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Chapter 872 - Inextinguishable


Loud laughter sounded from within the purple bamboo forest. Not only Shi Hao and the Divine Striking Stone, but even Qing Yi was laughing quietly. They unexpectedly frightened away Immortal Palace's inheritor just like that. 

"Once we meet again, we should properly tell him the truth, otherwise, how insincere would we be?" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"Hehehe…" Shi Hao laughed strangely.

One could imagine what kind of expression Immortal Palace's inheritor would have after learning the truth. The formation hadn't been broken yet, but he ran away like a startled bird, leaving behind the dao comprehending stone and other divine treasures. 

This was definitely a type of great humiliation that would likely make him vomit blood on the spot. He was actually duped like this by another, scared until he left behind everything and ran. 

Qing Yi's beautiful eyes released brilliance. She looked at these two fellas, pursing her lips and laughing quietly. This man and stone pair were too horrible. The battle didn't even start, yet Immortal Palace Inheritor's morale was already at rock bottom. 

"Hurry and break the formation. Can you do it in four hours? We don't want him to return and bring everything away!" Shi Hao urged. 

"Alright, let me look into it!" The Divine Striking Stone calmed itself down. 

In the outside world, the cultivators of all different sects had been paying attention this entire time, because this was too important. There was going to be a great confrontation between Huang and Immortal Palace Inheritor, so the effects of this battle were definitely going to be great. 

From a certain perspective, this was the most intense battle between two geniuses in Immortal Ancient to date. Before this, no one on this caliber had fought a life and death battle yet. 

It could be said that all eyes were on them, everyone expectant.

Only, no one expected to see this type of result. Before a bloody conflict happened, the man and stone pair obtained a pile of natural luck, frightening off Immortal Palace's heaven warping hero. 

This was simply unimaginable. A present world matchless young supreme being unexpectedly suffered a loss, almost going mad, half his body in tatters and unmovable. 

The cultivators of all different sects looked like they saw ghosts, the expressions on their faces as extreme as they could be. This… was just too unexpected. 


In the outside world, several old servants stood outside an ancient bronze immortal palace. All of their eyes were widened in anger, their white beards shaking. They were truly angered to the extreme. 

There was even a light cold snort that sounded from within the ancient copper palace, carrying anger. This was a tremendous humiliation to Immortal Palace. He wasn't injured due to battle, but instead running frantically, how could this be tolerated?

"Supreme Hall's evildoer, even his ancestor has been defeated, yet he still wants to defy the heavens in this realm? He should have been killed a long time ago." 

Right at this moment, a dragon-headed crocodile appeared from the void. It was enormous like a mountain, blood energy surging into the heavens. It roared with a low voice, shaking the heavens until it began to tremble slightly. 

Dragon-Blooded Ancestral Crocodile. It was too angry. After watching its heir die, and then Immortal Palace's inheritor not being able to get revenge, instead fleeing after being heavily injured, it truly wished it could immediately slaughter its way into Immortal Ancient. 

Everyone trembled inwardly. This ancestral crocodile could definitely kill a heavenly deity. 

However, everyone quickly shifted their attention to that small world. They all stared at that Dao Comprehension Stone, seeing whether Shi Hao's group could bring it away or not.

Many people's eyes were burning with greed. That was a supreme treasure! Immortal Palace was unexpectedly going to lose one here. This was unimaginable!

"Wasn't there a rumor that once Immortal Palace's main body and second body merge, he will be unmatched among the younger generation? Why is he in such a sorry state today, not standing there and instead running?" Someone said. 

This was without a doubt a clear slap to their faces.

Everyone became shocked. Who dared to say this, actually speaking such 'nonsense' in front of Immortal Palace giants' faces? Didn't they fear incurring a great disaster onto themselves? 

"Haha… indeed, even the Dao Comprehension Stone was lost. Just waiting for that inheritor to return and be killed now." Another person said cynically. 


A heavy cold snort sounded from within the copper palace. A silver ripple quickly moved outwards, attacking towards the distance. 


