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Chapter 908 - Intoxicated

Qing Yi sat on the grassy area, her exceptionally beautiful sparkling white skin carrying a bit of redness, her eyes carrying a bit of perplexity. She was also drunk. 

Her fine black hair was bright like silk fabric, her umber-black eyebrows curved. Her large and intelligent eyes were slightly narrowed, her bright red lips extremely moist and erotic. When they opened and closed, wine fragrance left her body, creating a bewitching type of beauty. Her pearly white teeth were like jade, flickering with radiance.

It had to be said that this type of alcohol was too extraordinary, even divine level experts about to collapse from intoxication. She sat close to Shi Hao, the two of them touching cups. In the blink of an eye, the fifth cup was downed. 

Shi Hao had his arms around her, feeling the gentleness of that snow-white neck and the smoothness of the skin. He could smell an orchid like fragrance from her body. 

Even though Qing Yi was drunk, she was still aware of what was happening. The two of them were just too close. Moreover, her neck was wrapped around as they drank so intimately, making her ivory-like skin immediately become taut. 


She directly struck Shi Hao on the forehead with her cup. The transparent amber liquid that carried bits of gold splashed outwards, landing on their bodies.

"You… are wasting, this is… divine wine." Shi Hao spoke disjointedly.

Qing Yi's white clothes were purer than snow, her face so beautiful it was almost unreal. Her skin looked extremely delicate. Right now, wine slid down her smooth and fine face, the sparkling liquid shining together with the extraordinary fair skin. 

It really was unknown what overcame Shi Hao, but as soon as he said that she was wasting it, he directly moved over, and then… 'drank' a bit, 'drinking' the alcohol on the side of her face. The sweet fragrance was truly great.

The aloof, exceptionally gorgeous Qing Yi's body went taut, her expression freezing. No matter how drunk she was, right now, she still sobered up quite a bit at this moment. She cried out in alarm. Symbols swirled, about to send Shi Hao flying.

However, now that Shi Hao had taken the so-called final step, cultivating a strand of immortal energy, his strength became extremely terrifying. Precious light flickered, putting up a defense. 

When he was attacked, his body instinctively reacted, retaliating, grabbing Yue Chan's delicate wrist. Then, his palm and fingers shone, loosening the wrist. With a light brush, those symbols were scattered. He then grabbed her fine small waist.

"Eh, you two… what are you doing?" The little rabbit was drunk boxing, belching while widening her eyes, looking at the two of them in confusion. 

Finally, the two of them seemed to have woken up.

Qing Yi struggled about, feeling extremely embarrassed. Her fine black hair danced about, her graceful waist moving around, trying to free herself. Her lotus arms shone, flinging Shi Hao away.


Shi Hao woke up. This time, he didn't resist. With a peng sound, he landed on Cao Yusheng's body.

"Aiyou, my formation, my great dao, why did heavenly tribulation blast me? Is it trying to stop me from gaining enlightenment?" The fatty screamed. 

"This alcohol is a bit strange." Shi Hao shook his head, becoming a bit more sober. He was truly shocked. How could one's primordial spirit even be intoxicated? 

When one reached their level, what kind of alcohol could knock them out? However, after just a few cups, they were already intoxicated to this level, making them lose self-control.

"Hey, older sis, why were you two hugging each other?" The little rabbit just didn't want to let the matter go, asking while drunk. Her large eyes were blurry as she looked at Qing Yi again and again. 

"Nonsense. You just misinterpreted." Qing Yi's jadelike face blushed red, her exceptional face carrying a bit of embarrassment. There was also a streak of radiance that flew out, striking Shi Hao. 

"Then why are you so embarrassed?" The little rabbit wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Qing Yi took a deep breath, and then she circulated a method to calm herself down, finally becoming at peace. However, the scene from just now quickly resurfaced. 

She couldn't help but caress one side of her face, feeling a scorching heat. Just now, that place was sticky with wine, that bastard actually… drank it just like that?!

"Aiya!" Qing Yi truly couldn't take it any longer. After becoming clear-headed again, she couldn't help but scream out. There was now a unique type of charm to her exceptional appearance that was extremely moving. 

"Older sis, you have to be a wise and virtuous woman, how can you randomly scream?" The little rabbit was confused as she advised. 

Have to be a wise and virtuous woman? Fine! Qing Yi controlled her emotions, forcefully enduring her urge to beat the shit out of Shi Hao. She calmed down, her white clothes exceptional, finally putting on her normal pure and holy fairy like appearance. 

"This wine is quite strange. By operating bone texts, one can become slightly more clear-headed, and then they can comprehend the dao!"

This was what Shi Hao discovered. He also received enlightenment from fatty Cao Yusheng's state, and after giving it a try, sure enough, this was the case. 

