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Chapter 879 - Three Thousand Road End

In the depths of his flesh, wisps of light could be seen, calm and unmoving, laying dormant within. 

Even with the heavenly eye, it was still a bit blurry, but he was now sure that those were flames that were extremely familiar. He had seen these before! 

"It actually ran into my body! I never noticed it all this time. It didn't injure me!" 

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. He had previously seen a flame next to the nine coffins that was incomparably mysterious. It had previously forced away the Green Lunar Flame, so one could very well imagine how powerful and immeasurable it was!

He had previously heard Qi Daolin grumble indistinctly to himself that this flame could burn all evils, purge heaven and earth. From a certain perspective, it couldn't be considered a flame, because it was made out of symbols. 

The only reason they called it a flame was because the mysterious symbols shone. They merged together and looked like flames. 

How was he supposed to summon it and transfer it? These mysterious symbols contained tremendous secrets. If he could comprehend through them, he might have a solution to all of the auspicious and strange things. 

No matter how many came, he might be able to burn through them all!

Shi Hao tried to communicate with it, but it didn't move, laying dormant. 

For the next few days, Shi Hao's divine senses permeated into his body, roaming about these mysterious symbols. He wanted to have it revive so he could communicate with it. 

However, he was disappointed, unable to obtain the slightest bit of progress. 

Following a light sigh, Shi Hao got up. He walked down from the Dao Comprehension Stone and looked into the distance. 

"Qing Yi, please burn me with your Green Lunar Flame!" He suddenly said this. 

"Did you go stupid?" The little rabbit said inarticulately while nibbling on a holy medicine, looking at him with her widened eyes. 

Qing Yi and Cao Yusheng were stunned as well. The origins of the green ancient flame were astonishing, born in Immortal Ancient, known as an 'immortal seed' left behind by the matchless true immortal Qing Yue. 

Using it to burn oneself, there was definitely no good result from it. 

The reason why Qing Yi was okay was because this flame acknowledged her. They coexisted with each other, and she had a chance of obtaining its inheritance.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine as long as it's a bit weaker. I have something inside of me that I need to test out." Shi Hao said. 

When Qing Yi found out that the other flame was in Shi Hao's body, she couldn't help but feel stunned. There was actually this type of thing that happened!

A strand of green flame seeped out, slowly approaching Shi Hao's body, extremely gentle. It entered his body, pure like green moonlight. 

"It hurts so much!" Shi Hao grimaced. As soon as he got closer, his flesh felt like it was being hacked by blades. He felt incomparable pain. 

Qing Yi carefully controlled it, having the flame calm down, the offensive power decreased. She moved it closer to the region where the mysterious flame laid dormant. 

Suddenly, multicolored light flashed, symbols shining resplendently. The Green Lunar Flame retreated on its own, not proceeding further. It was useless even if she tried to control it. 

Shi Hao sighed. It seems like he can't really depend on this flame anymore. There was no way unless he acted recklessly, splitting apart his own body and defending himself with that area of his flesh. 

Only… that was too miserable. 

"Since there were others who were able to pass this trial, then I can as well. I have to think of a way to tread on this path." Shi Hao temporarily gave up on that thought.

The flame was the final hand he was most reluctant to play. If there was still a possibility, he wouldn't use it. It was because even if he split apart his own body, if those symbols didn't want to move, there was still a chance that it wouldn't help him. 

"All those who were able to succeed since the ancient time, without exception, had to use that streak of immortal energy. As long as you can persevere on, when you can control it on your own, you can defeat everyone in your way." Cao Yusheng said. 

Shi Hao nodded, not saying anything.

He entered isolation cultivation again, not to ignite dao flames, but to comprehend himself on a deeper level, to observe his own flesh and soul, unearth all potential.

"Is what you said true? The so-called ancient past is Immortal Ancient Great Era, right? Are you sure that there were ominous events even back then?" The little rabbit muttered. 

"It is just something I am speculating. Right now, he needs confidence!" Cao Yusheng said. 

The Lunar Jade Hair rolled its eyes, not paying him any more attention.

Right now, regardless of whether it was Qing Yi or the Divine Striking Stone, none of them could offer much help, only able to worry. However, the little fatty Cao Yusheng's inheritance was strange, and he knew quite a bit. 

Shi Hao didn't act rashly. He continued to observe the supreme being blood, because he always felt like that strand of immortal energy didn't scatter and was instead absorbed inside. There was no way there were no changes at all. 

He waited patiently. Half a month later, he finally discovered something different with his Martial Dao Heavenly Eye!

"A new type of symbol has started to appear, evolving, forming, and tangling together!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Apart from Heaven's Hand and Reincarnation symbols' merging, a third type of symbol appeared in his supreme being blood, only, it was still in its beginning stages, difficult to be sure what kind of ability it had exactly. 

He poured all of his concentration into this, silently observing and carefully sensing the changes. For him, this was a completely new experience. He was witnessing the birth process of an extremely powerful precious technique!

He could vaguely see the origins and development of the road of cultivation. His primordial spirit was completely immersed, carefully observing and silently receiving enlightenment. 

This type of development was extremely hard to obtain for cultivators!

However, how many people could accomplish this? The number of people who had Heavenly Eyes were pitifully few to begin with, and after obtaining them, how could they encounter this type of opportunity, personally witnessing the birth of an unmatched technique?!

Observing, experiencing this type of evolution, for Shi Hao, was the opening of a new world. For him, it possessed unimaginable meaning.

"The road of cultivation, the path of origins, the path of ascension, is similar as well. It is just like this, established bit by bit, and only then will it flourish like today." 

After who knew how much time had passed, the supreme being blood gradually calmed down, and those symbols stopped their transformation, entering a state of hibernation. 

