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Chapter 864 - Difficult Path

"Using the blood of all creatures to irrigate the vicious nest and acquire natural luck, using their bodies' symbols for cultivation, is this the reason for planning this over six or seven eras? And now, its dao fruit is complete." Chang Gongyan said softly. He stared at that figure that had become indistinct. 

One could vaguely see symbols appearing, surging along with blood in the mountain region and swirling about that figure, shining with mysterious radiance under the moonlit night. They were like symbols cast from immortal gold as they gathered together, forming an undying ring, making that gradually fading figure appear incomparably outstanding. 

Shi Yi was the first to leave. He didn't fight against Shi Hao, wishing to immediately enter isolation cultivation, because this place had left him shaken up internally, giving him many insights.

The others moved for several hundreds of thousands of li, ultimately leaving Nest Realm. 

"Older brother, I am leaving as well. Take care of yourself." Qin Hao also left. He was dealt quite the mental blow and needed to think hard about his dao. 

"This era is extremely brilliant, but it is going to be extremely cruel as well. There was someone who actually took this step, surpassing the past. The others won't want to lag behind and will instead fly like moths to a flame." Chang Gongyan sighed softly.

Along the way, he moved together with Shi Hao and Dragon Girl, not leaving either. They all wished to enter a few enormous cities to obtain clues, find out who that mysterious person was. 

"Indeed, even if one was an ancient king, cultivating and comprehending for several eras, it is still unlikely to take that step. It truly is too difficult…" Dragon Girl sighed. 

It was because she was a contender for this path as well. Only by taking it would one truly understand how difficult it was. There was the danger of death at every corner.

Originally, the number of ancient freaks was much greater than right now, but the reason why they were now so pitifully few now was because they all tried to take that step to surpass the ancients, but most of them unfortunately fell.

There were too many people, all of them the most outstanding in their generation, overlooking their era, even some who were unmatched in several eras, yet in the end, they all met sorrowful ends, dying on their paths. 

Nest Realm, one of the small worlds in Immortal Ancient. 

When the three of them entered, they found an enormous city. Dragon Girl used her special methods to leave an engraving of that mysterious male's figure, as well as carving down a line of characters. 

Of course, this was just the start. The ancient freaks all had many followers, for example, the Dragon Palace Dragon Girl constructed. She had strongholds in a few small worlds. 

Now, when she gave the order, a group of powerful individuals moved out, heading towards the main cities in Immortal Ancient to stick portraits and offer reward for information on that person's past.

Shi Hao and Chang Gongyan didn't leave, following Dragon Girl into a manor. They waited for information together, hoping for some clues to understand that enemy's origins. 

"I dare say that a few ancient kings are going to die from here on forth. After learning that this person took that step, they will only be able to forge ahead to take that step. However, how many of them will succeed?" Chang Gongyan said. 

This was the truth. Immortal Ancient now opened for the three thousandth time. There would be people who came first from every era, and ancient freaks who decided to seal themselves weren't few,but in the end, how many of them survived? 

Some of them died in battle, even more of them stopping when their paths were broken, dying after exhausting all efforts.

Now, those that remained could be counted, so one could imagine how difficult this path was!

The mysterious individual they saw tonight could be said to be extremely heaven defying, because he succeeded, taking the step that most experts desired but could not accomplish. 

"Could it be that he is the first one that succeeded?" Shi Hao's brows frowned slightly.

"That might not be the case. Ten Crown King has succeeded as well." Dragon Girl said. She clearly knew a bit about Ten Crown King's matters, because she mentioned him more than once. 

"Six Crown King Ning Chuan shouldn't be far either. That person has shocked past and present, possessing shocking preparations. He will definitely be like a fish leaping out from the ocean, turning into a dragon and soaring into the sky." Chang Gongyan said.

Shi Hao frowned. One of these two was his great enemy. If his true body succeeded, that would be a life-threatening danger!

"Where does immortal energy come from?" He frowned as he thought to himself. Once one cultivated a strand of immortal energy, their strength would increase substantially, enough to overlook the masses. 

From what Dragon Girl said, if one could take that step, even if they were surrounded by the bug swarm, they would still be without fear, able to slaughter one's way out. 

This… was as different as night and day. Shi Hao couldn't help but feel shaken up!

In short, this mysterious individual feared Shi Yi's damaged stone imprint and Dragon Girl's ancient horn, and that was why he didn't pursue them to the end. 

Divine Flame Realm was a foundation. After the ignition, one would leap out from the sea like a fish and soar into the nine heavens. 

That was why this foundation was the most important; it affected all of one's future accomplishments. 

Today, Shi Hao deeply understood the difference. He felt even more rushed, a greater desire to succeed. He was going to finish his own path to its completion. 

Now that he could sit together with two ancient freaks, he naturally had quite a few questions to inquire about.

"Ning Chuan, Ten Crown King, what kind of paths did they take?"

"I do not know about Ning Chuan. That person is too mysterious. Once his true body emerges, it is unlikely for many people to be able to fight him in Immortal Ancient." Chang Gongyan spoke. This was a reminder, as he knew that Stone Clan's three brothers had killed one of Ning Chuan's spiritual bodies. 

"The true body is far greater than a spiritual body, not something that can even be compared. Meanwhile, he will definitely cultivate immortal energy. It will swirl around his body, and at that time, there won't be many who can be treated by him as an opponent." Dragon Girl's expression became grave.

"Ten Crown King is someone who can be described with a single word -- immeasurable." Chang Gongyan said. It was because no one knew where his limits laid. 

Dragon Girl said, "It is rumored that he obtained a small tree that came from the last great era. He used it as his roots, establishing it as his foundation. That is why I reckon that he already knew he could take that step a long time ago. In the future, he could not be stopped or fought against."

