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Chapter 903 - Great Confrontation

Fallen Divine Child's expression went rigid. His face was kicked, his body flying out. A bit of blood scattered outards.

For him, this was intolerable. A 'newcomer', the junior brother of people he had defeated before, unexpectedly landed this type of kick on him, stepping on his face!

This not only inflicted physical damage, but was also a great shame and humiliation. 

He was an ancient king, someone who had killed a Three Crown King and present world heroes, rising up alone, a supreme existence in Immortal Ancient, know as an undefeated legend, yet today, he was humiliated so. 

If he didn't take that step and this happened when he encountered another ancient king, then that was one thing. However, he was facing a present world youth, yet he was kicked in the face. It was simply unimaginable. 

"Nice! Clean and efficient!" In the distance, the little rabbit cried out with ao ao sounds, jumping and hopping, brandishing her little fists. 

The others were shocked as well. Fallen Divine Child was kicked in the chase and sent flying, this… was unimaginable. It had just began, yet he already suffered so greatly!

On the battlefield, Fallen Divine Child felt a scorching pain on his face, his jawbones almost all fractured. This result made his eyes cold to the extreme. 

Shame, resentment, and ruthlessness interweaved together, causing dark light to erupt from Fallen Divine Child's entire body. He was like a demonic god from the underworld!


He, who was still flying backwards, directly stopped himself. Then, like a javelin, his body nailed itself into the ground, stopping all movement. His eyes were deep, the scenes within them terrifying. In the depths of his eyes, large amounts of divine corpses fell. 

"I've underestimated you!" 

It was just these few words, but they sounded like clashing metal, making everyone feel incredibly uncomfortable as it rang in their ears. He walked over step by step, glaring at Shi Hao. 

He truly acted carelessly, never expecting Shi Hao to be so extraordinary. 


His hand formed an imprint, and with a gentle shake, the surrounding void split.

Following his movements, the entire heaven and earth seemed to be swaying. This type of energy, that kind of fluctuations made one's soul feel unsteady, as if they were going to collapse as well. 

Fallen Divine Child took action, the magical imprint tangling about a streak of pure white immortal energy to kill Shi Hao. That hand imprint was too crazy, creating more and more cracks in the void. 


Shi Hao didn't dodge, fiercely taking action. His right fist shone resplendently, smashing down like a comet, colliding with that magical imprint. 

With a weng sound, the battlefield trembled intensely. Their arms continuously clashed against each other, attacking with the most ferocious methods. It was as if thunder struck down again and again here. 

In the distance, many people cried out in alarm, quickly backing up. It was because mysterious symbols were extending outwards, engulfing heaven and earth. They were affected even while far away.

Everyone flew backwards together. A few people's bodies went weak under those unimaginable fluctuations, trembling with fear. It was as if they were insects facing enormous dragons. 

In the battlefield, the two of them were like lightning as they moved about, continuously clashing. Resplendent light was released again and again, some directly piercing through the horizon, scattering the clouds. 

This battle was incomparably intense. Their fists collided, the light released actually continuously making the void cave in. That type of scene was too terrifying. 

Many people's faces became pale. How could they compare to this type of fighting prowess? It was on a completely different order of magnitude! Many proud and arrogant geniuses were dealt a mental blow, feeling a sense of defeat.

It was because this type of difference was too great! They suspected that even if they became true deities, they would still be easily killed by these two!

In the end, both parties scattered, each occupying one side. 

Even though it all happened in an instant, their fists had already struck out over a thousand times. The light that erupted split apart the surrounding void, terrifying to an inconceivable degree. 

And right now, they already travelled several tens of li, entering deeply into the ancient battlefield. 

Fallen Divine Child's eyes were extremely cold as he stared at Shi Hao. He found it hard to believe that after taking that step, transcending the ancient predecessors, and cultivating immortal energy, he still couldn't kill this person.


He activated a secret treasure. Hazy light surrounded this place, isolating this place from the outside realm.

"You also… took that step?!" His eyes were extremely cold, not restraining his emotions. He stared at Shi Hao. If not for this, how else could this be explained?

