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Chapter 883 - Frightening

A dragon horn dyed with blood, sparkling and translucent. He could feel an intimidating energy as soon as he approached, as if it was going to cut apart his soul!

Shi Hao's eyes were fervent with desire. If it was a dragon horn and he brought it away with him, how shocking would its worth be?

However, he had no way of getting close to it. Even though that horn fell off, it was still full of life force. Symbols swirled about it on its own, able to kill all those who it made contact with.

Shi Hao could only stare helplessly at this supreme treasure without the slightest means of doing anything to it. This thing was too formidable. 

Based on his speculations, if this horn was left behind by a pure-blooded True Dragon, once it was refined into a precious artifact, it would become one of the higher realms' greatest weapons, something simply impossible to appraise.

After pacing back and forth for a long time, he could only leave in the end.

"I really am unwilling to give up here…" Even though he was in a dangerous place with ominous things possibly thrown at him at any moment, Shi Hao still felt like this, looking back three times towards that horn with every step. 

Suddenly, he saw something else. It was a scale. This thing was sticky with blood, and symbols were fluctuating intensely about.

It was golden in color, a foot or so in length. There were many strange patterns on its surface, forming an ancient symbol. It looked quite like the character 'defy'. 

Was it related to that dragon? Shi Hao stared at it, hesitating again. He similarly couldn't approach this scale. 

However, what was unexpected was that the flame in his body unexpectedly rushed out, landing on that scale and burning about, acquiring a bit of golden light and devouring it.

What was it doing? Shi Hao was confused. 

Soon after, the mysterious flame flew up, returning to his body. Meanwhile, that scale's powerful symbol fluctuations already disappeared, becoming simple and unadorned. 

It was a glistening yellow, the resplendent golden light now withdrawn, giving it a type of profound appearance. It now lacked a bit of magnificence, as if it had just experienced the baptism of time. 

The killing energy disappeared? Shi Hao was shocked. This type of feeling wouldn't be wrong. 

He reached out his divine senses and carefully closed in, discovering that he wasn't injured. Then, he released bone texts, using precious techniques to seize it. There were no negative consequences to this action either. 

He quickly picked it up, discovering that this scale was a hundred thousand jin by itself, quite absurd. It was heavy beyond imagination. 


He lightly flicked it with his hand, releasing a metallic sound, clear and melodious. It was an inch thick and a foot long. There should be enough materials to turn it into a precious artifact. 

Perhaps this was a natural precious artifact in itself. 

"If I can return alive, I should go ask Dragon Girl if this really is a dragon scale…" He said to himself. 

Along the way, he saw many sinister things, some extremely terrifying, others with astonishing value. However, he had no way of approaching and bringing away any of them. 


Suddenly Shi Hao discovered that he had traveled through over ten thousand li, already closing in on the hold of this ancient ship. Outside of this ship hold was an altar that was entirely pitch-black, its surface carrying many ancient engravings.

Those patterns were all extremely profound, and they were also covered in blade and sword marks, so it was clear that a battle had happened here before. The flame within him took action again, illuminating all of them. 

Shi Hao followed the enormous stairs, continuously climbing up this black altar that was even larger than a mountain. 

At the top of this black-colored altar was a pond that caved inward. There was unexpectedly five-colored liquid inside that looked like jade liquid, sparkling and translucent. Resplendent multicolored light was being released as well. 

"This is also… blood?" Shi Hao shivered inwardly. After carefully observing it, he confirmed that it was. Was this being used as a sacrifice?

This type of blood was definitely strange. He felt an immeasurable power from it just by looking at it. Shi Hao felt like this blood was even more formidable than the dark red blood, and it carried biting cold killing intent! 

"The things here are all powerful, filled with killing intent, as if they all came from a battlefield. Could it be some type of illusion?" 

He didn't dare use his Heavenly Eye, fearing that the movement of their symbols would arouse the killing intent within this five-colored blood. He could sense a strangeness just by looking at it normally.

This altar unexpectedly produced a rumbling sound. The five-colored liquid released a shocking scene, and there were even vague sounds.

He carefully observed it, his mind extremely concentrated. That wasn't an illusion. It was becoming more and more distinct. 


Suddenly, he heard war shouts. That five-colored blood released great waves, rising and falling like vast bodies of water. The blurry scene inside slowly appeared. 

That was… an enormous ancient city, as well as a boundless battlefield. Shouts of war shook the heavens. The experts there could all destroy stars and capture moons, all of them ridiculously powerful. 

That city was incomparably steady, stretching across the wilderness, inconceivably large, as if it was a world of its own.


That battle displayed the greatest divine power fluctuations. There were symbols that surged, making quite a few of the stars in the sky fall. 

That type of battle was too vicious, simply unimaginable!

Then, he saw a few individuals who were supporting each other under the setting sun, walking towards that enormous ancient city. Their wounded bodies were swaying, as if they were going to fall at any time. 

Under the setting sun, their bodies looked extremely large, not appearing weak because of their injuries. They all possessed matchless auras. 

Seven of them, like seven unmatched kings, supported each other, walking through endless corpses to return to the enormous city and protect it. 

Soon after, endless terrifying creatures slaughtered their way over. There was a divine dao aura, as if they were already undying, and there was immortal light as well. It was incomparably frightening. 


