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Chapter 904 - Undefeated Legend

How could this be? Everyone became petrified like statues as they watched the ancient battlefield's situation. 

"Fallen Divine Child… is being beaten up!" Someone said, his breathing rushed as he spoke this sentence. 

Everything that happened was a bit difficult to believe, leaving everyone shocked! An ancient king, one known as an undefeated legend, someone who was unstoppable and unmatched, was suppressed and beaten today. 

Many people knew that Fallen Divine Child had come out from isolation for Huang, to suppress and kill him. 

This was the first time an ancient freak truly emerged in the world to unleash a slaughter, to cut down an enemy. Everyone felt that Huang might be in danger.

After all, Fallen Divine Child was unstoppable. He had previously been unstoppable, unmatched in this world. As an ancient king, he was powerful to the extreme, able to kill all enemies. 

However, the result before everyone's eyes left them stupefied. Huang was ridiculously powerful, chasing after his body that was flying out, striking Fallen Divine Child until he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.


Fallen Divine Child suddenly released a roar. Dark light covered the sky. There were countless divine corpses around him, and demonic remains rose, forming a maelstrom. 

"Suppress and kill!" 

He released a loud shout. The void split apart, and black cracks surrounded that black-colored vortex, the scene terrifying to the extreme. 

Cao Yusheng's warning made sense. They even fought to this level, yet Fallen Divine Child was so domineering, just like a wounded wild beast, becoming even more dangerous. 

That black vortex was like a black hole, surrounding Shi Hao and devouring him within.


Fallen Divine Child's gray hair flew about chaotically. His body was increasing in size, turning into a giant. Then, a large hand slapped down fiercely, slamming into the center of the black vortex, covering it completely. 


The void shattered, heaven and earth shaken. 

That place was was completely destroyed. Shi Hao flew outwards, his clothes blasted into tatters. A streak of blood flowed out from the corner of his lips, but his injuries weren't too severe. He stood in the distance, looking at Fallen Divine Child. 

"The little fatty was spot on, your skin is rough and muscles thick, really good at taking a beating." Shi Hao said. 

This joke wasn't pleasant to listen to at all. Fallen Divine Child's face became extremely cold. He wiped off the blood from his lips, staring at Shi Hao viciously with eyes like those of a starving wolf. 

"Hehe…" At this moment, perhaps it was only the little rabbit that could laugh. She was slapping her little hands, her long silver hair swinging back and forth, truly overjoyed. 

"Already said a long time ago that you were going to be defeated and beaten up!" She shouted.

In the surroundings, no one said anything. Many of the spectators took steps backwards, keeping quiet out of fear. The ones fighting was Fallen Divine Child and a devil king, both of them extremely dangerous. 

No one dared to provoke them, nor did anyone dare to randomly make comments, because it was difficult to say for sure who was going to win. If they offended the one that ended up living, then the consequences would be too horrible to imagine. 

"Huang, you've made me mad!" Fallen Divine Child's voice was low, but his eyes became more and more deep, incomparably terrifying.

"So what if you're mad? I am going to beat you until you don't dare show any anger any longer. You can forget about your anger or future, because there won't be such opportunities for you." Shi Hao said calmly. 

"Hahaha…" Fallen Divine Child laughed coldly, still remaining calm. His temples carried wisps of white, but they quickly faded, recovering from his aged state. 

This really was shocking. After suffering from reincarnation, if it were others, they would have long declined away, yet he still stuck it through, his body not deteriorating during this process.

Of course, this was also because his strength was great, avoiding the fatal strike. 


Fallen Divine Child moved his wings. World shocking demonic light shone!

A pair of wings appeared behind him, one black one white, extremely strange looking. They left Shi Hao with a deep impression the very first time he saw them in Burial City. 

At this moment, Fallen Divine Child attacked again. These were innate divine wings, containing incomparably terrifying power. 

One black, one white, two streams of energy appeared, yin and yang energies. They slowly circulated, immediately making this heaven and earth chaotic, causing the expressions of cultivators on all sides to change. 

The world was boundless, but it could be explained through yin and yang energies. All things were born through yin and yang, able to produce great dao true meaning. 

This was Fallen Divine Child's innate divine ability, as well as his path, one black one white. When these wings moved, yin and yang appeared, energy surged, shaking the world. 

"Why can't I move? Affected even from so far away…" 

In the distance, everyone was in fear. Yin and yang energies pervaded the air, making heaven and earth chaotic, as if everything was going to collapse. 

At the horizon, a few cultivators unexpectedly fell from the sky, finding it difficult to control their own foundational energy, as a result suffering serious damage. 

