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Chapter 876 - Reappearance

Formation banners fluttered about the three thousand bluestone paths. There were several dozen of them, and once activated, large numbers of deities would die if they accidentally stepped into them. 

These killing formations were assembled after working for several days, as well as using up a small mountain of heavenly materials. Their power was matchless.

If not for Shi Hao killing Immortal Palace's inheritor Di Chong, and then paying several clans a visit in Radiant City, he definitely wouldn't have been able to gather so many divine materials. Their value was impossible to assess.

"We can still use these things later. They've all been turned into magical stands and formation banners, so if we switch locations, they can still be used." The Divine Striking Stone said. It was so tired it was about to collapse. All of these things used up a lot of mental and physical effort. 

At the center of the ten great formations was a simplified version of the little fatty's killing formation, because with his current cultivation realm, there was no way he could carve out all of the symbols.

He used his divine senses to carve the insides of the divine materials to prevent those outside from prying into them. 

When the great formation was activated, this place immediately became different. Formation banners fluttered about, dao platforms shone, forming several tens of layers of barriers of light, protecting this place. 

Shi Hao sat at the center. "Are you two reliable? Don't refine me along with everything else now."

"Relax, that region is extremely safe. It won't be affected." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"I'll use the bluestone ancient path's symbols' flame to burn my body, so will that hinder or damage the great formations?" Shi Hao asked.

"I am going to remove the central formation stand for now so that the great formation can't activate. When the irregularities truly happen, it'll immediately return to its position and activate it." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

They carefully discussed and studied the situation, thinking up all types of issues that might arise. When they were sure that nothing unexpected would happen, only then did they begin to enter closed door cultivation. 

Shi Hao brought out everything he had for them to take care of, because when the over a thousand great dao symbol flames burned his body, withering away his flesh, his body would be half destroyed, and even things he carried on him would be hard to protect. 

He only held two Half Ginseng Fruits in his mouth so that it could preserve his life at the most crucial point. 


The Dao Comprehension Stone landed on the bluestone path, making this place tremble. However, it didn't crush this place. The strange stone was an ashy brown color, looking extremely ordinary, but actually had wondrous effects.

Shi Hao sat on it, preparing to use this to enter isolation cultivation. 

"Good stuff." Outside, regardless of whether it was the Divine Striking Stone, little fatty, or Qing Yi, they were all extremely happy. There was a pile of bone books, all of them insights of those before them. 

This time, Shi Hao killed Immortal Palace Inheritor, collecting all of the precious items he had on him. There was no lack of divine treasures. 

Unfortunately, there weren't his sect's greatest divine abilities and other things, leaving him a bit regretful. However, if the rest of the world were to know about these spoils, it would definitely be enough to drive them crazy from jealousy. 

"An entire basket of half divine fruits?" The snow white little rabbit cried out in shock. Then, it grabbed the basket while rolling around, incomparably happy. This was too astonishing. 

She didn't want to eat them. Any spiritual medicine, just a single stalk was enough. She only needed to understand the life source energy within them. Now that she saw different types of fruits and old medicines, she naturally became extremely happy. 

Shi Hao didn't only pick a pile of Half Ginseng Fruit, but also stole from the treasuries of all different clans. Holy medicines, and other fruits were piled up as well, naturally making her extremely happy. 

Shi Hao was quite generous, telling them that if they needed them, they could use them as needed.

"Alright, I'm going to start!" 

He sat down on the Dao Comprehension Stone without moving, becoming completely silent. Time flowed on. Suddenly, the surrounding bluestone paths shone, and lights shone one after another. 

Divine flames surged, engulfing heaven and earth, drowning out this place. It was as if it could burn the nine heavens. The sky became incomparably brilliant, the clouds even burned away. 

"Truly ridiculous…" Cao Yusheng said with a sigh.

"Is this fella crazy? Burning himself like this, does he want to cook himself alive?" The snow-white rabbit grumbled. It was still feeling resentment, blaming him for hitting its head. 

After who knew how much time had passed, a thousand and five hundred streaks of fiery light appeared in Shi Hao's surroundings, surpassing the past. It slowly reached a thousand and six hundred. 

"With the revival of the supreme being blood, my ability to resist the fiery light has increased by quite a bit." Shi Hao was surprised.

If it was in the past, he would have already been scorched black, burnt into a withered state, but this wasn't the case yet. 

