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Chapter 874 - Immortal Palace Death

Green Spirit Realm, a small world full of vitality.

"I am unwilling to accept this!" Immortal Palace's inheritor took steps backwards. His body was aging and crumbling apart. Shi Hao's palm was too powerful, containing two types of supreme being techniques. 

Heaven's Hand made his flesh split apart, while the Reincarnation symbols made his body wither decline and deteriorate. 

At first, everyone thought that he only had half his body blasted into tatters, but what happened afterwards made their fine hairs stand up one after another.

Immortal Palace's inheritor was aging, and his flesh was splitting apart like chinaware, falling off piece by piece. Even his blood was black-colored, lacking luster. 

On the other side, Huang was calm and unhurried, his black hair hanging down to his waist, his eyes shining like divine rainbows. The supreme being symbols on his flesh swirled about. It was as if he was a demonic lord that had descended into this world, looking down on everyone here.

"Ah…" Immortal Palace's inheritor roared. Half his body split apart, and his flesh was ruined to a completely deformed state, losing its vitality.

"Nine Deaths Undying!" 

When the Reincarnation symbols disappeared, he released a loud roar. Dark light erupted from his body, and an enormous pair of black wings appeared behind him that continuously moved about.


The dark light covered the sun. Mysterious symbols spread outwards, surrounding him and quickly recombining his flesh. 

"It really is a Nine-headed Undying Bird with nine lives?" Shi Hao was shocked. He calmly watched without stopping this process. 


Immortal Palace's inheritor unexpectedly recovered, his flesh shining as if perfectly intact. The wings on his back moved, and black colored feathers shot out like divine arrows. 

Shi Hao stood in his original location without dodging. He supported his only heavenly passage, forming a resplendent screen of light that protected him.

Pu pu sounds continuously rang out. All of the black-colored plume feathers landed on the heavenly passage, these feathers even sharper than divine arrows, able to shoot down enormous mountains. However, at this moment, they broke apart inch by inch, unable to move forward. 

Outside the only heavenly passage, under Shi Hao's feet, broken arrows covered the ground, all of them surging with dark light and powerful divine force fluctuations. 

"Plucking your own feathers, are you already prepared to be cooked?" Shi Hao asked. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor seethed with anger. He released a loud roar. In the distance, the mountain ridges split apart one after another, collapsing one after another. One could well imagine how powerful he was. 

His main and second body merged, so he should have been unmatched in this world, yet who would have expected that he would be defeated a second time, moreover so miserably?

"Even if you have nine lives, I will still kill you all the same." Shi Hao walked over. Right now, he had a conviction of being unmatched. With the revival of his supreme being blood, he became more powerful than ever before.

"Just die!" Immortal Palace's inheritor was going mad. The immortal feather armor was put on, and then his entire body shone with brilliant luster. Large amounts of pure white feathers floated about in his surroundings. 


He ignited his self, extracting all of his body's potential, once again condensing bits of immortal dao mist. They slowly released, forming a terrifying pressure! 

Shi Hao opened his Martial Dao Heavenly Eye, carefully inspecting and analyzing it. 

He discovered that this mist indeed couldn't be compared to true immortal mist. The mysterious individual they saw in the vicious nest covered the world with a strand of energy, with the entire heavens seemingly shrouded, powerful and unmatched. 

"If that is all you have left, then you can go on your way." Shi Hao said. He didn't want to waste any more time. 

When these words sounded, all sides became quiet. Everyone felt their minds being shaken. From the very start until now, heaven overflowing waves stirred within their hearts, leaving them incomparably shaken.

How stunning was Immortal Palace's inheritor? He was someone who was known as this generation's most powerful creature, someone who crushed the geniuses of three thousand provinces until they couldn't breathe, yet today, he was defeated again! 


Immortal Palace's inheritor rushed over, the immortal feather battle armor shining, sending out multicolored light and a rain of brilliance. All of the immortal dao mist he cultivated seemed to have become more thick and solid. 

"Still not a true immortal, you weren't able to take that step. Accept death!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. He reached out his hand, covering heaven and earth, suppressing forward. 

"The one who will die is you!" Symbols interweaved in Immortal Palace Inheritor's eyes. His Heavenly Eye widened, and his immortal feather battle armor broke apart, rushing towards all directions. 

The battle armor unexpectedly shattered, scattering in all directions. 

At the same time, a green light rushed into the heavens, spreading outwards like a ocean wave, engulfing in all directions. Shi Hao's direction was especially frightening.

"Ah…" In the horizon, there were people who cried out miserably. After being swept through by the green light, their flesh withered away, their life force wiped out. 

