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Chapter 897 - Black Abyss

"If Fallen Divine Child knows that you came, then he will likely take action." The little fatty said. 

"Fallen Divine Ridge's number one is powerful beyond compare. There's so many legends around him. Wow, I'm finally going to meet him!" The little rabbit cried out with wawa sounds. 

"Which side are you even on?" Shi Hao tapped her on the head with a dong sound. 

"Ayaya! You dare flick me?!" The little rabbit stared with her large red eyes, directly stamping with her foot. The street next to the wine shop immediately caved in with a hong sound. 

However, this didn't draw any attention. Battles often broke out in Burial City, and buildings being destroyed was an extremely normal thing. 

"I'll wait for him to appear!" Shi Hao said. He always wanted to demand an explanation for his two senior brothers. If Fallen Divine Child wanted to kill him, then it was the perfect time to settle accounts. 

"Go, let's take a look around as well, see if there's any natural luck to be gotten." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Cao Yusheng led the way, heading towards another region.

Burial City didn't have walls. It was extremely large and incomparably bustling. There were open markets and old city districts, a place where people good and bad were mixed together. There were people of all different types. 

Aside from this, the city had mountain regions as well. They were dark red in color, left behind from the battle of the last great era. There were many rare treasures buried beneath the earth. 

Only, the earth was too hard, difficult to cut apart. 

Despite this being the case, this place had still been plowed through again and again by people since the ancient times, not willing to let any wondrous items go. What was shocking was that even though this was all they could do, a few good things still appeared from time to time. 

"A bead that's scarlet red like blood, heavens, someone dug up something good! Don't tell me that it is some condensed blood essence left behind by some unmatched existence after its death?"

After wandering about for an hour, cries of alarm sounded from within the mountain region.

Then, a battle erupted here. Someone took action to fight over the blood bead. 

Shi Hao and the others frowned. This was definitely not some good place. Even if someone had some kind of harvest, if one didn't have the strength to keep it, they still couldn't bring it away. There will still be life enduring worries. 

The one who discovered it died, killed without even being allowed to speak a sentence. A group of people began to fight over the blood bead. 

What was pitiful was that later on, they found that even though it was a blood essence bead, the divine essence inside had long dried up, so it wasn't all that valuable. 

Ever since they arrived, Shi Hao's Heavenly Eyes had been opened this entire time, the symbols within his pupils resplendent, continuously staring at this region. Unfortunately, they didn't find any divine treasures. 

There were a few weapon fragments and normal artifacts, but at his stage, he didn't need these types of precious materials at all. 

"People have visited this place since ancient times, so what else can remain? Let's just change locations." Shi Hao shook his head. 

"Fatty, are you even useful? I thought you were some big shot around these parts, yet in the end, you brought us to this kind of place that has already been searched through a hundred times over." The little rabbit grumbled. 

"Burial City isn't simple. There are too many mysteries, and there is one place that definitely has good stuff. It has been surrounded by irregular scenes for thousands of eras, it's just that not many people dare enter." 

Qing Yi revealed a faint smile. 

Black Abyss was located at the center of Burial City. When one looked downwards, it was dark and black, simply impossible to see the bottom. One would only be greeted by darkness. 

"This place is a bit scary…" The Divine Striking Stone was a bit speechless. It was a stone, yet when it saw this place, it still felt like breaking into a cold shiver. 

 The depths of the abyss was, just like the name stated, extremely dark, giving others a fear or dread. They could vaguely hear wuwu sounds from the innermost depths, as if something was weeping. 

At the same time, wisps of colorful splendor would emerge from the bottom of the abyss from time to time, the strange scene astonishing. 

"There are those who speculate that an immortal artifact fell into this dark abyss, waiting for people to pick it up. What a pity, no one can go down." An elder on the side said with a sigh. 

"Who would even be able to do such a thing? Great senior has previously surmised that there is an endless distance between the immortal artifact and the surface of the earth, to the extent where it is sealed within this world." Another person said with a sigh. 

