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Chapter 873 - Supreme Being Blood Revival

All of the cultivators nearby were stupefied. This young devil king actually said this before such a great life and death confrontation! It left everyone completely stunned. 

"Hand over your life!" Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted loudly. The great halberd in his hands brandished about, slicing open the void as he slaughtered his way over.


Shi Hao also raised his halberd to greet him, taking this attack head on. They collided together, the sound released earsplitting, ringing through this place. Large black cracks extended in all directions.

"Stop, please listen to me!" The Divine Striking Stone shouted. He turned into a streak of light and flew towards the horizon.

Everyone's attentions were caught by it, and not even Immortal Palace Inheritor was an exception. There was endless killing intent on his face, his eyes cold like blades as he glared at it. 

"Yi, you also opened up a Martial Dao Heavenly Eye?" The Divine Striking Stone gave Immortal Palace's inheritor a look, and then cried out strangely, "No wonder. You had so many Stone Cores. Thanks a bunch by the way. It was because we plundered your secret nest that Huang was able to quickly open up his Heavenly Eye. It really was a great help." 

Nearby, the heads of all the cultivators wanted to split open. Quite a few people knew what Stone Cores were. There was actually this type of great natural luck that appeared.

In that instant, Immortal Palace's head of hair flew upwards, battle intent surging. He saw the mysterious symbols in Shi Hao's pupils. That was a sign of the Martial Dao Heavenly Eye opening. 

There were some who opened it between their brows, others who opened it within their two eyes, each different. However, their characteristics were the same, all of them condensed from symbols, glistening and resplendent.

"You've succeeded in angering me!" Symbol light erupted from his entire body, killing intent flourishing even greater.

"Forget it, you should forget about mentioning how he ran away like a startled pigeon, leaving behind that wonderful stone for us." Shi Hao said, waving his hand to have the Divine Striking Stone back off. 

"Ah…" Immortal Palace's inheritor was going mad. His head of hair completely stood up, his battle intent risen to its peak.


In that instant, he turned into a nine-headed bird, revealing nine heads, all of them releasing dark light. Black feathers covered heaven and earth as they spread outwards.

This type of aura was incomparably brutal, filled with a wave of heaven overflowing killing intent.


Shi Hao released a roar, and then he immediately produced three heads and six arms, using the Zhuyan Race's great divine ability to face him.


This was a great collision. Both sides took action with full power, as if two unmatched gods and devils were competing, shaking the mountains all around them. The mountain forest immediately exploded. 

Fortunately, they were fighting in the sky, or else this battle would result in even more terrifying destruction.

"Nine-headed Undying Body!" Immortal Palace Inheritor said softly. His entire body flourished with dark light, immediately surging with sky covering symbols. The nine heads chanted sutras to support himself, splitting into nine great demonic deities. 

Shi Hao's expression didn't change. He released a short shout, "Lightning moves the nine heavens!" 

In that instant, clouds gathered from all sides, connecting the heavens and moving the earth. He was gathering all lightning between heaven and earth, guiding the great lightning tribulation.


Lightning poured over like a sea, attacking indiscriminately. The nine great demonic deities couldn't escape, all of them surrounded within. Only the original body could borrow the great halberd to cut apart the void and escape.

As a result, the nine great divine devils scattered. 


"Nine erased, but not dead, reappear!" Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted loudly. The scattered demonic deities unexpectedly appeared again, recombining.

"Wu, don't tell me that your original body is an undying nine-headed bird…" Shi Hao was shocked.

With a shua sound, he rushed forward, his palms and fingers like jade, condensing a strange symbol. Heaven Calamity Light erupted boundlessly, rushing forward, all of them attacking that body. 

At the same time, Shi Hao used his Magical Immunity divine ability before slaughtering his way towards Immortal Palace's inheritor.

In that instant, the nine great undying bodies disappeared again, because they were formed from symbols, scattering under Shi Hao's abilities.


The two collided, fists clashing. Their palms made contact in a frontal clash. 


Immortal Palace's inheritor coughed out a mouthful of blood, retreating outwards. This was not only a collision of the flesh. The other party was immune to his symbols, but the Heaven Calamity Light was still effective. 

Immortal Palace Inheritor suffered greatly in this clash.

All of the spectators' expressions changed. The matchless Immortal Palace Inheritor who had merged his two bodies unexpectedly coughed out blood. Just how powerful was Huang? 

Shi Hao was shocked as well. After merging together with his second body, this true body was indeed quite strong. If not for the tremendous harvest he obtained from the three thousand bluestone paths, he would have already reached his limit and would likely have trouble. 

It was clear that both of them only lacked immortal energy. Right now, they already reached the absolute peak!

"Multi-arm Human Immortal!"

Immortal Palace's inheritor moved quickly. When Shi Hao's strange ability ended, he rushed forward to attack. Not only did he have nine heads, he had many more arms now too.

These arms were all forming imprints, producing the Human Immortal Imprint, a restricted precious technique of the present world, one of Immortal Palace's sect protecting arts. 

He was clearly truly angered, wishing to kill Shi Hao in the shortest amount of time possible. This was incomparably terrifying, as if it could suppress everything in the world. 


Shi Hao's body moved. The three heads and six arms enlarged, and the Kun Peng wings appeared. This time, three pairs of enormous wings appeared, and they slammed over murderously together.

Meanwhile, his six arms shone as well, their palms surging with symbols, forming the Heaven's Hand!

This precious technique was still damaged at the moment, but with the passage of time, it would gradually produce a mysterious method. However, it was still a bit blurry. This time, Shi Hao also used the lightning technique with it. 

He overlaid two types of precious techniques, attacking with full force!