Everyone quickly moved backwards out of great fear. 

"What is this?" A few people didn't immediately die, yet they still found it hard to defend against. They immediately became weak, powerless before it.

Shi Hao's face immediately fell. He released a long roar, his head of black hair rising like dragons and snakes, dancing about. His eyes were as cold as cold could be. 

His hand shone, and his palm produced symbols suppressing forward.

Kengqiang sounds rang out. That green light was stopped by Heaven's Hand, displaying its true appearance. It was unexpectedly piece after piece of green copper rust, a heart shaking green. 

This was Immortal Palace's curse! 

This type of copper rust was Immortal Palace's supreme treasure, something that came off of the Bronze Immortal Palace and refined through a secret method. Once it entered one's body, it was hard to remove, directly resulting in a painful death. 

Bronze Immortal Palace, this was known as one of the higher realms' greatest supreme treasures. 

When Shi Hao was in the lower realm, he almost died because of a piece of green copper rust, losing his supreme being bone and being buried in the earth. He only revived after struggling for more than a year. 

Now that he saw this curse again today, how could he not be angry?!

Only, things were very different now. Shi Hao had already become a deity, and when facing Immortal Palace, he remained calm and unperturbed. He took action tyrannically. 

Green light covered the sky as they shot over, but they were all scattered by Shi Hao, unable to approach and enter his body. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor opened and closed his eyes. He chanted true sutras from his mouth, and his body had immortal light coiling about it. In addition, his hands were forming imprints, displaying the curse's fundamental power to support this attack.


He released a light shout. Endless green light condensed, and one piece was especially large, sharp like sword radiance. It was the size of a fist, flying towards Shi Hao. 

This was the curse after receiving the support of chants and magical imprints. It pierced through the void, the scene extremely intimidating! 


Shi Hao's only heavenly passage moved. That green copper rust pressed forward, approaching his body and almost pressing against his flesh. 


Shi Hao reached out two fingers, and then pressed the green copper rust between them!

"Is your performance finished? What other methods do you have left? You can display them all now." Shi Hao said, his voice calm.

However, it was precisely these words that made Immortal Palace's inheritor stagger, his face pale. His body swayed intensely, as if he received a heavy blow. His confidence received a great blow. 

No one dared to say anything random. They all quietly watched everything. Everyone knew that something major was about to happen. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor had been defeated, and was likely going to die!


The supreme being blood in Shi Hao's body released a rumbling sound like ocean waves, rushing through his limbs and bones, making his vitality flourish to the peak. 

After an intense confrontation, a rain of blood splashed outwards. Immortal Palace's inheritor was killed once again, his ruined body flying outwards. If it was a normal person they would have long had their body and dao extinguished. 

However, his flesh became blurry, his body recombining, assembling together, unexpectedly reviving again. 

"Nine-Headed Bird, nine lives undying body!" Everyone was now sure that he had this type of ancient bloodline, and successfully activated it.

"This is fine as well. Killing you nine times will properly allow you to understand the distance between life and death." Shi Hao said. 

As such, the supreme being blood shone again. His body was shrouded in auspicious energy, becoming greater in volume and more hazy, as if he was a matchless devil king. 

After repeated decisive battles, Immortal Palace's inheritor's blood dyed the Green Spirit Realm. Even though he had revived several times, he was still a lamp that had ran out of fuel. Each revival required a great price to be paid. There was no way one would become undying just because of a single bloodline, reviving endlessly. 

"Let's give you a taste of the curse itself!" Shi Hao sent a piece of the green rust into his body.


Immortal Palace's inheritor cried out miserably. His entire body released green light, his expression horrifying. All of the holy aura disappeared, becoming extremely sinister. 


In the end, he split apart again, his body dying. 

"It seems like the nine lives is only in theory, You have only five lives at most." Shi Hao said. 

When he fell for the final time, Immortal Palace's inheritor roared out angrily, doing everything he could to resist, but in the end, he was still powerless to reverse the situation, killed here, his corpse falling on the ground. 

This time, he wasn't able to revive, his body and dao erased from here on forth!

Green Spirit Realm was quiet. Everyone was trembling. The insufferably arrogant Immortal Palace Inheritor, the one know to be one of the three thousand provinces' most powerful young supreme beings, he was killed just like that? 

After remaining calm for a bit, everyone finally recovered. They immediately erupted with noise. This was definitely a great event that would shake up all of Immortal Ancient! It was as if a frantic storm was going to sweep through every small world! 

This was also the battle that drew the most attention since entering this ancient land. Immortal Palace's inheritor died, forcefully suppressed and killed! 

"Huang won, eliminating the unmatched Immortal Palace Inheritor!

