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Chapter 887 - Everlasting Immortal Sword

The broken arm still displayed such power, blasting a Heavenly Country assassin into a mush, his corpse laying on the ground. 

This type of scene was too shocking!

The little rabbit's mouth turned into an O shape, her eyes that were like gemstones shining. When she saw this scene, she felt that it was a bit inconceivable. 

Shi Hao raised his hand. That broken arm flew towards him to join together. At his cultivation realm, he was naturally full of blood energy, able to quickly recover. 


Several streaks of scarlet multicolored light flew over, bright red like blood, sparkling like jade. It wasn't that long, but it tore through the void, fast to the extreme. 


With a dang sound, the Divine Striking Stone flew over, continuously smashing the three scarlet multicolored lights flying. Sparks flew in all directions. 

Cao Yusheng and Qing Yi's expressions both changed. Those were Blood Altering Needles, a type of poisonous and terrifying precious artifact refined from the bones of heavenly deities. They were incomparably sharp. No matter how powerful the true deity was, as long as they were hit, they would undoubtedly die, immediately turning into a pool of blood. 

There were several other streaks of scarlet multicolored light, one flying towards that broken arm, two towards the back of Shi Hao's head, arriving in an instant. 

It was clear that there were some who were unwilling to back off in the distance, wishing to deliver him a blow. It was because they saw that he was definitely seriously injured, or else why would that arm have fallen off? 

If they gave up on this opportunity, they might never have a chance to kill Huang again, because just now, Heavenly Country's assassin indeed shouted out that he might have taken that step!

Wuwu sounds rang out in a deafening manner, piercing through the void and arriving before him. They were red and translucent, about to enter Shi Hao's head. 

With a qiang sound, a streak of light erupted. The sword core in Shi Hao's hands directly brandished about. He didn't even turn around. Sounds of metal snapping sounded. The two streaks of scarlet multicolored light were blasted apart, the Blood Altering Needles breaking, crushed into powder. 

Not even artifacts refined from the bones of heavenly deities were enough, still breaking under this sword core. 

"There is still one more!" Qing Yi's expressions changed. 

The other divine needle pierced through the void, suddenly appearing, shooting towards the nape of Shi Hao's neck, silently arriving.


Shi Hao naturally sensed it. A layer of goosebumps appeared in that area. His body shone, and then an expanse of symbols stretched out, turning into patterns, interweaving there, restricting this needle.


He released a grunt. After taking that step, his combat strength was already who knew how many times greater than before. Even though this needle was terrifying, the one who released this vicious weapon couldn't compare to himself. 

With a xiu sound, that needle turned around. It became a streak of brilliant scarlet multicolored radiance, shooting into the distance. 


A miserable cry sounded. The face of a silver-colored creature with two heads and four arms changed greatly. It decisively removed the arm that was struck by the Blood Altering Needle. 

He was an assassin from Heavenly Country. Even though his actions were vicious, he still didn't want to die, wishing to flee. However, Shi Hao's vicious killing intent shot over like a divine spear, directly penetrating his mind, locking him down. 

On the other side, Shi Hao's broken arm moved slightly, avoiding the Blood Altering Needle. A strand of pure white immortal energy curled about, and then it opened its fingers, pinching down on this needle. 

This was extremely risky, actually using his flesh to touch this needle, fortunately not making contact with that needle's sharp point.


Shi Hao rushed over in pursuit with the dull sword core. Meanwhile, that broken arm moved extremely quickly with that scarlet divine needle. With a pu sound, it directly pierced through that silver-colored creature.

Even though it did everything it could to defend itself, it was still not a match.

This scene left all those in the darkness terrified. It was just too powerful! The broken arm still killed two experts after leaving the body. 

Only now did the broken arm recombine with Shi Hao's body with a peng sound , linking up. Symbols flickered, blood energy surged, fusing together. 

Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the little rabbit all hurried over, rushing to this place.

"Those people…" The Divine Striking Stone asked. How were they going to deal with them?

Cao Yusheng said, "What else is there to be said? Kill them all. Just now, they clearly all had bad intentions, revealing killing intent. Now that they are backing off, are we going to pretend that nothing happened?"

The little fatty was normally all smiles with his bun like face, appearing harmless, but now, his killing methods were decisive, suggesting to kill them all.

"Just kill them all then. Shi Hao had only just taken that step, so we don't know if he has fully stabilized yet. It's not good for information to leak, better to prevent great enemies from coming." Qing Yi also said. 

At this moment, she was extremely decisive. Even though her clothes were exceptional, otherworldly and transcendent, there was still a wave of coldness to her. 

"Wow, I'm only going to capture the living ones. Kill!" The little rabbit cried out, chasing after them. 

As for Shi Hao, a single step covered a great distance, treating his injuries while pressing forward, taking action ferociously. The sword core aimed outwards, releasing brilliant sword light that suppressed the sun and moon. It was just too dazzling. 

It was like harvesting rice straw. With a raise of the immortal sword, a group of people would be swept through. Close to twenty experts would be killed, unable to stop its radiance. 

There were a few others who were caught by Cao Yusheng, Qing Yi, and the Divine Striking Stone separately, unable to escape.

The little fatty's killing formation, once opened, would release chaotic mist. Its power completely wiped out the individuals in his area. 

This battle was without any suspense. Those who harbored evil intentions and came with killing intent were all killed, not a single one able to escape.

"Heavenly Country!" Shi Hao released a cold snort.

