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Chapter 882 - Source

A black-colored ancient ship dripping with blood stopped there. It was incredibly enormous, the dark red blood covering its surface, a horrifying sight. It slowly floated through the boundless void. 

This was a strange scene. There was actually a boat inside the great void crack!

Shi Hao's expression became unpleasant. He truly never expected to see it here. Back then, when he was leaving Five Elements Province through Origin Sky Secret Realm, the Devil Blood Ghost Tree had said before that there were three things that were the most frightening when moving through the void. 

One of them was precisely this black-colored ancient ship!

Since the ancient times, of the millions of millions of creatures, there weren't many who had seen it. Those that encountered it would inevitably die. Even the most powerful old sect masters wouldn't be able to survive. 

Rumor had it that as long as a creature got on this boat, they never returned alive. 

Shi Hao never expected that, while searching for the origin of the strangeness and arriving before this great crack, he would see this ship. It hadn't appeared many times in this world since the ancient times. 

If it was just a look from the distance, then that was one thing, but now, they were so close, able to feel the pressure.

"Shi Hao, what happened? Are you alright?" Qing Yi called out from behind. When she saw how he had become petrified, standing there unmoving, she revealed a doubtful expression. 

"Don't ask anymore, just hurry and leave!" Shi Hao transmitted mentally, having them quickly depart from this place, the further the better. 

Those individuals were all incredibly confused, but they didn't doubt the severity of his voice. They could only open their mouths, but in the end retreat to the three thousand paths. 

They now stood on the bluestone paths, quite far away. The black-colored crack was enormous, wide like the mouth of a prehistoric beast. It was truly frightening. 

Shi Hao stood there alone, his body taut, as if he was in the most nervous state of his life. 

This ship was too large, several tens of thousands of li long, the black-colored ship body appearing ancient, giving off a strange and miserable feeling. It was unknown how many years it had existed for. 

That blood was horrifyingly dark red. As time washed through this place, the years went by. It never dried up, still shining with luster as it was painted over the black-colored ancient boat. 

Just what kind of background did it have exactly? What era did it come from? There was simply nothing to use as a reference, no one knowing for sure, only knowing that this was one of the world's most terrifying ancient objects. 

Shi Hao forcefully withstood the pressure, trying to struggle free from the force, but he discovered that compared to this ancient black ship, his own power was nothing.

"Could this be the very source of the ominous event?" He was a bit frightened. 

The enormous attraction force increased, traveling over from the distance. It made even the void cracks distort. Shi Hao couldn't take it any longer, dragged in by this enormous black ship, one of the most sinister things from past to present. 

When his legs left the ground, he once again transmitted sound to Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng and the others not to come, that they had to stay far away.

Then, like a shooting star, he rushed towards that ancient boat. That wave of power was too great, binding him as it dragged him over. 

The void was spacious and empty, vast and boundless. 

Within the black-colored great crack, the ancient ship existed throughout time. It didn't release the slightest bit of sound, and not a single bit of life could be sensed. There was only a deathly stillness, as well as the mottled marks of time. 


Following a tremendous quake, Shi Hao was guided over. He smashed into the ship's surface, leaving him so shaken his ears were ringing. 

His flesh right now could barehandedly kill true deities, yet now, he was struck until he was in great pain. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely had their bones broken and muscles snapped, becoming a flesh paste.

The speed just now was too fast. He flew over like a comet striking the great earth from outer space, the force of impact absolutely tremendous. 

Shi Hao got up. His body wasn't that injured, with just his blood and qi stirring about. He sized up his surroundings. There was a mist around the entire enormous ship, making everything hazy and indistinct. 

It was unknown what kind of materials this ship was made of. It seemed like metal, but it was also like some type of strange ancient wood. When he tapped on its surface, a keng qiang sound was released. It seemed indestructible. 

He was standing on this ship, the deck vast and boundless, his eyes unable to see the other end. All creatures were like a speck of dust in this place, difficult to imagine exactly who it was that built such a thing. 

While Shi Hao was feeling great amazement inside, he also carried a type of chilliness. He actually got on this type of boat. Those who saw it since ancient times have pretty much all died.

Now, he had just taken that step, cultivating a strand of immortal energy, possessing the power to shake up Immortal Ancient, yet in the end, he arrived here. How unfortunate was this? 

"Will I die here?" He asked himself. 

Then, Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eye, the silver-colored symbols forming within his pupils. Then, golden patterns appeared, glistening and bright as he surveyed the entire great ship.

Suddenly, his eyes felt a great pain. The scarlet multicolored light that appeared made his pupils feel as if he was going to be burnt blind.

That was an expanse of blood. Several hundred li from this place, there was bright red blood on the black-colored ancient ship covering the ship's planks. They contained ancient and mysterious symbols that could injure the Heavenly Eye. 

Shi Hao felt a wave of chilliness. What kind of creature did that blood belong to, to not dry after all this time and still have this type of fluctuation, this type of life force and symbols. 

He couldn't even look at it. There was a strange power to it!

There was a lot of this blood scattered all over this ship. There was a layer of mysterious power to it. 

Shi Hao couldn't leave the ancient ship. As long as he rushed towards the sky, he would be pulled back. However, he could walk on the deck of the ship normally.

"Even if sect master level experts came, they still never returned to the world. Could it be because of this, that they couldn't leave the ancient ship, ultimately dying here in meditation?"

