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Chapter 880 - Suppress

No matter who saw this result, all of their minds would tremble. Such a powerful group of people, clearly the result of precious techniques displayed to their limit, working together to suppress Shi Hao. 

A single one of these creatures could overlook the world while moving, showing disdain towards all others at their level. Now that four of them walked together, how could they be stopped? 

The black fog rushed over, spreading over the three thousand ancient paths, filling this place with coldness and killing intent. Four powerful experts walked closer step by step, all of their auras astonishing.

They revealed their true appearances. They weren't bodies covered with bronze armor, different from what they had seen in the past. One wore feathered clothes, another an armor that was full of holes, all of them vivid and lifelike. 

These people's eyes were full of radiance, not stiff and inflexible like the ones before. When they opened and closed their eyes, astonishing radiance could be seen, as if they had life. 

This made people tremble inwardly. The situation was not looking good.

Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and the little rabbit were all quite worried, but they couldn't offer any help. They backed up, only able to watch this battle. 

Shi Hao didn't produce a weapon, standing there unarmed, because he knew that this was a confrontation of precious techniques, a competition of the flesh. External objects were useless. If he really did bring out a weapon, then it might very likely be destroyed. 

The four great experts were too extraordinary, all of them incomparably terrifying. 

Even though the enemy was extremely powerful, Shi Hao still had to fight. This was the final trial. Once he made it through, he would be like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, becoming a king!

If he failed, then his body and dao would be erased, no longer existing in this world. A battle of life or death, whether the road ahead would be glorious, everything rested on this battle. He had no way out, so he had to have confidence.

"Kill them all!" 

Shi Hao shouted, taking the initiative to attack. He leapt up into the skies. An enormous pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, the golden feathers carrying black-colored stripes, covering heaven and earth. 

He displayed the Kun Peng's technique to its limit. All sides were shaken, the void splitting apart. He fought against these four great experts alone.

"Fighting against me with my Kun Peng technique?" 

What was frightening was that the black-colored Kun Peng winged male on the other side actually spoke. His eyes were resplendent, making others alarmed.

"Does he have intelligence? Is it a complete creature, not one controlled by a mysterious power?" In the rear, the Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely while trembling greatly. 


Shi Hao didn't move. A myriad of symbols appeared from the Kun Peng wings, shining with brilliance. It was as if endless stars smashed over from beyond, blasting down on the four great experts before him. 


That person released a low roar. Black-colored Kun Peng wings appeared, moving about, smashing into his golden wings. 


This was like a collision of heaven and earth, the sounds enormous. It was as if the heavens and earth were collapsing. The feathers of these two individuals' wings flew everywhere, continuously falling, carrying traces of blood.


The void collapsed, releasing a powerful rumbling sound. 

At the same time, the other three experts took action as well. Lightning, Reincarnation, Heaven's Hand, they all struck over. It was as if a scorching sun was exploding.

At this moment, this place became incredibly magnificent, only, this type of beauty made one's heart tremble. Countless great cracks were extending through space into all directions. No matter what cultivation realm one was at, they would still tremble upon seeing this.

To distort the void with just the flesh at that cultivation realm, directly blasting through it, it was too extraordinary. 

A large hand slapped over, striking towards Shi Hao's chest. It was Heaven's Hand, releasing deafening rumbling sounds.


An expanse of light surged from within Shi Hao's flesh, turning into a large hand, colliding with it. A white light similar to the light of ascension rushed in all directions, a confrontation at the peak of power.


After just this simple word, the Lightning Emperor creature rushed over. Lightning radiance shot in all directions, tribulation clouds covering everything densely, hacking down onto Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao's entire body released light. Endless lightning poured out from his Kun Peng wings, sweeping forward like ocean waves, battering at that individual. 

Following a peng sound, the void smashed apart. There were electrical arcs everywhere, with radiance covering every region. 

Immediately afterwards, an ancient aura swept outwards. Shi Hao knew that this was Reincarnation power. That person's face was continuously changing, from an elder to a child, and then back to an elder; it was incomparably terrifying. 

