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Chapter 901 - Descendant Auction House

Fallen Divine Child stopped walking, his mind trembling, because those were natives, not people he could provoke. Otherwise, there would be no place safe for him in Immortal Ancient, bringing a great disaster upon himself.

Shi Hao's eyes were extremely cold as he looked at him. He walked forward step after step. This person still dared to raise the old topic again, using his humiliation of his two senior brothers to incite him. 

"Little friend, can you exchange that thing for us? We will help you eliminate him, and eradicate hs sect along the way." One of the elders spoke.

In the surroundings, the group of people were petrified. For the natives to side with Shi Hao like this, it truly was unexpected.

"I'll take care of it myself. You all don't need to take action." Shi Hao said. An enemy was right in front of him, someone who had previously trampled on his two senior brothers, mocking and humiliating them. If he didn't personally defeat him, then that would be letting down Supreme Being Dao Rite. 

"Hahaha…" Fallen Divine Child immediately laughed, his expression becoming a bit cold. He seemed to be ridiculing, but also showing disdain. 

His head of gray hair danced about, his eyes slightly narrowing. The terrifying scenes of gods and devils being wiped out was within him. When he saw the natives back off, the corners of his lips curled upwards. He was calm and cold, confident that he was unmatched. 

"Not surprising at all. You asked those great races for protection, wishing for them to defend you?" He looked at Shi Hao, his eyes deep. 

"I've already said that the grudge between us will also settled between the two of us. You don't need to be scared." Shi Hao spoke in a somewhat mocking manner.

"Me? Scared? If I had fear, I wouldn't have my accomplishments today. In fact, even if an expert stepped out for your sake, I will still similarly kill you." He said indifferently.

The Divine Striking Stone was so angry it shouted noisily 'You are definitely going to die!'. He really wanted to see what kind of expression Fallen Divine Child would have once Shi Hao revealed his strand of immortal energy. 

This street was engulfed in chaos, and soon after, it was difficult for all of Burial City to calm down. Many people hurried to this region after receiving news, all of them wishing to watch this world shocking great battle.

An ancient freak appeared, wishing to take action against Huang who had stirred up quite some news recently, so this naturally produced a commotion, making people look forward to it. 

From a certain perspective, this was the ancient freak who moved his true body to kill a present world hero. Fallen Divine Child's appearance stirred up huge waves. 

Even though it was rumored that there were ancient kings that died in the vicious nest, after all, they didn't see it happen, so there was no way to verify if it was true.

As such, now that Fallen Divine Child came, in most experts' eyes, this was the first time an ancient freak's true body appeared. A great slaughter was going to be carried out!

"What a rare opportunity! Huang drew the attention of an ancient king! I'm really looking forward to this, let's see who is weaker and who is stronger!" 

"Ancient kings, those who had reigned supreme in one era or multiple eras. I truly wish to see just how brilliant they are!" 

The street was immediately crowded, people everywhere in the skies.


Suddenly, a bell sound rang through the air. The bejeweled jade palace shone, one of the jade bells within swaying, releasing a soft ripple that sounded through Burial City. 

That was -- Descendant Auction House. 

It was the largest auction house in Burial Realm, a place established by the natives. Even within all of Immortal Ancient's small worlds, it could still rank in the top ten, a place with a great reputation.

It was extremely clear that it was time for the auction. That grand jade palace's divine bell sounded, informing everyone that the bidding for all types of secret treasures was going to start. 

Everyone felt conflicted. Were they going to watch the battle or join the auction? It was a bit difficult to decide. 

This battle was a competition at the peak, the highest level of battle since the start of Immortal Ancient. No one was willing to miss out on it. 

However, Descendant Auction House had already released news half a month ago, and this time, all of the world's rarest divine treasures were being auctioned off, the opportunities shockingly great. 

It was rumored that there might even be a Heavenly Deity Fruit that would appear. Once one ate that divine fruit, they would immediately become a heavenly deity and transcend above, having the power to sweep through all enemies in Immortal Ancient. 

