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Chapter 902 - Opposing With Equal Harshness

Fallen Divine Child was unbridled and brash. He stood there with a smile on his face. That type of insolence and arrogance was completely undisguised as he spoke overbearingly. 

"You can act arrogantly for a bit. When the time comes, this old one will cut you down!" The Divine Striking Stone was so angry it cried out noisily. 


Right at this moment, the elder inside the auction house spoke, using his Barbaric Ox Roar divine ability, making the entire palace rumble with noise. He was clearly an expert. 

In the surroundings, everyone kept quiet out of fear. Regardless of whether it was towards Fallen Divine Child's intimidation or the elder's roar, they all felt that they themselves were insignificant, their existences not worth mentioning.

In the end, no one fought with Fallen Divine Child over that diagram. He successfully obtained it with a price just slightly above the bottom asking price. 

The main thing was that most people didn't believe they could find that place and get close to the Heavenly Deity Ancient Tree. If it was that easy, then the natives would have taken action a long time ago. 

Apart from this, even if there were some who were moved, wishing to bid, when they saw the ancient freak Fallen Divine Child take action, they all felt scared. Who was willing to fight against him? That was simply courting death. 

This kind of person had a cultivation that shook past and present, overlooking the world below. How many people dared to have him as their enemy? 

Even someone as powerful as Huang was targeted by him, his words carrying undisguised provocation, declaring that he was going to kill Huang. Everyone naturally became fearful, not daring to provoke him. 

Then, there were a few half divine fruits for sale. Shi Hao decisively took action. He needed these types of things, because the following breakthrough would be extremely crucial, requiring large amounts of holy medicines. 

What was shocking that Fallen Divine Child was helping out. He was competing as well, moreover scanning his eyes over everyone, intimidating many people from competing. 

As long as others backed off, he didn't continue bidding either.

At first, the little rabbit was quite happy, giggling simply, mocking Fallen Divine Child's stupidity. However, soon after, she realized what was happening and immediately became furious. The other party was treating them like his servants, believing that everything on them was his, things that were definitely going to be seized later. 

"Hateful!" The little rabbit cried out with ao ao sounds, her eyes immediately becoming even redder. 

"Let it be, there's no need to be angry. The results will be apparent soon." Qing Yi consoled, the light in her eyes swirling about. Even an otherworldly fairy like herself was a bit angered. 

The auction house's staff's expressions became a bit unkind, a few creatures giving Fallen Divine Child a look. If it wasn't for him using a large sum to purchase that bone diagram, they would have chased him out a long time ago. 

Fallen Divine Child didn't cross the line, no longer interfering with the bidding. 

In the end, it was time for the bidding war over the mysterious diagram of the immortal cave. Some people's moods were immediately uplifted, becoming incredibly excited. Of course, there were some who weren't all that interested, watching cooly from the side. 

This was completely contradictory, dividing into two camps. One side was incomparably excited, while the uninterested were extremely apathetic. 

On the tall platform, the elder made a gesture. A beautiful young lady immediately displayed a stone engraved diagram that unexpectedly released wisps of mysterious mist. There were hazy diagram traces on its surface. 

"I understand that many people carry curiosity. Since we grasp the immortal cave's secret diagram, why haven't we headed there ourselves." The elder said, his deep eyes releasing light as they swept through everyone. 

At this moment, many people looked pensively. They indeed heard that Immortal Ancient's residents normally hid within their own tribes, that they usually wouldn't travel outwards hastily.

It was clear that regardless of whether it was the Heavenly Deity Tree or the immortal cave, these two points didn't reside in areas the natives could step foot in. 

Of course, the elder also spoke frankly that even though this was the case, they still sent out experts. Aside from one era where they picked more than ten Heavenly Deity Fruits, the other attempts all resulted in failure. 

"The immortal cave is quite unordinary. The Ten Crown King from you people, the immortal dao little tree seems to have been excavated in front of the immortal cave."

When the elder spoke this sentence, it seemed to strike down on everyone's minds like thunder, making many people tremble inwardly. Everyone straightened their bodies and stared at this elder, trying to judge if this was true or false. 

