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Chapter 907 - Respective Roads

Within the depths of the ancient cave, precious light overflowed outwards. Auspicious multicolored light blossomed, the heavenly materials piled up in heaps.

"What is this? Don't tell me that it's… that kind of earth, right?" The little rabbit's voice began to tremble, feeling like even her fingers weren't so nimble anymore. She reached her hand out towards a pot. 

This was a pottery pot that wasn't that big. It was a faint purple in color, the earth inside extremely strange like sand, every granule sparkling and releasing strands of mist. 

This was heaven and earth essence, but it didn't originate from the earth, but instead converged from all directions, entering this sandlike soil, making it brilliantly colored.

Their group surrounded it. When they saw what the little rabbit now looked like, they all felt quite strange. They didn't know what this was. 

The little rabbit put one of her hands in the soil, carefully sensing it. Light immediately flourished, the soil gushing with all different colors, making her little arm look translucent. 

"Aiya!" She couldn't help but cry out in alarm.


The fatty came to the rescue, kicking forward to knock over the pot. However, the little rabbit was the first one to take action, kicking… him away!

Everyone was speechless.

Cao Yusheng was furious, grumbling about how he was trying to help her, yet in the end, he was the one to get kicked. 

"This is a supreme treasure. Are you trying to kill me?!" The little rabbit glared with her ruby like eyes fiercely, but it was difficult for her to conceal her happiness and joy. 

"This is the sacred object I will use to achieve enlightenment, a rare treasure under the heavens. It is -- All Life Earth!" The little rabbit hugged the pot without letting go, fearing that others would fight her over this.

All Life Earth, rather than saying it was earth, it was better to call it a type of heaven and earth source that could nourish all living things. It was the most miraculous substance!

Anything placed inside wouldn't die and would instead flourish with vitality.

It was to the extent where someone said that it was a type of earth that would only work when an immortal king was buried within, but immortals had long lives, so how could they die? This left those of the world confused.

There were other rumors that stated that when unmatched creatures died, if they were buried in this type of earth, after an endless amount of time, the day would come when they would revive and live once again. 

Of course, if this type of earth was used to grow living plants, the effects would be even greater!

There were a few records from bone books that said if one planted medicinal herbs with it, it would almost be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. 

Only, the little rabbit precisely had these types of plans. She wanted to walk the path of the natural dao and grow all types of wondrous and miraculous herbs, using this All Life Earth to nurture a 'life spirit', or the spiritual nature of any specific living thing. 

All Life Earth had another miraculous use. If one refined a furnace of pill medicines, but felt that they were lacking a bit, if they were placed in the earth, after a period of time, the inadequacies would be made up, becoming a perfect pill medicine. 

In summary, this thing was extremely heaven defying.

However, it had never appeared, only being described in related bone books. It was impossible to encounter in the real world. 

"Worthy of being an ancient freak, even collecting and keeping this type of thing by his side." Qing Yi sighed with admiration. Jun Dao's treasury was just too abundant. 

The others nodded, expressing their agreement. 

An ancient freak not only had the divine treasures bestowed upon them by their sects, they themselves, as the leading figures of their generations, collected many astonishing treasures on their own. 

"Even richer and more unimaginable than Immortal Palace's inheritor!" Even Shi Hao sighed in amazement. 

"Can you give it to me?" The little rabbit said with a soft voice, her large eyes blinking, looking quite pitiable and lovable. She hugged the pot without letting go.

"It's yours." Shi Hao said with a wave of his hand. Even though this thing was divine and precious, for him, it wasn't all that useful. 

If he really needed it in the future, he could just find the little rabbit to borrow it. Either way, they were on the same side. 

"This is too awesome!" The little rabbit immediately jumped out, almost giving Shi Hao another smack on the lips. Qing Yi immediately reached out her snow-white arms to stop her. 

"Aiyou, I almost forgot myself again. Thanks older sis Qing Yi."

"Hey, the drool on your face hasn't even dried up yet. Are you not even planning to wipe that off?" Shi Hao's skin was too thick as he said. 

"Go die!" 

Gabeng gabeng...

A rather disorderly sound could be heard. Everyone raised their heads, but they only saw the Divine Striking Stone hiding in a corner, sneakily eating something by itself.

Shi Hao immediately recognized what it was, his eyes widening, shooting out like a rocket, shouting, "You little bastard!"

That was a piece of Phoenix Marked Stone with beautiful patterns resembling a slumbering True Phoenix. It carried the aura of the great dao, something that was incomparably mysterious.

He had previously obtained a small piece in the lower realm and merged it with the Imperishable Golden Body, allowing its innate quality to increase, repairing some of the damage. It displayed great uses during the battle of seven deities in the lower realm. 

This was an unmatched wondrous stone. When merged with precious artifacts, it would allow it to transform and evolve, the most shocking type of thing.