At the limits of the horizon, a powerful creature who was like a matchless demonic god appeared. It was as tall as the heavens, a pair of golden wings on its back. With a fierce shake of its wings, terrifying aura overflowed into the sky. 

The ripples that swept over completely scattered, and a wave of killing intent spread into the copper palace.

Everyone broke out into a cold shiver. Who was this, to be so fearless in front of Immortal Palace, daring to take action like this?!

It was clear that those golden ripples wouldn't be able to enter the copper palace, silently breaking apart and scattering away into flowing light. The existence inside the copper palace was deep and immeasurable. 

"Able to display a Stellar Reflection, a fight it will be when your true body appears." This voice sounded from within the copper palace. 

At this moment, forget about normal creatures, even the great sect masters were shaken up. Immortal Palace giant's words were truly frightening. 

There weren't many people who were worthy of him taking action personally, but once they did appear, it would definitely be a world changing expert! 

Apart from this, the words 'Stellar Reflection' also had a type of strange demonic force that left great sect masters startled. It was because few people could accomplish it. 

The so-called Stellar Reflection was that even if one was at the other end of the starry sky, they could disregard the distance and reflect themselves on this end for a short period of time. 

They could even take action during this period of time! 

This type of power was simply unimaginable.

"Who is this, able to display a Stellar Reflection? He is at the other end of the starry sky, yet unexpectedly… appeared to deal with Immortal palace's giant." 

Everyone was shaken up, their hearts stirring with great waves.

"The undying existence, it's him!" Finally, someone recognized who it was.

If Shi Hao was here, he would definitely recognize him as well. This was precisely the undying existence who struggled free from the lower realm. He now appeared again. 

"Immortal Palace's old fellas, you all should forget about trying to flaunt your age. If you all want to harm Huang when he appears in the outside world, then just wait for the day I return from the uninhabited region. I'll wipe all of you out one by one!" 

The undying existence spoke, domineering to the extreme. 

Everyone was shaken up. Many people knew that he was forced into the boundless uninhabited region by a few sects, now gone for quite so time. However, today, he unexpectedly displayed the Stellar Reflection here. 

"You all wish to bully the youth that I care about? All of you have disciples as well. If you don't want them to be wiped out, then all of you better play your part!" The undying existence added.

Behind him was another indistinct elderly figure. He also towered there, clearly from the uninhabited region as well. 

All sects trembled. There really might be the distance of a starry sky between the undying existence and this place. Now that he displayed his reflection here in such a domineering manner, it proved that his cultivation advanced once again. 

"Huang… actually has this kind of backing, an undying lord that is truly bad to provoke or trouble! Truly unexpected." Someone said softly.

"It is a bit bad. If we are talking about the lower realm, there is still a willow tree!" Someone said softly.

Soon after, everyone shut their mouths, no longer discussing this. 

"When you return, I'll personally kill you!" A voice sounded from Immortal Palace, originating from an ancient existence, ringing through the air like a golden bell.

"Whoever dares to harm the youth I favor, I will unleash a great slaughter on that sect!" The undying existence said. 

Then, the Stellar Reflection disappeared. No one said anything for a long time, and quite a few people felt their heads become heavy, feeling a great wave of chilliness. 

Immortal Ancient, within a small world. 

Immortal Place Inheritor's entire body was covered with blood, half his body in tatters. His injuries were extremely severe. He endured the rage and calmed himself down, silently adjusting his breathing to neutralize his injuries. 

A wondrous sound could be heard. Within his body, speck after speck of scarlet multicolored blood droplets flowed out, and then they were carefully stored within a jade container. 

This was immortal blood, something difficult to find throughout the world. It was enough to make all sects fight crazily over it. 

He was disturbed during his comprehension, unable to merge with it for now. He once again extracted it from his body and carefully sealed it within a jade container. 

Only then did he begin to treat his injuries. He produced a divine level crystal, undid the seal, and then a divine pill that blossomed with radiant brilliance emerged. It was incomparably dazzling, golden light releasing in tens of thousands of streaks. 

