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Chapter 888 - Fog And Chaos

"So heavy!" 

The little rabbit picked up the sword core, wanting to play around with it and see exactly what it was like, but as a result, her wrists fell, almost landing on the ground. 

This sword core wasn't all that long, but it was more than a hundred thousand jin in weight. 

The sword core was a dull gray, and if one didn't look closely at it, they would think that it was some wooden sword. The patterns on it were fine, with human shaped creatures. The area surrounding it was all dull, but there were some fog shaped vein lines. 

"Ascension scene?" 

If one looked at it like this, then it seemed quite ordinary. Those patterns didn't display anything astonishing. However, when the little rabbit lightly brandished it about, this sword shone, becoming extremely magnificent. If one tried to stare at it, they would feel waves of stinging pain. 

The humanoid figure on the sword core seemed to be alive. Light scattered about, incomparably resplendent as it turned into ascension light. The mist like patterns were like pure white immortal energy, as if it was pervading the air. 

The others sighed with admiration. Worthy of being called Everlasting Immortal Sword, the strange scenes it displayed astonishing. If it was refined and polished, it would definitely become a supreme treasure. 

"Even though everyone is saying that it was naturally like this when it was dug up, rumor has it that there might be other secrets," Cao Yusheng said. 

Many people didn't believe that the world could directly produce this type of sword core. It seemed a bit absurd.

They took turns holding the sword, all of them loving it so much they didn't want to part with it. If this treasure was properly refined, it would definitely show great brilliance in the higher realms, becoming one of the greatest treasures. 

"Exactly how did you encounter it?" Qing Yi asked.

"Right, you saw the source of the strangeness, yet could still return alive." The little rabbit muttered.

"Children's words carry no harm, just a gust of wind." Shi Hao tapped her on the head. 

He told them about that black-colored ancient boat, about the strangeness. Those who heard him were all stupefied. The stone cauldron filled with heads and immortal blood, the inauspicious sealed under the abyss…

Even though they never experienced it for themselves, when they heard Shi Hao's summary, all of them were shaken to their core. So many things happened in such a short amount of time. 

Even the Divine Striking Stone felt as if a chilliness was rushing over its body. The ancient boat was terrifying and mysterious, existing with the world. Returning alive from it truly wasn't an easy task. 

They discussed with each other, talking about this topic for a long time, but there was still no way to research or theorize. They didn't even know what exactly they were dealing with. 

"I think that the strange and ominous likely can't do much against the most powerful figures, after all, it has already been sealed." Qing Yi said. 

She speculated that the king's return from the desolate border might be something from recent eras, only sealing it after pursuing it for a while.

Of course, this was just her speculation. There was no way to prove whether it was true. 

"Where is the so-called desolate border? What kind of place is it?" The little rabbit muttered. She was full of curiosity towards that ancient place.

"It might very well be in the innermost depths of the uninhabited region. The so-called archaic alliance was likely set there." Cao Yusheng said. 

Only, he didn't understand why the desolate border was isolated from this world. 

Could it be that it was of a different world, not belonging to the higher realms at all?

Shi Hao released a sigh. He knew that the desolate border was an extremely bitter place, and that now, it was even more dangerous. He had previously seen one of the seven kings fall from the altar, killed in battle, and now, another person broke through the desolate border, returning to the higher realms, dying for the sake of sealing up the abyss. 

"Are the remaining five still alive?" Shi Hao said softly, feeling like things were becoming more and more desperate. 

After an endless amount of time had passed, the remaining kings might have died as well. If that was the case, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate!

If the desolate border was broken through, great waves would definitely engulf the higher realms. When that time came, there would be a great disaster. All three thousand realms would be bathed in flames, great battles continuing endlessly. 

He had a bad feeling that troubled times were likely coming.

"This great era will definitely be extremely chaotic." Qing Yi sighed softly. She knew that the situation was incomparably serious, the future war perhaps miserable beyond imagination. 

"Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate…" Shi Hao clenched his teeth, feeling great fury inside. For the sake of covering up the truth, they treated the descendents of the desolate border's heroes like this? 

This was completely internal strife, harming the strength of the higher realms as a whole. Just what kind of goal did they have? Did they not fear that when the world is engulfed in flames, not even they could protect themselves? 

Everything they did wasn't good for the higher realms, swaying its foundations. 

"The situation is extremely complex. I've heard the old man mutter a few times that this involves the Undying, Emperor, and even Immortal, many sides in opposition." Cao Yusheng said. 

The so-called old man he was talking about was his mysterious master. 

"Can you speak about it in more detail?" Shi Hao asked. He truly wished to know more about the inner details. 

The little fatty shook his head. He only heard his teacher mutter a few sentences while drunk. That old man wouldn't speak no matter how he asked, so he didn't know what those words truly meant. 

"In conclusion, things are extremely complicated. When the time comes, the desolate border will truly be broken through, and the consequences won't just be something our world will have to worry about. It will spread far out, the effects unimaginable!" 

It was precisely because of this that they couldn't see exactly what was going on. Everything was shrouded in mists.

Because of various reasons, there will be killing between similar races. It is because the 'creatures' standing behind them that they relied on were different, belonging to different camps. 

"Why do I feel like I have a headache? So complicated." The little rabbit was confused, rubbing her temples. 

"In the future, only the most powerful can protect a place, intimidate a region. Everything will be enveloped in the flames of war, great battles shocking the heavens. This world will no longer be peaceful." Cao Yusheng said. 

