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Chapter 877 - Immortal Energy

"What kind of creature is this?" Cao Yusheng and the others ran over, staring at the two tattered bodies. 

When the gray mists scattered, they could see bronze armor on their bodies, as well as halberds covered in green rust that looked incomparably ancient, as if they walked over from the endless past. 

"Heavens, what kind of creature is this? How can it have this type of ancient feeling? It almost seems as if it came from the last great era." 

This type of feeling was extremely strange, making one feel as if what they were facing was a part of history and not two creatures. There was an accumulation of passed time, and even more so an indescribable type of great bleakness.

"You shouldn't have killed us.." 

Suddenly, one of them weakly opened their mouth. There was no life aura, nor any spiritual fluctuation. However, these words were spat out with difficulty. 

"Aowu…" The little rabbit jumped extremely quickly, screaming outwards and immediately disappearing. She was truly given quite the fright. 

"Actually still able to speak, this truly is strange." The little fatty said. He was quite daring, squatting down to carefully study them, wishing to study through them. 

Shi Hao was quite glad that these two creatures looked different from him. Otherwise, he would have felt extremely uncomfortable inside, as if he was killing himself. 

That creature then stopped moving, no longer speaking. 

"Road… already broken, reached its end, everything no longer exists."

As soon as the little rabbit made its way back over, the other corpse suddenly weakly opened its mouth, giving her such a fright that she jumped straight up. With a sou sound, she scuttled behind Qing Yi's back. 

"You are scaring this rabbit to death! Can't you two speak together? Why do you have to go one after another just to scare others?" She was extremely angry. 

The gray mist scattered. The two corpses turned into fine powder. There was no flesh or blood as they scattered like smoke into thin air. 

Apart from this, their bodies' bronze armors and great halberds also split apart inch by inch, turning into bronze fragments. It was as if they had experienced tens of millions of years.

Under the endless years and the flow of time, nothing could exist forever. Everything ended in destruction. 

Shi Hao rushed into the skies. The halberd in his hands hacked outwards, making that ancient lamp distort and then scatter into mist, disappearing from this place. 

What exactly was this? What did those two creatures mean when they said those words? Shi Hao frowned. He could call them a type of natural law, but they clearly had true physical bodies. After the battle, after they were killed, only then did they slowly scatter away. 

"They are just like corpses that have been sealed in an ancient coffin for an extremely long time. They are extremely lifelike at first, but once time goes on, they quickly decay and no longer exist, because they have long been erased along the endless river of time." Cao Yusheng said. 

"You really are nasty. Why do you understand these things? What kind of comparisons are you making?" The little rabbit said.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was startled. "Where did they come from? Are they really corpses from Immortal Ancient Great Era? Why do they always appear like this, carrying out this type of intervention with such dark power? Also, why does it only send out monsters with similar strength as myself?"

He had many questions, causing him to frown. 

"They aren't corpses from underground." Qing Yi frowned. A green flame wrapped around her, and then a strand jumped out, pointing in a direction.

They followed after it, arriving outside the three thousand bluestone paths. The flame suddenly burned through the void, distorting heaven and earth. A terrifying great gap appeared there.

Their minds trembled. They looked inside, but there was nothing. 

The Green Lunar Flame restrained itself, no longer appearing. Meanwhile, that crack slowly closed, disappearing. 

"It came from the void and not from underground. These things are too frightening!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Every single one was comparable to Shi Hao in strength, so if a group of them came out, wouldn't this entire world be thrown into chaos? Just the thought alone made one's scalp feel numb. 

"A strand of faint immortal energy around the body, I feel like that step isn't far." Shi Hao wanted to cultivate in isolation again.

A strand of indistinct immortal energy unexpectedly appeared after this battle, swirling around his body, making him look aloof and transcendent. His fighting strength was clearly increased. 

"Truly never expected that you would actually succeed!" The little rabbit puffed her cheeks and stared with her large red eyes, looking at him curiously. 