He swallowed it in one gulp. His body released a thunderous sound, and then his flesh began to heal at a visible speed, recovering his injuries! 

Within the purple bamboo forest, the formation rumbled, dao patterns resplendent.

Two hours later, the Divine Striking Stone finally opened up a small path, breaking apart a corner of the ancient formation. They could thus enter. 

"Haha… Dao Comprehension Stone!" It cried out strangely, rushing over to bite down on it.

However, Shi Hao grabbed it in one go. This thing definitely couldn't be destroyed.


The Divine Striking Stone was still unwilling to give up, giving it a bite. As a result, sparks flew everywhere.

"This damn thing is quite hard, but it doesn't seem to have any divine substance I need. If it's eaten, it probably can't be used to comprehend the dao either." The Divine Striking Stone muttered, ultimately retreating and giving up.

"It really is that rock! I never expected it to leave Immortal Palace." Qing Yi cried out in shock, her beautiful eyes suffused with shocking brilliance. 

"So heavy!" 

Shi Hao was shocked. This rock was unbelievably heavy. No wonder they were saying that it was heavier than a star. 

If not for the shocking formation here, it would have definitely smashed through the ground.

Shi Hao produced a spatial magical artifact to try to store it. As a result, it slowly moved, finally entering inside,but the spatial gourd was smashed apart. 

Not even a divine level artifact could store it!

In the end, Shi Hao produced the pill furnace, collecting it slowly. With a putong sound, it fell into the lightning river water, this time succeeding.

He felt more and more that this pill furnace was extraordinary, unexpectedly able to do even this. 

"Give me some time to take that step. Then, I'll gift the Dao Comprehension Stone to you to research and make a breakthrough." Shi Hao said to Qing Yi. 

The two began to search around this place. There were a few other bone books here, all of them insights from predecessors. Immortal Palace Inheritor didn't have time to put them away. There were also other divine treasures that were scattered about, all of them now brought away by them. 

"Should we wait for him to come back?" The Divine Striking Stone asked. 

"There's no need. Let's leave him be to go mad for some time. Let's wait for him outside." Shi Hao said. 

"Alright. Let's let him 'reflect' for a bit, haha!" The Divine Striking Stone laughed loudly.

They left just like that, returning to Green Spirit Realm. 

"Boss, is my Golden Peng casserole done yet?" Shi Hao shouted outside Octadic Treasure House.

When everyone heard this, their expressions all changed. This devil king came back! Could it be that he successfully killed Immortal Palace's inheritor?

"It's… not done yet." The boss felt a bit speechless and incomparably nervous. "This type of heavenly ranked creature needs to be slow cooked for a while." 

"Alright, continue then. When my battle finishes, I hope I can eat the great Golden Winged Peng." Shi Hao said.

Then, he looked towards the others and said, "That Immortal Palace fella will probably appear soon. Is there anyone here that knows about him? Give him a message for me, tell him to come here and accept death!"

Immortal Palace's inheritor appeared in the purple bamboo forest again. When he saw how everything was a mess and the Dao Comprehension Stone was lost, his face fell. He couldn't help but roar towards the sky, his head of hair flying about crazily. Heaven overflowing divine light flames surged! 

Soon after, he arrived in Radiant City, standing outside the city alone, roaring, "Huang, do you dare fight against me? Today, I will remove your head!" 

This world shaking roar shook all of Radiant Realm.

"Huang, get out here! If you don't want to die, then I can take you as a servant!" Immortal Palace roared. 

"Great one, there is news that he is in Green Spirit Realm." Only after a while had passed did someone come in to quietly report. 


Immortal palace's inheritor rushed through the skies, disappearing from this place. 

"Huang, hand over your life!" Soon after, he appeared in Green Spirit Realm.

Shi Hao welcomed him high in the sky. "You finally came! I was waiting for such a long time already. Is your true form humanoid? If not, I'll turn you into a casserole just like the great Golden Winged Peng!"

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