There were many creatures in the surroundings. They all looked over from the distance. Not many dared to head down.

It was because this place was too dangerous. Most of those who went down would die, difficult to return alive. It was known as Burial Realm's most dangerous area. 

"This place is quite strange. There are divine objects beneath the earth, but a type of aura separates everything. Divine senses cannot penetrate it." Shi Hao said with a frown.

"Correct, this place is the most terrifying. Standing on the surface is still fine, but if one went down, divine senses cannot be released at all, or else they will be devoured." Cao Yusheng said. 

Black Abyss had a diameter of ten thousand zhang. It was pitch black like ink, its walls ancient and rough. Since it appeared, no one had truly reached the very bottom since ancient times. 

Not even the ancient great figures of the natives, those sect master level terrifying beings were enough. It was rumored that in the endless past, the most powerful figures had previously joined hands to enter the Black Abyss, but they never returned. 

Towards the natives, this was already a taboo area. The most powerful experts of their clans never stepped foot here again. 

"There really are a lot of people here…" The Divine Striking stone muttered. Creatures packed the area around the Black Abyss, all of them looking downwards. 

"Yi, there are quite a few natives." Qing Yi was shocked. 

"Each time Immortal Ancient opens, there will be some natives guarding this place. If outsiders bring back anything from below, they are willing to use shockingly precious things to exchange for them." 

Centaur Race, all of their figures massive, half man half horse, enormous bows on their backs. It was rumored that this race's most powerful being could shoot down the sun. 

Ancient Fiend Race, all of them pitch-black like ink. They had scales over their body, their appearances sinister and terrifying.


No outsiders were willing to offend them. There were extremely terrifying existences among those clans. 

Shi Hao's eyes were in great pain. The Heavenly Eye's symbols condensed, but there was still no way for him to see clearly. This place was extremely sinister, the strange natural laws and power of this abyss preventing him from seeing through.

The Heavenly Eye lost effectiveness. This made him frown. 

"The Heavenly Eye can be used at close range, but if one wishes to explore to the very bottom, then that definitely won't work." Cao Yusheng shook his head.

"Generally speaking, how far can a cultivator travel downwards?" Qing Yi asked. 

"For example, how far would someone like me be able to go?" The little rabbit also asked, wishing to go down to look around. 

"This place is extremely strange and dangerous. If you are lucky, you'll travel even deeper than the sect masters, but if you aren't, then you might fall after just a hundred zhang." Cao Yusheng explained. 

This Black Abyss' stone walls were covered with strange symbols, appearing irregularly without any way to predict them. The further down one went, the more dangerous it became. 

In summary, for Divine Flame Realm cultivators, a hundred zhang shouldn't pose any dangers, able to protect their own lives. 

"So it's like that." Shi Hao nodded. He then inquired about quite a few more details. 

"There's no need for you to go down. It's too risky." Qing Yi frowned. 

"I just have this feeling that this place is a bit strange, as if something is calling out to me. Only, the natural laws on the stone walls seal off this mystery, preventing me from clearly sensing it." Shi Hao said. 

He told the others to be careful, not to be assassinated by Heavenly Country's people. 

"Don't worry, my killing formation has long been prepared. As soon as there's killing energy, it will automatically activate. There's formation banners everywhere." Cao Yusheng said. 

This time, Shi Hao didn't even bring the Divine Striking Stone or the Emperor Butterfly, heading into the abyss alone. 

He wasn't the only one who entered. There were quite a few people along the Black Abyss's walls, all of them carefully crawling downwards. Only when entered would one notice that flight was harder than climbing to heaven!

"Good stuff! Who is this, actually bringing back a piece of ruined weapon fragment with a small Ten Thousand Methods Stone embedded inside!"

When a creature came up, it drew cries of surprise. What was brought out was definitely good stuff. A group of natives immediately surrounded him, willing to exchange for it with many holy medicines. 