This was just too shocking. Ten Crown King's great natural luck actually came from this immortal cave?!

"As the base, he obtained a jade ancient book in Burial Realm, and based on what was recorded on it, he then went out to search about, and only then did he obtain some harvest." The elder continued. 

Everyone heard this before, only, they never imagined that the jade book actually pointed towards an immortal cave!

"Ten Crown King had never entered before, only digging up a small tree outside the cave, yet there was already this kind of natural luck. One can well imagine the opportunities that are available." The elder said with a sigh. 

These words naturally left everyone shocked. The entrance was already like this, so what would the immortal cave itself be like? Everyone's breathing became hurried. 

The elder spoke frankly that their experts had gone there, but they couldn't enter that cave. In the following years, they also sent quite a few experts, but all of them returned in defeat.

"Sometimes, opportunities don't only rely on strength, but are truly related to fate." The elder said. He then had the beautiful young lady raise the stone engraved diagram. 

Everyone reached out their necks to see it for themselves. Unfortunately, they only saw vague traces, impossible to see it clearly. 

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, but in the end, they were still obstructed.

It was clear that the other party used restrictive force to seal up that stone diagram!

"Ladies and gentlemen, all of you should be aware that this immortal cave might very well be Immortal Ancient's greatest natural luck. Otherwise, why is just a little tree before the cave enough to shock past and present?" The elder spoke in a pace that wasn't too fast or too slow. He looked towards everyone and said, "I know that you all are competing over it, and when the time comes, all of you will ascend onto a massive immortal dao elevated stage to carry out a world shaking struggle. Only the winner will be able to tread on a mysterious road to search for the final great luck. However, after an endless amount of time has passed, no one was able to obtain it. What I am trying to say is that the immortal cave might be where the greatest natural luck is stored!"

He was clearly stirring up temptation so everyone would bid on it.

However, this indeed ignited everyone's interests, all of them greatly shaken up. Only the ancient kings who had previously ascended on that immortal dao platform, carried out the final contest and returned alive were able to search for that great natural luck. For normal creatures, they didn't even have to think about it. There was simply no way there. However, right now, there seemed to be an opportunity that pointed towards the end point. The immortal cave, could this be the ultimate destination?

Fallen Divine Child's eyes were cold, not saying anything.

When Immortal Ancient was last opened, he had swept through all of Immortal Ancient, becoming unmatched under heaven. He had killed two ancient kings, ultimately standing tall on that elevated stage.

"The starting price, two stalks of divine medicines!" The elder spoke, declaring the lowest price. 


Everyone became stupefied. This was too shocking! Who could bring out this kind of price? Apart from Ten Crown King and Ning Chuan, they had never heard of anyone else truly obtaining divine medicine. 

Of course, there were some ancient kings who might have them, only, others never learned of it. However, there was no way anyone would take out two stalks!

In the outside world, even the powerful Goddess Academy only had a single stalk of Tribulation Crossing Divine Lotus!

There were many inheritances, many great sects, but not even their sect masters had seen a living divine medicine, let alone possessing one. 

Shi Hao directly shook his head. There was no way he could bid on this. Fallen Divine Child didn't move, unknown what he was thinking. 

As for others, they were all dispirited. No one could pay that kind of price.

It was clear that this stone engraving diagram wasn't going to be auctioned off today.

"No matter, we will continue to hold onto this item. When fellow friends ally together to bid over it, it will still be here." The elder said with a smile. 

Everyone understood that the auction this time was for propaganda, hoping to draw even more people, making the ancient kings join hands to bid on this stone engraving diagram. 

"However, next time, the lowest price will be four stalks of divine medicine." The elder was all smiles.

Everyone wanted to curse at him. This was too hateful! Even if one searched through all of immortal ancient, how many stalks of divine medicine would they even find? This was, unless one opened an ancient medicinal garden that remained from the last great era. If this happened, forget about divine medicines, there might even be long life medicines!

Everyone gradually understood. The natives couldn't leave their respective regions, so they relied on outsiders to obtain divine treasures from various places. 

No wonder they wouldn't rashly take action against outsiders. They feared that they would alarm everyone, and that it would then be difficult to do business. 