However, with the passage of time, the fiery light flourished even greater. When it reached the thousand six hundredth streak, he suffered serious injuries. His skin opened and his flesh split apart. Symbols covered his body densely, rushing into his muscles and bones. 

The furnace cauldron refined from the void distorted at this time. His body within almost turned into a pile of charcoal.

"A paste, already completely cooked, meat fragrance wafting through the air, I really want to drink and get drunk again!" The little rabbit cried out.

Fortunately, Shi Hao was isolated from them, unable to hear these things, or else he would have definitely given her a beating. 


When the symbols cleansed the flesh, the bluestone paths released the sound of scriptures, Shi Hao's body trembled. He resonated with the dao, immersing himself into it.

In the end, he released a roar, the furnace breaking. He separated from the countless great dao symbols. His comprehension was deep. He sat in the void, descending onto the Dao Comprehension Stone. 

The thousand six hundred streaks of fiery light retreated. That place became quiet and without any sound. He became coal, unmoving as he silently comprehended the dao. 

"Too scary. This is self-torture, gambling with one's life." 

Cao Yusheng couldn't help but sigh. Then, he began to comprehend his own dao. 

This time, Shi Hao was faster than before, not taking up that much time, but the injuries this process created were just as serious. The half divine fruit in his mouth turned into liquid, entering his body to recover his injured body. 

The Divine Striking Stone sent over a few holy medicines and half divine fruits to help him quickly recover.

Unexpectedly, the irregularity didn't occur.

Just like that, Shi Hao continued his process of isolation cultivation. After his injuries healed, he guided the great dao's symbol flames to refine his body, using heaven and earth as a furnace, the great dao as flame to refine his true self and transcend. 

A thousand eight hundred streaks, a thousand nine hundred, two thousand…

"It's coming!"

When two thousand one hundred streaks were refined and Shi Hao recovered through half divine fruits, a mysterious wave of energy appeared, surrounding this place. 

The Divine Striking Stone and the others entered the formation together, activating the central formation stand, creating boundless barriers of light that began to surround this place. 

An ancient lamp arrived in a slow and unhurried manner. Even though it was shining, it still made one feel extremely cold, carrying an ominous aura. It… entered the formation, suspending itself a hundred zhang above Shi Hao's head!    

The Divine Striking Stone cried out strangely. This was too weird! The formation it laid unexpectedly didn't serve any use! That ancient lamp disregarded everything, entering like a ghost. 

"What is going on?" Cao Yusheng's expression changed.

Qing Yi directly activated the green moon, scattering out its radiance in preparation of using this ancient flame to burn away all things sinister!

"It really is strange…" The little rabbit was incomparably nervous. 

That ancient lamp swayed about, and the gray mists pervaded the air, arriving from the distance, drowning out this place and spilling into this formation. 

Shi Hao sighed. "You all should withdraw. This thing is looking for me. If I don't personally deal with it, there's simply no way of dispelling it." 

He gradually understood. The two of them wouldn't end until the other was destroyed. This type of thing couldn't be dealt with through outside force, with not even formations being able to stop it. There was a mysterious power surrounding this place. 

Under his repeated warning, those individuals withdrew. 

A figure silently walked over from within the gray mist. There was no life fluctuations, completely quiet. It was like a demonic mountain.

Shi Hao had an experience last time, so this time, he didn't immediately display divine abilities. He feared that the other party would imitate him, using his own precious technique to attack him. 

However, this time, he thought too much. This person used tyrannical and vicious methods right from the get go, terrifying to a shocking degree! 

This creature carried a Heavenart Halberd like a human emperor, its aura overflowing, surging like a flood. It rushed forward murderously, hacking it at Shi Hao.

Gray mists surrounded it, hiding its true appearance. Only its eyes could be seen, a deathly gray in color. However, it released chilly radiance that was intimidating to the extreme. 


Shi Hao produced the Void Halberd, taking it head on. His arms immediately felt numb, great pain transmitting from his fingers. 

Sparks flew in all directions like lightning!

In the distance, Qing Yi and the others' expressions all changed. This creature was too powerful, possessing a tremendous and seemingly inexhaustible strength. It was above the Divine Flame Realm, absolute and tyrannical.

Dang dang...

Symbols erupted, divine light rushing into the heavens. The great halberds collided, their sounds shaking the heavens, making people's scalps go numb.