One could imagine that when that time came, what order, what code of conduct would there be to speak of? Everything would be toppled, and the most cruel and chaotic world might arrive. 

"This should be a battle that has continued from the Immortal Ancient Great Era. This great era will become even more bitter. I wonder if it will come to an end in this heaven and earth." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

They had a feeling that the effects would be even more widespread, not limited to the three thousand provinces. 

"If there truly is a battle on that scale, there is no way the creatures of the three thousand realms wouldn't become aware of it. Only, I wonder if we'll have the chance to participate in it." Cao Yusheng said. 

"I am going!" Shi Hao said. 

Cao Yusheng gave him a look and said, "Rumor has it that Celestial Clan's dao protector, that fella had tried to look into everything regarding your past, but in the end, came to a conclusion while vomiting blood. You don't belong to this set of history?" 

"How do you know about Celestial Clan's matters?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"Something my master said." The little fatty replied.

"That old bastard was actually still scheming against me. Wait for me to come out from this ancient place, I'll definitely plug up the City of Heaven and slaughter them until they wail like ghosts and wolves!" Shi Hao said. He was utterly disgusted with how the Celestial Clan kicked their benefactors in the teeth. 

"Don't belong to this set of history… don't tell me that you truly are going to leave the higher realms and participate in those battles?" The little rabbit said. 

"That sentence can't be interpreted that way. Not even my master could figure out what it meant." Cao Yusheng shook his head. 

"What nonsense prophecies? The future is full of unknowns, who can be sure what is going to happen? Everything will change." Shi Hao shook his head. 

"What else did your master say?" Qing Yi asked. 

"The future is too cruel. There is a person who doesn't belong to the past or present that will arrive in this world's three thousand provinces, and then ask someone who is good at eating for help." The little fatty said. 

"I am someone who is good at eating. Could it be that this person will ask me for help? However, didn't you just say that I don't belong to this set of history? That's self-contradictory." Shi Hao said with thick skin, treating himself as that unmatched individual. 

"Don't tell me that this was also what your master said.." The little rabbit gave him a sidelong glance full of disdain.

"Is your master a divine being or a lunatic? Coming up with subjective ideas all day, isn't he just speaking all types of nonsense?" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"How did you know? My master has become crazier and crazier these past few years, even frightening me to the point where I don't even dare stay together with him. There was one time where he almost sold me off, saying how that was my fate and way home…" The little fatty was incredibly depressed. 

When those people heard this, they were all stupefied. What kind of master was this? They began to doubt that old man's words more and more. It seemed like his mind really wasn't normal. 

"The most annoying thing is that he keeps saying that even if he doesn't sell me, sooner or later, there'll be some person who is good at eating who will sell me. I'm never going back to him, let that person act crazy by himself." The little fatty was incredibly angry. 

Those people were all speechless, offering a moment of silence for the little fatty's strane master. If he wasn't careful, he really would've been sold. That would be too unlucky.

"Then that means your conclusion really will be quite miserable. Why don't I help you out right now and sell you off?" The little rabbit clearly had malicious intentions, staring with her large rubylike eyes, giggling as she said this. 

"This is where you're wrong. My master said that my luck is incredibly good. When I wake up, I would crawl out from underground, definitely not dying, reuniting one day." The little fatty spoke proudly. 

Towards this type of complete nonsense, the others all felt disinclined to say anything else. 

"How much time did I use up in total from isolation cultivation?" Shi Hao asked. He forgot everything while cultivating, not feeling the passing of time at all. 

"Half a year." Qing Yi told him the amount of time.

"This short? I thought that at least two years had passed." Shi Hao was shocked. The amount of time that passed wasn't as long as he expected. 

The first time he cultivated in isolation, he used up a year and a half. This time, he used up another year. It had already been two years since he entered Immortal Ancient. 

Now, he was nineteen, almost twenty years old. 

"We have to think of a way to break through and improve as well!" The little rabbit clenched her fists, giving herself motivation. However, she knew that taking that step was too difficult, something that was pretty much impossible for all heavenly talents. 

However, in this half year, their harvests were great as well. They read all types of bone books Shi Hao acquired from Immortal Palace's inheritor, all of them containing insights from those before them. Their dao paths were steadily advancing. 

"What are you planning to do now?" Qing Yi asked Shi Hao. 

"I want to cultivate a second strand of immortal energy." Shi Hao said. 

Those people were immediately petrified. This fella had just taken that step, yet he wanted to defy the heavens again? They truly didn't know what to say.

"Do you understand your own path clearly?" Cao Yusheng asked. One has to understand that Shi Hao had just succeeded on one path, so was he going to step onto another path? This was demanding instant success, bringing about great changes. It might lead to his dao foundation becoming unstable, producing terrifying problems. 

"I am clear about my own path, and I have long made sufficient preparations." Shi Hao nodded. 

"I feel like it is still better if you don't rush things like this and stabilize your condition first. It might be a good idea to take a look around outside first." Qing YI said, fearing that he might go insane. 

"That's good as well." Shi Hao nodded. There were definitely people who wanted to deal with him after entering Immortal Ancient, so he might as well go out to eliminate his enemies. 

"Wu, I'll bring you all to a good place. Each time Immortal Ancient opens, the most powerful exceptional talents and ancient freaks would go there to search for opportunities." Cao Yusheng said. 

"There's a place like that?" The others were all shocked.

"My master said that it was rumored that Ning Chuan obtained a living arm bone, while Ten Crown King even more so obtained an immortal dao shrub." 

"What?!" Those people were immediately shocked upon hearing this! 

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