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Chapter 863 - Weight of Immortal Energy 

Under the blood moons, demonic figures were everywhere, their roars shaking the heavens!

Shi Hao and the others fled to Fallen Immortal Ridge. Behind them, many cultivators were wailing in anguish. They had been caught up to by the ghost demons. Heart tearing lung splitting howls rang through the air.

They covered heaven and earth. More than ten thousand ghost demons chewed and devoured flesh; this type of scene was just too horrible to witness. 

The danger hadn't ended yet. There are still several thousand ghost demons chasing over. Even though they couldn't overtake Shi Hao's party, for those cultivators who were fleeing for their lives, they were fatal.

Within this ancient land, creatures of all clans took action. Precious light surged into the heavens and symbols shot out, fighting until the forest collapsed and the great earth split apart. 

Dragon Girl, Shi Yi, and the others were extremely fast, travelling together this entire time as they slaughtered their way out. They encountered several small groups of ghost demons that had emerged from who knew where, so they worked together to destroy them. 

"Are we going to completely leave this place?" Qin Hao said quietly. He hated this place, wishing to leave as soon as possible.

They were already quite far from the vicious nest, now quite far from the most dangerous place. At the very least, they didn't have to worry about any strange formations activating and encounter danger because of it. 

In this region, human figures could rarely be seen. Aside from them, there were a few scattered individuals running for their lives in this mountain region.


Suddenly, the melody stopped. After a momentary silence, a bugle horn that carried an ominous sound sounded, possessing a terrifying demonic nature.

Qin Hao immediately staggered about, almost falling onto the ground. With a wa sound, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. One could clearly see that wave after waves of ripples were spreading over, tearing this region apart. 

All types of ancient trees shattered. The enormous mountain rocks broke apart inch by inch. 

Those ripples descended from the sky and covered the great earth. 

The mysterious individual appeared again, flying over beneath the blood moon, his battle clothes fluttering about. He put away the pure white bone flute and then took out a blue simple and unadorned horn. It was unexpectedly the Heaven Marked Conch. 

This was a great killing weapon with tremendous strength. Even deities would explode after being swept through by its ripples. 


Shi Yi took action. He produced a damaged stone imprint that carried wisps of chaotic energy. With a fierce tremble, the ripples that attacked over were all scattered.

It was clear that this stone imprint was extremely mysterious and extraordinary. 

The others nearby weren't so lucky. They didn't have such a powerful ancient treasure to protect themselves. 


The body of an individual who had become extremely powerful after igniting his divine flame split apart, turning into a clump of bloody mist, his body and soul wiped out. 

Meanwhile, this was just the start. Pu pu sounds rang out continuously. All those who were lucky enough to survive in this mountain region and escaped to this place screamed miserably. They held their ears and howled towards the sky. 

The divine sound was ear-piercing. The light and ripples that were released by the Heaven Marked Conch blasted them apart one after another. There was simply no way for them to resist its power. 

Even if these people had secret treasures, it still wasn't enough, their weapons immediately splitting apart, their precious techniques quickly scattering as well. They weren't even on the same level of strength. 

"Fiend, you are a cruel and heartless devil!" Someone cried out, only no reply was given. That mysterious figure in the void was otherworldly like an immortal, blowing the conch mercilessly. 

Apart from Shi Hao's group, this entire mountain region was a bloodbath. No creatures survived.


At this moment, Dragon Girl held the ancient horn in hand, and after drawing a stroke through the air, a dazzling blade of light hacked out, cutting towards the mysterious individual in the sky. 

"Let's rush up and kill him!" Qin Hao said while clenching his fist. This person actually left the vicious nest and pursued them like this! How could this be tolerated? This might be the best opportunity.

In fact, many of them wanted to slaughter their way over and kill this person. 

What kind of individuals were they? They travelled unhindered through the world, and individuals like Dragon Girl and Chang Gongyan had reigned supreme in more than one era, yet today, they were being pursued like this.

Only, they restrained that urge.

Shi Yi's eyes flickered and said, "This person chased over by himself, so he definitely has something to rely on, most likely having something troublesome up his sleeve." 

In that instant, Shi Hao's brows jumped. He felt something strange and said, "Not good, the bug hoard is coming!"

He understood what was going on. This mysterious male blew the horn not only to massacre the masses, but also to summon the great bug clan armies, using them to kill their group of people. 

