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Chapter 871 - Half Paralysis

"Yi, there is a formation protecting this place, I can't cut open the void." Shi Hao was shocked. He wanted to use the great halberd to cut open the void, but in the end, he discovered that it failed. 

The space around them distorted. Silver-colored symbols flickered about, covering everything before him densely. That Ten Thousand Poison Tree's terrifying formation displayed its might, stopping the void passage from being opened. 

"Then let's just fly over. Even if there are true deities, they still can't stop us." The Divine Striking Stone said with a rather domineering tone.

It felt that this distance could be covered with a single rush. Once they reached the formation, that was its domain.


It was the first one to move, but in the end, it moved quickly, but ran quickly as well. In the end, it was still feeling remaining fear. 

That Ten Thousand Poison Tree was displaying its power, releasing tens of thousands of streaks of auspicious light. For the poisonous bugs, it was a holy substance that could nourish the body, but for others, it was a disastrous thing. 

This type of poison turned into light, able to corrode divine force and weaken one's cultivation. 

Even though the Divine Striking Stone was tough and nearly unbreakable, it was still worried about its own cultivation being corroded by the poisonous light. Recently, it was close to breaking through, so it didn't want to take the risk. 

Shi Hao gave it a try, discovering that his only heavenly passage was able to hold on until the other side. However, the corrosion wasn't light either.

Qing Yi was opposed to him doing this, because he still had to fight afterwards. He had to maintain the most optimal state, with even the slightest corrosion of divine force or the slight exhauston of cultivation not good. 

She supported her Green Lunar Flame, and as a result, the Ten Thousand Poison Tree began to sway and rumble, as if it provoked a great disaster. Many of the poisonous bugs were alarmed, about to rush over.

"As expected, this ancient divine tree, formation, and poisonous bugs are all important elements to his own protection. No wonder he chose this place." Shi Hao said softly to himself. 

He tried to hide himself in the divine cauldron and rush over while hiding inside of it, but in the end, the precious cauldron was corroded terribly.

"It seems like I can only use this. It's a good time to test how powerful it is exactly." Shi Hao used the Earth to Inches great divine ability to avoid the hoards of true deity level poisonous bugs, producing the pill furnace. 

The pill furnace had lightning inside, as well as curse power. However, now that he cultivated the Lightning Emperor technique, it was already difficult for it to injure him. 

Shi Hao placed Qing Yi and the Divine Striking Stone into the heaven and earth pouch, and then he himself hid in the pill furnace. Then, with extreme speed, he moved over, shooting into the formation like a falling star.

When he emerged, they were shocked at the pill furnace's rigidity. 

It was because the Ten Thousand Poison Tree was extremely terrifying. It released streak after streak of ripples that were unexpectedly close to heavenly deity level fluctuations. The surroundings were covered densely with symbols, terrifying to the extreme. 

"This thing has magical force?" The Divine Striking Stone's mouth widened, feeling incomparable shock. 

Shi Hao was shaken up. This was a divine tree and could be used as a medicine. For certain creatures, it was priceless. It actually had powerful fighting strength as well! This was extremely shocking. 

Normally speaking, even if an ancient divine medicine developed intelligence, it wouldn't possess great divine abilities or other methods like it. 

"This thing is formidable, no wonder all of those true deity level bugs are worshiping it here, treating it like their lord. It can order all poisonous type experts." Qing Yi said. 

Normally, no one could break inside, killing along the way.

They couldn't help but give this pill furnace another look. The furnace lid had an ancient phoenix that was vivid and lifelike, bright red and shining, around the furnace itself coiled a True Dragon which possessed a great grace. 

This was an ancient treasure obtained from Fiend Island's Immortal Tomb river. Even though it couldn't attack others, its defensive power was still shocking. 

"It might have mysterious origins." Qing Yi came to this conclusion.

They didn't waste any time, immediately rushing into the depths of the formation, heading towards a small heaven and earth.

There was no place safer than the ancient formation beside the Ten Thousand Poison Tree. 

The formation was astonishing. If not for the Divine Striking Stone witnessing Willow Deity arranging one itself, it definitely wouldn't be able to guide them in. If one didn't know how to operate it, it was the same as stepping into a place of death. 

A small winding path paved with divine stones led inwards, and there were all types of green jade bamboos as well. This place was extremely mysterious, the spiritual essence rich to a terrifying degree. 

"Who would have expected to see this immortal realm like scene within a world of poison and bugs." Shi Hao said with a sigh. 