This was why Fallen Divine Child was terrifying. He grasped yin and yang, affecting the natural laws of the world, making everything chaotic. This world seemed to have been locked down by his power. 

As an ancient king, how could he be ordinary? He had previously forged an illustrious reputation through slaughter, not a single person able to compete against him. He towered above on the immortal dao elevated stage alone, overlooking everyone under the sky. 

How could this kind of person be easily defeated? He was sheltered by the heavens, previously the leading character of an entire generation, unstoppable as he killed his peers until they all became silent, keeping quiet out of fear. 


Fallen Divine Child released a light shout, turning into a streak of demonic light. He rushed at Shi Hao, and when his wings moved, the void caved in and the great earth split apart. Mountain peaks collapsed, and rubble rushed into the clouds. That type of scene was too terrifying! 

In addition, following a light shout, a few people in the distant skies felt their souls being attacked. They began to drop from the sky like falling leaves. 

He was unrivaled, these types of methods enough to make all exceptional talents' faces pale, impossible to fight against. This was an ancient king, an undefeated legend, the embodiment of their unmatched glory. 

Shi Hao's expression became grave. Wings quickly appeared behind him, and other precious techniques appeared as well. Bone texts interweaved, covering the surface of his body. 


The two experts rushed at each other murderously. Great cracks extended into the void, reaching several hundred zhang, tearing this place apart.

It was as if two streaks of light were tangling together. They were just too fast, and both of them moved their wings, using all of their great divine abilities, clashing viciously. Arms struck against each other, divine wings hacking down, producing keng qiang sounds. Sparks flew in all directions.


Shi Hao slapped down on the other party's wings. Heaven Calamity Light shone resplendently, condensing into a hand, the most terrifying strike.

However, those black and white wings erupted with yin and yang energies, neutralizing everything, practically hacking apart the Heaven's Hand. Fallen Divine Child fully displayed his unmatched style. 


The two of them continuously took action. Reincarnation symbols struck Fallen Divine Child on the shoulder, making the skin there quickly age, and about to quickly spread over his entire body. 

It was those wings that once again surged with yin and yang energies to resist the Reincarnation symbols, displaying the most brilliant patterns. 


Finally, Shi Hao also had a taste of why 'Fallen Deity Imprint' was so terrifying. That magical imprint slammed into his body, and even though he used his great divine abilities to neutralize a large half of it, he was still shaken greatly. Blood flowed out from the corner of his lips. 

These all happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. The two sides clashed, and both of them received a blow from the other party, receiving serious injuries. 

Shi Hao didn't seem to care about this injury in the slightest, his eyes instead revealing resplendent light, unexpectedly showing a bit of excitement. It was because the main reason he was so determined to fight against Fallen Divine Child was to gauge the strength of these so-called ancient freaks. 

Fallen Divine Child didn't let him down, making him cough out blood. As expected, this was a terrifying opponent. 

Even though he hated this person, Shi Hao still admitted that this was an extremely powerful enemy that had world shocking methods. He was extremely dangerous and terrifying. 


Fallen Divine Child's wings, one black, one white, were truly powerful. When they collided with Shi Hao's Kun Peng wings, resplendent fiery light erupted. Symbols interweaved, covering the sky.

The two clashed viciously. When their battle passed close to the surface, an expanse of mountain peaks shattered, all of them blasted through by the bone texts produced by their symbols. 


At the same time, his foot also swept through Fallen Divine Child's hip bone. After staggering a bit, all of the bone texts covering his body were thrown into chaos, almost struck between the brows by his follow up symbols.

The symbols diffused outwards. A rain of light shone brilliantly between the two. They separated. 

With a hong sound, Fallen Divine Child's wings suddenly erupted with black and white light. He released a loud roar, and then his head of gray hair stood up vertically. A terrifying aura spread outwards. 

Immediately afterwards, this world seemed to have been divided into two, split into a black and a white world. 

"Light Dark Wings!"

These words were like a demonic chant, piercing through many people's sea of divine senses. The void immediately changed. Not only did yin and yang energies swirl, darkness and radiance surged as well. 

This world was made of these two forces of opposition to begin within, divided into black and white, yin and yang, light and dark. 

Fallen Divine Child displayed this type of great dao to suppress Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao moved his wings, displaying the Kun Peng technique to its limit. The golden light of his right hand shone brilliantly, a Peng appearing in this palm. His left hand was pitch-black like ink, symbols interweaving to form a Kun. His hands moved, the great yin and great yang erupting and merging together. Primal chaos mists pervaded the air!

A chaotic mist burst out, blasting towards Fallen Divine Child. 