Shi Hao thought of something. He walked forward, closing in on an expanse of blood. Sure enough, when he walked a hundred li, he ran into it. If he didn't use the Heavenly Eye, then he would only see a dark red color, able to look directly at it. Once symbols appeared in his eyes, it would instead hurt him. 

This was not only reflected in the Heavenly Eye. When he tried to transfer power, releasing a streak of bone text from his fingertips, it would bring him incredible pain, as if he was being cut by a blade. 

He had previously seen immortal blood, It was holy and divine, but not like this. It was definitely different from the blood before him. This blood was extremely domineering, hard to even approach. 

"What terrifying blood!" He really wanted to get some to research, figure out what exactly it was, what kind of symbols it contained, but in the end, he still gave up. 

He felt like this kind of blood could kill creatures even more powerful than him. If he acted rashly, then he might very well die. 

Sure enough, after making a detour around the blood, he saw a skeleton that was completely ruined. Half of its body was melted, turned into ashes. There was still half that was unharmed. 

He sucked a cold breath of air. The bone material was a faint golden, definitely belonging to a powerful creature, yet in the end, it seemed like it died after trying to obtain the ancient blood. 

"As expected, there were other creatures that came here before, accidentally ending up here." 

This pool of blood stretched out for several li, but compared to the boat as a whole, it was just a small amount. He hurriedly used his Heavenly Eye. He had seen many regions with even greater bloodstains, to the extent where there were some that crossed over a hundred li.

"Why haven't the strange and ominous events appeared yet?" Shi Hao was suspicious. He already arrived on the boat, so why was there no activity?

He continued forward, carefully using the Heavenly Eye to look around. In the end, he found that there was a damaged part of the ancient ship up ahead. He quickly walked over. He felt an even more shocking aura here.

In this area, the deck was full of holes, as if it suffered from a great attack. The surface had hatchet marks and sword holes. A great battle had previously taken place here. 

In that instant, Shi Hao became horrified. Through those holes and marks, there was shocking killing energy surging, making him feel a type of tyrannical aura and battle intent. 

That was definitely left behind by a powerful individual. Their battle traces still haven't disappeared, continuing to release an unimaginable aura that crossed space-time. 

Shi Hao's flame silently appeared, the symbols flickering. Like a mirror, it flickered about here, illuminating all of the traces.

Shi Hao was shocked, but he remained silent, quietly watching everything. 

Soon after, the mysterious flame returned to his body, thus disappearing.

Shi Hao continued on his way again, walking forward. Either way, there was no way to leave. He was already on the black ancient boat, so he went for broke, wishing to see exactly what there was here. 

After walking for several hundred li, he saw an ancient artifact that was similar in material to the body of the ship. It was like metal, but was also like strange ancient wood, pitch-black like ink. 

It was carved into a water jar like object, towering here like a mountain. Golden light surged within, the light fluctuations it released astonishing.

What kind of thing was this?

Shi Hao walked a circle around it, feeling like this truly was like a water jar, just like the ones large ships that set out for sea used to get rid of rain. 

He became more and more confused. What was the use of this 'water jar'. Where was this ancient boat headed? It was so powerful and intimidating, did it really need to use this jar to 'get rid of rain'? 

Shi Hao did everything he could, releasing his divine senses to explore what was inside the water jar. 

His flesh couldn't leave the ground, unable to fly, but his divine senses could. However, when it left a certain distance, it would bring him quite a bit of pain as well, the feeling similar to being cut by a blade. 

He endured this pain. His divine senses climbed up the mountainous water jar and then looked inside. He was immediately shocked!

It was a whole jar of blood, but it was golden, and there were symbols inside. It was as if a lake was rising and falling. It was extremely astonishing. 

"Heavens!" Shi Hao couldn't help but cry out. What creature's blood was this, actually using such a large 'water jar' to hold it? It was too shocking. 

Of course, the most important thing was how terrifying the golden blood was. Once his divine sense closed in, it was directly burned, unable to truly probe inside.

The golden blood contained bone texts, not inferior to the dark red blood all over the deck. It was too tyrannical and terrifying. 

Shi Hao was horrified. He retracted his divine sense, not saying anything for a long time. He silently thought to himself. This place was truly outrageous. 

"It can't be weaker than immortal blood, right?" 

He moved again, and this time, he saw a few other great jars, all of them filled with blood, their colors all different. Some were silver, some red, some black… 

Every single one of them was extremely shocking and incomparably terrifying. The symbols fluctuations they contained were too terrifying, able to easily destroy deities. 

Meanwhile, these were only… the blood of dead creatures!

Shi Hao was stupefied. He silently turned around, looking at these 'great jars'. He found this difficult to believe, unable to figure out how this could be no matter how hard he tried. 

If we used the comparison of an ordinary boat to a sea, then for this ancient boat, what exactly was the 'sea' to be crossed, and where was it?

Moreover, the vessels used to collect rain were carrying this kind of blood, so what kind of skies would release this kind of 'rain'?

Shi Hao's mind's imagination immediately ran wild, his mind now feeling extremely uneasy. 

If he tried to make simple comparisons, it really was too terrifying.

He walked another several thousand li, seeing too many terrifying places. Soon after, he even discovered a broken horn that was as large as a small mountain. It was entirely sparkling and translucent.

Only, it was sticky with blood as it laid there. 

This horn's shape was extremely astonishing, like a deer horn, but also like the broken horn of a True Dragon!

"What kind of place did I end up in exactly?" Shi Hao asked himself. The things he saw along the way were just too astonishing. Even though he couldn't verify what exactly they were, he felt that they were exceptionally extraordinary. 

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