Dragon Girl, Shi Yi and the others' expressions all changed. They heard the sound of wings flapping, a sound similar to metal plates grinding, making their teeths sore and their bodies break out in goosebumps. 

Soon after, the blood moons in the sky disappeared, replaced with dark clouds that swarmed over.

"What kind of bugs are these?" Even the cool-headed Chang Gongyan's expression changed. He couldn't help but cry out. There were too many, densely packed and forming a large black expanse.

Those individuals didn't even turn around, quickly running away from this place. 

Those bugs were too numerous, their sizes varying from a fingernail to a thumb in length. They covered the void as they swarmed over.


The mountain forest in the rear was directly collapsed. All types of ancient trees vanished, to the extent where even mountains were swept clean. This was all produced just by a swoop from this bug army.

"Black Divine Bugs!" Shi Hao's eyes flourished with radiance.

He had seen these types of bugs a long time ago, with the weakest being at the Supreme Expert Realm and a smaller half who ignited their divine flames. With so many of them together, it was not something they could take on directly at all. 

These bugs were pitch-black and shiny, their bodies incomparably sinister. On their backs was a pair of transparent wings. They moved through the sky, crushing all those in their way.

Mountain peaks collapsed one after another along with their pursuit, collapsing into crushed rubble.

Those individuals became anxious. If it were several hundred of them, then that was that, but there were tens of thousands of them, many of them at the Divine Flame Realm, so how were they supposed to resist? If they fought for a long time, they would undoubtedly die. 

The most crucial thing was that this ancient place didn't allow the use of Space Shattering Symbols. Even if they could cut open the void, they couldn't move through it. It was extremely strange. 

Dang dang dang…

Sparks flew everywhere. Large amounts of black bugs swooped downwards, colliding with several individuals, releasing earsplitting keng qiang sounds. 


Shi Yi smashed out with the imprint, and large amounts of bugs immediately fell. It could be seen just how terrifying the damaged stone imprint was. It drew looks from the others.

Dragon Girl used the ancient horn in her hand. Multicolored light was released. The bugs in the sky immediately fell with pilipala sounds, turning into powder. It was similarly domineering.

Chang Gongyan aimed at the void, and then immediately fired out with the bow. A black streak of light rushed into the sky, and with a pu sound, a leader among the bug army exploded. The Black Divine Bugs around it also died, falling from the sky. 

This wasn't the first time Shi Hao encountered these bugs, but the numbers here were who knew how many times greater than what he encountered in the divine fruit forest!

"They were all raised by him, and there i more than a single nest!" Shi Hao stared at the void, feeling for the first time that this person was too terrifying. He had made plans within the vicious nest for six or seven eras, and even raised so many Dark Divine Bugs and Ghost Demons. Who could contend against him in this region? 

It was to the extent where when this person came out, there would definitely be a disaster in all of Immortal Ancient. 


Shi Hao produced the pill furnace, sending the heavenly river pouring outwards. Lightning radiance immediately flowed outwards endlessly, blasting countless Black Divine Bugs from the sky.

Qin Hao used the long life battle clothes to kill the bug hoard as well. 

However, there were just too many of them, covering heaven and earth. Half of them were Divine Flame Realm experts. This type of bug swarm, so many 'deities', who could stop them?

Even if they had powerful ancient treasures on hand, they still couldn't prolong this battle, or else they would definitely exhaust all of their energy and die here. 

"We are almost out of this region! As long as we can make it through, we can move through the void and the bug swarm wouldn't be able to catch up. We can even turn around to kill that mysterious individual." Shi Yi said. 

His eyes flickered with radiance, the beams of light splitting apart the sky as he looked into the distance. He felt that as long as they could persevere a while longer, they would be able to escape and ultimately live. 

They were currently experiencing a life and death disaster. For people like them, it was something they rarely experienced.

Wuwu sounds rang continuously through the air. The Heaven Marked Conch was still sounding. That person was following just behind, using the bug clan army to chase after them.

"The king of bugs?" Shi Hao gazed into the sky, seeing that there was a bug on the mysterious individual's shoulder. It was wrapped around by light and releasing ripples, ordering the bug swarm. 

"Bug Emperor! He actually raised a Bug Emperor!" Dragon Girl revealed a grave expression. This was extremely troublesome. If this person were to come out from isolation in the future, he might be able to summon other bug swarms.