"Aren't you the arrogant one. Do you feel that taking that step is that hard?" Shi Hao calmly said. 

Fallen Divine Child's mind fell. He cultivated a strand of immortal energy, making his divine senses incredibly sharp. He could sense many things ahead of time, yet he never discovered beforehand that Shi Hao was just like himself. 

This type of feeling was extremely bad!

His expression became grave. The other party arrived in Burial City two days ago, while he had just emerged from isolation. This meant that Huang succeeded before him! 

One had to bear in mind that since the ancient times, countless heavenly talents died on their own paths, none of them able to take that step.

Now, Fallen Divine Child emerged, full of confidence. He carried an attitude of devouring mountains and rivers, that he was the only one that was supreme. It was because he transcended above the ancient predecessors!

He believed that he could travel unhindered through Immortal Ancient, that even if he encountered Ning Chuan, he could still fight him. As for others like Huang, he could just directly sweep through them, easily killing them. 

Who would have expected that the enemy he looked down on, someone younger than himself, cultivated immortal energy with just one era, able to stand on equal footing with himself?

For Fallen Divine Child who had always overlooked his peers, this type of feeling was utterly terrible. There had never been anyone who exceeded himself, yet today, he encountered a terrifying freak. 

"By sealing up this space, is it that you don't want secrets to be leaked?" Shi Hao jeered. 

Fallen Divine Child's face fell. The battlefield was surrounded by mist, so outsiders couldn't see their immortal energy. He sealed up this place so others couldn't hear their conversation.

He indeed wished to hide things, not wanting the other ancient freaks in Immortal Ancient to know that he succeeded. He wished to use it to decisively carry out a slaughter when the crucial moment arrived.

Unfortunately, the person before him was even quicker than he himself, so his actions now seemed a bit laughable, making his face turn a bit sour. 

"Haha…" Shi Hao laughed, carrying ridicule and disdain. There was also a type of self confidence as he responded to Fallen Divine Child's previous overbearing manner.

A strand of immortal energy appeared silently around Shi Hao's body. It was pure and spotlessly white like jade, coiling about his body like a True Dragon, incomparably auspicious and peaceful. 

However, before Fallen Divine Child's eyes, it was incredibly blinding!

His pupils hurriedly contracted. This was a huge blow. He overlooked the masses, his accomplishments and talents world shocking, yet in the end, he was brushed aside so easily by another.

"Just because we both cultivated a strand of immortal energy, you think you can compare to me?" Fallen Divine Child said. He opened his mouth and roared. He put away his secret treasure, slaughtering his way forward.


This time, one of the two was like dark light that covered the sun, the other like a golden brilliance illuminating the skies as they clashed together. Endless resplendent light erupted, as if a million volcanoes erupted.

"What powerful fluctuations! These two are truly terrifying. Huang is actually powerful to this extent, able to fight an ancient king!" 

In the distance, everyone saw the two individuals' figures again, seeing their great confrontation. They were all incredibly shaken. 

"Rumor has it that Fallen Divine Child might have taken that step, so why is it that he still cannot suppress Huang? Could it be that Huang also succeeded? That would be too frightening!" 

The fight between these two shocked all sides. 

It had to be said that Fallen Divine Child was terrifying to a heaven defying degree, worthy of being an ancient king. Otherwise, how could he have claimed to be the best of an era, sweeping through all of Immortal Ancient? He was powerful to a ridiculous level, beyond what outsiders could imagine. 

His casual attack displayed the greatest profound mysteries of precious techniques, displayed to great heights, exceeding the ancient predecessors of all different paths. 

"Back then, your two senior brothers were known as geniuses as well, shocking the world, but they still crawled under my face. Today, I will strike down your kind's final bit of arrogance and dignity. What supreme being? Everything will be crushed beneath my feet!" 

Fallen Divine Child roared. It was unexpectedly more shocking than a lion or bull roar. Blood-colored mountain peaks split apart all around them, collapsing here. 


A few people cried out loudly, their seven apertures bleeding. They quickly took steps backwards in retreat, feeling incomparable alarm.