A third unmatched technique was, without a doubt, going to take form. It only needed time!

As such, Shi Hao closed his eyes, his mind carefully thinking for an extremely long time. Only after that did he walk down from the Dao Comprehension Stone feeling incredibly enriched, his harvest great. 

"There will be a day when I will establish a completely new cultivation method, one different from the Immortal Ancient Great Era, one that is different from that of the present great era as well, a completely different path that will transcend above. 

Shi Hao said quietly. This type of thought emerged in his mind.

When the others heard him, they all became petrified. What kind of boldness was this? Was he going to produce an entirely different cultivation system?!

They felt that it wasn't realistic. Opening a different path was harder than climbing to heaven. 

Immortal Ancient Great Era had immortal seed inheritances. This great era cultivated bone texts, so it was difficult for them to imagine what other types of paths there could be. Could other systems even appear? 

"The road is long. Right now, I can only accumulate experience, only have a few vague thoughts, powerless to do anything now. However, in the future, that day will come." Shi Hao said. 


Suddenly, a streak of lightning hacked down from the heavens, blasting him until he flew outwards, his body dripping with blood. The lightning was terrifying to the extreme! 

If it was anyone else, they would have definitely turned into ashes. However, Shi Hao stuck it through!

The little rabbit was stupefied, and then it shouted, "Look, you were speaking randomly. See, you were even struck by lightning!" 

The Divine Striking Stone, Qing Yi, and Cao Yusheng's expressions changed. Their minds were greatly shaken!

This great era was already without lightning tribulation, disappearing with the end of the last great era. However, right now, it unexpectedly appeared again. 

It was rumored that in Immortal Ancient, there were unmatched creatures who shocked the heavens with their words, consequently stirring up great lightning tribulation. However, that was something that happened in the Immortal Ancient Great Era! How could they have appeared in this era?

They looked towards Shi Hao, their expressions strange. Could it be that this type of cultivation path really might appear in the future?

If that really was the case, then the effects would definitely be tremendous, no end of achievements!

Shi Hao calmly comprehended again. He observed the changes that were happening in his supreme being blood, and only after a month had passed did he open his eyes, preparing to come out of isolation and ignite the three thousand dao flames. 

"Careful, do only what you are capable of!" What else could they say? They couldn't advise him against this, so they could only wish him well.

Soon after, all three thousand bluestone paths illuminated, burning fiercely. Symbols overflowed into the heavens, immediately engulfing the heavens, as if it was going to tear apart the skies. 

Without a doubt, the disturbance here already created some irregularities within a few small worlds. 

Everyone could feel that a strange energy was pervading the air. Heart shaking fluctuations were extending, leaving all of them feeling shocked and confused. 

The bluestone paths' dao flames burned the nine heavens, the world rumbling. A furnace was condensed, wrapping around Shi Hao. The symbols of three thousand great dao turned into flames, carrying out a refinement. 

This place rumbled with dao sound, shaking heaven and earth. 

This type of unrest was unprecedented, exceeding all of their predictions. 

The Divine Striking Stone even set a formation to isolate this place, but boundless ripples still traveled in all directions, spreading outwards.


After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao released a roar. Even though his entire body was burnt black, there was a forceful wave of vitality that surged outwards. His gaze looked even more like cold electricity. 

He already got up. Even though he was seriously injured this time, his body in a terrible state, it wasn't as serious as they had imagined. The inside of his body was shining.

Soon after, a great power surged from inside outwards, recovering his injured body, the rays of light resplendent. 

He felt more powerful than he had ever been before, advancing quite greatly. He didn't even use the Half Ginseng Fruit, yet his body was already roughly recovered, making it through the refinement of the flames. 

A strand of immortal energy also appeared, wrapped around him like a true dragon, moving around his body, making him look aloof and transcendent. He succeeded!

Shi Hao didn't waste any time. He asked Qing Yi, the little rabbit and the others to send over the medicines. He quickly devoured them to recover his body to its optimal state. 

It was because the ominous was already approaching, reaching outside the bluestone paths.

This time, it wasn't quite the same. It wasn't gray fog, but rather pitch-black, inklike streams of energy. There was a deathly stillness. It lacked life force. One could see that several figures were closing in. 

The ancient lamp suspended in the sky, releasing chilly radiance. 

This time, the number of figures that appeared was a bit different, unexpectedly less of them towering in the black fog. 

"Did the difficulty decrease? Even heaven seems to want to help him." The Divine Striking Stone muttered, revealing a happy expression.

"Let's hope that is the case." Cao Yusheng said. 

However, soon after, they closed their mouths, revealing a concentrated expression. They stared forward with disbelief. 

The first figure that appeared was tall and sturdy, eyes resplendent. On his back was a pair of pitch black wings that carried golden patterns.

"Heavens, those are Kun Peng wings, only, the colors seems a bit off!" The little rabbit cried out with shock. 

There was no mistaking that energy!

The second creature appeared, black-colored lightning wrapped around it, its body carrying pitch-black bloodstains, as if it had just withdrawn from the battlefield, the armor on its body full of holes. 

"This… don't tell me that it is created in the Lightning Emperor's image… right?" The Divine Striking Stone stuttered. 

The third creature walked out, its body curling with waves of heaven tribulation light. 

The fourth creature walked out. It looked quite strange, its appeared to be changing from an elder to a child, continuously changing, as if it was undergoing reincarnation!

"Not good!" 

When these people saw these four creatures, they were all horrified, because they were too powerful, all evolved to the limit!

Were there still more? They didn't know.

"It's not that bad. This time, I'll eliminate them all at once. I want to see if there will be more ominous events. If there are, then I'll wipe them all out!" Shi Hao said, his voice resounding, ringing through this world. 

Right now, all three thousand bluestone paths were swaying in response. 

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