"Something doesn't seem right." Cao Yusheng spoke. He clearly understood a bit more. 

"It truly is inauspicious. I've seen this type of recording from rare precious bone books. This type of scene doesn't seem good at all." Qing YI nodded, revealing a strange expression.

"Why?" Shi Hao was shocked. He unexpectedly arrived at the door, about to take that step to complete a true transformation and evolution, yet he insteads heard these words. 

"Immortal energy is quite special. Once it is comprehended, it will spurt out at once and surround the body, and not be indistinct like this." Cao Yusheng said.

In this great era, the world's natural laws changed. Everyone would reach the end of their lives, no one able to live eternally. 

Similarly, it was extremely difficult for one to take that step as well. 

This type of recording, this type of legend, all came from the last great era, things that those of later generations learned of and understood from excavating historical ruins. 

"Why is this the case? Could it be that it is saying that it will be extremely difficult for me to succeed?" Shi Hao frowned. 

Based on what the bone books said, an indistinct appearance of immortal energy could only mean one thing, and that was that the path he took was too extraordinary, too difficult, impossible to reach the other end. 

It was because even if they continued traveling this path, it would be extremely difficult to condense true immortal energy, most likely throwing away one's life along the way.

When Shi Hao heard this, he remained silent for a long time. Could it be that he had already reached the end of this path, unable to proceed further? 

"It is just saying that the path is too difficult, difficult to cross… That doesn't mean that one is guaranteed to fail, right?" Shi Hao asked. 

"It does!" Qing Yi sighed. From what was recorded, the chances of success were extremely small, impossible to succeed. If he continued, it would result in the death of both body and dao. 

"I will succeed!" Shi Hao's conviction was firm.

"Don't rashly attempt at it. There might be great problems." Qing Yi said. This was something left behind from Immortal Ancient, a conclusion of their predecessors, so there was definitely reasoning behind it. 

Even if it was Immortal Ancient Great Era where the world's environment still remained unchanged, those who could cultivate immortal energy were still few and far between, requiring one to have heaven warping talent. 

The world in this great era was different, everything already changed, and as such, success was just too difficult. 

"I still wanted to cultivate a few strands of immortal energy… how could it be like this? An indistinct strand of immortal energy cannot stop me! I will allow it to truly appear!" Shi Hao said. 

The little fatty Cao Yusheng was speechless. He deeply understood the difficulty of this path, and even some ancient freaks had died. How could it be that easy? 

"Since the ancient times, the most dazzling people, for example, the ancient freaks, studied era after era, accumulating for such a long time, but it is still difficult for them to succeed. Meanwhile, you want to cultivate many streaks of immortal energy?" 

In reality, based on what he said, he already chose his path, to take that step. He had to cultivate the strand of immortal energy, as that was the reflection of his own dao fruit. 

Precisely the so-called one from dao!

"You took that step, walked on your own path, that is your dao. That was why a strand of immortal energy appeared." Cao Yusheng said.

"Regardless, I won't give up." Shi Hao said calmly. He insisted on continuing, deciding that he wouldn't give up halfway. 

It was because the situation was grim, and Six Crown King Ning Chuan was destined to take that step. There was also that mysterious male from the vicious nest. These were all great enemies, so he had to break through. 

The Dao Comprehension Stone was an ash brown in color, appearing simple and ordinary.

Shi Hao entered isolation cultivation again to comprehend his own path, using the heaven and earth as a furnace, using the great dao as a flame to burn his true self, making himself transcend. 

Fiery lights appeared. Two thousand two hundred streaks, two thousand three hundred, two thousand four hundred…

Shi Hao persevered on, adding a hundred streaks each time. His body was burnt until it was splitting apart, charred black both inside and out, his condition truly too horrible. He had to stop and take some time to recover. 

Fortunately, he had enough holy medicines and half divine fruits, able to support his needs. 

During this period of time, he ate quite a few divine and holy medicines, eating them casually like radishes or cabbage. 

