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Chapter 905 - Enormous Reward

"Because it was me who chased away the ominous and inauspicious!" Shi Hao's teeth were white, smiling extremely brightly, but also rather harshly. 

Fallen Divine Child truly wanted to smash that face with his Fallen Divine Imprint, hitting him until his entire face exploded. This enemy that was younger than him was too hateful. He naturally didn't believe this. 

"It's up to you whether or not you want to believe me. I got on the black ancient boat and chased the ominous to its source, seeing many truths," Shi Hao calmly said. 

Even though Fallen Divine Child wasn't willing to believe this, he knew that this person should have faced the ominous, forcibly rushing through. It was because only during these past two days did the inauspicious disappear. 

"Five Crown King's… Everlasting Immortal Sword?!" He stared at the gray sword core in Shi Hao's hands, his mind greatly shaken. He knew that this hero fell due to the inauspicious, thus disappearing. 

Now that he saw this sword, he was starting to believe Shi Hao's words a bit. The youth before him had walked to the source of the curses! 

Fallen Divine Child's primordial spirit trembled, wishing to rush out and learn about this information. He found it difficult to calm down. Even if he had to die, he wanted to know what exactly was on that black-colored ancient ship. 

"Tell me! What did you see?!" 

Fallen Divine Child was furious. At the final critical moments, the other party spoke about these things. This was clearly to attack him psychologically.

He was already greatly defeated, yet the other party was still like this, weakening his confidence. It was just too hateful!

"Why should I tell you?" Shi Hao was calm and unruffled midst this chaos. He sat on the battlefield, looking at his body and primordial spirit fragments with a smile on his face. 

"You… are absolutely shameful!" Fallen Divine Child's voice was extremely cold, like that of a wounded beast. He was greatly defeated today. All of his glory, his honor, were completely crushed. 

"You don't have to die, and I can tell you what there is at the very source." Shi Hao slowed down his voice, trying to speak to him as calmly as possible. 

"What do you want?" Fallen Divine Child released a cold snort. 

"We can research the True Phoenix's undying art together, mutually perfecting it." Shi Hao said, his eyes shining brilliantly. Fallen Divine Child had a few precious techniques that were too astonishing. 

Fallen Divine Imprint was an unmatched divine ability that had been preserved in Immortal Ancient ruins. Meanwhile, the Refinement Method and Void Return techniques shook the past and present. Last but definitely not least was the True Phoenix's precious technique that moved Shi Hao's heart. It truly possessed a great temptation.

Fallen Divine Child sighed and said, "I truly wish to know about the inauspicious, but… I definitely won't compromise!" 

Shi Hao didn't say another word, raising his hand to suppress, wishing to imprison his primordial spirit fragments. He had already prepared for quite a bit of time just now.

"It's no use. As long as I wish to die, wishing to disappear, you won't be able to stop it at all!" Fallen Divine Child laughed, his voice a bit cold and ruthless. His primordial spirit fragments began to burn. 

Even though Shi Hao took action, he was still unable to stop Fallen Divine Child's self-destruction. He was heading for death, about to burn into ashes. 

A primordial spirit was the fundamental existence of one's soul imprint. If it was completely burnt, then this person would fully die, everything becoming nothing. 

"Hateful!" Even though Shi Hao did everything he could, wishing to stop this, it was still ineffective. He watched as his soul imprint disappeared. 

"I am an ancient king, someone who has his own dignity. How can I bear humiliation to save my own skin? I would rather die!" Fallen Divine Child spoke coldly and ruthlessly. 

Not only did he hate his enemy, he felt great hatred towards himself as well. After his defeat, he didn't compromise at all, rather wishing to die. 

"Your two senior brothers aren't bad, but they were beaten by me until they completely lost confidence. What a pity, if you were to be also stepped on under my feet, then that would have been perfect, the supreme being bloodline completely fallen." Fallen Divine Child said. 

Even while dying, he was trying to incite Shi Hao, to deal a blow to the supreme being bloodline. 

"Fallen Divine Ridge has enmity with the supreme being bloodline?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Our earliest ancestor had previously been chased by Supreme Hall's old thing for over a thousand years, barely making it out alive, only surviving after hiding inside the uninhabited region. My teacher and Qi Daolin are mortal enemies." Fallen Divine Child spoke coldly. 