There was also the rumor that an ancient diagram would be auctioned off, on it recorded the cave of an immortal. As for the natural luck within, there was no need to talk about. It would definitely be enough to shock all of the small worlds. 

"Going to the auction first."

At the crucial moment, Shi Hao spoke up, his heart was calm. He wasn't affected by Fallen Divine Child's intimidation at all, instead feeling incredibly calm, doing things according to his own plans.

It was because he also heard a few rumors that Descendant Auction House had some things he needed. He was about to go into isolation cultivation to cultivate a second strand of immortal energy, so he had to make ample preparations.

"That's fine as well, matches what I had in mind." Fallen Divine Child smiled. He originally came for the auction to choose a few divine treasures. 

"Youngster, if you see anything you want, we are willing to exchange it with you." Eight Armed Spirit Race, Ancient Fiend Race, and several other elders moved over, speaking extremely eagerly. 

"I wish to take a look first." Shi Hao said. 

"Hmm? It looks like you have something not bad on you. Properly take care of it, alright? It seems like this time, my harvest will have some pleasant surprises." Fallen Divine Child glanced over, revealing a faint smile. 

Then, he took large steps towards the bejeweled jade palace, entering the auction house.

"That bastard. Too hateful!" The little rabbit grinded her teeth as she stared with her large ruby like eyes. 

Even Cao Yusheng and the others found it difficult to remain calm. Fallen Divine Ridge's inheritor was overbearing as expected, arrogant to the point where others truly wished to immediately take action, fighting with him to the death.

"He's doing it on purpose to anger us. This person is quite deep and wouldn't act so superficial. This is to disturb Shi Hao's mental state." Qing Yi said. 

They walked over into the auction house as well, because the bidding war was about to start. 

When they entered the sacred hall, everything they saw was even more grand than what they saw outside. It was vast and spacious, seats and private rooms everywhere, enough to hold several hundreds of thousands of creatures. 

There were clearly spacial natural laws in this massive building. 

"Who said the natives were old-fashioned? This is their auction house, a place where business flourishes."

"This place was built through the joint efforts of multiple powerful races."

Someone said in a low voice, quietly discussing. 

This place was was tastefully designed, with even the seats carved from fine jade. The stone stairs were made of green jade, the thick pillars a golden jade. Meanwhile, that tall platform was made of fine white jade. 

"Hurry and start! Everyone is already here, so let's witness this bidding competition!" Everyone was excited and expectant. 

News already spread that Fallen Divine Child had appeared. He was incomparably powerful, arriving in Burial City to suppress and kill Huang. 

Many people speculated that he might have taken that step, and that was why he emerged from isolation, arriving in burial City. However, no one could confirm these rumors. 

"Fallen Divine Child has always maintained a low-profile. If he doesn't take action, it is difficult to say. No one knows just how powerful he is." 

"Fallen Divine Ridge is one of the four great demonic dao ancestral halls, and Fallen Divine Child is known to be the most terrifying and the one with the most potential from this sect. If he took that step, then in the future, the higher realms will definitely be shaken up because of him!" 

Three thousand provinces, a place truly vast with many sects. Meanwhile, Fallen Divine Ridge occupied one position among the four great demonic dao's holy lands, so there was no need to talk more about them. It was already enough to prove how terrifying they were. 

"Everyone, please quiet down. The auction is about to start."

Someone spoke from above the fine jade elevated stage. On it was an aged indigenous expert, as well as a beautiful and moving young lady with unmatched charm and grace. 

Everyone quickly calmed down. They were all looking forward to this auction. 

Sure enough, Descendant Auction House didn't disappoint. They had just began, yet everyone was already surprised, the very first auctioned item triggering a huge commotion. 

"Blue Bone Blade, known to be able to kill all experts in the True Self Realm. Its power is great, nothing it cannot cut through." The elder introduced. As soon as his words dropped, a huge commotion broke out. Everyone was shaken up. 