They entered this small world and walked on the tangled and complicated road, moving past the murderous formations, directly heading into the interior. All types of multicolored light flew past, white mists coiling about; it was just like an immortal's home. 

Shi Hao could clearly remembered that when he had just entered Immortal Ancient, Immortal Palace's inheritor went looking for a place to cultivate, but as a result provoked a heavenly deity level Flood Dragon, and it chased him all the way out. 

This place clearly didn't have the aura of a Flood Dragon, a pure land. 

He couldn't help but sigh. Immortal Palace's backing truly was deep and profound, their understanding of Immortal Ancient deep, knowing about many of its precious lands. 

Just up ahead, a divine spring roiled, surging with auspicious energy. White colored spiritual essence pervaded the air, making this place seem like a place detached from the mortal world. 

On the side, purple-colored spiritual bamboo were everywhere and coiling with white mists. There were streaks of divine rainbows as well that connected into the sky, interweaving together, the aura exceptional, as if an immortal was overseeing this place. 

Within the purple bamboo forest was a strange stone that curled with wisps of immortal mist. Tens of thousands of streaks of multicolored light swirled around its surroundings, producing an astonishing sight. One could vaguely sense waves of dao sounds. 

On the strange stone sat an unmoving figure, his body releasing waves of dao sounds. He was cultivating in isolation, comprehending the great dao, unaware of the outside world. 

"Don't act rashly. This purple bamboo forest contains tremendous killing intent, with Immortal Palace's ancient formation here. If one hastily rushes in, their body and dao might be erased!" Qing Yi said. 

Shi Hao nodded. He naturally saw some clues. 

That stone was half a zhang in size, entirely grayish brown, looking rather simple and unadorned, but over ten thousands streaks of light swirled around it, none of these lights making contact with the stone itself. There were strands of immortal energy outside as well that looked incomparably exotic. 

Qing Yi said softly, "This stone looks a lot like Immortal Palace's dao comprehension stone. It is rumored that there are three of them. I never expected that one of their legendary holy objects would be brought into Immortal Ancient."

They were secretly conversing. They were still quite far, so they weren't scared of alerting Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

"This thing… I think I want it!" The Divine Striking Stone began to drool. 

"You can forget about this rock." Shi Hao rejected. This thing was definitely a supreme treasure. For people like them who wanted to surpass their predecessors and step on an unrivaled path, it wasn't something they could exchange for no matter what they offered. 

Immortal Ancient was now open for the three thousandth time, as well as the final time. Immortal Palace desired these historical remains greatly, entrusting their hopes on their inheritor, hoping for him to rise up and bring great natural luck to Immortal Palace. 

As such, even this type of divine supreme treasure was granted to him and brought into Immortal Ancient for him to comprehend the dao. One could see how great the hopes they placed onto him were. 

In this great era, ever since the first Immortal Dao Flower Petal blossomed, all the way until the three thousand dao were completely used up, the so-called ultimate 'natural luck' had never been seen yet. Everyone suspected that it would definitely appear in this world. 

Immortal Palace naturally wished to obtain it, and that was why they invested so much into their inheritor. 

There were still many bone books inside of the nearby purple bamboo forest piled up into a heap and flowing with holy light. They were all records of predecessors' insights that provided Immortal Palace's inheritor with great help. 

Apart from this, there was a crystal piece as well, inside which were wisps of bright red blood that had divine luster. 

This greatly moved both Shi Hao and Qing Yi. It was absorbed by him already, and this was only the remains. 

On the strange stone, Immortal Palace's inheritor's eyes were closed, as if he was sleeping, not moving a single inch. However, dao sounds continuously sounded, and within his body, a wave of scarlet red immortal light swirled about, continuously rushing at his arms and inner organs, cleansing his body. One could sense the immortal dao aura from quite far away. 

"Using immortal blood to cleanse the body, it truly is extravagant!"

How could ordinary people see immortal blood? A single drop was enough to make sects go crazy, yet he used an entire sphere of it. If those of the outside world found out, it would definitely lead to a great battle between inheritances, all of them fighting over it. 

It was because this was a legendary item, difficult to find a single drop throughout the entire world!

Apart from this, there were all types of other divine substances in the purple bamboo forest, such as half divine fruits, strange holy liquids, and other things, as well divine pills sealed within jade bottles that were resplendent like suns.

It could be said that there were many holy objects, and anyone's eyes would become red upon seeing them. There were quite a few things that were brought into Immortal Ancient from the outside world, which, if others obtained them, would be shocking great natural luck. 

