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Chapter 896 - Fallen Divine Child

"Ancient freaks all move alone, believing themselves to be unsurpassed. Why would they wish for an alliance?" Shi Hao asked. 

"The situation is critical. Some people took the initiative to form an alliance, so if others fall behind, they will be in danger. For example, dao brother, even though is brilliant, comparable to ancient heavenly talents, if two individuals join up, or if three attack you at the same time, will you be able to protect yourself?" Long Yu said. 

Shi Hao smiled, but didn't say anything. 

"I understand that brother's strength is truly enough to overlook the present world. However, this is true for any one of those kings! They were all the first among their generation." Long Yu explained further when he saw that Shi hao didn't seem to agree. "The ancient kings, apart from Ten Crown King, if they don't take that step, won't be much weaker than the other. If two or three individuals joined up to attack a single party, then that would definitely be fatal. That is why even though brother is powerful, it is still best if you ally with a few comrades." 

Shi Hao nodded, not saying anything. 

Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the others stood off to the side, not expressing any opinions. They were greatly shocked. Ancient freaks were finally coming, viewing Shi Hao as one of them.

"Brother should ally with us, because only then can you ensure your protection in Immortal Ancient, as well as fight for the ultimate great natural luck." Long Yu said, conciliating a step further. 

"I can consider it. However, these trifling Heavenly Country assassins and others still aren't worth much attention." Shi Hao calmly said.

"Dao brother, do not look down on Heavenly Country. They are actually the most dangerous. That number one assassin is extremely powerful, enough to pose a bit of threat to ancient kings. However, the truly frightening one is heavenly country's ancient freak. If he takes action, even Ten Crown King and Ning Chuan have to treat him seriously." Long Yu warned seriously. 

"Could it be that he will take the final step?" Shi Hao asked. 

"From that person's abilities, he definitely can!" Long Yu said. 

"Oh?" Shi Hao didn't express his opinion on this statement.

The Divine Striking Stone felt extremely uncomfortable. It really wanted to say that Huang already took that step, but it couldn't say it, because they were going to use this misconception to bury their enemies of this world.

"Divine Temple's Ancient Holy Child's Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures are unexplainable, powerful to a ridiculous degree." When he spoke up to here, he emphasized this. He then mentioned Underworld Earth. "Divine Dark Child isn't an ancient freak, but he is even more powerful." 

"There is this type of saying?" Qing Yi asked. Understanding a bit more about one's enemies was always a good thing. 

"Divine Dark Child is an ancient corpse. As for its awakening and development of intelligence in this realm, everyone is aware. Do you all know what he truly is? That is a wondrous corpse that had been buried since the archaic era! His flesh is unbreakable and undecaying, terrifying to a horrifying degree. Even though he lost his past divine abilities, his flesh still possesses all types of instinctive reactions, able to release mysterious radiance to tear apart all enemies. He is extremely terrifying! In Jun Dao and Fallen Divine Child great ones' eyes, he might be even more terrifying than a few ancient kings." 

"So it's like that." Shi Hao nodded, still not expressing anything. 

Long Yu sighed and said, "Dao brother is too arrogant. Let me tell you another piece of information that we are still seeking confirmation on." 

"What information?" The Divine Striking Stone asked. 

"Six Crown King has come out from isolation and is organizing his troops. Some of the most powerful kings are following him. Apart from this, the mysterious individual in the vicious nest who cultivated a strand of immortal energy has come out as well. There are people who are allied with him as well." 

When Long Yu's words sounded, Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi and the others' expressions changed. The information was truly terrible, extremely shocking. 

Ning Chuan, that was an unmatched expert. He and Ten Crown King could definitely take that step. 

As for the individual by the vicious nest, Shi Hao was even more so an eyewitness, personally seeing his power. He had succeeded a long time ago, definitely powerful beyond belief. 

"Immortal Ancient is going to become chaotic…" Cao Yusheng said. 

Shi Hao finally nodded. "That's fine, I wish to immediately eliminate Heavenly Country and Underworld Earth's people. I wonder if those on your side can find them and take action as well." 

Long Yu stared blankly, saying, "Dao brother is too impatient! How terrifying is Heavenly Country's ancient freak? Underworld Earth's Divine Dark Child is even more strange, so we need time to make a decision."

"Acting so indecisively, how long do you all want to wait? Could it be that you wish to see them take that step?" Shi Hao said. 

Long Yu shook his head. "How could the final step be that easy to take? Not even many among ancient kings could accomplish it." 

When he spoke up to here, he paused slightly, and then said, "It isn't that we cannot take action. As long as we have certainty, then we can deliver a thunderous blow." 

"What is considered certainty?" The little rabbit blinked with her large eyes. 

"Naturally someone on our side taking that step. Daoist Jun Dao is in isolation cultivation, his current status unknown, but Fallen Divine Child definitely can, about to succeed." Long Yu said. 

This left Qing Yi and Cao Yusheng shocked. They were quite familiar with these people, and as expected, they were indeed astonishing, overlooking many heroes of both past and present. 

Fallen Divine Child was someone from thousands of years ago, the one first in the last Immortal Ancient opening. That was his first time participating, yet he killed two ancient freaks, shocking the world. 

"About to take that step? Truly quite formidable." Shi Hao said. This wasn't mockery, but real admiration. Only when one personally experienced it would they understand how terrifying it was. 

Long Yu said, "I previously heard that dao brother obtained an immortal body not long ago. If Jun Dao great one and the others can study it together, we will definitely be able to make progress in our breakthroughs. Fallen Divine Child great one might be able to break through and succeed even sooner." 

