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Chapter 865 - Peach Blossom Garden

Immortal Ancient, Green Spirit Realm. Plants grew abundantly and medicinal herbs could be found everywhere. 

In the beginning, there were many cultivators here looking for holy medicines, but eventually the medicinal herbs were all picked.

Now, few people appeared here, but Green Spirit City was still bustling and flourishing with activity. This place wasn't quite the same as other places. The city was extremely large, and the city walls towered over a hundred li into the air. 

In the city, there were many small bluestone alleys that led into the woodlands. The scenery was extremely beautiful. 

"A city of plants." Shi Hao nodded. This Green Spirit City was unordinary after all, with many ancient trees and beautiful mountains, all of which were surrounded by the city walls. Instead of calling it a city, it was better to call it a refined spiritual immortal dwelling. 

Of course, there were places that were bustling with action as well. People came and went along the streets, stores standing in great numbers. There were holy medicines for sale, as well as all types of rare treasures for exchange.

Shi Hao walked through the street, made his way through the central area, and then followed a bluestone alley into a place with an extraordinary scenery.

This was Peach Blossom Garden, a pure land opened within the city center. It was extremely elegant and extraordinary. Ancient peach trees towered all around them, stretching as far as the eye could see.

In the Peach Tree Forest, there was a small wine shop, a teahouse, but also a massive restaurant. There was some distance between these places. These places were hidden under the peach blossoms. 

His expression immediately changed. These peach trees were all unordinary. They were Spiritual Peach Trees, their pink flower petals sparkling and releasing a sweet scent that made one's mind relax. 

It was clear that there were fruits on top of the branches as well, creating a shocking sight. The peach blossoms and fruits coexisted in this wondrous scenery, their fragrance rich. 

This gave others a feeling of being withdrawn from worldly affairs, as if they arrived in the world beyond, arriving in the peach garden of the immortal world. 

"Another pot of wine!" Someone shouted in the small wine shop ahead, drinking outdoors, between the peach trees, the fragrance assailing the nostrils. 

Shi Hao smelled a wine fragrance. That was definitely medicinal wine, the efficacy quite extraordinary. 

"I'll take one as well." Shi Hao said . A green jade wine cup was filled with medicinal wine that reflected the color of the lake. It was extremely fragrant. He slowly drank it by himself. 

After experiencing such great dangers, relaxing in this type of place gave him a special feeling of enjoyment. 

The small wine shop only had eight or nine tables, all of them wiped down until they were shining. Every single table had two or three chairs. They looked simple and crude, but this was deliberately done.

"Did you all hear? Sinister things are brewing in Nest Realm. The hundred thousand people who went there all died. This is truly a heaven shocking tragedy!"

"Rumor had it that a demon appeared from that nest who devours human blood, that he cannot be stopped." 

Inside of this small wine shop, there were people discussing this. This was clearly related to the portraits Dragon Girl posted. It had triggered quite the commotion.

"Wu, there is something even more astonishing. Rumor has it that Six Crown King's spiritual body died in Nest Realm." 

"Heavens, even the unmatched Ning Chuan lost a spiritual body. Exactly what kind of place is that?!" 

This triggered a great commotion. The cultivators' expressions all changed. 

"Seems to have fallen in the vicious nest, but there are some who are saying that it was killed by Stone Clan's three brothers." 

"More than a hundred thousand people died in the vicious nest, and almost no one emerged alive. This vague information came from Dragon Palace. As for what exactly happened, it is too difficult to ascertain right now." 

"However, there are some who have conclusively said that it is related to the dual-pupils and Huang. In addition, these two might be brothers." 

"Heavens! Huang, dual-pupils, is there even any heavenly reason left in this damn world? If they are brothers, how are others supposed to live?!" 

This small and refined wine shop in the peach garden suddenly became noisy, no longer being peaceful.

In reality, the other teahouses, and restaurants in the peach garden were also like this, because too many shocking things happened recently, triggering quite the commotion.

"How unfortunate, there is no wild game for food." Shi Hao said to himself. The wine wasn't bad, but the small dishes were flowering plants, ginseng, and other things. They were all medicinal herbs, not meats. 