"Since no one is bidding on the diagram of the immortal cave, then let's add a few more rare treasures." The elder said.

Originally, the immortal cave's stone engraving diagram was the last item for auction, but because it wasn't sold, they produced two more items. 

One was a jade altar that stored jadelike viscous liquid. When the altar was opened, a wave of medicinal fragrance wafted outwards, penetrating deeply into the heart.

"Life spring, able to deter old age and increase one's vitality." The elder introduced. 

This triggered a huge commotion. This was good stuff, able to increase one's life essence.

Then, another young lady carried over a jade box. When it was opened, an astonishing green energy gushed out. It flickered with radiance like gemstones. This was a stalk of grass.

"Revival Grass. Even if one only has a trace of vitality, after ingesting it, one would still be able to live." 

Revival Grass was similarly well known. Upon ingesting it, apart from increasing one's cultivation and magical force, its medicinal characteristics was similar to divine medicines, definitely able to grant a dying person flesh and bones. 

These two were undoubtedly unmatched life saving treasures! 

For Shi Hao, this was equivalent to two lives, the things he needed the most. He immediately straightened his body. 

The elders that followed Shi Hao like dogs all revealed strange looks. They asked, "Little friend is interested?" 

"I am!" Shi Hao nodded.

"Then that is much easier." The elder smiled. He nodded towards him, and then his lips opened and closed, transmitting sound. 

On the platform, that elder spoke the lowest price. "The lowest price for these two items, is just a willow branch."

Everyone was shocked. It was just that simple? 

Shi Hao was stunned. He immediately understood. Descendant Auction House was related to the elders at his side, opened by them. 

"I can find a hundred carts of willow branches!" Someone impatiently shouted. 

"I should add one more point. That branch was left behind from the last great era." On the elevated stage, that elder said. 

Everyone became dumbstruck. Was there still natural reason? Who would be able to bring out such a thing?!

"You all are making things difficult for me!" Shi Hao turned around and looked towards those elders. "Willow Deity… I will not allow anyone else to blaspheme him. I need to properly preserve it!" 

The elders revealed looks of shock. One of them said, "Why are you saying what we were going to say? The reason we want the willow branch is out of hopes that Guardian Spirit Ancient Ancestor isn't blasphemed by others. We were going to bring it back to the holy land to consecrate."

"Nonsense!" The Eight Armed Spirit Race Elder glared.

"I need an explanation." Shi Hao said. 

"We cannot speak too much about many things, but we can tell you that the branch Guardian Spirit Ancient Ancestor left behind cannot belong to outsiders…" 

Even though they couldn't speak too much about it, the elder still spoke a bit more.

In a mysterious pure land, a golden willow tree's branch was left behind by the past guardian spirit, consecrated by them, planted within the life spring. However, it hadn't revived all this time, so they wished to merge this willow branch with that one. 

"A branch with vitality, one of the Willow Deity's three thousand divine countries?!" Shi Hao was shocked.

Unfortunately, these creatures forcefully rejected him. He wasn't allowed to go there.

However, in the end, Shi Hao agreed joyously to exchange with them, allowing them to bring that willow branch back to merge with the other. 

With the Life Spring and Revival Grass in hand, Shi Hao was fully content. However, this shocked a group of people, all of them revealing strange looks. Huang was too powerful, even able to bring out this type of willow branch.

As such, quite a few understood with a flash why those elders were following behind him, siding with him so. It was because he brought back something heaven defying from the Black Abyss. 

"Not bad, with the Life Spring and Revival Grass, my path will go much smoother, able to calm down and focus on comprehending the dao, no longer needing to fear failure. My cultivation will be greatly increased." Fallen Divine Child nodded, extremely conceited. 

"Going to beat you until you explode in a bit!" The little rabbit bared her teeth. She couldn't take it anymore.

"What a pity, that branch clearly has some immortal dao energy. Exchanging it out like this is too regretful." Fallen Divine Child shook his head, as if he was talking about his own items.

Shi Hao's eyes became deep. He stood up and said, "Let's go choose your grave. Of course, if your original body isn't human form, then never mind. A cauldron to stew you later on is enough." 

