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Chapter 895 - Turbulent Undercurrents

There were a few creatures in Burial Realm with strange auras, quickly disappearing from Shi Hao's range of divine sense. These were clearly exceptional individuals, making it difficult for him to immediately appraise them. 

"Might not necessarily be an ancient freak, might be natives as well. Those people are extremely formidable." Cao Yusheng said. 

Shi Hao nodded. Once one reached his level, already cultivating a strand of immortal energy, he already transcended above the masses. Even if he did encounter danger, he could still get away, and as such, he didn't have to worry too much. 

"Divine Temple's people have left, not coming over," Qing Yi said. She had a feeling that she just caught sight of trouble brewing. There might be a great battle coming. 

That Gold Marked White Tiger was Divine Temple's holy beast. They definitely wouldn't just ignore it being killed like this. 

Shi Hao didn't chase after them, not attaching much importance to them. Ancient Holy Child was the only one noteworthy. So what if he took that step? If he dared to appear, he'll give him a pleasant surprise!

After all, he already cultivated a strand of immortal energy. 

"Divine Temple is truly frightening, their Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures known to be an unmatched inheritance," Cao Yusheng said. 

Shi Hao nodded, already understanding a bit about this ancient inheritance. 

That temple wasn't all that large or vast, but it existed throughout time, consecrating three divine statues. 

It was rumored that those were three great indestructible statues that represented utmost power!

Someone had said that those were Immortal Lords from Immortal Ancient times, and others said that they were the undecaying divine ancestors of the Divine Dao Era, there were even some that said that they were unmatched Heavenly Emperors that would rule the heavens above and earth below. 

Burial City, a place filled with open markets, people constantly coming and going. The fact that this little world had immortal treasures was no longer a secret. Many creatures appeared here after news was leaked out. 

There were vendor's booths everywhere, all types of goods laid out. Cultivators were exchanging for what they needed. 

In the city, there were large areas of dark-red mountainous ground, the color caused by the contamination of immortal blood, left behind from the ancient battles. There are many creatures coming and going, all of them searching for certain things.

"The underground in this place is the most incredible. Someone dug out half a book of immortal scriptures here." Cao Yusheng explained. 

Moreover, it was rumored that the immortal dao shrub Ten Crown King obtained was also obtained because he found a vague recording on a jade bone book here. He only found it after later searching for it. 

As a result, creatures from the outside world flocked over, entering Burial City, all of them wishing to obtain great natural luck. 

Meanwhile, this was also the place where the natives exchanged for what they needed, so it became an extremely bustling place. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao raised his head, feeling a somewhat strange feeling. A chilliness suddenly appeared within his body. This type of feeling was extremely weird, appearing mysteriously. 

"Back up!" 

Following a large shout, he flung out his sleeve, sending the little rabbit and the others into the distance, leaving this place. 

This type of feeling was too mysterious and strange. He cultivated a strand of immortal energy, so his current power increased substantially, his divine senses now sharp to the extreme. He could now produce some type of psychic reaction to incoming danger. 

The void silently split apart. Bloody light appeared, sweeping through this place. 

At first, it didn't leak out any fluctuations. Only when Shi Hao took action, about to destroy it, did it produce boundless fluctuations. 

It was too sharp, bloody light flooding outwards, exceptional and matchless. It was a blood-colored bone sword that looked like it was carved out from jade. The killing energy poured out like a sea. 

Right at this moment, the entire open market froze, the temperature dropping greatly. Many people discovered with horror that they couldn't move, as if time came to a standstill.

"How could this be?" Everyone shouted in their heads, wishing to struggle free. However, they couldn't budge an inch. 

This was the case for the outside world, so there was even less of a need to talk about Shi Hao who was the main target. He sensed endless killing intent that carried cruelty, chilliness, and endless profound symbols. 

If it was anyone else, they could only await death. However, the powerful Shi Hao struggled free, breaking free from the restrictions.

The surroundings were extremely calm, only him and that blood sword able to move. Everyone else seemed to have sank into a deathly stillness, as if they froze together with time. 


The sword core in Shi Hao's hand hacked down onto that blood sword, the noise produced earsplitting. 