"It still can't be considered a bug emperor, not evolving to that stage. However, it's not too far off." Chang Gongyan said.

Shi Hao's mind moved. He felt the Emperor Butterfly cocoon in his hair move a bit, flipping over as if it sensed something. 

"This person isn't simple. He has immortal energy around him. I can't see through his body!" Shi Yi said. He was a dual-pupil user, someone who could see through all, yet right now, he was experiencing issues.

"It really is immortal energy!" Dragon Girl's expression changed greatly. She rushed outwards with the others, fighting the bug swarm while looking back towards the sky. "He… took that step!"

"This era is now troublesome. He isn't the first, nor will he be the last. He has surpassed all of those in the past, comparable now to those of Immortal Ancient Great Era! The most powerful existences are preparing and in isolation cultivation. Those who have a chance of succeeding are all concentrated in this era." Dragon Girl said to herself. 

"If we can survive, I also have to push at the final barrier." Chang Gongyan spoke, feeling the pressure increasing.

Shi Yi said, "Turns out immortal energy will appear once that step is taken. Is this the standard for becoming an ultimate king?"

"See if he only has a single strand of immortal energy." Dragon Girl said.

"It's even divided into strands?" When Shi Hao heard this, he revealed a look of shock.

"With each additional strand, one's strength will improve a step further." Chang Gongyan said. It was clear that all of the ancient freaks knew about this. When challenging the limit and taking that step, one would cultivate immortal energy. This was how one became the ultimate expert. 

"I cannot see it clearly. That mist has scattered, wrapping around his body." Shi Yi said.

"He is doing this on purpose so no others can see it. However, it is precisely ancient freaks who could surpass the ancients and take that step, becoming comparable to those in Immortal Ancient Great Era. Even if one's body can have a single strand, it will be considered a tremendous success." 

"We are almost out." Qin Hao said. He almost couldn't hold on any longer. Even with the help of others, his face was already pale. 


In the end, there were Black Divine Bugs that rushed through, piercing Qin Hao's body.


Shi Hao released a palm, blasting out the Black Divine Bugs in his body, and then directly put him into the cauldron, not having him take risks any longer. It was because he had experienced what ought to be used for learning from experience. 

Right now, even Shi Hao, Dragon Girl, and the others were about to run out of stamina. After all, tens of thousands of 'deities' were rushing at them murderously. Even with their powerful divine abilities, they still couldn't stop this type of 'mass attack'.

"When one refines a streak of immortal energy and surpasses the ancient predecessors, one takes a step on a path that hadn't been taken before!" Chang Gongyan said!

"I will immediately enter isolation training when I return, surpassing the ancient generations!" Shi Yi said. He was going to complete his own path. 

"Once my path is complete, will there be one strand, two strands, or even more strands of immortal energy?" Shi Hao asked himself.

Those individuals slaughtered the bugs until their were spiritually weary and completely drained. They almost couldn't hold on any longer. All of their bodies were dyed with blood, suffering serious injuries. 

"Is that person arrogant or cautious? Actually not slaughtering down himself and only having the bug swarm attack us." Shi Yi said.

"It is because he can't see through the stone imprint in your hands or the ancient horn I grasp," said Dragon Girl. She then gave Chang Gongyan's large black bow a look.

In addition, she was also looking for Shi Hao's Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. "That bone is quite special. Why aren't you using it?"

"It can only be used passively for defense." Shi Hao laughed bitterly.

Those individuals coughed out blood. They finally rushed out from this ancient place, rushing into the mist covered ghost forest. 

The bug swarm stopped, not chasing them here. 

"I will bid you all goodbye." After saying this gently, the long clothes fluttered about him, making him look like an immortal under the blood moons, exceptional and otherworldly. 

He turned around and left. By his lips was a spotlessly white bone flute. This time, the melody was incomparably gentle. He slowly departed under the moonlight. 

Those individuals became quiet as they looked at his retreating figure and the retreating bug swarm. 

Everyone else died. More than a hundred thousand creatures died in the vicious nest. How shocking was this?! 

What was shocking was that bloody light continuously rose into the air, gathering towards that individual. There were symbols within the blood as well that shone with brilliant divine light. 

In the end, the symbols gathered around him, while the blood converged towards the vicious nest.

"Let's go. Let's stick his portrait in every city to see if we can obtain any clues!" 

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