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Chapter 906 - Unrelenting

The sword core was no longer dull. Whenever it revived, it would illuminate the world, making the sun and moon lose luster.

At this moment, it released a light cry. A blade wasn't opened up, its entire body still heavy. However, immortal light erupted in all directions, piercing through the heavens. 

Astonishing scenes appeared on the sword core. A human shaped figure was ascending to immortality, around it a large rain of light and pure white mist. That was immortal energy. 


The dagger began to split apart, revealing cracks. This scene was shocking. One had to understand that this was Fallen Divine Ridge's holiest, most divine treasure. Even though it suffered great damage, its quality decreasing, the material was unharmed, carrying Immortal Gold. It was invincible, so how could it break apart now?

The sound of metal splitting was clear. Streak after streak of brilliant light flowed out from the dagger towards the Everlasting Immortal Sword, the seven-colored divine light shining hazily. 

"That is…" Everyone was moved, widening their eyes as they watched everything with shock. 

The seven-colored divine light changed directions, condensing with the ascending immortal light on the sword core. Brilliant radiance flickered about, becoming more real and vivid. 

This was extremely astonishing. The diagram on the sword core was full of thriving life force, as if it was alive. Next to that human shaped creature, an endless rain of light scattered downwards, seven-colored rainbow light swirling about. 


After a final crisp sound, the dagger completely broke apart, landing on the ground.

One could see that it was full of holes, losing at least half of its material, now completely broken and dull, almost unrecognizable.

"The Seven-Colored Immortal Gold disappeared!"

When those of the outside world saw this scene, there wasn't a single person who wasn't shocked. Fallen Divine Ridge's people's faces fell ashen, overcast to the extreme.

It was clear that the brilliant dagger was ruined!

Half of it was originally made of Seven-Colored Immortal Gold, yet in the end, all of it flowed out, absorbed by that sword, its essence sucked out. Only the useless residue remained. 

On the contrary, the sword core was as resplendent as resplendent could be, difficult to look straight at, making everyone's eyes hurt. 

On the sword's surface, the humanoid creature was unchanged, the spotlessly white immortal energy the same. However, the rain of light became seven-colored, gorgeous and diverse, bewitching and beautiful to the extreme. 

In the end, the radiance of the sword core was restrained, becoming dull again without the slightest bit of luster. It looked completely dull and ordinary. 

Even those diagrams were like this. The seven-colored rain of light became a dull gray, never displaying the uniqueness of the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold. 

Shi Hao was shocked. This sword core was extremely simple and ancient looking, not appearing any different than from the past. Even its weight was the same. 

"Something's not right… the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold was mixed in, so it should be several tens of thousands of jin in weight. Why is it still the same weight?" He weighed the sword core in hand, feeling that it was still a bit over a hundred thousand jin in weight.

However, he soon became pleasantly surprised. This sword core was too mysterious, actually able to absorb Seven-Colored Immortal Gold and refine it into its sword body. This was a self transformation. 

It was rumored that this sword core's origins were mysterious, not cast into its current shape but naturally made. When it was unearthed from an ancient mine's stone material, it was already like this, entering Five Crown King's hands. 


Shi Hao lightly flicked the sword core, releasing a clear and melodious sound. He was quite satisfied, putting it away and not thinking too much about it. 

Then, he stared at the enormous body on the ground. His eyes shone with radiance.

"Wa, we're rich!" The little rabbit was the first to run over, hopping about. She first picked up the jars all over the ground, fondling them all admiringly. They were all precious medicines. Then, she stared at Fallen Divine Child's body. 

"I never thought that his original body would be like this." Qing Yi said. 

Fallen Divine Child had a dragon head, crane body, his flesh containing powerful divine matter. Even though he died, his body was still releasing a holy radiance, as well as astonishing fluctuations. 

"It's not like I can eat it!" The Divine Striking Stone was discontent. 

"This flesh body is so powerful, can't even cut through it." The little rabbit's eyes were shining, as if she had been starving for many years. She couldn't help but swallow her saliva, walking around it as she watched.

"Hey, rabbit, are you going to eat meat again?" Cao Yusheng asked. 

Qing Yi and Shi Hao both laughed. The Divine Striking Stone also giggled strangely. 

