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Chapter 881 - Success

Shi Hao was as vigorous as a tiger. Holy light could be seen around him, leaving behind afterimages as he rushed forward. 

"Lightning moves the nine heavens!" The creature that grasped the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, wearing an armor covered in rust used the most powerful strike, the Lightning Emperor's forbidden secret method.

In the past, Shi Hao had used this method that could cross cultivation realms to kill true deities, shaking up all of Fire Province's grasslands and shocking Goddess Academy. 


Streak after streak of lightning interweaved, condensing the black mist in the sky. There were clouds in the distance as well, forming the world's most basic lightning dao element, about to recreate lightning tribulation. 

This place was extremely dark to begin with, so now that these dark clouds gathered, it was as if night covered this place. Together with the streaks of blazing electrical radiance that released pi pa sounds, blasting through the void, it was as if the end of the world was arriving. 

Shi Hao slaughtered until hot blood surged, battle intent rushing into the heavens. Just now, he already removed the head of the creature with Reincarnation symbols, and now, he was facing the one with the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, still without any fear. 

He warped through the sky, towering in the dark void, allowing the lightning to interweave. He formed imprints with his hands, and then one palm struck towards the sky, one towards the Lightning Emperor technique creature on the earth.

He unexpectedly chose to face this attack head on, not moving out of the way at all.

 In reality, this was perhaps also a decision made without a choice. Once the Lightning Emperor's technique displayed its might, its effects were widespread, impossible to hide from. 

However, this wasn't a true thunderstorm, not meeting the conditions for displaying the ultimate profoundness of this divine ability. As such, he powerfully took action.


In the sky, the ominous back fog couldn't truly replace clouds in the end. There was still some time before the clouds in the distance would gather. Shi Hao's palm shook heaven and earth, making even the void cave in.

However, there was also an enormous streak of silver that struck down. It was incomparably thick, the gathering of lightning element. 

Lightning dao symbols appeared on Shi Hao's body, using this lightning radiance to dissolve the attacks. In addition, the palm he slapped downward with was even more powerful, accompanied with the unmatched profound mysteries of his own precious technique as it struck towards that creature. 


The individual on the ground couldn't avoid it, because the mysterious symbols were extending in the void, shining with incomparable brilliance and interweaving like a spider web as it descended. It sealed off all paths. It faced this attack head on, but in the end, it coughed out blood, its body flying outwards.


Shi Hao shouted. His eyes formed the Martial Dao Heavenly Eye's symbols. Like two True Dragons, that individual's movements were all captured in his mind, allowing him to act in advance.


Shi Hao's palm condensed into the most complex patterns. The Heaven Calamity Light and Reincarnation symbols condensed together, within them a third type of divine patterns as well. 

The power this attack displayed was exceptionally great. Shi Hao's entire arm became resplendent like a golden holy sword. It was the arm of a true immortal that illuminated the heavens. 

He fiercely brandished downwards. The individual who possessed the Lightning Emperor precious techniques suffered serious injuries to begin with, and at this moment, its body's movements were seen through, its next move already guessed. Now that it faced this attack, it couldn't defend against it.


This creature was killed as well, its head flying outwards and exploding in the void, turning into a rain of blood. The headless corpse collapsed.

"Too crazy! Another one was killed?!" In the rear, Cao Yusheng and the others were shocked. What kind of secret method was Shi Hao using, to actually be this tyrannical. 

In reality, not even Shi Hao himself could completely see through the new supreme being technique. He only began to evolve it, still in its budding stages, not truly forming yet. 

Now, he found that this technique could merge together with Reincarnation and Heaven Calamity Light, allowing the power to increase several fold. This was truly a bit shocking!

He didn't know if this was a technique purely of power or if it truly could increase the powers of other supreme being techniques. When it completely matured, everything would be exposed.

When that time came, this type of unmatched technique's power would definitely increase several folds, to the extent of displaying some unknown ability as well. 

"There is still half of them left!" The little rabbit shouted, staring with her red eyes, jumping about excited and stirred up. He was actually a about to succeed, defeat this ominous and auspicious event. 

The creature with Heaven's Hand released strand after strand of white light, attacking indiscriminately. The Kun Peng humanoid who had been struck until it only had half its life left, body in tatters also crawled up to take action.

"Just let it end!" 

Shi Hao shouted. His body shone, releasing techniques that connected the heavens and moved the earth. He led over the gradually scattering lightning clouds with one hand, the other striking forward.

He also displayed the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, using the lightning elements that the previous creature left behind. This was the same as two people's joint power. 

Endless lightning descended. His other hand rose up, producing lightning radiance that hacked down on these two creatures.


The two powerful experts were both scorched black. Even though they weren't dead, they flew upwards, bodies burnt and charred. Lightning released pi pa sounds as it scuttled about randomly on their bodies. 


Shi Hao moved an enormous pair of Kun Peng wings, rushing after them. He used his own innate supreme being techniques as well. With a pu sound, their bodies were struck through.

This place became quiet. The bluestone paths had blood, not black, but actually dark red, looking like they possessed vigorous vitality, different from before.

"Succeeded, you've now taken that step!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out. 

"I… have witnessed a miracle." Cao Yusheng also said, his heart somewhat shaking. It was because from the past to present, how many creatures had died, failing to succeed? Yet today, he witnessed this great achievement.