"Since that is the case, then I won't be too polite. I'll just cut you open and eat you!" Shi Hao said noisily. 

"You… bastard!" Fallen Divine Child roared. With his final bit of primordial spirit flame, he threw himself towards his own body to destroy it.

It was because he had heard about Huang, how this fella ate anything, and that he truly loved to eat. All enemies that weren't humanoid in form were cooked after they died. 

He was the glorious Fallen Divine Child, an ancient king who rose to the top in a generation, known as an undefeated legend with no one among his peers being his opponent. If he really did fall to becoming food, then it was truly a fate more terrifying than death. 

Shi Hao's sword core swept out, scattering the primordial spirit's fire, turning it into scattered smoke. 

At the same time, that corpse displayed its original form, immediately becoming larger as it towered in this dark red ancient battlefield. 

It was a mysterious dragon beast with a strange shape. It had the head of a True Dragon, the scales covering its body rather eerie in appearance, releasing a terrifying glint. There was an astonishing draconic energy curling around. 

Meanwhile, its body was actually that of a crane, its wings one white, one black, shining with resplendent radiance as if black and white flames were burning. There were terrifying divine force fluctuations, the flesh and blood containing incomparable divine substance. 

Its tail was extremely long, a dragon tail that carried brilliant light. There were concentrated scales covering it as well. WIthout a doubt, a light shake from it would be enough to flatten many great archaic peaks. 

Its body was just too large, like a small mountain as it rested there. The divine fluctuations were powerful, the flesh containing unimaginable essence. 

Shi Hao's eyes shone. This enormous body truly made him overjoyed. He could eat this for several meals! This was definitely a delicacy of this world. 

In the distance, a commotion had long broken out!

Fallen Divine Child was actually defeated, his body and dao erased, falling in Burial Realm! This was a great earthquake that would shake up Immortal Ancient. 

Shi Hao's power shook everything under the heavens!

No one expected the unmatched Fallen Divine Child would be defeated, moreover so thoroughly, even throwing his his life away here. This was simply inconceivable.

"Ancient king, he actually wilted here. Fallen Divine Child who had oppressed a generation, rarely encountering opponents in this world experienced defeat today, reaching the end of his life…" Someone muttered. 

Before this battle, most people believed Fallen Divine Child to be unmatched, insurmountable, because he had already experienced the test of a generation, proving his status as a king. 

Even though Shi Hao was powerful, he was still a hero of this era. He hadn't experienced the most vicious trial. 

Fallen Divine Child was different. He had killed two ancient freaks, one of them even a Three Crown King. This was the same as fighting against the greatest of different eras.

Yet today, the one that ultimately dyed heaven and earth with his blood was Fallen Divine Child. 

Without a doubt, Huang's name was going to shake up all directions!

This battle established Shi Hao's position as a king. Even when facing ancient freaks, he was still powerful and stunning!

"Did he cultivate immortal energy? Rumor had it that Fallen Divine Child might have taken that step, yet he was still defeated. This… formidable."

Outside the battlefield, everyone was discussing this battle fervently, finding it difficult to calm down. 

In the outside world, the border of the vast uninhabited region. 

The cultivators of all sects looked like living ghosts, finding this unbelievable. The unmatched Fallen Divine Child was actually killed!


Someone released a great roar from a dark golden war chariot, causing many true deities to fall unto the ground and heavenly deities' qi and blood to roil, almost coughing out blood.

Everyone knew that this was Fallen Divine Ridge's greatest expert, someone who had previously fought against Qi Daolin for a generation. The inheritor he meticulously raised with all of his care was defeated, causing him to lose control.

"I never thought that Huang… could kill even an ancient freak." Many people had a bad feeling, worrying for their own disciples in Immortal Ancient. 

Of course, everyone was extremely regretful as well. When Shi Hao was fighting Fallen Divine Child, they actually couldn't see what was happening. 

It was because at that time, both of them had a strand of immortal energy around their bodies that covered everything. Those of the outside world couldn't watch this battle. 