Soon after, Qing Yi and the little rabbit sat down, comprehending their own dao here. All of them were extremely shocked. They then completely calmed down, gradually entering a clear and empty state of mind. 

This was an extremely strange type of feeling, a bit of intoxication, but still inside of a dao comprehending state. It allowed one to touch upon many types of dao traces while in a somewhat dazed state, wandering about the road of the great dao.

After who knew how much time had passed, the drunk feeling passed. They woke up from their deep states of comprehension.

"So strange… I want to drink more!" The little rabbit said noisily. 

"It truly is quite strange!" Cao Yusheng also looked at the wine jar, directly swallowing his saliva.

"En, the feeling isn't bad." Shi Hao nodded.

Qing Yi was the only one who didn't say anything. Her white clothes fluttered about, giving off a cold and aloof feeling. 

The little rabbit put on an innocent and naive appearance, saying, "I remember, older sis, you still didn't reply to my question. Just now, I seemed to have seen you two huddling together, and Shi Hao was even drinking wine from your face." 

Qing Yi's fairy temperament was shattered once again. She immediately grabbed the little rabbit's small hands and said, "You saw wrong."

"No I didn't, definitely didn't." The little rabbit cried out. 

"Little girl, stop trying to stir up trouble!" Qing Yi struck her on the head. 

"This wine really isn't bad." Shi Hao said in admiration, giving Qing Yi's cheeks a glance. 

The little rabbit giggled. Qing Yi turned around, revealing a murderous look, glaring at him. 

Cao Yusheng roared with laughter. "Why do I feel like I missed out on something? I was too deep in my comprehension. Why don't I do a divination for you two?"

"You even know divination?" The little rabbit was shocked. 

"But of course! My master can see through the mysteries of heaven, even able to see a thing or two about the future. As his only inheritor, no matter what, I'll still have a bit of ability!" The little fatty felt incomparably proud of himself. 

He directly produced a few snow-white jadelike tortoiseshell fragments, each one of them extremely bright and covered in mysterious patterns. One could tell with a glance that they were divine treasures. 


The tortoiseshells scattered on the ground. The fatty carefully studied them for a bit, and then said, "What rotten divinatory sight is this? I'm clearly divining for you two, so why are there three together? There's one extra?" 

"Little fatty, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?" Qing Yi stopped him.

"Oh, I forgot, there's still a main body." The little fatty raised his head and looked at Qing Yi, saying, "You're finished, you and the main body are out of luck." 


Cao Yusheng directly flew outwards, sent high up into the sky by Qing Yi. He screamed as he smashed into a mountain peak. 

"My master was right, divination and deducing the dao is the most dangerous, a single mishap and you will suffer disaster…" Cao Yusheng was extremely upset. 

In reality, he didn't know anything about divination, just throwing out some tortoiseshells. However, the snow white divine shells' symbols truly formed a set of patterns, and a thing or two were understood by him. 

The fatty collected the tortoiseshells with guilty conscience. These were one of his defensive precious artifacts and couldn't be casually tossed about.

"So fragrant!"

The little rabbit's nose was extremely sensitive, smelling the distant meat fragrance. 

"Let's go, time to eat!" Shi Hao said. 

The Divine Striking Stone was working hard, cleaning up that dragon head and the crane body precious corpse, already throwing them into the cauldron to stew. Great dao flames burned below the cauldron, and now, shocking meat fragrance finally wafted through the air. 

"I can't hold on any longer… about to die from fatigue… this fella is unbreakable, his flesh incredibly sturdy, now even fully cooked…" The Divine Striking Stone grumbled.

The dragon blood was saved and the crane wings propped up on a bonfire to roast, not placed in the cauldron. Otherwise, this mountainous body wouldn't have fit in the cauldron. Right now, the crane wings and the other parts were as large as how they normally were. 

"Let me!" 

Shi Hao took action, and he also brought out the Gold Marked White Tiger, cleaning it by the lake. It was placed in the cauldron and also slow-stewed. 

"Dragons and tigers!" Cao Yusheng said in praise. 

A dragon and tiger were placed inside to stew together, truly shining mutually. Divine multicolored light immediately surged, resonating with each other.

Of course, the 'dragon' was clearly much stronger, the flesh containing shocking divine matter. The Gold Marked White Tiger was placed in later and cooked at the end, and only then did it become cooked at the same time as the dragon. 

Soon after, fragrance filled this place. The 'dragon and tiger' left the pot, and the golden crane wings on the side were already surging with multicolored light, now fully cooked. 

Apart from this, there was also a wine fragrance wafting through the air. They began to gorge themselves on the food.

They enjoyed the delicacies while comprehending the dao. With the small lake in front of them, the beautiful scenery of rising spiritual essence in view, it was quite the wonderful experience.

Even though they were comprehending the dao, with such delicious food before them, as well as foodies like Shi Hao and the little rabbit, the mood was definitely affected. In the end, even Cao Yusheng and Qing Yi became distracted, no longer focusing on their meditation. 