Four people came from Heavenly Country, their focus quite strong. It was clear that they had been following Shi Hao's tracks for a while, wishing to eliminate him all this time. 

The bloodiness of this place was extremely thick. Even though Shi Hao burned all of the corpses clean, there was a still a bloody odor drifting into the distance. 

Not long ago, Shi Hao had ignited three thousand dao flames, the disturbance he created on the bluestone paths quite great, startling many people. Quite a few creatures from the small worlds hurried over. 

It was clear that the assassins were the sharpest, the first to hurry over. In the end, they were the first to be eliminated as well. 

At this moment, there were fluctuations that appeared from the distance. A few other creatures appeared, coming here to investigate. They smelled the bloody aura from far away, leaving their hearts shaken.

"Let's go. It's better if we don't provoke any danger." Quite a few people directly left.

A few people continued to walk forward. When they saw the shattered Blood Altering Needles, they were all shaken up, hurriedly leaving as well, not willing to proceed further, feeling that this place was extremely dangerous. 

On the three thousand bluestone paths, Shi Hao sat down, using the Half Ginseng Fruits to recover from his injuries while silently studying the wondrous uses of immortal energy. 

Immortal dao energy, this was something that could simply link up heaven and earth. It provided unending magical force, the essence of heaven and earth surging over. This was likely the main reason why one could fearlessly fight an army of millions. 

This energy could nourish the flesh, and also support the primordial spirit. Its wondrous uses were endless. When it merged with the body, it could make it even more powerful. 

Shi Hao ate many divine fruits, causing his body to overflow with brilliance. His precious blood roared, his body rumbling like thunder. The many cracks closed, and his broken arm regrew.

He opened his eyes. It was as if divine rainbow flew through the sky. 

"How do you feel?" The little rabbit asked while blinking her large eyes. Even though she was asking him, she was staring at the simple and unadorned sword core resting on his knees. 

"The injuries should be fine now." Shi Hao said. However, he was inwardly frowning. 

While treating his injuries, he discovered that the strange and ominous natural laws left behind a trace of mysterious force that wished to tear apart his body. It wasn't completely eradicated. 

This caused him to shiver inwardly. That thing was unexpectedly not erased. 

Then, he thought of the flame made of mysterious symbols. It clearly had the power to eliminate this trace of strange energy, yet it left it alone. 

One had to understand that when this flame displayed its might in the abyss, it burned through the mist, purifying that region.

After thinking about it to himself for a bit, he decided that this might not necessarily be a bad thing. Leaving behind a bit of strange force in his flesh for him to continuously suppress and restrict, it might allow him to deeply understand how to deal with its true essence. 

Could it be that it was purposely left for him by that mysterious flame?

"This sword core really is formidable. What kind of background does it have exactly?" Cao Yusheng asked. 

It was because he personally saw this simple, dull sword core shine with brilliant sword radiance when activated, suppressing the sun and moon with its resplendent light. It could easily hack apart the void. 

It was clear that the Void Halberd was able to cut apart the void because of its innate patterns.

However, this sword completely relied on its sharpness. It was impossible to defend against!

"In reality, it hasn't had an edge applied, still quite round." Qing Yi said. 

"I don't know of its origins either. It should be something left behind by an ancient freak." Shi Hao knew that being able to obtain this thing exceeded his expectations as well. 

He encountered several inauspicious events. The weapons those creatures used were all extraordinary. However, when they died, their precious artifacts would rot away as well.

Only this sword core was different, its material clearly world shaking, able to exist with this world. 

"It's that thing!" None of them could see through its origins, but the Void Sky Divine Vine jumped out, appearing quite moved, but also sad. It stared continuously at this sword core. 

"You recognize it?" Shi Hao asked.

"It is the Everlasting Immortal Sword." The Void Sky Divine Vine said. 

"What? It is actually that sword?" Qing Yi was moved, feeling incomparably shocked.

"Everlasting Immortal Sword, it originally belonged to a Five Crown King, but in the end, he disappeared from Immortal Ancient. It was unknown where this sword ended up." The little rabbit released wawa sounds. 

Shi Hao immediately understood what happened. The Void Sky Divine Vine had previously said that it had followed an ancient freak, that person ruling over five eras, unmatched in Immortal Ancient.

All geniuses, all exceptional talents before him would become dim, far from being his opponent. 

However, he still fell in the end. An ominous event happened when he was taking the final step, carried away by the gray mists, thus disappearing. 

"Turns out it was him!" Shi Hao nodded. On that black-colored ancient boat, that person left him with a deep impression. Even though he died, he still had an unmatched attitude. 

The few life threatening injuries on his body were all left behind by that person's sword core. Once, it almost swept through his neck, once almost piercing his heart.

If that person was still alive, he would definitely be even more terrifying!

"This sword's inheritance is ancient, only a core, not properly refined. It is incomparably ancient." The Void Sky Divine Vine said. 

After knowing the identity of that sword, Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and the little rabbit all understood clearly, because they had heard a few rumors.

Its material was unmatched, made of Everlasting Immortal Gold, a natural sword core. It wasn't forged, being like this when it was unearthed from a mine. Its form was designed by the heavens. 

This was an unmatched material, something even true immortals found hard to find in the last great era. It was rare and precious to an unimaginable degree!

"Of course, the most bizarre things is that the sword core is innate, with endless mysterious colors added. There are many legends around it." Cao Yusheng said. He then stared at the sword, saying with shock, "On its surface… there truly are ascension scenes, those patterns!"

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