Shi Hao's eyes shone with passion, deciding to fight over those things. 

"How long will it take to break through the formation?" Shi Hao asked the Divine Striking Stone.

"Even though there are similarities between this and Stone Village's formation, there are other changes, so it will be extremely difficult to completely break through it. We can break through midway, but heading forward will require a lot of time and research." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

It was clear that if this continued, they would alert Immortal Palace's inheritor, allowing him to make preparations.

"Then let's not break it and just scare him until he goes mad!" He and Qing Yi discussed with each other which type of dao sounds would harm the cultivating Immortal Palace inheritor the most. 

In the end, Qing Yi taught him Heaven Mending Sect's Dragon Cry technique, while she herself prepared to use the phoenix cry sound. When these two divine sounds were used together, the power would increase drastically. 

The Dragon Cry technique wasn't too difficult. As long as one's cultivation was high enough and they understood the secret method, it would be displayed quite smoothly, only, the consumption of magical force would be quite great. 

Shi Hao thought to himself for a bit, and then he finished his preparations. 

Apart from this, he also activated that pill furnace, preparing to use endless lightning to attack that great formation. The Divine Striking Stone also set up an offensive formation to assist from the side.


Immediately afterward, Shi Hao and Qing Yi rushed forward, immediately erupting with divine sounds, dragon and phoenix cries shook the world, hundreds of times greater than thunder as they erupted here.

Apart from this, the purple bamboo forest's great formation was attacked as well, erupting with demonic sound that was extremely terrifying, immediately making this place chaotic. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor who was currently at the critical point of comprehension, his body and mind clear, forgetting his material self, felt as if he was struck by lightning, as if he was cursed. His body trembled violently, and with a pu sound, he spat out a large mouthful of blood carrying silver radiance. 

Apart from this, in his body, the immortal blood scattered in disarray, releasing blinding scarlet multicolored light, about to shoot out through his body, causing some of his flesh to split apart. His entire body became covered in blood. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor was disturbed by 'external demons', immediately suffering serious injuries, his body almost dying and his dao erased.

Immortal blood wasn't something that easy to merge with. Fortunately, Immortal Palace's ancient ancestor neutralized the killing energy and other things. However, despite this being the case, before the symbols within were completely comprehended, they were still not something a deity could completely control. 

"Ah…" Half of Immortal Palace Inheritor's body became rotten, his hair dishevelled, looking like a malicious spirit. It was a tragic sight. He fell on his back on top of the strange stone.

Shi Hao didn't feel the slightest bit of sympathy towards this, because this person had tried to kill him several times, even offering a bounty to claim him as a battle servant, even cruelly instilling curses on his divine generals, treating them like criminals. 

"You all…" Half of Immortal Palace Inheritor's body suffered from the corrosion of immortal blood, making him lose perception. His eye sockets felt like they were going to split apart. He stared at those two people with absolute fury. 

"Kill!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. He indicated towards the Divine Striking Stone, having it break through the formation, pretending that it was quite easy, as if they could quickly break through it.

Sure enough, the first half was broken through easily, pulling it apart like rotten weeds and directly slaughtering into the purple bamboo forest's depths, fast to the point of leaving others stupefied. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor was shocked, a wave of fear welling up within him. Right now, half his body was in tatters, receiving serious injuries while comprehending the dao. If these two closed in on him, he would undoubtedly die. 

Without any hesitation, he endured the pain, and with a huala sound, collected a pile of divine objects, as well as tried to bring away the comprehending wondrous stone, but ultimately failing to do so. 

"Rumor has it that this strange stone is heavier than a star, difficult to store within precious artifacts." Qing Yi said, her eyes revealing brilliance.


As they closed in, Immortal Palace Inheritor's eyes were full of unwillingness, as well as endless fury. The light around his body overflowed into the heavens. He still had half of his body that he could move. Then, after looking back once, he activated magical force, endured the pain and flew outwards, smashing into a distant transport formation to escape. 

"All of you, just wait. In four hours, I will return and kill you all!" This was what he roared with anger. 

"I'll have to give you my thanks for leaving behind the dao comprehension stone, the insights of predecessors, and all of these divine objects. I really am extremely thankful!" Shi Hao laughed loudly.


Another mouthful of blood shot out from within the transport formation. Immortal Palace's inheritor was so angry he was almost driven mad. After an angry roar, he then escaped. 

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