"Dao brother, if you enjoy gourmet dishes, there are a few restaurants deep within the peach garden that will satisfy you. My cultivation is a bit lower, only able to sell a few spiritual medicines, but there things there where one would feel that they received their value even if they exchanged holy medicines." The little wine shop's owner said. 

"What is there exactly?" Shi Hao was interested. 

"What does dao brother enjoy?" The wine shop's owner asked. 

"I enjoy eating all types of divine birds and vicious beasts, of course, if they were exceptional talents, I would enjoy it even more." Shi Hao said, his eyes shining brilliantly.

The little wine shop immediately became quiet, everyone looking at him like they were looking at a monster. 

He was even going to eat exceptional talents? Who was this person?! 

Shi Hao released a forced laugh, saying, "Just a joke." 

"Not funny at all! You might pay with your life for it…" Some people muttered. 

"Dao brother, the background of the restaurant in the depths of this peach garden is quite profound, and it truly can satisfy your appetite. Rumor has it that there were people who ate Golden Winged Pengs, Archaic Octadic Treasures' Flying Phoenix, Three-Footed Golden Toads and other things. 

"Really?" Shi Hao was immediately startled. He had eaten one of the Archaic Octadic Treasures in the lower realm, and that was something he did secretly after becoming the human emperor, stewing one of Stone Country spiritual lake's Dragon Carps. 

"Of course it's real." The little wine shop's owner said. 

"That is too wonderful…" Shi Hao drank the last cup and then immediately got up to head towards the depths of this peach garden. He came for Qing Yi, but he never expected there to be rare delicacies here. 

He discovered an imprint Qing Yi left behind in Radiant City, learning that she went to Green Spirit City, so he came to look for her.

"Who is that fella, even wanting to eat exceptional talents. Why do I feel like he is a bit similar to that person I heard about from Radiant City?

"Right? A devil king emerged there and ate many exceptional talents, shaking up Radiant Realm. Rumor has it that he is Huang, and there are other people who are saying that it's someone named Shi Hao."

In the rear, a few people muttered, discussing quietly. 

"Dao brother, the people there are all quite strong, and exceptional talents are often seen. In addition, the prices there are extremely high." The wine shop's owner reminded.

"Thanks, I understand." Shi Hao waved his hand without turning around. 

Within the depths of the peach garden, there was a bejeweled palace as expected. It was extremely grand, moreover more than a single one. 

Shi Hao chose the largest one that had faint mists circling about it. Sparkling multicolored light surged, and on a horizontal inscribed board were the words Octadic Treasure House. This drew his attention, and that was why he walked towards this place. 


Large winds blew about. A black ancient coffin flew over from the sky, carried by many people. It looked extremely strange, passing right above Shi Hao's head, the distance from him quite close.

This was quite rude and disrespectful. Great winds stirred about. Those people were less than a zhang above Shi Hao's head, and if they were a bit closer, they would be stepping on his head.

With a hong sound, they descended on the ground. The ancient coffin opened, and a pale faced male walked towards the restaurant. 

Shi Hao didn't have the slightest good impression towards Underworld Clan. He really wanted to slap them to death with a single palm, but after thinking for a bit, he still stopped himself, because he heard cries of alarm from those on the side.

"Second Underworld General!" 

"He is the second most powerful individual under Divine Dark Child, rumored to be an ancient divine corpse that gained intelligence in this era. He is impervious to sword or spear, precious artifacts unable to injure his body. He had killed more than a single exceptional talent." 

Underworld Earth had many strange corpses buried there, and following the opening of Immortal Ancient this time, all of the powerful supreme experts that were laying low were sent out.

"What are these dead idiots here for?" Shi Hao was confused. 

He also entered the restaurant. This was a restaurant made from piles of jade. It was massive and tall, like a heavenly imperial watchtower. Rich spiritual essence wafted about within. 

Shi Hao continuously ascended a few floors, seeming to have sensed something. He arrived at the highest floor, and then he chose a table that was next to a window. He could admire the peach garden's beautiful scenery through this seat. 