Those seven individuals were covered in blood. They were incomparably large and tall as they stood at the front of the city. They roared towards the sky, rushing out again to kill the endless enemies. 

At this moment, Shi Hao's blood was resonating, surging and roiling. A symbol appeared on his forehead as well, becoming more resplendent than before, the symbols interweaving, holy light surging into the heavens!

Shi Hao felt a wave of sadness. This wasn't a character of sin, but glory. He remembered that the very first time the sinner's blood surged, his forehead bone shone, scattering the clouds, he heard a voice. 

"We are not sinners… the blood flowing through our bodies is not foul, but full of glory, recording our previous accomplishments and glory."

"We… are not sinners, our ancestors… are still fighting there, a world separating us, cutting off their own paths back. They are still fighting a bloody battle, guarding the desolate border." 

When he thought back to this voice, Shi Hao was greatly shaken up!

"Desolate border, is that the desolate border? Where is it? The day will come when I will slaughter my way over there!" Shi Hao clenched his fists. 

The five-colored blood shone, the scene inside gradually becoming blurry. He could vaguely see a scene. One of the seven great kings fell, all of the stars dimming in response. 

"We are fighting, separated by heaven and earth, but we can't hold on. What about those who come later? The contract…" 

Those were the voices of the six great kings who were still alive. Their enormous figures were sticky with blood, riddled with stars. They were supporting each other, appearing extremely sad under the setting sun. 

Shi Hao's nose felt sore, and his eyes a bit blurry as he watched one of the kings fall. He felt great grief inside, truly wishing he could help them in some way.

"Where are you all? Where is the desolate border?" His voice was trembling.

"Contract… could it be the archaic contract?" He thought of the contract he heard from the Celestial Clan, wondering if they were the same thing. 


After a final tremble, the altar's great waves receded, and Shi Hao also saw a final scene on the lake surface. A black-colored ancient ship was crossing the desolate border, carrying blood with it as it entered the great void crack.

"This ship?!" 

Shi Hao was shaken up, his mind heavy. 

Was this the source of the ominous and inauspicious? This boat's origins were shocking. Was its appearance here good or bad?

There was no longer any activity. He got down from the altar and silently thought for a bit. Then, he walked towards the inside of the ship hold. This ship was too large, making him feel like an ant walking inside of a grand palace. 

Only, this place was pitch-black with a heavy fog. The gray fog pervaded from within, carrying ominous and inauspicious things. 

"Since I can't leave anyway, I might as well explore to its end." 

Shi Hao decided he would just risk it all. It was rumored that the people who ended up on this boat all died, no way they could leave it alive. There was no worse conclusion already, so there wasn't anything to be scared of at this point.

Of course, the only hope was the flame within his body. 

The yin energy here was too heavy. When he walked inside, he was given a fright. It was different from how he had imagined it. What kind of ship hold was this? It was clearly a world of its own with mountains and rivers. 

An incomparably massive mountain towered. Even though it was broken, it still towered into the clouds. 

Underneath the mountain, corpses could be seen everywhere. They had on archaic clothing, with battle clothes from Immortal Ancient. The ones wearing them were all extremely old, mysterious and terrifying. 

At the foot of the mountain was an ancient stone cauldron, incredibly massive and vaguely releasing multicolored light. This was the only source of auspicious light visible in this dusky land of death. 

Shi Hao walked closer. He rubbed his eyes, making sure that he wasn't dreaming. Next to the stone cauldron was an enormous jade table. What was that?

There was blood all over its surface, as well as weak light. Heads rested on top of it one after another.

Aside from this, there were memorial tablets with ancient words carved atop, words he didn't even recognize. 

When he slightly probed out with his divine senses, dao sounds rumbled, and then he understood the meaning of those characters. It was just too ancient, the words different from those of the present world.

"Great Scarlet Sky Lord, Qing Wei Lord, Yu Yu Lord…"

Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air. What kind of place did he arrive at, to actually see such strange and terrifying scenes? It made his scalp go numb. 

Great Scarlet Sky Lord, Qing Wei Lord, who were these people? They were immortals!

Even now, there was still a Scarlet Sky Flame, Yu Yu Flame, and others in the world, 'immortal seeds' that they left behind, yet right now, he actually reached this place, seeing their memorial tablets. 

Of course, this wasn't the most terrifying thing. What truly left Shi Hao horrified was the head in front of the memorial tablet. It was sticky with sparkling blood, not withering way yet. 

"Could it be that these heads belong to Great Scarlet Sky Lord, Qing Wei Lord, Yu Yu Lord, and figures like these?"

Shi Hao's fine hairs immediately stood on end, feeling that this was inconceivable.


A weak light flickered. The heads and memorial tablets on the long jade table all disappeared. That stone cauldron released a vague flicker. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. Was this an illusion, or was it a reflection of what was inside the stone cauldron?

He stared at that cauldron. Even though there was a lid on it, as well as an unmatched seal, there were still strands of multicolored light seeping out. 

Apart from this, the cauldron was covered with cracks, already splitting apart, ready to shatter at any moment!

Ever since he arrived on this ancient ship, everything he saw was outrageous, especially this place, which was even more frightening. Shi Hao stared at the stone cauldron, feeling a bone chilling coldness. It wasn't the temperature that decreased, but a coldness that originated from his heart.

How could it be like this? This place was inconceivable, actually having these types of thing! 

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