Now that he encountered this type of precious technique, Shi Hao had no choice but to face it head on. However, he was extremely careful as well, not allowing even the slightest bit to affect him. With a hong sound, Reincarnation symbols surged, clashing intensely with the resplendent light up ahead. 

This place became completely chaotic.

Just this first exchange of attacks was already intense to the extreme, making others tremble. 

In the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint, the five individuals continuously collided, the sounds released deafening. Murderous energy swept out in all directions. This type of battle exceeded the imaginations of everyone at this level, absolutely world shocking.

This wasn't just a confrontation between people at the Divine Flame Realm. It already exceeded the limits of what people at this level should have. 

It was too fast! This type of speed exceeded the understanding of normal people. They were all afterimages, to the extent where the speed alone already affected the stability of the space around this place, as if even time itself became distorted. 

"Not creatures, but a type of embodiment of four types of profound mysteries evolved to the limit. Just what kind of things are your consciousnesses attached to?" Shi Hao was shocked and bewildered. This was too inconceivable.

He sensed it, his powerful divine senses telling him that these weren't true creatures. Even though they looked real, there were still holes in their existence. 

"Can it be that I am in some type of illusion and fighting against myself?" Shi Hao developed suspicions, feeling that he was perhaps fighting against the profound mysteries that he comprehended, as if he instantly saw through everything.

Were the so-called ominous and strange events just this?


Shi Hao took a blow, the attack originating from the Heaven's Hand individual. If it wasn't him, anyone else would have been blasted apart, turned into a bloody paste.

He was the one that had this precious technique, so he naturally knew how terrifying it was. Heaven Calamity Light appeared behind him, and then it turned into a palm, hurriedly blocking it. 


Blood splashed outwards. Shi Hao's back was injured, and his mouth coughed out a large mouthful of blood as well.

At the same time, the Lightning Emperor's secret technique appeared. Ten thousand streaks of electrical radiance interweaved, and then many stars emerged, as if this was a sea of cosmos. They surrounded him within, all of it produced by lightning.

Shi Hao suffered another attack, electrical arcs releasing pi pa sounds around him. 

"Who cares what you all really are! I'll just suppress and kill you all!" He shouted, not thinking about anything more. He concentrated his attention, fighting with everything he had. 

The great battle was too intense. Shi Hao was fighting four enemies, all of them not weaker than himself. It was to the extent where in terms of precious techniques, those four reached the limits of perfection. 

They warped and weaved about, fighting endlessly. It had to be said that Shi Hao ignited three thousand dao flames, so his strength improved by leaps and bounds, becoming quite a bit more powerful than before. 

What was even more important was that his comprehension of the dao, his analysis of his future path had already matured, filled with dao intent, symbols filling the skies. 

Originally, their strength were similar, but his understanding of the dao and world was comparatively much greater, and as such, he was able to weave about these four great experts. 

After all, even though these four experts were strong, their bodies still had problems, without as much experience as himself. 

The fight was intense. Shi Hao continuously coughed out blood. Even though he was powerful, being attacked from all sides still put him in great danger. 

"Seal, open!"

Shi Hao shouted. Within his body, supreme being blood surged. He displayed his innate secret techniques to suppress the four great experts. 

Heaven's Hand and Reincarnation merged together, and there was even a third type of strange symbols that appeared, merging together. This was a trump card that he relied on. He had previously researched and studied it, but ultimately decided to seal it. 

He didn't use this type of power before igniting the three thousand streaks of dao flames. 

Sure enough, because he had sealed it, none of the enemies displayed this type of profound mystery. He displayed it fully, tearing apart the void. Brilliant lights surrounded heaven and earth. 


On the other side, the one with Kun Peng wings took on this resplendent strike, blasted outwards, flesh hacked into tatters.


The one with Reincarnation Symbols had his head brushed by a streak of holy light. Blood surged.

"I will kill all of you!" Shi Hao roared. He charged forward, about to eliminate all of the ominous and inauspicious existences.

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