's aura from alerting others. They then prepared to cultivate in isolation.

When the others saw Shi Hao sit down, a strand of immortal energy curling about him, all of them felt a great drive, feeling great motivation. This was a living example!

Apart from the little rabbit, Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and Xue Lin, the Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly were also nearby, trying to absorb the immortal dao energy. 

"Yi, there is still a bit of effects!" Shi Hao was shocked. After he refined Fallen Divine Child's strand of immortal energy, no matter how he tried to nurture it, the effects weren't all that significant. He never expected that when cultivating with this Immortal Body, the strand of immortal energy around his body became a bit thicker, in addition becoming more auspicious and holy.

An endless rain of light was continuously absorbed into his body, cleansing his flesh and nourishing his inner organs. This was immortal dao energy, its wondrous uses endless. It merged together with his own strand of immortal energy. 

Several days later, Shi Hao became sure that the multicolored light this Immortal Body released was useless for him. His strand of immortal energy had been nourished to its limit, unable to improve anymore. 

"Reached perfection!" Shi Hao opened his eyes. If he wanted to improve any more, he had to cultivate a second strand of immortal energy. 

As for merging the immortal bones into his body, he definitely wouldn't do such a thing. Forget about this half of the skeleton not having any immortal dao symbols, even if it did, he wouldn't do that. His true body wasn't going to merge with anything. Everything was going to be cultivated by himself!

"Without taking that step, cultivating a strand of immortal energy, there is still no way to absorb the endless immortal dao energy…" Xue Lin sighed softly.

They cultivated here, continuously guiding the rain of light into their bodies. Even though it could nurture the body, in the end, the rain of light still scattered, not staying behind.

It was because they still had mortal bodies, unable to retain immortal dao energy. 

However, this was still extremely beneficial for them. After experiencing this type of energy, it was the same as a type of cleansing, becoming more and more translucent, sparkling like jade. 

After cultivating in isolation for several days, Shi Hao was the first one to stand up. His strand of immortal energy had long become complete, unable to improve further. 

He tried to waste a bit of the immortal dao energy, and he discovered that some of it was used up, but it would automatically restore itself to the maximum amount, not needing the Immortal Body for replenishment. 

Then, Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and the others also stopped cultivating. 

"The rewards of cultivating here are not shallow, but I still need to take that step. Otherwise, the immortal dao energy will only pass through the body." Cao Yusheng said.

He vowed that he would definitely take that step in Formation Realm, thus preparing to bid everyone goodbye. 

"This Immortal Body is useless right now for me, so just bring it with you." Shi Hao said. He was going to ponder over his own dao and enter a long period of isolation.

"Thanks. With this Immortal Body, who knows, it might be easier to take that step." The little fatty didn't act too pretentious, bringing the Immortal Corpse with him and leaving. 

Qing Yi didn't need it. The most important thing for her was to settle things with the main body. 

The little rabbit walked a different path. She stared at Shi Hao, wishing to nibble at the different holy medicines he had, and also wishing to grow one of every type of medicine. 

"Until we meet again!" Xue Lin turned into a beautiful divine bird, and then her wings took to the skies, leaving this place.

Qing Yi's white clothes were exceptional. With a wave of her white hand, she also drifted into the distance. 

"Since you want to be a bum beetle so bad, then just carry the medicinal bag." Shi Hao satisfied the little rabbit's desires, having her safeguard the entire pile of precious medicines. 

In reality, having the little rabbit follow him was also a type of protective measure. 

Heavenly Country's number one assassin was impossible to guard against, and it was likely that only Shi Hao could suppress and kill him. The little rabbit's dao was not complete, so if she was targeted, she would definitely be in danger. 

As for Qing Yi, she had the Green Lunar Flame, so she had nothing to fear. Cao Yusheng had the higher realms' Third Killing Formation, similarly able to travel unhindered. 

Three thousand bluestone paths, large amounts of fiery light lit up. In the end, they all burned, drowning out all of the paths, directly rushing into the clouds, burning the nine heavens!

"Freak!" The little rabbit watched from the distance, feeling great shock together with the Divine Striking Stone and Emperor Butterfly. 

Shi Hao returned to this place once again, this time directly igniting the three thousand dao flames, moreover allowing the flames to burn ferociously, the fiery light overflowing violently into the sky. 

Earlier, when he was here experiencing this 'burning dao', even though every single path had been ignited, the flames hadn't been stirred to their greatest intensity.

The great flames raged, covering this place, burning for many days. Shi Hao sat within, all of the clothes covering his body turned to ashes. The strand of immortal energy remained pure white the entire time, circling about his body, not displaying any changes. 

"The end of the road has been reached. This place is already no longer suitable for me to cultivate in seclusion." Shi Hao released a light sigh, putting on his battle clothes again. 

Before coming here, he had a feeling that the three thousand paths likely couldn't cultivate a second strand of immortal energy. As such, he told Qing Yi and Cao Yusheng that if he wasn't here, he will be at another place. If they finished their isolation cultivation, then they could reconvene there. 

A blood-colored ancient battlefield, a place that was incomparably terrifying and stifling. 

There was an enormous skull here that was unexpectedly larger than a mountain. A single person sat on top, on both knees a bleeding divine sword. 

On the ancient battlefield below the skull, Heavenly Country's number one assassin was unexpectedly incomparably respectful. He knelt with one knee on the ground, currently talking about Huang's affairs. 

Without a doubt, the figure on the mountain that was even taller than a mountain was Heavenly Country's ancient freak, one of the most mysterious and terrifying individuals. 

It was rumored that even if Ten Crown King or Ning Chuan faced his attack, they would still have to treat it seriously, not daring to show the slightest bit of carelessness!

In another ancient land, corpse energy overflowed outwards. A male surrounded by underworld mist towered there like a demonic mountain. His eyes were incomparably deep, as if he could see through the realms of life and death. 

In addition, mysterious symbols would appear on his flesh from time to time. They were terrifying and world shocking, naturally releasing strange flowing light that unexpectedly made the void distort and cave in. 

"Divine Child great one!" 

There were quite a few people kneeling ahead, all of them experts belonging to Underworld Earth. 

"Since all parties wish to kill Huang, then just take action." Divine Dark Child said coldly. Underworld mist immediately surged into the sky, the surrounding void falling apart. 

In another place, the ancient freak Jun Dao's face was cold as he said, "Fallen Divine Child, don't worry, we will get revenge for you. There will be a tremendous price paid." 

In a different place, when a few people obtained secret information and understood the situation, they released sighs. "Huang will be finished soon. As soon as he is found, it will be hard for him to escape death!"

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