"How could it be just as strong as Shi Hao?" Qing Yi said. She noticed some clues. Both sides' symbols and precious techniques were all extremely similar. 

"Correct, evenly matched. It is the same as fighting against oneself!" Cao Yusheng's expression became grave. 

"Remove the formations!" Shi Hao shouted.

When the Divine Striking Stone heard this, it quickly took action, removing all of the formation stands and banners.

"Not good, another one came!" The little rabbit cried out.

Sure enough, footsteps sounded, cold and indistinct. A pair of eyes appeared in the gray mist. It also carried a Heavenart Halberd, coldly and ruthlessly walking over murderously.


This creatures' strength was the same as the other one, just like Shi Hao's, incredibly tyrannical, immediately using the dazzling white halberd blade to slice at his torso. 

This battle was too difficult, with no hope to be seen. 

Qing Yi, the Divine Striking Stone, and others all felt a chill inside. The two creatures were both similar to Shi Hao. Now that they appeared one after the other, how was he supposed to even fight?

The Void Sky Divine Vine stuck out its head, breaking out into a cold shiver before hiding back into the heaven and earth pouch, not daring to come out again.

This time, Shi Hao became silent again. After a brief period of stillness, he erupted with endless symbols to fight a bloody battle!

This place erupted with chaos. Dao sounds rumbled and precious techniques rushed into the skies as he fought in a berserk manner. 

"They are just similar, the precious techniques aren't the exact same as what Shi Hao uses. They only look alike." Qing Yi said.

"What will happen if we take action?" Cao Yusheng asked.

The little rabbit thought for a bit, and then pointed out a finger. Great yin force turned into a streak of divine light, entering the battlefield. Another type of symbol appeared in the void and rushed murderously at Shi Hao. 


A streak of divine light landed on the strange creature's great halberd, and then another streak landed on Shi Hao's halberd. Sparks flew everywhere. 

"No good, we cannot hastily take action. This is likely a type of natural law, a mysterious power that is at work here." Qing Yi said. 

Shi Hao bitterly tried to think of different methods. He used the method from last time, suddenly linking up different types of precious methods and attacking crazily, wishing to overlay them like last time to kill these two strange existences.

In the end, it was useless. They were dispelled.

The two creatures joined hands, quickly inflicting serious injuries on him. Right now, it was as if he was fighting against two of himself. This was a challenge of his limit!

"Challenging the limit… do I need to surpass myself?" Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood. The halberd strike just now almost hacked him into two.


Shi Hao released a roar. His body shone, linking up the heavens and moving the earth. All types of divine force symbols blossomed. He stirred up all of his body's vitality to resist these two creatures. 


However, he was still struck flying, his body in tatters and almost dying miserably. 

"My limit, is also their limit. This can't be considered a breakthrough, have to find some other path." Shi Hao quickly thought to himself.

He fought a bloody battle against these two while carrying heavy wounds on his body. The supreme being blood in his body flowed, silently moving about, merging two types of symbols together. They continuously evolved. 

"Limit… break!" 


One of them was struck flying by him, but the other almost severed off his right arm, the halberd blade even entering his bones. 

"Evolve… resonate!" 

Two types of innate precious techniques intertwined, merging together, producing a sight as if they were returning to one, becoming more and more inseparably linked. They were unexpectedly merging into one type, the power increasing sharply.


Shi Hao roared angrily. His body shone, supreme being blood surging, extending towards his four limbs and hundreds of bones, merging together. The symbols that were gradually becoming one erupted with the most brilliant radiance. 

One could vaguely see a strand of vague immortal energy appear around his body. 


Supreme being techniques erupted. He took large steps forward. When he traded blows with those two individuals, his divine force surged, magical force surging like a sea. His flesh also became quite a bit more powerful. 

Pu pu!

Two light sounds rang through the air. He used the combined symbols to kill these two creatures. Their tattered bodies fell down onto the bluestone stairs.

At this moment, Shi Hao stood on the battlefield alone, his body and mind clear as he silently inspected himself. The two types of symbols were intertwining, transforming into one type!

He knew that he not only made it through this disaster, there was also a tremendous harvest!

In addition, a strand of immortal energy appeared around his body, indicating that he was about to break through on this path!

"I am almost near the end of my road. I am going to burn my true self with all three thousand flames!" His will was firm, his eyes brilliant. 

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