There was another piece here, yet in the end, the Divine Striking Stone… ate it!

"I will become a supreme treasure too! If I eat this type of thing, I can evolve, so it doesn't count as a waste!" The Divine Striking Stone's cheeks were puffed as it stuffed its mouth, speaking inarticulately. 

When he saw that Shi Hao was fighting with it, it directly produced a pair of stone arms, covering its mouth and mumbling, "Don't fight me over it! When I transform, when the time comes, I'll take that step and cultivate a strand of immortal energy! In the future, not only will I be able to strike deities, I can even hit immortals!" 

"You are a precious artifact, yet you still want to take that step…" The others were all speechless. They naturally didn't believe its nonsense, only, they felt that there was no way around it. The Phoenix Marked Stone had already been eaten. 

"Let's carefully look around, make sure we didn't overlook anything." Cao Yusheng said. 

The treasury of an ancient freak was incomparably astonishing. Any carelessness in their search might result in an incredible opportunity being overlooked.

In the end, they left satisfied, all of them feeling incredibly happy. 

The outside world couldn't remained calm any longer. Shi Hao killed Fallen Divine Child and chased off Jun Dao; these news spread through some small worlds, triggering a huge uproar. 

Within a pure land swirling with spiritual essence. Multicolored mists shone hazily.

"I have to work hard too, comprehend the dao in isolation to take that step!" The little fatty Cao Yusheng said. 

In front of him was a pile of bone books, all of them insights of those before them, as well as all types of killing formation references, all of them shining brilliantly. These were rare wondrous books. 

These things were enough to make one's eyes red with jealousy, because they were all the secret texts of the higher realms' most terrifying inheritances. 

Di Chong[1], Fallen Divine Child, Jun Dao, these three's treasuries were piled up here. They respectively came from Immortal Palace, Fallen Divine Ridge, and Great Sky Border. 

If just a single book from any one of these sects containing the insights of those before them was leaked into the outside world, it would be enough to cause a great commotion. 

Yet now, all of the secret texts they carried on them were displayed here, separated into three large piles. They were all world shocking records!

The three great inheritances, for the sake of allowing their inheritors to break through and take that final step, raised and prepared them with the utmost care. These were the heart and blood of those before them, containing too many great dao true meanings. 

Qing Yi and the little rabbit were flipping through them, completely engrossed in reading. The insights of sacred sages from these three sects were invaluable. 

Moreover, there were quite a few bone books that shone with brilliance, recording secret information about their ancient outstanding talents, their opinions on taking that step in the past. Observing this truly gave them all great enlightenment. 

"I believe more and more in my own path. The natural great dao, I will definitely succeed!" The little rabbit encouraged herself, clenching her little fists. She then blinked her large eyes and looked towards Shi Hao, saying pitifully, "You have so many holy medicines, half divine fruits, can you let me plant one of every single one of them? I promise that I won't destroy them and to only take a small bite from each of them at most."

She wanted to plant all of these medicines to experience the natural dao's profound mysteries. 

"Sure." Shi Hao nodded. Then, he produced the Void Sky Divine Vine's root and said, "Plant it into the All Life Earth." 

"Divine Medicine?!" The little rabbit was shocked, and then a brilliant smile filled her face. She rolled back and forth on the ground.

The Void Sky Divine Vine was horrified at first, immediately wishing to escape. However, when it saw the All Life Earth, it directly threw itself over, hanging onto this place rigidly, not willing to leave even if it died." 

Qing Yi released a light sigh. After reading through the insights of the sages, her brows furrowed together, as if in deep thought.

"What's wrong?" Shi Hao asked. 

Qing Yi had on snow white clothes, her fine black hair gentle and supple, her beautiful eyes full of specks of light. Her beautiful face didn't have the slightest flaw. She sat there like a fine jade statue. Right now, she felt a bit of hesitation. "I have to make a trip, settle things with her." 

Everyone became momentarily stunned, and then they woke up from their stupor. They knew what she was referring to. She was going to settle things with the main body. 

"I'll go help you!" Shi Hao said.

"You all can't help me." Qing Yi sighed. She wanted to take that step, but she had to be a perfect true body. Now that she saw all of the predecessor's experiences, she became more and more certain that she had to fully break things off with the main body. 

"Older sis Qing Yi, isn't the main body extremely strong? Just let Shi Hao suppress and capture her!" The little rabbit shouted rather sinisterly. 

"Go!" Qing Yi gave her a glare, pressing a pure white jade finger lightly against her forehead. 

"You all don't have to worry. I have the Green Lunar Flame, so no matter who I encounter, I will definitely be able to protect myself." Qing Yi then said. 

"But…" Shi Hao frowned. 

"I need to do this alone. After all, that is another me, and not normal opponents." Qing Yi had already set her resolution.

