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Chapter 875 - Comrades 

The little rabbit bared her fangs and claws, her head of silver hair long and shiny like satin, dancing about in the wind. Her large eyes were intelligent, making her look pure and exceptional. 

Shi Hao directly found a stalk of holy medicine from Immortal Palace Inheritor's body and threw it into her mouth. She immediately stopped, no longer 'fighting to the death'. 


The little girl chewed on it like chinese cabbage, chewing off a piece of the old medicine sparkling with purple radiance. She immediately became all smiles again. 

It was just too extravagant… Many people cursed silently when they saw this. Was there really this kind of wasteful use of holy medicines? To directly chew on it, not even refining it , and using it like food.

"Let's go. I'll invite you all to eat great Peng meat!" Shi Hao waved his hand, and then he led the way. 

Of course, before leaving, he burned Immortal Palace's corpse clean to prevent any 'returning from the grave' accidents. 

This place erupted with commotion. Immortal Palace's young great one died just like that, his body and soul eliminated. The genius who was known to be able to sweep through all three thousand provinces' geniuses lost his life just like that!

In the outside world, it was similarly chaotic, the disturbance even greater! 

Immortal Palace, how extraordinary was this inheritance? Even though their numbers were few, never exceeding five if they excluded the servants and others, they were still above many great sects. 

Their old palace master especially, how many in the higher realms could match him?

This sect overlooked many great inheritances, related to the legendary immortals, even more so burying the dazzling Supreme Hall. 

It was precisely this kind of sect that had their inheritor killed in Immortal Ancient. All types of life-saving treasures were useless, dying without any suspense, moreover being killed five times in succession!

How shocking was this?

That ancient copper palace floating in the void, chaotic energy swirling around it, was silent and still. However, the servants in its surroundings were already trembling, feeling an anger and killing intent that was about to erupt like a volcano. 

"Di Chong[1]… died just like that. In the past, this name was given to you in hopes that you would become an emperor, rushing through the nine heavens, never expecting you to die so soon." 

Inside the bronze palace, an aged voice sighed, carrying regret, but even more a wave of killing intent. It immediately engulfed the great earth, the mountains and valleys all rumbling and swaying.

Dead. Immortal Palace's inheritor Di Chong died just like that, killed by Huang. This left the entire outside world shocked. 

Huang, he immediately became the focal point of everyone's discussions. No one thought that the Immortal Palace Inheritor who merged both his main and second body would have died like this, killed five times. 

This was a great defeat, as well a type of humiliation. For Immortal Palace, this event didn't bring them the slightest bit of brilliance. It tarnished the reputation of this inheritance that had been known to be undefeated! 

"Truly unimaginable. Huang came from the lower realm, rising up from the great wastelands, yet so quickly able to match the most powerful geniuses of the higher realms. In the future, he might even be able to contend against ancient freaks."

Everyone sighed. Their attention concentrated on this youth again, seeing him in a completely new light. It was because this person advanced by leaps and bounds, more powerful than what they had even imagined.

"Things are going to get rowdy now. Now that all of the geniuses have gathered with Immortal Ancient's final opening, great waves will definitely be stirred now because of Huang!" 

Soon after, this place became noisy. Everyone was frightened because of this battle. It was different from what they had imagined. All of them were discussing this excitedly. 

Immortal Ancient, Green Spirit Realm.

Peach blossoms were blooming, the blossoms rich and diverse as they fell everywhere. The petals were sparkling and resplendent. This place didn't have any noise, nor were there any bloody battles. There was an exceptional beauty and tranquility to it. 

"Truly fine food, Great Golden Winged Peng casserole!" Cao Yusheng directly rubbed his hands together, his small chubby face smiling happily. 

On the jade table, that great Golden Winged Peng was arranged on a silver platter, the gold and silver lights mutually reflecting. It was incomparably brilliant, and there was even more so a captivating meat fragrance. 

It was clear that the silver plate was a spatial precious object, or else how could it store such an enormous Peng? One had to admit that the Octadic Treasure House had some methods, all of its tableware made of magical artifacts. 

There was not only a large half of Peng meat stewed into a casserole, there was even a small half roasted, the wings roasted until it was golden and shining, the oil releasing chi chi sounds as it landed on the precious furnace below. 

It was clear that the furnace was also a precious artifact, or else it wouldn't have been able to roast the divine bird meat at all, nor could it hold this small half of the Peng. 

The little rabbit stared at the fragrant Peng wing that was shining with golden oil, doing its best to swallow its saliva. It continuously said, "I don't eat meat, I am a vegetarian!" 

"Hehehe…" Shi Hao and the little fatty all laughed. 

In the silver plate's surroundings were all types of bronze plates, on them all types of food, most of them from walking beasts, vicious birds, spiritual medicine meats and other things. Of course, when compared to the great Peng, these were only 'side dishes'. 

Apart from this, there were a few jars of holy wine as well. When the divine earth seals were undone, a wave of sweet fragrance wafted outwards, spreading throughout this entire restaurant, adding a wine fragrance to this peach garden. 

Not long ago, Shi Hao could only buy a single pot, yet this time, the boss directly brought out the few jars left in the entire store, because this battle frightened him quite badly. Even Immortal Palace's inheritor was killed five times, so this devil king definitely couldn't be offended. He was scared that Shi Hao would display his might here and eat everyone. 

As for Huang, he already created quite a few legends, for example, fighting with Ning Chuan's spiritual body and returning from the vicious nest alive. Of course, for most people, the most terrifying thing was still when he ate seven or eight exceptional talents in Silver Polish Mountain!

This truly frightened everyone. As long as one wasn't originally humanoid in shape, they all stayed far away from him out of fear of being targeted by this devil king. 

