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Chapter 878 - Immortal Energy Nourishing the Body

"Success, truly succeeded! This is too great! This is the 'one from dao' true meaning, immortal dao energy!" 

The little rabbit cried out loudly, becoming extremely happy, her rubylike large eyes completely round as she looked forward. Right now, she was like a pure little girl, jumping and hopping about. 

"Truly… inconceivable. I actually personally witnessed such a miracle!" Cao Yusheng was stunned. He also couldn't help but cry out.

One had to bear in mind that there were many heaven warping creatures from the past to present, but they failed one after another, body and dao erased, unable to succeed. 

Yet now, so close to them, a youth with immortal energy appeared. How could they not be shaken?

"It's finished, finally making it through the tribulation of death. I hope everything will go smoothly and perfectly." Qing Yi was also overjoyed, her beautiful eyes flickering with luster. This was truly an incredibly grand event. 

For Immortal Ancient, whenever anyone took that step, it would signify extremely profound effects, relating to many people's lives and deaths. 

Once one succeeded, they wouldn't need to fear group battles. No matter how great the numbers, no one could kill the one who produced immortal energy. He was now truly a king, those of this generation unable to stop him!

These types of existences' futures were impossible to estimate!

"Haha…" The Divine Striking Stone laughed crazily, crying out, "Let's go back and deal with all of those sects' people, purge them one by one and steal all of their divine materials." 

It wished for the whole world to be in chaos, desiring all types of divine stones, wishing to use them to evolve. 

Only the Void Sky Divine Vine said with a trembling voice, "Careful, the closer one is to success, the more dangerous it is. That thing will come again." 

It had previously experienced it, remembering the events of the past, making it feel lingering fear even now!

Shi Hao succeeded, but he suffered serious injuries, almost dying. His body was burnt black both inside and outside, all five main internal organs releasing strand after strand of light smoke. His skeleton was about to split apart. 

This was an oman of being burnt to waste. His injuries were too severe. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely died, there was no way they would still be alive. 

The withered body was like a skeleton, cracked skin covering his bones, all vitality gone. If not for the pure white strand of immortal energy revolving around him, it would truly be hard for one to believe that this was a hero who could overlook immortal Ancient. 

His situation was utterly terrible, a lamp out of oil. If anyone attacked him now, he might be directly cut down. 

An ancient lamp appeared, faint and indistinct as it moved over.

The gray-colored mists seemed to gather from beyond the three thousand bluestone paths, richer and more boundless that before. The pressure it released was suffocating.

In that instant, Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and the little rabbit's fine hairs stood on end, feeling chills run down their bodies from head to toe. This was a life and death trial, just like facing a god of death, as if they had fallen into the underworld. 

They were all shivering in fear. This kind of feeling was too terrifying. They vaguely felt as if they had already been pulled into the depths of death, that it would be hard for them to continue living.

"All of you, back off!"

Shi Hao said. He swallowed the Half Ginseng Fruit with difficulty, surrounding his body with its brilliance to heal his injured body. 

He knew that he now encountered huge trouble!

Right now, his body's state was as bad as bad could be. Would he even make it in time? Even though he ate the holy and divine precious medicines, there was still no way he would recover completely.

Dong, dong, dong...

A demonic figure walked over, tall and heroic, its footsteps ringing through one's heart like a divine drum, making one feel as if their bodies were going to explode. 

This wasn't the most terrifying thing. There were still figures that appeared in other regions, releasing heaven overflowing light flames, carrying electric radiance, or descending like divine kings. 

"What is going on? So many of them came at once?!" The Divine Striking Stone was horrified.

The others' expressions became pale as well. This was definitely a hopeless situation. Figures surrounded them from all sides, and a row of figures was appearing. Five, six… or even more?!

The gray mist became hazy. Those footsteps became one, sounding more and more terrifying. 

Some of those figures were resplendent like rainbows, some pitch-black like ink, some indistinct, they were all different. It was quite different from last time. 

One could imagine that if every single one of them were as powerful as the previous Shi Hao, with so many of them appearing at once now, it would undoubtedly result in death. There wouldn't be the slightest bit of suspense!

"Turns out to be this difficult…" Shi Hao revealed a bitter smile. Even though the Half Ginseng Fruit was quickly restoring his body and treating his injuries, even if he was at his peak, so what?

So many people who weren't weaker than him, if they took action together… it was too difficult. There was no hope to be seen.

Soon after, he calmed down. He still reached this step in the end, so regardless, he had to fight. He wouldn't shrink back. 

"This immortal energy has wonderful uses, worth trying out." He said softly. He was going to display the most powerful might, face his enemy with the greatest stance. 

However, immediately afterwards, Shi Hao's face paled. He staggered, almost falling onto the ground.

That immortal energy… broke apart. It originally wrapped around his body, yet now, it broke into many different parts. He lost his connection to it. It floated at his side, and even though it was still mysterious, it separated from him. 

What was going on? 

"Heavens! How could it be like this?" The others were all stupefied. Shocking changes took place. There was simply no way to use that streak of immortal energy, it unexpectedly scattered, turning into different parts. 

"What the fuck!" The Divine Striking Stone couldn't help but curse. 

The situation was critical. Shi Hao's state immediately became more unfavorable, no path of life to speak of. 


Right at this moment, his body released a strange light. Blood swirled, guiding the scattered immortal energy. With a shua sound, all of it entered his body. 