Fallen Divine Child released a cold snort. He revealed a look of shock. This was his domain of expertise, originally wishing to give Shi Hao a pleasant surprise, never expecting that the other party could also do it.


His black and white worlds clashed, producing chaotic energy. There was terrifying radiance that accompanied this attack as it hacked towards Shi Hao. 


Almost at the same time, both sides were seriously injured, blood splashing out from their bodies, flying backwards. 

Chaotic energy and symbols were everywhere. The two wings clashed greatly, each pair hacking at the other party. Fists and palms struck against the other party's body, inflicting heavy injuries on both parties, their mouths coughing out blood.

"Do you have any other forbidden divine abilities? Hurry and display them." Shi Hao said, his eyes becoming more and more resplendent as he stared at the other party. 

Fallen Divine Child's pupils shrunk. He saw excitement from the other party's eyes. That was definitely not fake, but rather a true joy, treating him like prey.

Fallen Divine Child was furious. When had he ever been treated like prey by another?

However, this time, it was extremely dangerous. Apart from having the precious technique of a vicious ten, his innate divine abilities were also too terrifying, one of them he hadn't seen through even now. 


Fallen Divine Child shouted angrily. At this moment, he displayed an exceptional precious technique, making everyone shocked.

"Refinement technique, it is actually a world shaking Refinement method!" Everyone was indescribably shaken. That was a type of lost great divine ability, yet it unexpectedly appeared in Fallen Divine Child's hands.

He refined the void, forming a furnace, suppressing Shi Hao within to burn him!

It could burn the nine heavens, refine all deities and devils. This divine ability was the most terrifying, one of the greatest precious techniques of the divine dao!

However, Fallen Divine Child failed, unable to refine Shi Hao. He quickly rushed out from the void furnace, and then smashed out with a fist, making the heaven fall and the earth crack apart. 

Only Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and the others understood why this was. It was because Shi Hao used the world as a furnace, using three thousand dao flames to burn his body. That was why he remained fearless. 

If it was anyone else, they would have undoubtedly died. Even if it was another ancient freak, they would likely be in danger, difficult to resist this attack.

Fallen Divine Child was too tyrannical!

"Void Return technique!" Fallen Divine Child released another great shout. His entire body erupted with symbols, shocking everyone once again. This was another great divine ability that had been lost in inheritance. 

This didn't belong to Fallen Divine Ridge, but was instead a forbidden secret method that shocked the past and present. This technique had unexpectedly been successfully cultivated by him as well! It truly was unknown how he obtained these methods. 

Void Return technique, it would allow one to directly strike one's flesh into nothingness, causing all tangible matter to disintegrate and completely disappear. 

Shi Hao stood there. His only heavenly passage appeared around him, thunder roiling above. A streak of immortal energy accompanied by lightning radiance smashed downwards, the electricity hacking down from the nine heavens, blasting Fallen Divine Child. 

The two of them exchanged attacks, the fight reaching its climax, as well as its final phase. 

Everyone was shaken. Their methods were endless! This was especially the case with Fallen Divine Child who unexpectedly produced four or five rarely seen forbidden great divine abilities, all of them enough to shock the world. 

Everyone had heard of Huang's methods a long time ago, but Fallen Divine Child was more mysterious, immediately displaying so many unmatched precious techniques. It was too shocking for those of the present era. 

"Worthy of being an ancient king, the main character of a certain world. Too terrifying!" Even the little rabbit who hated Fallen Divine Child had to admit that he was powerful.

The two exchanged attacks, long exchanging two thousand blows. Shi Hao also fought until he was crazy, becoming incomparably excited. His eyes were full of fanatical excitement. "Do you have anything else?" 

Fallen Divine Child's eyes became deep. Fighting up to this point truly was out of his expectations. This battle was too difficult. After cultivating a strand of immortal energy, one was supposed to become unmatched, yet they fought bloodily to this extent. 

"If you don't have any other methods left, then let this be the end!" Shi Hao shouted.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and then he operated divine force. The Kun Peng wings moved about, and at the same time, he displayed his own innate divine ability. Heaven Calamity Light, Reincarnation, and the third mysterious method's symbols that had initially formed intertwined, the power increasing exponentially.


Shi Hao moved his wings, rushing over murderously, about to bring this great battle to a close.

This place erupted with chaos. Nothing could be seen anymore, only symbols erupting everywhere, surrounding the heavens. The two hacked at each other murderously, leaving everyone horrified and in shock.

In the end, a streak of blood flew upwards. Shi Hao rose into the air, retreating outwards. Meanwhile, in his original location, Fallen Divine Child split up into several pieces. Blood splashed all over the ancient battlefield.