Soon after, he hurriedly added, "I understand that this is rather presumptuous, but the situation calls for it. We need to hurry and take that step, or else there will be great danger. Also, I believe the two great ones won't study it without giving you anything in return, definitely exchanging with supreme treasures of equal value." 

"Oh? What kind of great treasures exactly? I really am looking forward to it. If the value is extraordinary, I don't mind bringing out the Immortal Corpse for them to study." Shi Hao said. 

When Long Yu heard this, he felt a bit excited, saying, "Good, I will leave right now and inform great one. I promise that dao brother will be satisfied. Please wait for me in Burial City."

He got up and immediately left, not wishing to delay for even a moment.

"He left Burial Realm through a Realm Shattering Symbol. It is difficult to follow his trail." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"The situation really is this dangerous, with even ancient freaks joining up…" The little rabbit frowned, her large ruby eyes blinking. She clenched her little fists and said, "I am going to take that step as well!" 

"Are they trustworthy?" Qing Yi said. 

"Some of the things he says are true, as well as some that cannot be trusted." Shi Hao said, his eyes deep.

Heavenly Country and Underworld Earth walked together. This wasn't something unexpected, as they had connections previously. 

However, if Ning Chuan and others were also forming alliances, then it seemed quite unlikely. Even though that person was an enemy, Shi Hao could still sense his pride and arrogance, wishing to sweep through the world with his own power. He had confidence that he was unmatched in this world. 

Moreover, Shi Hao cultivated a strand of immortal energy himself, understanding that at this level, one didn't fear being attacked from all sides at all. He didn't fear others allying together. 

Immortal energy connected heaven and earth, the supply of magical force endless, making him transcend above all others. He was now standing at an invincible position, not something others could imagine at all. 

Even though there were many ancient freaks, in the end, not many of them could cultivate immortal energy. 

Those who truly cultivated it didn't need alliances. 

After speaking about these things, he then said, "One more thing, Long Yu understands too little about me, not knowing that there is enmity between Fallen Divine Child and myself at all." 

Everyone became stupefied. That Fallen Divine Child was an incomparably terrifying individual, killing a Three Crown King during his first entrance into Immortal Ancient, leaving the entire world shocked and in an uproar. 

Within an unknown small world, an ancient place where multicolored clouds surged. 

In the mountain depths, within an ancient cave, Jun Dao opened his eyes. He looked at Fallen Divine Child who appeared before him and said, "Your strength has improved again, immortal energy already vaguely appearing, about to succeed. It truly leaves me shocked and envious." 

In the ancient cave, chaotic energy swirled about, everything hazy. Fallen Divine Child sat down. When his eyes opened and closed, there were scenes of deities dying and devils falling. That was his dao. 

"What? You are about to succeed?" Jun Dao's eyes revealed light, and then he released a light sigh.

Based on what he knew, roughly half of the ancient freaks had died, all of them because of falling on their own paths. Yet now, the Fallen Divine Child before him was about to have immortal energy wrapped around him, transcending above. 

"I fear that at the final moments, the most terrifying strangeness and inauspicious would take place, so I am seriously making preparations, not daring to rashly attempt at it to prevent my body and dao vanishing." Fallen Divine Child replied. 

"Perhaps you are overthinking things. If my suspicions are not mistaken, recently, a few changes have taken place in Immortal Ancient. The strangeness have temporarily retreated." Jun Dao said. 

"Why do you say as such?" Fallen Divine Child's eyes released divine radiance. 

"I obtained news that today, there were three others like you today where the inauspicious didn't appear while attacking at the limit. However, they still died, not because of the inauspicious, but because of their own great paths." 

"The inauspicious and ominous are dormant, not appearing again?!" Fallen Divine Child's eyes became brilliant, his pupils contracting. Many deities fell, ancient devils withered away, the strange scenes shocking.

"The reason I invited you this time is because of a good piece of information. Perhaps you will be able to take that step soon." Jun Dao said. 

"What is it?" 

"Long Yu encountered Huang not long ago. He obtained a small half of an immortal corpse…" Jun Dao said. 

"You miscalculated. Several thousand years ago, I had previously visited Supreme Being Dao Rite, trampling Huang's senior brothers under my feet, chasing them out." Fallen Divine Child calmly said. 

"So there was this type of matter. I was not aware." Jun Dao shook his head.

Fallen Divine Child laughed coldly and said, "I didn't wish to borrow an immortal corpse to begin with, about to succeed already, so there is no need for external objects. What one cultivates through oneself is what truly makes one feel at ease!"

"You really are exceptional. Those who were able to truly transcend above are perhaps only Ten Crown King, Ning Chuan, and a few others like yourself." Jun Dao sighed. 

"I am going to cultivate in isolation now. After taking that step, I'll help you get the immortal corpse so you can study it. Right now, I cannot be distracted, don't have time to go out and kill." Fallen Divine Child got up. 

"I am about to attack at the limit. You should wait patiently a bit. Let me see if the ominous and inauspicious truly no longer exist." Jun Dao said. 

When Fallen Divine Child heard this, he nodded. 

A day later, Jun Dao emerged, his dao path advanced, once again proceeding along his own road. There were no ominous or inauspicious phenomenons that appeared.

Jun Dao said, "It seems like something strange truly did happen. The horrifying disaster didn't appear again. Fallen Divine Child, you should go into isolation, but don't be careless. Even though the inauspicious and ominous aren't appearing, subduing one's own dao is what is important. Those like us have mostly died on their own great paths."

"Don't worry, I will definitely succeed and come out in two days to help you acquire the immortal corpse." Fallen Divine Child turned around to leave. 

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