In this place, normally, no one used force, because there were natives enforcing order. Even though the competition between outsiders was fierce, they still didn't violate the taboo. 

Shi Hao glanced over. Without any hesitation, he climbed downwards like an ape, quickly travelling several dozen zhang. 

Sure enough, not only was flight impossible, he couldn't even reach out his divine senses, or else it would feel as if he was being cut by blades and receive serious damage. 

Fortunately, his primordial spirit had received a baptism, becoming incredibly powerful. He didn't suffer damage after a momentary test. However, Shi Hao still didn't dare extend out his divine will again. 

"Truly strange!"

Shi Hao was incredibly shocked. When he reached deeper, he couldn't even see as clearly as on the surface. There were mysterious symbols swirling about that blocked all forms of observation. 

When he was a bit further up, he could still see a bit ahead, but now that he was down here, his field of view rapidly shrunk. If he didn't use the Heavenly Eye, he would only be able to see the scene within a few zhang in front of him. 

Even with the Martial Dao Heavenly Eye, he could only see a hundred zhang out. This made him become even more careful. 

However, this made him much better off than the others. Quite a few cultivators were fumbling about, carefully trying things out. Their visible range was limited, fearing that they would encounter something dangerous. 

Sure enough, the first hundred zhang of distance was still considered safe. Even though there were mysterious symbols flickering about, attacking at one's body, it was still easily neutralized. 

It was clear that in this distance, there were no opportunities on the walls, with no artifacts visible. They had long been brought away by explorers of the past. 

Once one left this area of safety, the situation immediately worsened quite a bit. Shi Hao could feel that the rough and ice-cold cliffs carried strange and unsettling patterns. 


Not far out, an individual cried out, falling from the wall. His entire body shone, but he couldn't fly. His voice became weaker and weaker, all the way until it faded into the bottomless abyss. 

"How frightening!" A few people were horrified. 

When he reached a hundred and fifty zhang, the number of individuals on the walls was much fewer, because heading down any further would be more dangerous. A single mistake could result in the loss of their lives. 

Shi Hao's speed was extremely fast, moving along the steep walls like a lizard. He headed downwards, arriving at six hundred zhang in the blink of an eye. 

During this process, he didn't carefully search the stone walls, because he didn't care about ordinary weapon materials at all. 

When he reached this depth, the number of figures was extremely sparse, almost none in sight. It was because even if there were opportunities or natural luck, it wasn't as important as their own lives. No one was willing to throw away their lives. 

"En? This is a piece of star essence fragment. Normally, not even sect masters can obtain it." Shi Hao cried out with shock. 

When he reached eight hundred zhang, he saw a damaged weapon on the cliff. Even after all these years, it still wasn't destroyed, flickering with sparkling luster. However, the powerful symbols within it had disappeared. 

When he reached a thousand zhang, Shi Hao seemed to have sensed danger. The stone walls shone, producing mysterious symbols, almost turning him over, falling into the abyss. 

"This is troublesome. However, I can feel some type of calling, as if it is becoming closer and closer." He frowned, not wishing to stop here.

When he reached a thousand three hundred zhang, Shi Hao felt a tremendous pressure. This stone wall made his heart tremble a bit. The energy that was released was becoming more and more terrifying. 

However, it was precisely at this time that he saw a sparkling speck several dozen zhang below. 

After a slight bit of rest, he took a deep breath, and then headed downwards again. 

"This is… a willow leaf!" Shi Hao was shocked. He saw the Willow Deity's leaf again. It was green and lush, full of vitality.

This stone wall was pierced through, creating a terrifying ditch. There were dark red blood stains on it, as well as mysterious symbols. There seemed to be an unmatched creature that was killed here. 

Inside the crack were two leaves, green and translucent. They were left behind after the Willow Deity fought a great battle. 

"What exactly rests below? The Willow Deity has visited this place before. That type of calling isn't from the Willow Deity…" Shi Hao trembled inwardly. 

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