"Peerless talent!" The little rabbit released rare words of praise, blinking her large eyes. 

"Why hasn't the black mist scattered?" Qing Yi was feeling great joy, but she quickly calmed down. She saw that the situation was strange, hurriedly reminding everyone.

In reality, forget about him, even Shi Hao felt something sinister.

The lamp in the void hadn't scattered, not disappearing. 

Meanwhile, nearby, the black mists became even thicker, exerting a type of pressure, as well as terrifying energy. It was as if the fog of a great abyss had just dispersed, revealing the true malevolent being behind it.

Su su!

Suddenly, the flesh on the ground recombined. The four creatures immediately merged together, turning into one. Kun Peng wings spread out, lightning curled around its body, Reincarnation symbols covering it densely, Heaven Clamity Light merging with its arms. There was also a type of brand new symbol engraved within its body. 

"En?!" Shi Hao was shocked. That was the third supreme being technique he was only starting to unseal, yet it was now possessed by the other party.

This made him shiver inwardly. So fast, so quick. It was the same as having no secrets. 

What exactly was there in the dark and unknown? Wasn't this the same as understanding all precious techniques in this world? Just the thought alone made a chill run through his body, his heart difficult to find peace.


Shi Hao rushed forward murderously, attacking with all he had to kill this creature. He also burned up everything here, not leaving behind any other remains in hopes that his precious techniques wouldn't be leaked out. 

Only, he felt like it might be futile. Even if he killed this creature, that mysterious power would likely still understand everything he had. 


The two individuals crossed hands. Shi Hao fought with everything he had, not giving it the chance to evolve to the extreme. He used all of the methods he had.

The void became indistinct, continuously distorting. This place seemed to be caving in. Symbols and natural law power interweaved, shocking everyone to their core. 

Shi Hao's body was dripping with blood, his injuries not light. However, after colliding several hundred times, he killed that mysterious and sinister creature. Without even thinking another thought, three thousand patterns interweaved, burning everything clean. 

Regardless, he was still going to burn away all of the traces to prevent anything about himself from being exposed. He began to dispel the black fog and hack at the ancient lamp in the void.


Suddenly, the ancient lamp released a light cry, and like a mirror, displayed the decisive scene from just now. It rushed into the distance, about to leave.

"Succeeded! Even the abnormalities are running!" The little rabbit cried out excitedly. 

Shi Hao's expression, however, changed. What he was fearing the most was happening after all. He didn't have any secrets left. The mysterious natural laws brought the lamp into the distance. 

Shi Hao didn't have time to worry about his injuries. He chased after it, wishing to see where the strangeness originated from, and even more so to destroy that ancient lamp. 

"Turns out it wasn't a true understanding, needing this ancient lamp to bring everything it has witnessed back." He said to himself. 

Previously, he had all types of speculations, believing that it was a land of illusions, but now it seemed like the dark unknown indeed had some type of power, able to do terrifying things. 

"From the ancient times until now, has it aroused the most powerful mysterious techniques of every single heavenly talent and then brought them back?" He didn't know if this was true.


Shi Hao shouted loudly. With the Void Halberd in hand, he soared through the air, hacking down on that ancient lamp. 

It released sinister light, rotating about. The heart of the lamp became even more bright, illuminating all of Shi Hao's flesh, making him seem nearly transparent. 

Even the mysterious fiery light within the very depths of Shi Hao's body was displayed and lit up. 

However, because of this, the ancient lamp trembled, and then became dim. It quickly left into the distance, as if it had sensed something bad. 

With a shua sound, a fist sized lump of fiery light flew out from within Shi Hao, one formed from all types of symbols. It rushed forward to chase after the ancient lamp.

Then, a crisp sound rang through the air. The lamp split apart, turning into broken pieces. 

At the same time, this flame engulfed the heaven and earth, weaving and warping about, burning away all of the remaining black fog, not leaving anything behind. 

"What is this?"

"Did you finally succeed ? There isn't going to be anything else ominous that will happen, right?" 

The little fatty Cao Yusheng and Qing Yi all chased over, revealing shocked expressions. 

That fiery light descended, entering Shi Hao's body before disappearing. 

"Over there… there are fluctuations!" Shi Hao sensed a wave of sinister energy that was even more ominous than before.

After some hesitation, he rushed over, arriving beyond the three thousand bluestone paths. He saw an enormous black crack in the void that was like a great valley. 

Was the source of all the strangeness inside this great crack? 

After arriving here, Shi Hao's entire body became cold. Even someone as powerful as him felt as if he fell into an icehouse, a wave of bone chilling coldness filling him. This was not just purely from the outside, but also from deep within his heart. 

This place was dangerous without a doubt. However, he still endured it, walking forward to take a look, even if he didn't enter and just looked in from the outside. 

It was because he just had too many suspicions. What exactly was this thing, what exactly were the origins of the strange and ominous? 


The people behind them shouted, quickly catching up. 

Shi Hao took a deep breath and walked forward, arriving before that enormous crack in the void. He looked inside.

In that instant, his face became pale. He saw what was inside, and then he immediately thought of a legend. His expression was unpleasant to look act, his heart greatly shaken. 

"All of you, get away, quick, you all cannot come over, cannot see it!" Shi Hao roared. His expression was anxious, stopping the others from approaching. 

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