"Nonsense, I'm a vegan!" The little rabbit directly corrected, but a gudong sounded in her throat, and saliva was swallowed back down, making her face flush with redness. 

"Why do I feel like you and Shi Hao are brother and sisters The two of you behave the same!" Cao Yusheng said.


The little rabbit's large ruby like eyes glared outwards, stomping her legs, kicking the fatty flying, disappearing from view. 

In the distance, everyone was shaken up. Fallen Divine Child was killed, leaving behind a pile of precious objects. However, no one dared to get close. Who dared to fight with Huang over them?

This place erupted with commotion. Everyone was discussing this result, making this place extremely noisy. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao raised his head and coldy said, "You want to leave?" 


His figure flickered, vanishing from his original location, appearing at the battlefield's surroundings.

Everyone trembled, their fine hairs standing on end. They were all incomparably frightened. This was Huang, the one who had just killed Fallen Divine Child, yet he now appeared before them all. Who wouldn't be scared? 

"We didn't offend you…" A few people explained stammeringly in a flustered manner. 

Soon after, everyone discovered that Huang wasn't targeting them, but instead cutting off a single person, only focusing on that creature.

This person was thirty or so years old, his pupils carrying great fear, continuously backing up. He was precisely Long Yu, Jun Dao's subordinate. He had previously looked for Shi Hao, saying how his family's great one Jun Dao and Fallen Divine Child wished to ally with Shi Hao. 

In the end, the alliance wasn't formed, and Fallen Divine Child instead came to Burial City to kill Shi Hao. 

"Huang… great one, this isn't related to me! I indeed wished to facilitate the alliance between you all, but something unexpected happened halfway!" Long Yu's face was pale as he spoke. 

He came here to observe the battle, originally believing that Fallen Divine Child would be able to win. Who would have expected that he would be killed here? A chill ran from his head down to his toes. When he saw Shi Hao cut him off, he almost fell weakly onto the ground. 

"I don't want to waste words. Bring me to see Jun Dao, and I can spare your life. Otherwise, you know the result!" Shi Hao spoke coldly. 

Long Yu hesitated. To bring someone to see the ancient freak Jun Dao, this… made him scared!

"Great one, please spare me!" Long Yu pleaded. 

"I can let you go, but you must bring me to see Jun Dao!" Shi Hao said. While speaking, he pointed forward, aiming at the space between Long Yu's brows. 

"I will bring great one!" Long Yu was horrified.

At the same time, Shi Hao was able to learn about quite a few things. He couldn't help but laugh coldly. "Good, good, good, Fallen Divine Child came out to kill me to get the Immortal Corpse for Jun Dao to assist in his breakthrough? I will personally deliver it to him. Let's see if he'll dare accept it then!" 

"Aiyaya, we are going to loot again? No, take care of an ancient freak! This is too great! Off we go!" The little rabbit cried out excitedly, wishing for the entire world to be in chaos. 

As for the others, the geniuses of all clans' faces became petrified, feeling greatly shocked inside. Huang was too powerful! He had just killed Fallen Divine Child, yet he was now going to kill Jun Dao. 

This was a huge incident that would definitely shake up Immortal Ancient. Everyone's hearts were rising and falling. 

The Divine Striking Stone took action, quickly setting up a transport formation based on the coordinates Long Yu provided. Shi Hao's group all got on, quickly moving on a silver-colored passage, thus disappearing from this place. 

It was hard for this place to calm down again. Everyone was trembling. Huang really did what he said he would, slaughtering his way over just like that to capture Jun Dao. 

"Heavens, did the great era change? Huang's power devours mountains and rivers, continuously fighting against ancient kings!"

"After killing Fallen Divine Child, he didn't stop there, leaving now to kill another ancient freak, Huang… is exceptionally domineering after all!" 

Everyone was shocked, this place extremely noisy. 

The outside world, the border of the uninhabited region.

The cultivators of all sects were shaken, staring at the inside of Immortal Ancient with shock. 

The faces of everyone from Jun Dao's sect changed, becoming incomparably nervous. They carefully watched everything. No one expected that even ancient freaks would encounter such dangerous times, their fate escaping their control, lives dependent on another's actions. 