When the two thousand five hundredth streak of flame appeared, Shi Hao encountered a great tribulation, almost dying, burnt until many of his bones broke. It was a truly horrible sight.

It was also because of this that endless symbols submerged him, cleansing his body. The fiery light washed his inner organs, making his body even more sturdy. As long as he could make it through, he would naturally receive great benefits. 

In reality, when the two thousand five hundredth fiery light surged, the immortal energy around Shi Hao's body became quite a bit thicker and more solid, as if it truly appeared.

Unfortunately, with a pu sound, it still scattered in the end, becoming indistinct. 

"You still alright?" The little rabbit asked, handing over a Golden Ginseng, feeding it to him like a radish. 

"Don't attempt any further already…" Qing Yi said. This was too dangerous. Just now, Shi Hao almost died, and even his eyes were becoming dim.

"Don't take the risk anymore! Your path is too difficult, there is a problem with it! You shouldn't have to risk your life like this." Cao Yusheng spoke up as well.

"If others can succeed, then it should be fine for me as well." Shi Hao recovered his foundational energy, and then he began to silently think about how to cross this trial. 

It was clear that this path of his didn't have any quick success, only able to give everything and take one step after another. Success was success, while failure was failure. Of course, failure meant death.

"Others can succeed, but do you know how many eras they have been preparing for?" Qing Yi shook her head. 

Shi Hao only had one era. All of his insights and accumulation couldn't compare to those of the ancient freaks at all. 

"Several days ago, I made a trip outside. Several ancient freaks have died again, their bodies and spirits erased, all of them perishing because they wanted to take that step." Cao Yusheng said. 

"Too terrifying. You should just learn my natural dao." The little rabbit also tried to dissuade him. 

"Has anyone cultivated more than a single strand of immortal energy?" Shi Hao asked. 

Those people all became speechless. His situation was dangerous, and if he continued like this, his body and dao would definitely disappear, yet he was still asking this kind of question. 

"Indeed, however, one needs great natural luck rarely seen since ancient times. Increasing immortal energy is too difficult." 

Cao Yusheng told him straight up that even if he succeeded on this path of his, he would definitely only cultivate a single strand of immortal energy. If he wanted to cultivate the second strand of immortal energy, he had to find other ways. 

"I have to first cultivate the first streak, or else how can I get any further?!" Shi Hao's eyes became resolute. 

The two thousand six hundredth streak of fiery light appeared, covering heaven and earth, drowning him within. The bluestone ancient paths produced sound of scriptures, all types of dao rumbling, shaking heaven and earth.

This time, Shi Hao was burnt until he was half crippled. Even though he passed a death tribulation, the immortal energy was still indistinct, not truly appearing. 

It took him a long time before he finally slowly recovered. 

It really was a bit strange, however. The strange and ominous existence never arrived, so it was rather peaceful. 

Two thousand seven hundred streaks of fiery lights burned. Shi Hao almost melted, his flesh in tatters, bones scorched black, even his primordial spirit about to scatter. 

Endless symbols surged, about to break him apart and turn him to dust.

This time, the immortal energy strengthened a bit, but still ultimately scattered.

"I am unwilling to let it end like this!"

Two thousand eight hundred streaks...

He was unconscious for half a month, his flesh about to rot away, primordial spirit dim without light. 

"Luckily, he had the Supreme Being Liquid that wrapped around his primordial spirit, protecting his life, allowing him to quickly recover." The Divine Striking Stone said with a sigh.

The Supreme Being Liquid came from Spirit Realm. Shi Hao had previously climbed to the very top, the stone bowl of sparkling liquid absorbed by him. 

In the end, Shi Hao revived. After his injuries were healed, he still refused to give up.

Two thousand nine hundred streaks of fiery light surged, burning the nine heavens and illuminating the sky!

"What, this time… he succeeded?" Those individuals cried out strangely.

A strand of immortal energy spilled out, pure white and clear. That was the fruit of the great dao, an embodiment of one from dao. It truly appeared, and it wrapped around Shi Hao!

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