The auction house immediately erupted with activity. Many people stood up, their minds rising and falling as they stared at the high platform. 

One had to bear in mind that the True Self Realm, for many people, was the limit of what they could achieve while in Immortal Ancient, and a long amount of time was needed for accumulation and cultivation. 

Right now, there was actually this type of bone blade that could cut through all True Self Realm cultivators, so how could it not move everyone's heart? 

Aside from the ancient kings and a small number of people, normal people didn't even bother thinking about breaking through the True Self Realm in this amount of time. Once they grasped this blade, it was enough for them to move unhindered through the small worlds. 

A beauty appeared, in her hands a sparkling Blue Bone Blade. It was dreamlike, carrying faint smoke, appearing beautiful and bewitching before everyone's eyes. 

"Two holy medicines!" Someone shouted, and then swallowed his saliva.

"Truly a country bumpkin. Even daring to speak up with just two stalks?"

"Five stalks of holy medicine!" 

"Half a piece of Star Essence!"


The auction house erupted with noise, sounds of bidding rising and falling, immediately raising the price of the Blue Bone Blade sky high. It was extremely lively.

In the end, the bone blade was purchased by a mysterious woman. 

"The second auctioned good is a portion of a heavenly deity's primordial true bone." The beautiful young lady spoke with her captivating red lips, her large eyes black and intelligent. 

"A part of a heavenly deity's true bone, this… doesn't that mean that a damaged heavenly deity artifact can be refined from it?"

"Really doesn't disappoint! There are too many good things!"

Within the vast palace, everyone was stirred up. They had just begun, yet two formidable precious artifacts already emerged. One could only imagine what would come later. 

However, there were quite a few people who were speechless, sighing inwardly. With the amount of materials and medicinal herbs they had on hand, it was simply impossible to get the treasures they needed.

As time went on, the divine treasures that appeared became more and more shocking. 

Eventually, they finally reached the highlight of the event, the Heavenly Deity Fruit. 

"I know that everyone is expectant, wishing to obtain the Heavenly Deity Fruit, but that item is too heaven defying, and there is no way that the fruit would truly appear here. What we will auction off is a bone diagram that has recorded on it the mysterious region where the Heavenly Deity Fruit grows." 

The auction master on the elevated stage spoke. 

As soon as his voice fell, this place erupted with noise. Many people were extremely unsatisfied. 

"Isn't the Heavenly Deity Fruit being auctioned? Turns out it was just some information… what is the use of something like that? If someone could have found it, you all would have picked it a long time ago, why would you have to auction this information off?"

"Trying to swindle us with some diagram, truly insincere!"

Everyone was upset, all of them quite angry. 

"Everyone, we are not trying to deceive you. There really is that type of place, only the surrounding space has chaotic energy. That is why since ancient time, not many people have successfully picked Heavenly Deity Fruits from that place, but many have personally seen it for themselves." The auction house elder spoke. 

Many people curled their lips, lacking interest. 

Not even Shi Hao participated, because he believed that he didn't need that type of thing right now, so there was no need to take such risk. He also wanted to rely on himself to reach that cultivation realm.

"A piece of Sun Stone, a piece of heavenly deity crystal core…" Fallen Divine Child stood up, continuously declaring materials, participating with a price a bit higher than the bottom price.

In addition, he looked over towards Shi Hao's group, carrying cold intent and mockery.

"Thanks for bidding on it. Properly take care of it for us, alright?" The little rabbit said. 

"Relax, if you all are obedient, I will properly raise you all, turning you into my heavenly deity troops." Fallen Divine Child smiled extremely brilliantly.

"We'll see the results soon, just waiting for your defeat." The little rabbit puffed her cheeks, appearing quite angered.

"Hahaha…" Fallen Divine Child laughed, his voice quite loud and unrestrained. He looked towards their group and said, "The auction is about to end, so I'll take all of you as servants in a bit!" 

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