"En, it seems like all of us have to step on our own paths. I am going to Formation Realm to comprehend all formations. I have to take that step!" The little fatty revealed a rare serious expression, also deciding to leave. He also gave the Divine Striking Stone look and said, "Why don't you come with?" 

"Not going, I already ate Origin Stone, Phoenix Mark Stone, Heaven's Mandate Stone, and I still want to eat Heavenfault Stone, World Stone, using the stone as my dao. I'm not that far from taking that step!" The Divine Striking Stone spoke with 'dignity and honor'. 

Everyone directly ignored it. 

"Aiyaya, speaking of food, I'm hungry. Shi Hao, don't you have many tasty things? I want to eat all the vegan stuff!" The little rabbit said. 

"If you want to eat meat, just directly say it!" The little fatty shot it a look of disdain.

"You don't want to go to 'Formation Realm' anymore? Forget it, how about I just bury you right here? Either way, your master said before that someone was going to bury you?" 

"My master said that I will definitely become an immortal! The so-called burying is just a small sleep. However, before this, I will definitely shake the world and become unmatched under the heavens. That is why no matter what, a strand of immortal energy shouldn't be too hard for me. I am going to cultivate it!" Cao Yusheng gave himself confidence. 

"Don't be in such a hurry to leave. Let's eat a good meal in a bit, and then there's the Immortal Corpse to divide up. Let's all study it for a bit, I believe this will bring us some pleasant surprises." Shi Hao said. 

"Good! I'm already starving." The little rabbit raised her hands in approval, her excitement for food even exceeding that Immortal Corpse.

The little fatty and Divine Striking Stone's eyes shone, feeling great desire towards that Immortal Corpse. If their mortal bodies could absorb a bit of immortal dao energy, who knew what would happen. 

Qing Yi was also moved, her beautiful eyes displaying a bit of excitement. 

As for Shi Hao, he already set his resolution on cultivating a second strand of immortal energy. He wanted to study the Immortal Corpse for a bit. The immortal dao fluctuations possessed extraordinary meaning to him. 

Apart from this, the light seeping out from the Immortal Corpse could nurture immortal energy!

"Buddy, I need All Magic Stone, World Stone, and Heavenfault Stone, can you help me out?" The Divine Striking Stone revealed a rare 'bashful' look, appearing a bit embarrassed before Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao shot it a look of disdain and said, "Stop trying to be pure and show some action. Go, wash and clean up this dragon headed crane bodied beast so we can stew it." 

"I… alright!" The Divine Striking Stone inwardly grinded its teeth. Every time it saw them eat a feast, it would always feel incredibly angry, because it could only watch from the side. 

Meanwhile, this time, it was even worse. It was going to be their mess cook, preparing that body with shocking divine fluctuations for them. 

For the sake of future consideration, it still obeyed, bringing that enormous precious body to a spiritual lake and starting to prepare it. 

"Let's drink a bit first. These are things collected by ancient freaks, so it is likely divine wine." Shi Hao brought out several jars of fine wine, all of them spoils of war. However, he still didn't have time to carefully look them over. 

"So fragrant!" Cao Yusheng said with a sigh of astonishment. 

"I… am going to cheat and drink a bit." The little rabbit's eyes looked over.

"What cheat a bit? Didn't you start doing drunk boxing after getting too drunk last time?" The fatty shot her a look of contempt. 

This wine was extremely astonishing. When the seal on the jar was broken, divine light shot into the sky, auspicious multicolored light blossoming. The wine fragrance was so great it seeped into one's bones, intoxicating one down to their soul.

"This is definitely extraordinary wine!" Shi Hao said. He produced a few jade cups, placing them on the grass, sitting on the floor to enjoy this wine.

"Good alcohol!" 

The medicinal fragrance was extremely astonishing. Their mouths released divine multicolored light, nourishing their flesh and blood. This really was bejeweled nectar. 

"I feel dizzy… why do I feel drunk after just a single cup…" The little rabbit's head was swaying.

"Is this divine dao essence? I don't think I can hold on either…" Cao Yusheng was also feeling dizzy. 

However, even though they spoke like this, they were still fighting over the wine. 

When the third cup went down his stomach, even Shi Hao felt dizzy, his vision blurred. This wine was too powerful! Even though the wine fragrance was astonishing, the medicinal nature was too formidable, even able to intoxicate a deity.

When the fourth cup went down, the little rabbit was already drunk boxing, dancing about there, her body swaying back and forth, appearing charmingly naive. 

Meanwhile, Cao Yusheng's butt was sticking out, drunkenly muttering about killing formations on the ground, saying 'I understand it, already understand it'. 

As for Shi Hao, he moved close to Qing Yi's swanlike snow-white beautiful neck, the sight charming and gentle. They touched cups there, continuing to drink. 

1. Immortal Palace Inheritor

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