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Chapter 890 - Burial Realm 

"Did you feel some type of strange sensation?" Cao Yusheng looked at him. 

"Yeah, there's immortal energy here." Shi Hao noded, becoming even more suspicious. Could it be that Willow Deity was here? Otherwise, why did he produce that mysterious reaction just now? 

"That's how it should be. It's always like this." The little fatty said. 

Those with sharp divine senses would always feel something the first time they came to Burial Realm, sensing the traces left behind by the immortals. This also proved that this place was extraordinary. 


Around Qing Yi's body was a green halo. It was as if holy moonlight appeared, surrounding her within. Soft green essence shone, mists rising around her. 

"So strange, I can feel its grief and joy." Qing Yi felt as if she was in a dream. She reached out her delicate hands to touch the green-colored radiance, and then she looked towards this great earth. 

"Golden Radish, Purple Jade Cabbage, I seem to have seen many ancient ancient medicines. They all look so delicious!" The little rabbit seemed to be dreaming, her large red eyes half closed, as if she was experiencing incomparable enjoyment. 

"World Stone, Origin Stone, Ten Thousand Methods Stone… Heavens, I seem to have seen them all." The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely, as if it became possessed. It continuously moved back and forth. 

Burial Realm was extremely large, many times larger than small worlds. 

Mountains stretched majestically as far as the eye could see. The plant life looked sinister, a hint of blood-colored patterns within the green color, shining brightly. 

There were many rumors that originated from this realm. 

What was most commonly known by everyone was that a battle had previously happened here in the last great era, fighting until the heavens collapsed and earth split. Ghosts cried and deities howled. The blood of all types of experts scattered out. 

As a result, there were some regions in this small world where it was absolutely barren, containing world shocking killing intent. Nothing grew here. 

Even if an expert came, they still couldn't stay here for a long time, running away soon after, or else they would be destroyed, the bone texts around their bodies completely blasted apart. That type of formless killing intent was extremely terrifying.

Meanwhile, there were some places that were full of vitality, for example, the area right before them. The plant life here all had scarlet colors embedded in the green color, as if streak after streak of divine patterns were growing. 

It was because after some creatures' blood and flesh landed on the great earth, it displayed powerful vitality, able to nurture all living things, not containing the frightening murderous energy.

As a result, this small world became known as Burial Realm.

The creatures were buried here, the battlefield that was now beneath the earth. There were too many secrets stored underground. 

"Willow Deity!" Shi Hao clenched his fists tightly. 

"Let's go. We should look around as well. There really is good stuff here, but it is hard to detect them. However, once you obtain something, it definitely won't be small natural luck." Cao Yusheng said. 

Shi Hao and the others were all shocked. What exactly was there here? However, after their prior experiences, they all had some vague ideas. 

This place was burial realm, a place with many exceptional items. Once one obtained one, it would definitely be unimaginable. 

That type of feeling disappeared, something only those who entered for the first time would experience. This feeling was caused by the battering of the great dao, resonating with those individuals. 

There was a tribe in the mountains. A few strange creatures were roaming about, from time to time giving this side a look. Their eyes were cold like lightning, not showing any type of expression. 

Shi Hao and the others didn't provoke them, not wanting to offend them at all, because it was rumored that it wouldn't be rare to see a sect master level expert overseeing these native tribes. 

Of course, this type of small scale tribe normally wouldn't produce such terrifying figures. 

"They look so strange, half human, half horse. Their bodies are so large. They seem quite formidable." The little rabbit said. 

"En, those are the Centaur Race. They possess extraordinary strength, all of them master archers. When they release their enormous bows, an enormous mountain would be blasted through, the most powerful ones able to shoot down the sun!" The little fatty said.

This was a race that had been survived all this time in Immortal Ancient. 

In the last great era, everything was destroyed, only a small portion of the races were left in these small worlds, their bodies having a portion of their bloodlines. However, due to various reasons, they now seemed to have become a bit different. 

"In summary, Immortal Ancient Great Era's races have all been wiped out." Cao Yusheng said with a sigh. 

It was because all of the ones that survived produced strange mutations. 

"Will there be a day when this great era will also fall, nothing existing any longer? If that day truly comes, we will all be in this type of place." Qing Yi said. 

Through what they heard about the black-colored ancient ship and the desolate border from Shi Hao, they knew that there were territories even more vast than the three thousand provinces where cruel battles were being carried out. 

In the future, once the desolate border is broken through, the higher realms will definitely be in great chaos. 

When that time came, not even immortals would be able to reappear. To participate in that type of battle, it truly was an unimaginable thing. 

"Will the day really come when the higher realms no longer exist, everything buried? After endless time passes and the world produces new life, will the creatures of the later world look at our great era in a similar fashion?" 

These words were accompanied with a soft sigh, making one feel as if they saw the terrifying scene of flames covering the great earth, matchless experts roaring through mountains and rivers, great battles continuing endlessly. 

It was to the extent where they could vaguely smell a bloody scent. When that time came, scenes of blood flying about and bones piled up into mountains really wouldn't be all that rare. 

"That is why I am going to treasure my time right now, doing everything I want to do!" The little rabbit said. 

"Relax, with someone like me who is unmatched under the heavens, those things won't happen. What undying, what long life creatures, what ominous? As long as there is anything harmful and dares to stir up trouble, I'll completely…" Shi Hao waved his arm, appearing incredibly domineering, "... stew, stew, roast, slow cook them! As long as they aren't human shaped, I'll eat them all!" 

The first half of his speech still made others surprised, feeling that he was truly courageous, but the latter half completely ruined those bold and visionary words. 