This type of person's fighting strength exceeded their imaginations. Even with so much distance separating them, the fluctuations still landed on many experts. If they truly slaughtered their way over here, what kind of result would that be then? 

No one dared imagine this result. Was this an ancient king? A single person could sweep through a group of enemies, destroying all those before him! 

Now they were seeing this, everyone felt even more moved. They truly witnessed what was the so-called unmatched, the undefeated and invincible under heaven, what was called being a sovereign of this world! 


With a strike from Fallen Divine Child, dark light erupted, a mountain peak in the ancient battlefield swept through. Large amounts of mountains fell, leaving this great earth shaken until it rumbled with noise. Smoke and dust overflowed into the sky. 

Peng peng peng...

The two confronted each other, continuously clashing together, erupting with the most brilliant symbols. That place became incomparably divine. It was as if they were the lords of all deities as they fought. 

"You dare to boast so shamelessly with just this bit of methods?" Shi Hao said, mocking Fallen Divine Child. 

"It's enough to kill you. There are only a few in this world who can fight me, but you are not included among them!" Fallen Divine Child shouted.


After another intense collision, the two of them each retreated to one side. 

Immediately afterwards, Fallen Divine Child became completely different. His head of gray hair danced about, his eyes deep like an abyss. His entire body slowly forged an imprint. A boundless pressure swept out, shaking the heavens above and earth below!

All around them, several hundred thousand jin boulders and other things rose into the air, suspending in the sky, shaking along with the imprint. 

Then, with another hong sound, all of the enormous rocks exploded. 

This place was extremely terrifying. Following Fallen Divine Child's imprint, the world began to rumble with noise, as if a tattered painting scroll was moving. It was extremely terrifying. 

"That's Fallen Deity Imprint!" 

In the distance, everyone was horrified. 

In Fallen Deity's surroundings, terrifying scenes appeared. Countless gods and devils fell from the heavens, divine corpses everywhere, demonic remains spread throughout. A rain of blood poured downwards. 

This left everyone shocked!

Everyone's minds went numb. This type of scene was too terrifying!

Fallen Deity Imprint was the greatest art of Fallen Divine Ridge, rumored to have originated from Immortal Ancient Great Era. It was something that was discovered from ancient remains. 

Someone had previously speculated that this was an unmatched divine ability established by an undying individual. It could kill deities and devils, extremely powerful and exceeding all imaginations. 

Shi Hao didn't waste his time with words. Left hand Reincarnation, right hand Heaven Calamity Light, and a third type of innate precious technique's initial symbols blended inside. His entire being erupted with brilliance, so dazzling it made others tremble. 


The void around him split apart, black cracks exploding.

Shi Hao directly rushed over. The light between the two was dazzling, drowning out the heavens as they collided viciously.


In the end, everyone saw Fallen Divine Child fly out, coughing out large amounts of blood. In addition, white hair appeared on his temples. He was seriously injured.

"Even someone like you dares to boast shamelessly, wanting to kill me?" Shi Hao roared.

He quickly took action again, his palms and fingers erupting with endless radiance, bombarding downwards again and again. 


Fallen Divine Child's magical imprint was blasted through, his entire body coughing out blood, flying outwards. 

Shi Hao chased after him. His right leg swept out, blasting the barrier of light formed by the deities and demon corpses. With a hong sound, it thrashed down on his body, sending him flying again.

"I'm still not finished!"

Shi Hao roared. He closed the distance with the Earth to Inches technique, blasting away the other party's palms. His fist smashed out, almost piercing through Fallen Divine Child's body. His chest exploded, blood and bone gushing outwards. 

"Humiliating my two senior brothers, winning is one thing, but you keep bringing it up again, using it to provoke me. However, in reality… you aren't even anyone special!" 


It was another heavy strike. Shi Hao's fist smashed out again, light overflowing into the heavens, blasting Fallen Divine Child out horizontally, smashing into a mountain peak. Blood continuously flowed out from his mouth.

"Don't be careless. Fallen Divine Ridge's people are the best at taking blows!" Cao Yusheng shouted, unknown if he was reminding Shi Hao or mocking the other party.

As for everyone else, they had long become dumbstruck!

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