"Heavenly deity bone!"

His mind trembled. This sword was unexpectedly refined from the primordial true bone of a heavenly deity! Only one of these swords could be refined from each heavenly deity, truly a shockingly extravagant item. 

If not for his sword core being heaven defying enough, the last strike would have really been troublesome. It was because this was a heavenly deity magical artifact!

It was clear that the heavenly deity bone was far inferior to the Everlasting Immortal Sword's material, but it possessed terrifying restrictive force, using symbols to protect the bone sword and attack Shi Hao's unmatched sword core. 

The Everlasting Immortal Sword resisted the strike of this restrictive power!

Immortal Gold possessed strange abilities, able to protect itself, not allowing the sword core to be damaged.

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao also brought out the pill furnace to defend himself. After all, this was a heavenly deity level magical artifact, its restrictive force too terrifying!

He protected his body with the pill furnace and used the sword core to attack, cutting towards the scarlet red bone. 

At this moment, everyone could move again. They quickly backed up out of fear of getting caught up in this terrifying battle.


The scarlet bone sword dripped out blood, clearly Heavenly Country's methods. It released incomparable fluctuations, shaking this place.


This scarlet bone sword was a bit strange. It was absorbing the power of the void, making its symbols even more resplendent. 

Shi Hao's mind shook. He quickly hacked apart the void with the sword core, about to sweep it inside. In addition, he shouted, "Everyone, withdraw from this place." 


This place exploded, because the bleeding bone sword began to burn. The light it released was resplendent, blasting itself to pieces here.

It was too vicious. For the sake of killing Shi Hao, Heavenly Country's people directly used up a heavenly deity magical artifact, willing to destroy everything indiscriminately to bury Shi Hao's true body here. 

When the smoke and dust cleared, the open market was flattened. 

The ground was bloody, with many creatures dead. Even though a large group of people left ahead of time, there were still quite a few casualties. 

Meanwhile, this was still because Shi Hao hacked open the void, sending the bleeding red bone sword inside. Otherwise, it was hard to imagine what kind of terrifying result this heavenly deity magical artifact would produce. 

"Demented and insane! Heavenly Country's people are all lunatics! For the sake of killing their enemies, even willing to explode a heavenly deity level magical artifact, making so many people lose their lives!"

The Divine Striking Stone shouted. It was truly angered. Just now, it was almost caught up in the explosion.

"You group of lunatics, for the sake of reaching your objective, willing to use any methods fair or foul, disregarding all regulations and restrictions!" Cao Yusheng said. 

Shi Hao's face fell. His body was unharmed, only his clothes tattered. At the crucial moment, he hacked apart the void with the sword core, withdrawing into the distance. 

"Heavenly Country, not a single one can think about surviving! All those that entered Immortal Ancient will be killed without exception!" Shi Hao said, his eyes cold. 

Immediately afterwards, he disappeared from his original location, slicing apart the void with the sword core to move with extreme speed. He warped several hundred li forward, searching for the mysterious aura.


Within Burial City, a human head fell from the void, landing in the open market, drawing cries of alarm.

They fell one after another, a total of six heads flung onto the ground, blood dyeing the streets. 

Then, Shi Hao appeared, landing in this place. He was extremely sensitive towards the auras of Heavenly Country's assassins. After moving about, he found that there were six people nearby. 

Unfortunately, he didn't find the main character. Heavenly Country's number one assassin used a Realm Shattering Symbol ahead of time to escape again. 

"He really does know how to act appropriately. The creatures in this open market are all from the outside world. Otherwise, he would have provoked a huge disaster, since the native tribes have extremely terrifying experts overseeing them. 

"Still dare to come?!" 

Shi Hao shouted angrily. His head of hair began to drift about, his eyes intimidating. He held the sword core, rushing into the air, hacking apart the void. 

White light flickered there. A white bone appeared, releasing sinister fluctuations to kill Shi Hao. 

Below, everyone already scattered, fleeing towards other markets, not daring to stay here.