Within a scarlet stone forest, there were unexpectedly traces of brilliance that appeared. They were like the radiance of the sunset glow as they shone before them.

From what Cao Yusheng said, this was one of the most well known ancient lands of Burial Realm. All of them produced formidable things before. 

"Based on the rumors, in this era, Ning Chuan found a sealed arm bone here. It was still alive, surrounded by a type of divine liquid. The immortal dao symbols were perfectly preserved." Cao Yusheng said. 

This made the others' expressions change. Immortal bones were incredibly rare and precious. Meanwhile, bones that contained complete immortal dao patterns, that was something that could only be described as heaven defying. 

Those people all felt worried for Shi Hao. The item Six Crown King Ning Chuan obtained was too terrifying. If he truly completely merged with it, once he released a slap, wouldn't that be an immortal method? 

"Nothing that special." Shi Hao didn't mind it too much, deemphasizing the situation. 

Suddenly, a cry sounded form within the stone forest. Multicolored light surged from one place, shining extremely brilliantly, drawing many people's attention. They all rushed in that direction.

"Sure enough, someone obtained something good." Cao Yusheng said.

The stone forest was quite vast, unable to see the other end with the naked eye. It was like red coral that carried luster. There were many people in this area as well. Ever since news of Burial Realm was leaked, it no longer became a secret. There were too many people who came to this realm. 

"What is that?" Shi Hao and the others also moved over to see what kind of divine object was found.

"Heavens, don't tell me that this is seven-colored Immortal Gold?" The people here were all shocked when they saw what it was. 

It was the size of a palm, curling with mists, seven types of radiance surging. It was exceptionally beautiful. This was a piece of metal, something that was extracted from rock material. 

In an instant, everyone's eyes became red. As for that lucky expert, his expression directly changed, fearing that he would be schemed against by others.

The atmosphere of this place immediately became nervous. A great battle was on the verge of erupting.

"No, it's just seven-colored copper and not the unmatched Immortal Gold." Someone spoke, recognizing this material with a frown.

"What a pity!" The crowd sighed. 

Seven-colored copper was also a divine material, able to be forged into sect master level weapons, but compared to Immortal Gold, it was too far off. One was an immortal dao treasure, while the other was just an item from the world of mortals, a natural disparity of quality. 

"Each time Immortal Ancient is opened, there will always be people who come to search this place. All the good stuff has pretty much been looted clean." Someone said with a sigh. 

After wandering about for the larger half of the day, even though there were many people here, no one obtained any harvest. The seven-colored copper was the only rare divine material that was unearthed. 

"Didn't you cultivate a Heavenly Eye? Hurry up and look around!" The little fatty said. This was the main reason why he dragged Shi Hao over.

"I've been using the Heavenly Eye this entire time, but this place is truly quite barren, not having anything." Shi Hao shook his head.

After carefully thinking about it, he felt that this was to be expected. Immortal Ancient had been opened three thousand times already. Even though the number of people who came wasn't many, there were still the natives, so what good items could remain through all this time? 

"Let's go. This region is extremely large, so there's definitely some other place that we overlooked. We'll continue forward and look around." Cao Yusheng was unwilling to give up. 

After travelling two thousand eight hundred li, they arrived in a natural crater. There were many creatures surrounding this place, some who went down to search, some digging about in the surroundings, seriously looking about.

"Sigh, the earth and stone here are dyed in a strange type of blood, able to block the exploration of divine senses. It truly is troublesome. Otherwise, the supreme treasures here would have long been excavated." Someone grumbled. 

"How could there be so many experts around this crater? The little rabbit was curious, asking a few creatures who were comparatively nicer for information.

"It was rumored that Ning Chuan had previously found an arm bone in this crater, something that should belong to an immortal!"

"Correct, this should be the place." Cao Yusheng also nodded. 

The little rabbit immediately cried out with ao ao sounds. She jumped out, making the mountain stones split apart and the great earth rumble. Part of the earth below her feet caved in, but that was all. 

The scene of heavens falling and earth splitting didn't appear. In addition, she grabbed her little feet while grimacing in pain, tears flowing outwards, "It hurts so much!" 

"Be careful, there are four places that are extremely special, buried beneath the flesh of powerful creatures that ultimately merged with the earth and stone, becoming incomparably hard." Cao Yusheng said. 

"Why didn't you say that earlier!" The little rabbit was furious. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. He stared into the very depths of the crater. His Martial Dao Heavenly Eye condensed into patterns, peering through the great earth. He saw a shocking scene.

"Don't tell me you really did discover something?" Qing Yi was surprised. She had been standing next to Shi Hao this entire time, so she noticed his change in expression. 

"En, I really did see something, and it might very well be formidable. That area is too resplendent." Shi Hao said. His eyes became more and more deep, symbols becoming profound. 

"What exactly is there?" The little rabbit was curious, becoming extremely happy as well, huddling over.

"Do you all think that something from Immortal Ancient can survive all the way until now?" Shi Hao asked.

"Impossible. So much time had passed. Everything would have rotted away by now." The little fatty shook his head. Then, his eyes widened greatly, revealing a look of shock. "Don't tell me that there is something alive down there?!" 

"Correct, there is a stone room with powerful life symbols. It is incomparably resplendent and exceptionally shocking." Shi Hao said. 

"Heavens! Ning Chuan had previously brought away a living arm bone, and now you discovered something as well. Could it be that this place is an immortal treasury?" The little fatty was extremely moved!

"Careful, don't draw attract the attention of others." Qing Yi warned.

"I am actually looking forward to Underworld Clan, Heavenly Country, Fire Cloud Cavern, Ning Chuan, and others coming here though…" Shi Hao said softly. 

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