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Chapter 889 - Unstoppable

What kind of place was this? Shi Hao was extremely shocked. He already heard from Dragon Girl that Ten Crown King used a shrub to take that step, becoming unmatched under the sky. 

And now, he discovered that this type of thing was actually obtained from Immortal Ancient, coming precisely from that place. Even Ning Chuan's dao seed was obtained from that place. It truly was strange.

"Let's go, we definitely have to take a look. I am looking forward to it." Before anyone else spoke up, the Divine Striking Stone was the first one who couldn't sit still. 

"I'm hungry, want to go eat some stuff first." Shi Hao rubbed his stomach. 

The others immediately rolled their eyes. When one reached his cultivation realm, just ingesting multicolored light and energy was enough, a single breath of natural heaven and earth essence was enough to replenish all of his needs, hunger my ass. 

"Don't tell me you really are the foodie that crazy old man is talking about…" The little rabbit said while widening her eyes.

The others all had strange expressions as well, feeling like this made sense. 

"That is just what an old man whose mind has become abnormal says. You all even believe his words? He even wants to sell off his own disciple, definitely someone who has gone mad. Don't have to pay him any attention." Shi Hao said. 

Then, he curled his lips and said, "If I was that person, then I would naturally sweep through all nine heavens and tenth earth, suppressing and killing all enemies. I wouldn't leave behind any trouble." 

"What if you don't belong to this history, or if you have other reasons…" The little fatty muttered. 

"Fatty, you've been affected by your master, becoming crazy as well? What kind of nonsense are you spouting?" Shi Hao said. 

"It's not like I said the one that was being looked for was definitely you…" Cao Yusheng said quietly. 

"I'm so hungry…" Shi Hao rubbed his stomach, rumbling with gululu sounds continuously. He was the first one to turn around and leave, not displaying the style of someone who had just 'taken that step' at all. 

Cao Yusheng shook his head with all his strength. He felt like he had truly been tormented by that crazy master, affected by his nonsense. Otherwise, why would he immediately compare someone with that person? 

In the outside world, the cultivators of various sects felt that it had been too peaceful recently. In the last half year, not many great things happened.

A few parties that were paying close attention to Shi Hao, wanting to know his current situation, were left helpless, because the three thousand paths were hazy, preventing them from seeing how he was doing. 

Only, not too long ago, someone carved his name again, seeing that powerful fluctuation that was terrifying to the extreme. Then, nothing could be seen again.

"Don't tell me that he successfully took that step!" A heavenly deity said softly.

In reality, regardless of whether Shi Hao was cultivating in isolation or emerging, it was difficult for them to see anything. Once he reached that state, everything would be shrouded in secret, his secrets unable to be pried into. 

Only when Shi Hao completely brought the immortal energy into his flesh, not allowing it to emerge, retracting all of its aura, would they be able to see him again.

Even though half a year had passed, Immortal Palace's people still gnashed their teeth in anger when they saw him, unable to restrain their anger. They truly wished that they could jump into Immortal Ancient and kill him, taking revenge and wiping out the grudge. 

Soon after, a few other inheritances couldn't remain calm, because that fella walked out of the three thousand bluestone paths, arguing noisily when he emerged. It was just too hateful. 

"Haha… Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people, Fire Cloud Cavern's creatures, I have come! Where are you all? I'm so hungry!" 

His attitude was frivolous, as if he was a devil king that emerged into the world, about to carry out a hunt to fill his stomach. 

One has to understand that the inheritances named by him intimidated the higher realms. Their disciples were all the elites of the higher realms, yet they were being treated like food. 

Of course, everyone knew that he wasn't joking. 

This was especially the case with Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people who felt even more anger. Their exceptional talent, a Flood Dragon, was the first creature to be eaten by Shi Hao in Immortal Ancient. 

When he entered a small world, Shi Hao continuously asked around for information about the whereabouts of the creatures from those inheritances. 

"You… need them for something?" Someone asked suspiciously.

"Of course, I'm about to die from hunger." Shi Hao said. 

These people were immediately confused, not understanding why he would say that. However, there was still someone that pointed in a direction, telling him that Demonic Sunflower Garden's creatures were in the ruins up ahead. 

Only when Shi Hao left them did those on the side discuss with small voices.

"That person seems a bit familiar. Could it be the rumored Huang?" 

"Heavens, he really might be! He looks just like the rumors. I recall giving his portrait a rough look before." 

A few people couldn't help but cry out.

In that instant, quite a few people broke out in to cold shivers. The devil king said he was hungry, and he was looking for the creatures of those great sects. There was no need to think about what was going to happen.

In a single day, he ate seven or eight exceptional talents, and later on, even ate a Great Golden Winged Peng casserole. This savage devil king had truly frightened quite a few creatures badly half a year ago. 

Soon after, inside some ruins.

Precious light rushed into the heavens, berating sounds rang out continuously. 

"Demonic Sunflower Garden, when I was in the lower realm, you all wished to kill me, and that old sunflower even ran over to the Celestial Clan later on to stop me. I am here to collect a bit of interest from you all first." Shi Hao said. 

He didn't take any lives, but instead picked a large bag of black-colored demonic sunflower seeds. They were black like jade, sparkling and translucent. He chewed on them while walking.

"Aiyaya, I love this! This is vegetarian food!" The little rabbit jolted her buttocks over, asking him for some. She cracked them between her teeth, eating them delightfully. 

In the ruins, those experts from Demonic Sunflower Garden were so angry they fainted. It was just too miserable! The divine seeds their bodies produced were actually being treated by someone like ordinary sunflower seeds!

In the outside world, the cultivators of all sects were stupefied. They wanted to laugh, yet they felt that it wasn't too appropriate. In the end, their minds became heavy, because they also had disciples in Immortal Ancient. 