In the sky, white light shone blindingly. One could vaguely see a white bone mountain appearing, countless malicious spirits howling with grief as they stood on it, their roars shaking the sky. Underworld mist covered the sun and moon. 

"This is Underworld Clan's secret treasure!" Qing Yi said. 

It was a magic artifact refined from endless white bones and souls, its power beyond compare. It produced Underworld Clan's killing field here to trap and kill Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao carried the sword as he moved, his heroicness incomparable. Above his head was the pill furnace, symbols protecting his body. The sword core in his hands hacked apart the killing field, slicing through the white bone banner at the center, breaking down this formation.

He displayed exceptional valiance!

"They really don't treat heavenly deity secret treasures as anything important. Another one was destroyed!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out. 

"Everlasting Immortal Sword's name is not in vain, worthy of being the artifact that had its glorious legends recorded in bone books! Even though it didn't produce heavenly deity level patterns, it is still shocking enough!"

"That pill furnace is also quite mysterious."

"No, the most important thing is still that Shi Hao is powerful enough himself." 

Qing Yi, the little rabbit, and Cao Yusheng discussed among themselves.

It was unexpectedly Underworld Clan's experts that attacked, wishing to kill Shi Hao here, taking advantage of the situation after seeing him slightly relax after experiencing a disaster, but they still failed in the end, unable to harm him in the slightest. 

After Shi Hao cultivated a strand of immortal energy, his divine senses were sharp, able to develop a strange reaction towards incoming dangers. Normal assassinations attempts were practically useless against him. 

"Dao brother is truly heroic, rarely seen in this world, admirable!"

Someone walked over, cupping his fists and carrying a smiling expression.

This was a male who looked thirty or so years old. On his back was a pair of gray-colored wings, and on his head a pair of dragon horns. He was clearly not an ordinary individual. 

When he saw this person approach him with a smiling face, Shi Hao naturally wouldn't ignore him, cupping his fists and greeting him as well.

Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the others walked over to size up this person. 

"This isn't a good place to talk. Dao brothers, I wonder if you could lend me some of your time?" The person who came invited them in a cordial manner. He also introduced himself as Long Yu. 

In the end, they entered a small wine shop that was quiet, thus beginning their discussion. 

"Huang's name is great, I've long heard about your reputation and admire you quite greatly." Long Yu's words then turned, becoming direct. "Fellow daoists, to be quite honest, I came in place of my family's great one hoping to form an alliance with you all."

"Who is your family's great one?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Jun Dao." He said softly, speaking this name. 

Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and the little rabbit were all shocked, and even Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. He knew a bit about ancient freaks, because others always brought them up.

For example, Ten Crown King and Six Crown King Ning Chuan, they had great reputations, their might suppressing experts throughout generations. 

There were still others, for example, a young man named Duan Hong who rose to the top in one generation of Immortal Ancient. This individual was difficult to forget because he reached the top without even igniting a divine flame. 

Meanwhile, Sword Valley's Gu Jianyun, as well as the snow covered restricted land's Jun Dao were individuals most people knew about. They had appeared in more than one era, well-known powerful individuals among ancient freaks. 

"Why does he want to ally with me?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Looking after each other will always be better than fighting everyone alone." Long Yu smiled. After a bit of hesitation, he said, "Actually, dao brother's situation is quite unfavorable. Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country, Divine Temple, any one of these are giants, their most powerful individuals extremely terrifying. Rumor has it that they are already walking together, wishing harm on brother Shi."

He told them this piece of information with a sincere expression, informing them that those three parties were already allied. 

"Since my situation is unfavorable, why do you all still wish to ally with me? Moreover, by joining like this, I fear that you all will only be inviting trouble upon yourselves." Shi Hao said. 

"We attach importance to dao brother's potential, believing that you will come out on top. Moreover, our relationships with those parties aren't all that great either." 

"Our side is actually quite strong, not lacking experts. Also, Fallen Divine Child is about to take the final step." The one who came said. 

"Fallen Divine Child…" Shi Hao narrowed his eyes slightly. This name wasn't unfamiliar to him. His two senior brothers had previously been humiliated and chased away by this person, causing them to leave Supreme Being Dao Rite. 

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