"The devil king is unmatched, the young supreme being of Immortal Palace not his match!" 

This place was full of commotion, extremely noisy. 

Shi Hao wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips. This was from the injuries he received before the supreme being blood's revival. 

"What kind of race is this? Humanoid, but flowing with silver colored blood." Shi Hao stared at that corpse. 

The blood, even though red, still had bits of silver light.

Immortal Palace Inheritor definitely had the Nine-Headed Bird's bloodline, as well as another type of lineage, an extremely powerful humanoid creature's. 

Shi Hao put away this spoils of war, finding quite a few divine objects on Immortal Palace's body. The most important thing was that he found a jade container with a lump of gemlike blood. 

That was -- Immortal Blood!


Suddenly, just when Shi Hao put away the immortal blood, a streak of glaring sword light shot out through the void, piercing towards the back of his head. It was exceptionally sharp!

He shifted to a different position, fast to the extreme, his movements swift to an inconceivable degree, only leaving behind an afterimage. 

This was a divine sword dripping with blood, filled with killing intent, as if it had killed tens of millions of creatures before. It made one's fine hairs stand on end.

However, immediately afterwards, the divine sword dripping with blood grew dim, entering the void. After missing, that person was going to escape.

"You from Heavenly Country, I didn't target you all, yet you all instead tried to deal with me!" Shi Hao's eyes became cold. In his hand appeared the Void Halberd.


He hacked open the void, and then he chased after that person. 


Immediately afterwards, this area of the void continuously collapsed. Sword light surged, and a great halberd shone. Great cracks appeared in space from time to time. 


A soft sound could be heard, and then blood splashed outwards. A head tumbled out from the void, landing on the ground, as well as a broken bleeding divine sword. 

Shi Hao walked over like a great demonic heavenly deity. In his hand was a great halberd, the shining blade sticky with blood, his might outstanding and beyond compare. 

"There's more? Where do you think you're going?" Shi Hao's divine senses were extremely sharp. The halberd in his hand hacked out towards a different direction. A figure appeared, frantically trying to escape into the distance. 

Suddenly, sword energy appeared boundlessly, carrying wisps of primal chaos. It was incomparably intimidating, stopping Heavenly Country's divine level expert. 

A harmless looking little fatty unexpectedly released chaotic sword energy. He was smiling bashfully over there. It was precisely Cao Yusheng. 

"Murderer, stop running and go back!" In addition, there was a little girl as well who looked like a porcelain doll. She had snow white long hair and large red eyes. With a light shout, she stopped another Heavenly Country expert that was trying to escape. 

She was also someone familiar, the Lunar Jade Hare, a snow white little rabbit.

Heavenly Country's divine level expert's face grew dim. There was no way to leave, because in the other direction was an exceptional beauty surrounded by green moonlight currently moving in this direction. 

In reality, he knew that even if there was only Huang, if he chased after him, there was no way he could escape. 

"Are you going to end your own life, or should I send you on your way?" Shi Hao calmly said. 

Normally, who dared to offend Heavenly Country, who dared to look down on divine level experts? However now, when he said these words, no one felt that it was surprising, because he was exuding an awe-inspiring might. 


Heavenly Country's divine level expert unexpectedly really did end his own life, his corpse falling down. It was extremely decisive. 

Shi Hao gave the little rabbit, Cao Yusheng, and Qing Yi a look, and then gazed towards the Octadic Treasure House. He shouted, "Boss, is the Golden Winged Peng casserole done yet?"

"It… has already been finished!" The Octadic Treasure House's boss trembled, his voice shaking as he hurriedly replied. 

"Then that's good. I have some guests to entertain, so think of some way to bring out a few more jars of holy wine." Shi Hao laughed loudly.

While the great Golden Winged Peng was being stewed, he powerfully tok action, killing Immortal Palace's inheritor, shaking all of Green Spirit Realm. 

"That's too great, we have great Peng meat to eat and holy wine to drink. What a blessed feeling." The little fatty giggled. 

"But.. I don't eat meat…" The little rabbit's ruby large eyes were spinning about, incredibly quick-witted as she muttered. 

"You are always fighting over food whenever you get drunk, to the point where you end up almost eating the most!" Shi Hao exposed. 

"Nonsense, I don't eat meat!" The little rabbit glared outwards with her large eyes, her feet swinging over. 


Shi Hao moved out of the way, but a great mountain in the distance directly collapsed. This was the well-known 'Rabbit Step'. 

Shi Hao laughed loudly, walked over to stroke this little girl's head, completely messing up her snow white shining hair. 

"I'm going to fight you to the death!" The little rabbit screamed. 

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