The collision this time was incomparably ferocious, Kun Peng wings split apart the skies, the Human Immortal Imprint suppressing everything in this world. Lightning overflowed, the nine headed undying bird roared…

This place erupted, symbols covering the sky.


The two of them flew outwards, blood flowing from their mouths and noses. 

In the distance, it was dead silent. No one dared say anything. These two people were too strong. 

Qing Yi revealed a hint of worry. No one understood how extraordinary Shi Hao was than her, yet in the end, he couldn't suppress Immortal Palace's inheritor. The effects of merging both bodies together was heaven defying after all. 

She believed that if it was someone else in Shi Hao's place, they would have definitely died just now, their body and soul erased.

As for the outside world, the cultivators of the outside world didn't think this way. They believed that after Immortal Palace's main and second body merged together, it should be powerful enough to sweep through all heroes of this world, never expecting that he still had an enemy capable of contending against him. Huang could still stop him!

Immortal Palace's inheritor already calmed down, his mind recovering from the Divine Striking Stone's stimulation. He believed himself to be unmatched in this world, never expecting Huang to be this powerful, still unable to kill him after merging both bodies. 

His eyes were like those of a falcon's, sharp like cold electricity. Symbols flickered. He became incomparably calm, searching for Shi Hao's weaknesses to decide things in one blow.

On the other side, this was the case for Shi Hao as well, searching for the other party's weakness. The Kun Peng wings on his back covered the heavens, becoming incomparably large.


The two of them shouted, rushing at each other again.

On Immortal Palace Inheritor's back, scarlet multicolored light emerged. A True Phoenix's wings appeared, its brilliant feathers like immortal swords. Keng qiang sounds rang through the skies. 

This was a great divine ability! 

Even though it wasn't the complete True Phoenix precious technique, it was one of the most powerful loose moves. 

In addition, his hands were forming imprints, displaying the Immortal King Nine Seals, creating a cage in the void to suppress Shi Hao. 

Brilliant lights covered the sky, endless natural laws appeared. Ancient trees appeared everywhere in the void, continuous and uninterrupted. All of them were created from lightning. Meanwhile, Shi Hao also displayed the Kun Peng technique, power surging from the lightning sea, with both Kun and Peng. 

This type of transformations were incomparably shocking. This was a merging of precious techniques!


Both sides were greatly shaken, intensely trading attacks. In the end, they both retreated outwards.

From a certain standpoint, they already represented the extreme peak, both of them just lacking the final step. Right now, it was difficult to determine who was above the other.

"Even though it is a battle of the peak of the same level, both lacking the final step, there is still greater or weaker potential. Hand over your life!" Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted.

At this moment, his body began to burn, every inch of his flesh releasing radiance. This was a sign of him opening all of his body's potential, about to carry out the final decisive blow.

He was extremely confident, because his main and second body split up to cultivate, both of them accumulating, opening up the body's treasury. He already accumulated endless mysterious potential. 

Shi Hao remained fearless. He also released everything he had. Divine might erupted endlessly, terrifying to the extreme. Every inch of his body was shining, his entire body like a great furnace. 


Suddenly, Shi Hao felt as if his entire body was a bit strange. His flesh released a strange light. The sound of a roaring tsunami erupted.

He was shocked. This type of feeling was extremely wonderful, giving him a sense of deja vu. Suddenly, he remembered that after passing the heavenly tribulation and entering a state of sleep, it was precisely this feeling.

"Is this supreme being blood?" He looked at the wisps and strands of shining blood hidden in various areas that released resplendent radiance to link up his entire body. 

At the same time, he witnessed the complete symbols of Heaven's Hand. In that instant, his comprehension of it became extremely deep.

"As expected!" His mind was greatly shaken up. He immediately felt like his body's inner treasury seemed to be opening up. So it turned out to be like this! The strange supreme being blood appeared again, only, it covered every area, extremely fine, yet still truly existing.

Only now did he truly open up his potential, the supreme being blood revived. It now reappeared!

"It's pointless even if I tell you, however, even though I haven't condensed a strand of immortal energy, wisps of immortal mists have appeared. Just hand over your life." Immortal Palace Inheritor roared while swooping downwards. 

If he wanted these wisps of mist to appear, he had to ignite all of his potential. The consumption was tremendous. 

Shi Hao was still calm. He now had the power of the supreme being blood after it revived. He released a long roar. This time, Heaven's Hand truly appeared, and it also condensed with the Reincarnation symbols, becoming flawless. 

"Immortal dao mist wisps? The one that will be killed is you!" Shi Hao said coldly. 


Blood energy instantly erupted like an ocean. He was like a reborn giant that had existed since the opening of the world, towering in the world of mortals. He could strike the ninth heaven, suppress the ninth layer of the underworld, absolutely unrivaled. 

In reality, his figure didn't increase, but it still gave others this type of feeling, as if he could suppress everything in this world.

The supreme being blood in his body roared, surging like a sea. It released a great rumbling sound, surging between his limbs and white bones. 

Heaven's Hand and Reincarnation symbols combined together, their power increased who knew how many times. Shi Hao took a large step forward and released a palm. Heaven and earth trembled!


Immortal Palace Inheritor's precious techniques were scattered, blasted through. In addition, the immortal dao wisps also dissipated, disappearing into the void.


Immortal Palace's inheritor flew outwards, blood spraying out from his mouth, unknown how many of his bones were broken.

"How could this be? I cultivated with two bodies, I have endless potential. Why is it like this?!" Immortal Palace's inheritor roared towards the sky.

The supreme being blood in Shi Hao's body became more and more resplendent. Two types of innate symbols merged together, continuously transforming, becoming incomparably terrifying. With a casual move of his hand, a dong sound rang through the air. Half of Immortal Palace Inheritor's body seemed to be blasted into mush, flying out again!

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