This Devil King was too domineering! Just now, he completely swept through everyone, defeating them all in an instant. 

Demonic Sunflower Garden's lord's face was unpleasant. The Demonic Garden it established was a plant type holy light, intimidating the world, yet this youth dared to do this. 

"These sunflower seeds are sweet and fragrant, but they can't alleviate my hunger. I want to eat meat, Peng wings, Flood Dragon kabobs." Shi Hao mumbled.

He was now intentionally looking around, so how could he not discover some of his enemies' whereabouts? Soon after, he found some people from Fire Cloud Cavern. 

The Fire Cloud Cavern of the outside world was the ancient cave left behind by a true immortal. It was a place extremely suited to cultivation. The creatures that lived there were all extremely powerful. 

Shi Hao encountered a few people. None of them were originally human, some of them flame birds, blazing hounds, and there was even a golden flame Lin[1] beast. 

These creatures were all quite strong. When they saw Huang, they carried hatred, as well as fear. They immediately turned around to leave.

"Haha… This is too great. Otherwise, I would have died of hunger." 

This battle didn't hold any suspense at all. Soon after, smoke rose in spirals. Shi Hao propped up a cauldron to slow cook the divine hound and roast the Flame Lin Beast. 

Soon after, the fragrance of meat assailed the nostrils. The meat was cooked until it was golden and shining. 

Shi Hao invited the others to eat with him. He ate heartily. 

In the outside world, Fire Cloud Cavern's people's noses almost went crooked from anger. This was more than they could bear. This sinner's blood descendent truly messed with their minds badly. 

Then, Shi Hao and the others went on their way, heading towards another ancient place.

It was clear that it wouldn't be peaceful along the way. Shi Hao took the initiative to attack, sweeping through a group of enemies. They were all disciples from inheritances he was destined to stand against. 

This type of unstoppable might, sweeping through everything, left the cultivators in the outside world stunned. They truly began to develop suspicions. Did this fella truly take that step?


Suddenly, Shi Hao heard his Heaven and Earth Pouch release a sharp and clear cracking sound. His mind was moved. He stopped moving, producing a golden cocoon. 

He spread out his hand, placing it on his palm.

The Emperor Butterfly finally displayed some activity. It had slept for too long. 

The golden cocoon was cracking apart. Then with a peng sound, it broke open. A golden butterfly that was an inch long appeared, incomparably gorgeous and carrying a large expanse of light. It danced about in the air.

It broke free of the cocoon, turning into a butterfly!

Now, it developed true wings, turning into a true butterfly, not just the golden silkworm of the past that had a pair of transparent wings made of divine force. 

"This is too amazing!" Shi Hao laughed loudly.

The Emperor Butterfly moved around him, fluttering quickly about. Its appearance was wonderful, like a little fairy, carrying great joy.

Cao Yusheng and Qing Yi were both moved, because they knew this divine bug's origins. In the future, it would most likely become a bug emperor!

"Hungry…" The Emperor Butterfly released a divine will, the first word it said was that it was hungry. This left everyone speechless. It really did match Shi Hao quite well!

Shi Hao laughed loudly. He produced a half divine fruit and directly passed it over. He didn't have too many holy medicines and half divine fruits left, but it was definitely enough to feed the Emperor Butterfly. 

"This butterfly really is pretty. If it landed on my silver hair, how great would that be? It's a natural bowknot." The little rabbit's large eyes blinked as she said. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he hurriedly removed the Emperor Butterfly from his head, placing it on his shoulder. Otherwise, it really would be inappropriate. 

The others all laughed. 

"Where is that ancient place? How far are we from it now?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Wait for me to produce an treasure. It is shrouded in mystery, this type of place cannot be discovered by others." Cao Yusheng said.

He naturally feared that others would observe him from the outside world through the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, finding out about that place, so he produced a bone artifact, immediately making the Immortal Dao Flower Petal become indistinct, preventing the outside world from finding out.

"This is already the last time Immortal Ancient will be opened. Even if others find out about this ancient place, it's not a big deal." Shi Hao said. 

"Makes sense. However, since I already brought it out, I'll just put it away once we get there." Cao Yusheng nodded.

At the same time, he stared at Shi Hao, Qing Yi, and the little rabbit, and then warned them that they had to be careful there, because everyone there were all experts. There were definitely ancient freaks roaming about. 

Burial Realm, Broken Sky Mountain. 

This little world was extremely mysterious. Normal people couldn't come in, and only a few people knew about this place in the past. Those that could come here were all the most powerful exceptional talents or ancient freaks.

"Yi, there's so many people?" Cao Yusheng was shocked. It was different from how he had imagined.

"It is definitely because this is the final time Immortal Ancient is being opened. Many people don't want to keep the secret any longer, news leaking out, so more and more creatures are coming." Qing Yi said. 

"There are tribes?" Shi Hao was shocked.

"En, correct, you definitely have to be careful. Do not make the creatures from the tribes your enemy." Cao Yusheng warned.

It was because those were the natives of Immortal Ancient. They were extremely mysterious and powerful. Generally speaking, they wouldn't leave their places of residence.


Shi Hao was shocked. As soon as he approached this place, he felt a wave of immortal dao energy, leaving his mind shaken. 

It was because he successfully took that step, cultivating a strand of immortal energy, making him quite sensitive to that type of energy. He could vaguely sense that his body's strand of energy received nourishment.

"What is going on?" Shi Hao's mind was shaken. Just now, he clearly sensed many unique auras. There was one that seemed to belong to Willow Deity!

What kind of place was this? It left him greatly shocked. 

1. Female unicorn, the 'lin' part of Qilin. The Qi part was mentioned earlier on in the Octadic Treasure Qi/Unicorn. I will be using the pinyin for these from now on

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