"Hahaha…" Fallen Divine Child laughed. Even though he was calm, he became bit cold. "So impatient to offer yourselves over, you are just like your two senior brothers. Back then, they were fighting one over the other to take action against me first. In the end? I suppressed them all the same, giving each of them a kick, stepping on their faces. That type of feeling is not bad. After all, they are people from the supreme being bloodline, yet they were stepped on by me, hah!"

The auction house immediately became quiet. Everyone felt as if they were suffocating. They all understood that a great battle was going to begin. No one dared to speak randomly, not wishing to offend anyone. 

"Go, to the place of your death!" Shi Hao got up, walking outwards.

"Unendurable! Need to be killed!" The Divine Striking Stone roared, the first time it was angered so badly. It truly hated this person. Divine Fallen Child was too overbearing, more than it could take. 

"Huang, you have to defeat him!" The little rabbit cried out noisily. 

Cao Yusheng and Qing Yi followed behind, finding it difficult to calm down their emotions.

"Alright, let me have a look. I want to see if you are a bit better than your two senior brothers." Fallen Divine Child walked out from the auction house, following behind them to fight this great battle.


Burial City immediately erupted with commotion.

All of the creatures here already heard that Fallen Divine Child had arrived, about to take action against Huang. The two of them were selecting a place for battle right now, an exceptional great battle about to unfold.

"Go! Let's go watch this. This type of great battle definitely cannot be missed out on!" 

"Hurry and follow them!" 


Fortunately, the battlefield Shi Hao and the others selected wasn't too far. Otherwise, not many people would be able to follow them. 

This was an ancient battlefield. The great earth was a dark red color, dyed red by the blood of past unmatched creatures. Not a blade of grass grew here, and it was surrounded by mists all year round. 

Generally speaking, this type of place was full of baleful energy. Not many people dared to come here. 

However, right now, Shi Hao and Fallen Divine Child were in the depths of the ancient battlefield, unaffected by their surroundings.

As for others, not a single one went inside, all of them watching from the distance. Everyone was extremely nervous, but also looking forward to this. 


The two of them didn't say anything, directly taking action. It was as if two stars in the cosmos collided, erupting with the most dazzling holy light!


Like comets smashing into the great earth, even the dark red earth that was known to be sturdy and undying broke apart. Rubble rushed into the clouds, great cracks quickly extending in the void.

In the distance, everyone became speechless, all of them petrified. 

This was just the first collision, a clash of flesh, yet it already produced such a terrifying scene. It was too shocking. 

"You are a bit stronger than your two senior brothers, but… still not enough, too far removed from me!" Fallen Divine Child spoke.

At this time, a strand of immortal energy appeared around him. Those from the distance couldn't see it clearly, their line of sight blocked by the mist, but Shi Hao saw it clearly.

"Do you know where the difference lies? I can suppress you with just a raise of my hand, easily able to wipe out your body and spirit!" Fallen Divine Child spoke calmly as he walked over step by step. He stared at Shi Hao coldly, carrying mockery in his eyes. 

While speaking, he raised his right hand, aiming at Shi Hao, casually crushing downwards, about to easily kill Shi Hao before everyone's eyes. 

That strand of immortal energy lingered about, winding around his arm. It immediately became hazy. It was incomparably mysterious. That arm seemed like it could suppress and collapse heaven and earth! 

These were the wondrous effects of immortal energy. Once one cultivated it, they would become entirely different, transcending above, impossible to match!


Shi Hao saw that he used immortal energy in such a casual manner. His expression didn't change, only rushing forward quickly. He then kicked out from midair.

"Even a glimmer dares to compete against a luminous moon? Overestimating your abilities!" Fallen Divine Child said. That hand slowly and resolutely smashed down on Shi Hao's leg.

However, what was unexpected, something that exceeded all of everyone's predictions happened. Shi Hao's leg was simple and direct, powerful beyond imagination!


Shi Hao's right leg lashed out like a Dragon Snake, thrashing the void, blasting apart his arm. The leg in the air struck his face, causing blood to flow out from his mouth. His entire body was in shock, sent flying out in reverse. 

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