Only when the great battle ended did Shi Hao restrain the immortal energy, the two of them once again appearing. However, at this time, Fallen Divine Child had already become an ice cold corpse. 

None of them knew the various things that happened in the battle, but the result spoke of everything. 

"Huang is going to rise up. If he doesn't come out from Immortal Ancient soon, with enough time, it will become extremely difficult to stop his footsteps!" A heavenly deity said with a low voice. 

This made quite a few people's minds tremble. The ones who wished to kill Huang all felt extremely uncomfortable. 

Burial Realm, the dark red ancient battlefield. 

Shi Hao was smiling the entire time. This time, his rewards were too great, making him incredibly happy.

As soon as Fallen Divine Child's strand of immortal energy was about to scatter, Shi Hao's body trembled. The immortal energy in his body moved out, wrapping around that energy and directly refining it, absorbing its essence. 

This left him shocked. It was actually refined by his immortal energy and merged together!

Now, his strand of immortal energy truly became whole, abundant and incomparably real, now much thicker than in the past. It was sparkling and translucent, unable to increase any further!

This was an enormous harvest!

Shi Hao had tried all types of things to nurture that strand of immortal energy, yet he found that there was no way to improve it further. 

To forcibly refine a strand of immortal energy, strengthening himself, this truly left him incredibly shocked. 

"I really am hoping to meet someone else with immortal energy. If I can kill him, I wonder if I can use that to directly condense a second strand of immortal energy…"

If others heard what he was saying, they would definitely become stupefied. How many people took that step since the ancient times? Everyone felt great fear and anxiety, yet he wanted to encounter that situation again. 

"Wu, there's no rush to cultivate a second strand of immortal energy. When I get back, I'll use that Immortal Corpse to nurture the first strand of immortal energy, see if I can increase it a bit further." Shi Hao said to himself. 

He searched through Fallen Divine Child's spatial magical artifacts. He was immediately pleasantly surprised. His harvest was truly astonishing. 

Forget about the various containers that had rare precious medicines, there was still another pile of holy medicines and a few half divine fruits, everything releasing resplendent radiance. 

Meanwhile, what was the most shocking was that a jade container even had a stalk of divine medicine sealed within!

A fragrance wafted through the air, a rain of light flickering about, about to make one intoxicated on the spot, giving them a feeling of sprouting wings and ascending. It was incomparably brilliant. 

The only regretful thing was that this divine medicine didn't have a root, unknown how Fallen Divine Child obtained it. It only had the body, unable to be planted again. 

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao was still satisfied. "A stalk of divine medicine, when I use it with the Octadic Treasure Unicorn, it will increase the medicinal effects several fold!" 

In the outside world, when Fallen Divine Ridge's experts saw this scene, their eyes were dark and eerie, truly wishing to slaughter their way into Immortal Ancient. 

Unsurprisingly, Shi Hao didn't find any inheritances from Fallen Divine Child's body.

"This dagger is quite heaven defying, an exceptional divine object!" Shi Hao picked up the dagger. It released brilliant light and carried a thin layer of smoke, making it look almost like something illusory. 

This dagger had cut him apart not long ago, even his powerful flesh unable to defend against it back then, only being blasted away when it cut towards his head. 

This dagger was quite heavy, several tens of thousands of jin in weight.

In the outside world, the cultivators of all sects were moved, their eyes burning fiercely. It was because they knew that it was unordinary, within it some Seven-Colored Immortal Gold. 

This was originally a valuable treasure. If one carefully refined it, it might be able to rank in the ten great weapons. Only, during the battle against Supreme Hall, its great dao symbols were scattered by the unmatched elder, causing the quality to drop. 

However, its material was undamaged, so it was still a world shaking item, as it contained Seven-Colored Immortal Gold. 

When Fallen Divine Child obtained this dagger, he had previously swore that this dagger would grow with him, all the way until it became a supreme treasure. 


The gray sword core in Shi Hao's hand released a cry, releasing blazing radiance. It began to shake, hacking down on the multicolored dagger on its own.


"What is going on? What happened?"

Everyone became shocked. The heavenly deities of all sects in the outside world were startled.

Brilliant light erupted from the dagger, unexpectedly gathering towards the Everlasting Immortal sword!

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