"Suspected to be an Immortal Dao Ancient Tree." Chang Gongyan said.

"What?!" Shi Hao was extremely shocked.

He even obtained this type of heaven defying thing, moreover planting it in his body in this era, it was simply unimaginable. How shocking was this? 

When immortal energy and surpassing those of the ancient past was mentioned, they all had many questions, because they all wished to reach the end of their paths and advance, breaking through the cocoon and turn into butterflies, carrying out an ultimate evolution. 

"Even though most of the ancient kings of this era will die, there are some who are destined to succeed." Dragon Girl said. 

This path was extremely difficult, with no hope in sight, like a road of death. This was common knowledge, something everyone knew about. 

However, if someone were to succeed, it would definitely be someone among the ancient freaks. They had accumulated knowledge for several eras, from the past until now, researching diligently the entire time. 

This type of accumulation was not something that could be surpassed with a single era. It needed to be stored up, refined over time.

Shi Hao nodded. If these people had this as their target, then they were without a doubt at the forefront. Their chances of success were the greatest. 

Time was a type of furnace, a flame for refining true gold and eliminating impurities. Many freaks had already died, and those that remained were the most powerful. 

It was because a few ancient freaks had encountered each other as well, waking in the same era. Only the more powerful one could live.

As such, in the very end, those that lived were all unfathomable existences. 

"I am going to take that step!" Shi Hao's eyes became resolute. With the circumstances like this, he had to succeed, or else he would definitely be killed in Immortal Ancient. 

Then, Dragon Girl and Chang Gongyan discussed a few things with him. They were mostly words of warning, for him to be careful, that following a broken bath was not that simple. 

Shi Hao knew that these two were speaking tactfully. He had only gathered for a single era, so compared to all those ancient kings, his preparations were lacking. 

If this continued, even if only a single mishap occurred, forget about enemies, he would fall on this path.

Two days later, they separated, because even if there were any news regarding that mysterious individual, it wouldn't come immediately.

"Finally came out!" Lu Yi said. 

Shi Hao released Luo Dao and Lan Yichen from the cauldron. Those individuals felt as if they had obtained a new lease on life. Even though they didn't encounter the latter dangers, they knew that it was definitely extremely dangerous. 

"That vicious nest is too dangerous. I never expected that someone would have already gone inside and grasped some of the formations." Lan Yichen sighed with regret.

Shi Hao also released a sigh, but in the end, there was nothing he could do about it. This world did not lack natural luck, and there was no way all of it was obtained by a single person. 

"He might not have obtained everything in the vicious nest, and we are all in Immortal Ancient, so there are still opportunities." Shi Hao said. 

"I feel suffocated to death. It is good that we managed to get out!" Lu Yi said. He felt like living was best.

In reality, there was a group of people who felt even more dejected than him. 

In the outside world, the cultivators of all sects, including the great sect masters felt helpless, because they couldn't see what happened in the vicious nest through the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, to the extent where that mysterious creature never even appeared. It was because immortal energy wrapped around that place, preventing them from seeing anything.

They knew that a tragedy happened, but they still never saw that mysterious person in the end.

This type of feeling was extremely terrible. 

Only when that individual's portrait appear on every large city did they see his true appearance, but they could only frown. None of them recognized who that person was, feeling rather powerless.

"Prepared for six or seven eras and killed so many creatures? Through this forged his own path, only emerging in the vicious nest in this era. Why are they all saying that he succeeded?" 

Someone's expression turned grave, feeling that a great storm was brewing in Immortal Ancient. 

Cloud Realm, within an enormous city.

Shi Hao and Lan Yichen, Luo Dao, and Lu Yi separated. Before departing, he taught them a few transformation arts from the Seventy-Two Transformations to change their appearances and use them for self protection.,

He only had a single request, and that was to do what they could to find out which places in Immortal Ancient had divine medicines. In the future, he would use this information to take risks and pick them. 

They then separated. 

Shi Hao naturally wished to enter isolation and complete his own path, to establish a perfect foundation. Only then would he be able to overlook the crowd when the time came. 

"Should take another stroll through Radiant City."

He had previously stirred up a huge disaster. If there were old friends who found out about this, they might go there to take a look.

In Radiant Realm, there were quite a few people who came recently, all of them searching for information. It was because there was someone who had plundered from Immortal Palace, Divine Temple, Divine Dark Palace, and other places. It triggered a huge commotion. 

"Heavens… the devil king is back!" 

The moment Shi Hao entered, the streets first became silent, and then everyone ran about in chaos with a hong sound. The bustling road immediately… became empty. 

Everyone ran out of fear, because there were news that he cooked and ate eight exceptional talent levels in Silver Polish Mountain.

Together with how unbridled he was, daring to steal from even ancient freaks, who wouldn't be scared? 

Shi Hao was a bit speechless. As soon as he entered the city, chickens flew and dogs ran, cultivators running in all directions. This area had practically turned into an empty city.

In the end, he took action, stopping a few cultivators and asking about them if there were any accidents here, if any special people came.

It was clear that even if people came, it wasn't too likely that they would expose their relationship with the devil king, or else they would incur the wrath of all. 

"There was a female who came, one who was beautiful to a ridiculous level, above her head a green moon, pure and perfect, but she left after only half a day." Someone said.

Even though that female didn't expose her identity, she was too beautiful and her temperament extraordinary. She left behind an extremely deep impression on everyone.

Shi Hao's mind was moved. He knew that it was likely Qing Yi, Yue Chan's second body. He walked around the place Qing Yi appeared in, and then he turned around to leave. 

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