"Yi, why do I seem to have seen a snow-white phoenix?" The little rabbit rubbed her eyes as she looked at the spiritual lakeshore. 

"A divine bird, snow-white and perfect, feathers resplendent. It's too perfect." Cao Yusheng sighed with admiration.

"This… really is a phoenix?" Qing Yi was also shocked. 

They became distracted. When they weren't comprehending the dao, the effects of the alcohol immediately kicked in, everything becoming a bit blurry. As they looked at the lake, they were all a bit stupefied. There really seemed to be a white phoenix there.

"We aren't seeing things, right? How can there be pure-blooded heavenly phoenixes left in this world?" Shi Hao mumbled. 

Only, when he raised his head and looked at the shore, he also became stupefied. 

There was a divine bird there, white and pure, like the most perfect work of art from the heavens. Elegant and graceful, snow white and mysterious, it was truly like a Snow Phoenix. 

"I'm seeing ghosts! I've witnessed a phoenix!" Cao Yusheng shook his head with everything he had to sober up.

"Perfect and beautiful, too gorgeous!" The little rabbit shouted. 

"It'll definitely be tasty…" Shi Hao's skin was extremely thick, directly speaking on reflex.

"What kind of nonsense are you speaking? That might very well be… a Snow Phoenix." Qing Yi glared at him with a rather displeased look. 

"What Snow Phoenix? No matter how I look at it, it looks a bit familiar. I'm pretty sure I caught one like it before…" Shi Hao felt like it was more familiar the more he looked at it. At the same time, his eyes became blurrier the more drunk he got. He then directly drank a cup and said, "It's a bit different. This one has some golden patterns on its forehead."

"Bullshit!" The little rabbit rolled her eyes, not believing at all that he caught one before.

Cao Yusheng on the side also curled his lips, believing that Shi Hao was completely drunk. 

"Is it impossible for you to be quiet?" Qing Yi even more so spoke out against him, because she thought back to the 'drinking' of wine from her face. Dark lines couldn't help but appear on her forehead. 

"I swear I'm not lying!" Shi Hao now felt anxious, releasing wine fragrance from his mouth as he stated that he didn't speak any falsehoods, that everything was real.

"It's absolutely true! When I first entered the higher realms, I really did happen to capture a silver phoenix, and I even helped name it, calling it Silver." Shi Hao said.

Right at the lakeshore, that snow-white phoenix bird's plume feathers stood up, radiance shining in her eyes. It was currently staring deathly at him. 

While still under the effects of intoxication, he explained a step further, saying, "In the lower realm, I've raised a big red bird, subdued Second Baldy, and even captured Third Blackie, the mysterious tortoise, so I wanted to name this Silver Phoenix Fourth Whitie, but in the end, it absolutely hated that name, so i just named it Silver." 

As he spoke these words, he was completely unaware that the extremely beautiful divine bird on the other side's eyes were about to shoot flames, all of the snow-white feathers covering its entire body about to stand on end, all of them shining resplendently. 

The Divine Striking Stone was like a person, producing a movement that was quite difficult for someone like itself. It shrunk its neck, and with a chi liu sound, directly ran!

It was because he saw that Snow Phoenix fly over, its resplendent wings shining brilliantly. The scene was too astonishing. 

Shi Hao was drunk, but it definitely wasn't!

The Snow Phoenix descended by the shore, turning into an incomparably beautiful young lady with glossy and smooth silver hair. Her slim figure walked over gracefully.

The Emperor Butterfly moved its wings, trying to wake up Shi Hao. 

However, he was really drunk, and he was still explaining to the little rabbit, Qing Yi, and Cao Yusheng. 

"I really did capture a similar Snow Phoenix, only, that one didn't have golden patterns on its head. Back then, I even carried it in my bosom, personally helping it treat its feathers. After several dozen cuts, its long feathers were shortened, and later on, it looked a bit like a white pigeon." 

By the lake, that exceptional young lady's glare could kill. However, her attitude was still graceful as she walked over elegantly. This was her innate noble temperament. 

"You are saying that you carried a Snow Phoenix and trimmed its feathers?" The little rabbit asked with her large eyes widened. Even though she was smiling purely, there was clearly a bit of evil brewing. 

"Correct, back then, I gave it a complete wash, cut, and dry!" Shi Hao said. With a gudong sound, another cup of alcohol went down. 

At this moment, the Emperor Butterfly covered its own face with its wings. It really couldn't watch this any longer, also backing off, hiding to the side. 

Finally, the exceptional young lady closed in, her eyes spewing out flames. That type of aura was about to reach Shi Hao's face.

"Eh, why do you look the same as Silver?" Shi Hao's drunk vision was hazy, pointing at the young lady while speaking. He really drank too much, about to collapse from intoxication. 

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