"Dig in!" Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Gudong gudong...

As Shi Hao, Qing Yi, and the little Fatty tore at the golden and resplendent Peng meat, the little rabbit on the side began to drink large mouthfuls of wine. Its little face immediately became rosy.

"Little sister, there are vegetables here. You don't have to only drink wine." Qing Yi said with a smile, pointing at the other 'side dishes'. 

Shi Hao roared with laughter. "She doesn't like eating vegetables at all, but is instead preparing to drink herself drunk, deceiving herself so she could fight over the great Peng meat."

"Hehe…" The little fatty also began to laugh, because this wasn't the first time this type of thing happened.

"Nonsense, I don't eat meat, I eat vegetables!" The little rabbit was furious, her large red eyes widening as she angrily berated.

Of course, the angrier she became, the more she drank. A small half of the pot of holy wine disappeared just like that, making Shi Hao and the little fatty feel quite some pain.  

A moment later, the powerful holy medicine wine kicked in. The little rabbit's face was completely flushed, her large eyes narrowing. She began to bare her fangs and claws to fight over the great Golden Winged Peng's meat.

Qing Yi was stupefied. When she saw how the snow white rabbit was acting, she finally seemed to have understood a bit.

As expected, no one ate more viciously than her. Her small face was full of grease, eating awfully joyously. What vegetarian, arguing noisily? Vegetarian my ass!

Of course, when she became clear-headed, everyone knew that she wouldn't admit it even if she was beaten to death. 

The others in Octadic Treasure House's top floor were speechless. That was a Golden Winged Peng! Yet it was turned into a dish, and was even being crazily eaten by a pretty and delicate little girl.

"I hate you all!" The Divine Striking Stone fell onto a small silver plate, continuously smashing about with dang dang sounds as he watched them gorge on the food. It was extremely angry, bringing out a few rocks itself and chewing on them with kacha kacha sounds. 

These people ate while chatting, talking about their own experiences in Immortal Ancient. Of course, there was a little rabbit drunk boxing on the side, joining in on the fun.

"I need to go into isolation cultivation and cultivate immortal energy. I have to take that step." Shi Hao said, his eyes serious, already firmly deciding to do this.

"Even Heavenly Country's assassins have appeared, so the situation doesn't look too good. These cold blooded creatures normally wouldn't take action without reward, so there is likely others who asked them to attack you." Qing Yi said. 

"Correct!" The little rabbit nodded her head in a drunk manner.

"Why don't we all go into closed door cultivation and take care of one another?" The little fatty said.

"My place is a bit special… it might not be suitable for you all." Shi Hao said. 

"It is the same regardless of where I am, because I've recently been focusing on finding a way to carve killing formations on my flesh, bones, and soul." Cao Yusheng said.

Everyone's paths were different. This fella dared to do this, his courage quite great. They all knew that he grasped the Third Killing Formation, able to release chaotic sword energy.

"This is your path?" Shi Hao asked. 

"This is just the foundation. I need to gather earth energy and heaven essence to nourish the dao core and produce a great living formation. This is the second step. What happens afterwards will be complicated." The little fatty was full of confidence. 

"My dao is to gather all types of spiritual medicines and eat one of every kind, sample the essence of ten thousand grass to condense a natural divine body!" The little rabbit mumbled while belching. She glanced over towards Shi Hao, knowing that he has many old medicines on him.

She didn't necessarily need to eat them, only needing them to sense their natural dao of life. 

As for Qing Yi, she was a bit special. That green moon never left, carrying a strange inheritance. 

"Then let's just all go together!" Shi Hao said. They would look after each other. If anyone came to invade their territory, then they could lend each other a helping hand.

"Let's be a bit careful, don't want to be tailed." They left, about to enter isolation cultivation. 

"Ah, you were cultivating in isolation here?" Those people were shocked. It was actually the starting paths, the three thousand bluestone paths. 

When they understood the path Shi Hao walked, they were all shocked. The little rabbit mumbled, "No wonder you liked eating roasted Peng wings. Turns out you were cooking yourself everyday when you had nothing better to do…" 


Shi Hao directly gave her head a tap, leaving her grimacing in pain, tears almost falling out. She jumped out murderously.


"My isolation cultivation will be extremely dangerous this time. Last time, I encountered two ominous events, so if I enter isolation again, there might be something mysterious about. All of you should stay a certain amount of distance away from me." Shi Hao warned seriously.

"I'll set a formation this time to catch it. I want to see exactly what kind of thing it is!" The Divine Striking Stone said.

When Cao Yusheng, the little rabbit, and Qing Yi heard this, they unexpectedly unanimously nodded, expressing their agreement. They also want to find out exactly what was going on. They were extremely daring, wishing to capture the so-called 'inauspicious existences'. 

Shi Hao released a sigh. Only after personally experiencing it would one know how terrifying that thing was. Last time, he seized life from near death. 

"I am not joking. It is better if you all don't join in, or else you might be inviting trouble." He advised against it.

"We wish to take that step as well, so sooner or later, we'll run into it. If we work together to capture that thing now and research it, then it will be greatly beneficial in the future." Cao Yusheng said. He said that they could use his killing formation to encircle it. 

That was the Third Killing Formation, born within primal chaos, enough to shock the world!

"Correct, hurry up and lay it down. With all of us joining hands, we will definitely catch one alive. Watch how I deal with it!" The little rabbit shouted noisily, not scared in the slightest. 

Shi Hao was speechless. They were all serious about doing this.

"Alright, let's give it a try then, see if we can catch one of those strange things. I also want to find out what kind of background it has exactly, what kind of strangeness." In the end, Shi Hao nodded, agreeing. They began to make preparations!

1. The first character means 'emperor', and the second character 'to rush' or 'powerful'

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