In the next instant, the pure white mist became one with the supreme being blood. The two merged together, thus disappearing. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. There was actually this kind of situation that happened! He was a bit confused, but when he inspected his body, he found that it was hazy, a bit indistinct, only returning to normal after a bit of time. 

It was clear that the supreme being blood became even more resplendent, not looking like blood, but instead like scarlet red metal liquid that was flowing. There was a wave of mysterious aura that surrounded him. 

"How do you feel?" Those people felt extremely anxious as they loudly asked. 

"I don't feel anything." Shi Hao said. He truly didn't feel anything different. It was just like in the past. However, he saw that strand of energy disappear with his own eyes, entering his body. 

"Be careful, those things are closing in!" Cao Yusheng reminded.

"Yi, they stopped again." The little rabbit was shocked. The mists no longer surged, and those creatures slowly came to a stop. It was a bit strange. 

Even the ancient lamp in the void swayed, and then it became indistinct. 

Suddenly, the large amounts of gray mists scattered silently, and those creatures left into the distance, entering a great crack in the void, disappearing from this place. 

The ancient lamp also disappeared. Peace was restored to the bluestone paths. 

This left everyone stunned. There was actually something like this that happened!

"They thought you failed, feeling that you weren't worth getting rid of." The little rabbit guessed.

The others nodded, agreeing with this type of speculation. However, they truly couldn't explain it. Of course, the most shocking thing was the transformation of Shi Hao's immortal energy. 

It really was difficult for them to feel happy or regretful for him. That immortal energy scattered, signifying that this was another failure. However, it was also because of this that he passed this trial of death. 

However, they were still rather expectant. That wave of energy entered his body, so will there be some strange transformation?

Shi Hao sat there, carefully inspecting his body. The supreme being blood was exceptionally translucent, but there wasn't anything different about it. The mysterious aura already disappeared as well. It became just like before.

"What a waste. You clearly succeeded, so why did this kind of thing happen?" The Divine Striking Stone was upset, complaining for Shi Hao. 

"It seems like... a good thing?" Suddenly, Cao Yusheng thought of something and said.

"You understand what happened? Hurry and tell us." Qing Yi said. 

"I seem to have seen some type of written account..." Cao Yusheng said. 

There was an engraving left behind on a damaged cauldron excavated from some Immortal Ancient ruins describing how, the path a genius walked was too difficult, and after cultivating immortal energy, his body and spirit were almost completely destroyed. 

However, strange things happened. The immortal energy broke up into parts and was absorbed by the body, giving him nourishment and life. 

Simply speaking, the immortal energy repaired his dying body, but it also disappeared because of it. 

"Can we really just call this being unlucky?" The Divine Striking Stone said. This was just too miserable. The immortal energy cultivated so painstakingly was used up to save a life.

Shi Hao's circumstances were similar. Just now, his injuries were too severe. If not for the Supreme Being Liquid he obtained from Spirit Realm protecting him, he might have also died. The immortal energy would have scattered to repair his body.

Cao Yusheng said, "In theory, he failed, but he did absorb that type of thing after all. No one knows what kind of strange changes might happen."

"The bronze engravings didn't record what happened afterwards to that heaven warping talent?" Qing Yi asked.

"Died. Even though those circumstances appeared and he lived, he was targeted by an unmatched individual and studied, ultimately killed." The little fatty said. 

Everyone became speechless. That person was too lamentable. He was originally a heaven warping genius, yet in the end, his immortal dao energy scattered, and then he was even abducted and killed. 

"Had he tried to cultivate immortal energy again?" Shi Hao asked.

"His path had already been completed, nowhere further to go, so he couldn't continue cultivating. Later on, he was even captured." Cao Yusheng said. 

"So it was like that." Shi Hao nodded, feeling a bit of hope inside. 

It was because he had only ignited two thousand nine hundred great dao symboled flames, not finishing this path yet. He could still forge ahead!

He calmed himself down to start healing, recovering his withered flesh and vitality, nourishing his primordial spirit, raising himself to the greatest peak. 

Generally speaking, the situation couldn't be considered too bad. He still had hope, and he might still be able to cultivate a strand of immortal energy. 

Once one reached this step, the only thing he feared was the road behind being cut short, falling into an abyss. Now, he still hadn't reached its end, so he was still hopeful. 

This time, Shi Hao used a long time to recuperate from his injuries. Even after recovering, he didn't immediately take action, instead sitting on the Dao Comprehension Stone to think to himself. 

It was because the ominous and inauspicious existences were too terrifying, far exceeding his imagination. If not for them mysteriously backing off, he would have definitely been in danger. 

This time, he had to make ample preparations, or else when he cultivated a true strand of immortal energy, and then was still killed, that would be too tragic. 

"I thought of something. Once you cultivate immortal energy, it will be too hard to operate for a short amount of time. That is why you shouldn't completely entrust your hopes on it." Cao Yusheng said. 

Shi Hao was discussing with them. They knew his current situation, so they spoke about all of their speculations to remind him. 

Shi Hao sighed. The situation was not looking good at all. How was he supposed to make it past this tribulation? How was he supposed to persevere through?

No wonder ever since the world changed, it was so hard for anyone to succeed!

"I need to transcend, transcend the self." Shi Hao said quietly to himself. He opened his Martial Dao Heavenly Eye to inspect his own body. 


Suddenly, he discovered that a shocking change happened in his body. He couldn't see it before, because only the Heavenly Eye could vaguely see this scene!

"It's here! I'm going to use this to surpass myself!" Shi Hao said.

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