"What? It ended just like that? Fallen Divine Child lost?!" 

Everyone was shaken.

"This is too great! Finally won!" The little rabbit cheered. Qing Yi and the others released a breath of air. This battle had made them quite anxious. 

Shi Hao descended. He looked at the corpse. "Why is it human form? That shouldn't be!" 

Bloody light suddenly erupted. Phoenix cries shook the heavens. A streak of resplendent symbols flashed across, moving through Shi Hao's body.

"What? That's the undying bird, the True Phoenix!" 

Outside the battlefield, everyone became dumbstruck. 

Fallen Divine Child's blood shone, as if igniting, turning into a True Phoenix that carried a divine blade in its mouth. It rushed forth, hacking apart Shi Hao's body. 

If it was just a bit closer, the space between Shi Hao's brows would have been hacked through. He displayed symbols, using a great divine technique, forcefully blasting that True Phoenix that attacked him away. 

Shi Hao was almost cleaved in half. At the very least, everything below his brows was cut. Blood surged, the scene shocking everyone. 

"Huang, you have to stick it through!" 

"Shi Hao… you are okay, right?!" 

The little rabbit, Cao Yusheng, and Qing Yi cried out in alarm.


Shi Hao staggered backwards, and then the two halves of his body quickly merged, growing together. His blood also flowed in reverse. A strand of immortal energy curled around him, nourishing his body to treat his injuries. 

On the other side, Fallen Divine Child's broken body recombined. That bloody light returned to his body, and in his hand was a multi-colored dagger. It was resplendent and world shocking, incomparably sharp, able to easily hack apart the void. 

"He actually grasps the True Phoenix's divine ability, one of the vicious ten, refining an undying body!" Cao Yusheng's expression changed.

This was definitely shocking. Undying body, such a thing made everyone horrified. 

Fallen Divine Child's face fell. He didn't mind exchanging life for life, allowing his own body to be killed once if he could get rid of Shi Hao. However, in the end, he failed. This was just too terrible. 

One has to understand that the last time Immortal Ancient opened, this was precisely what he used to kill Three Crown King, making that ancient king die with remaining grievances. 

Now, someone who was even younger than him avoided this attack. Things would now become extremely troublesome. 

"Good, good, I've underestimated you. You've almost made me suffer a disaster. However, now, you don't have any chances left. Even if you have an undying body, it still isn't enough!" Shi Hao said. 


Shi Hao went berserk, displaying all of his divine abilities. Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, and lightning interweaved in front of him. Ini his left hand appeared Heaven Calamity Light, in his right Reincarnation. His body's third divine ability also erupted.

This great battle was absolutely world shaking!

The two of them went crazy as they hacked at each other, blood flying everywhere. 

It was precisely as Shi Hao said. Even though Fallen Divine Child was incredibly powerful, he was still killed. When he wanted to use the undying Phoenix's precious technique to revive, Shi Hao would kill him once again. 

There were no undying people. It was just a consumption of one's source energy, paying a considerable price to revive. 

After killing him several times, Shi Hao released a loud roar, piercing through the space between Fallen Divine Child's brows, capturing his primordial spirit. 

"Ah…" Fallen Divine Child released an angry roar. There was no way he would surrender. He resisted with everything he could to destroy everything indiscriminately.


In the end, Shi Hao blasted his primordial spirit apart with a single fist!

Primordial spirit fragments flew everywhere. A multicolored dagger hacked apart the void, about to bring the primordial fragments with it in escape. 

Shi Hao brought out the Everlasting Immortal Sword, and with a qiang sound, hacked down that dagger, also forcing all of those primordial spirit fragments back, not giving them any chance to escape. 

"Similarly cultivated immortal energy, and I even accumulated for another generation, why… would I be defeated? How could I not be your match?" Fallen Divine Child was unwilling to accept this result.

"Could it be because when I took that step, I didn't experience the ominous and inauspicious? That it was too easy, lacking the corresponding trial?" Fallen Divine Child reflected on the past. 

"When you took that step, you didn't experience the inauspicious?!" Shi Hao was shocked. He then wanted to curse the heavens. This was too unfair!

"What? You… faced the ominous, forcibly making it through?" Fallen Divine Child was shocked.

"I understand." Shi Hao suddenly understood. It was definitely because he ascended onto the black-colored boat, that all types of changes were produced. The desolate border's king sealed up the abyss, leading to this result. 

"What do you understand?" Fallen Divine Child asked. 

"Being able to take that final step, you should actually thank me!" Shi Hao said. 

"Why?!" Fallen Divine Child was shaken. 

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