"Jun Dao, you have to leave, or take that step!" Someone from his sect secretly prayed. If news of this got out, it would definitely trigger an uproar. For even the sect of an ancient freak to act this way, did this world truly change?

This was an ancient place, the clouds surging with multicolored splendor, mountains surrounded by thin smoke. The spiritual essence was dense, rising in spirals.

In the mountain range depths, chaotic energy overflowed from within an ancient cave. 

In the void, a gate of light flickered. Shi Hao, Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi and the others walked out, directly hurrying to an ancient cave. 

"There is a formation protecting this place!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Shi Hao nodded, but he didn't stop. With the Everlasting Immortal Sword in hand, he fiercely hacked down. Under kacha kacha sounds, the mountain region collapsed, the peaks flattened, formations cut apart. 

This was a type of violent beauty. Shi Hao's arm had a strand of immortal energy curling about it as he brandished the sword core, hacking through everything before them. Everything in his way was turned into powder, completely destroyed. 

This was the strength of taking that step, every action one made displaying a powerful attack. Together with the sword core's might, there wasn't much that could stop his advance.


Shi Hao's sword flew out. The ancient cave's restrictions were torn apart. He walked inside with large steps.

"Jun Dao, come out!" 


Inside the ancient cave, chaotic mists pervaded the air, surging frantically. A figure rushed over, in his hands a precious pagoda that erupted with incomparably terrifying symbols, suppressing forward.

"Not good, there are formations being activated, stop him!" The Divine Striking Stone shouted. It was a master in this field, so it naturally sensed this.

In the cave, the human figure turned in the air. Precious technique blossomed and symbols covered this place. It was incomparably terrifying. 

Shi Hao held the sword, standing there alone, attacking forward. Keng qiang sounds rang out continuously, hacking apart endless divine patterns, sweeping through the enemy before him.


That pagoda was hacked to pieces, and that figure was also chopped into several parts.

"Just a puppet."

Shi Hao didn't stop, heading into the depths of the ancient cave. He moved the sword core, releasing the most forceful strike.


Not only did he cut through that formation platform, he even cut open the void, many streaks of sword radiance rushing inside. 


Unfortunately, he was still a step late. In the end, a streak of blood scattered out from the void. Jun Dao disappeared, leaving this place injured. 

"Truly makes one regretful." Shi Hao shook his head.

Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the others didn't know what to say. Fighting two ancient freaks in one day one after another, forcefully killing Fallen Divine Child, and now scaring away Jun Dao, this type of battle accomplishment was enough to shock the past and present. 

"He is quite cool headed, knowing that Fallen Divine Child cultivated immortal energy, but was still defeated, so he himself was definitely not your match, decisively backing off as a result." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"We're rich, we're rich! So many divine objects!" The little rabbit hopped and shouted, her eyes shining. She grabbed Shi Hao and directly gave him a kiss on the lips. 

"Hey, you have so much drool, hurry up and swallow that back down." Shi Hao said without batting an eyelid. 

"Pei, was careless, too excited, letting you take advantage of me."

On the ground, medicinal herbs were in piles, all of them holy medicines and half divine fruits. It really was astonishing. 

Apart from this, there were all types of bone books as well, all of them records of predecessors, recording their insights gained from various cultivation realms, as well as a few thoughts from ancient geniuses who wished to take the final step. These books were invaluable. 

"Wow, there are even divine pills! So many of them, all of them astonishing!" The little rabbit produced four crystal balls, each of them with a sparkling pill sealed within that flowed with brilliant colors.

"Refined from a stalk of divine medicine." Qing Yi said. 

Many things could happen when an ancient king cultivated in isolation, at times even crippling themselves. For example, Shi Hao burned himself with three thousand dao flames, leaving his body in tatters each time. As such, there were some things that couldn't be placed at his side, or else they might be destroyed along with his own body. 

Judging from this, Shi Hao's group caught him unprepared, stealing all of Jun Dao's wealth. 

There were just too many good things, making one's eyes go red from greed, feeling incomparably moved. After all, these were the belongings of an ancient freak!

"With these things, I can now cultivate in isolation with peace, cultivate a second strand of immortal energy." Even Shi Hao was incomparably overjoyed, feeling quite moved, brilliant light filling his eyes. The harvest was just too abundant. 

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