This restaurant was unordinary after all. There were exceptional talents and the most powerful individuals of their province here. Not only were they drinking wine, they were also exchanging the information they needed. This place vaguely became a place for interaction.

"Waiting for six to seven eras, who exactly is this person? Also, to take that step, he is too shocking. In the future, how many could even face him?" 

"This person really is quite something, killing over a hundred thousand creatures at once. Exactly how many did he kill then, if we include the past?" 

Everyone discussed this among themselves. There were exceptional talents here with respected reputations, and what they understood was close to the truth. They knew much more than the cultivators by the wine shop. 

"Dao friend, can I get you something?" Someone walked over to ask Shi Hao. 

"I'll have a jar of wine refined from holy medicine. Of course, if there are precious wines refined from divine medicine, then that's even better." Shi Hao said. 

The mouth of the one who came widened, feeling that this person truly knew how to speak. He smiled apologetically and said, "Divine medicine, that is just too rare. We never had this type of wine here. Wine refined from holy medicine, there are a few jars, but they have already been reserved by others." 

"Truly lacking." Shi Hao said, speaking extremely bluntly. 

This person frowned and said, "Holy medicine wine, there is still half a jar. I can sell dao friend a pot, but the price is expensive."

"Then I guess a pot will have to do. Also, bring over a plate of Archaic Octadic Treasures." Shi Hao grumbled. 

This Divine Flame Realm 'waiter' wiped at his sweat. Who was this person?!

On the side, the others were speechless as well. They couldn't help but look over. 

The waiter wiped at his sweat while saying, "Dao brother is joking! Those eight delicacies, the so-called Archaic Octadic Treasures, because they are so rare, even higher realms' sect masters can't eat eight different delicacies in one visit! At the very least, that Octadic Treasure Unicorn alone is something that can be discovered but not sought. It is good if one is found after several thousands or even several tens of thousands of years!"

"Not living up to the name… Isn't this place called the Octadic Treasure House? Forget it, just bring however many 'treasures' there is." Shi Hao waved his hand, appearing a bit impatient. 

"There are currently two types, respectively the Octadic Treasure Carp and Octadic Treasure Phoenix." The waiter said. 

The full names of these two were Dragon Carp and Flying Phoenix. Both of them were extremely rare, especially the latter which was comparable to half a stalk of holy medicine. It was priceless, not something normal people could enjoy. 

Not many people would squander holy medicines for the sake of their desire for good food.

"Fine then, hurry and bring it." Shi Hao urged.

Then, his eyes shifted to a private room. Qing Yi was right there. Even though her true appearance wasn't revealed, she was still an exceptional beauty. Her body was pure-white like fade, around her body a ring of green light. 

It was as if she was surrounded by hazy green moonlight, untainted by the world of mortals. She was beautiful to the extreme. 

This type of aura, this type of style, it naturally drew many people's attention. From time to time, others would cast their eyes in that direction.

However, no one dared approach, because there were a few others there whose origins were great. 

There was a blonde male with an unordinary aura. He had a smile as he chatted with Qing Yi. Those at their sides were all powerful individuals with no lack of exceptional talents. 

They came from Immortal Palace. The blonde male in the lead was particularly attentive towards Qing Yi. Even though there were many experts in Octadic Treasure House, there was still no one who was willing to provoke them. 

"You are saying that Immortal Palace's inheritor is going to release a bounty for Huang's capture?" Qing Yi asked with a smile. 

"Correct, regardless of whether it is Huang, Shi Hao, or some inheritor of Supreme Being Dao Rite, it is all the same, unable to escape death." That blonde male smiled.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, listening to this carefully.

"I recall that Immortal Palace's inheritor had previously lost to Huang though?" Qing Yi said with a faint smile. 

All of the cultivators in Octadic Treasure House were shocked, with no lack of exceptional talents among them. They all stared in this direction. None of them expected this exceptional beauty to ask this type of question to their faces. 

"That is because his main body hadn't merged with him yet. Now that they returned to being one, he has stepped on an unprecedented path that will surpass the past and present. Killing Huang is nothing difficult." The blonde male spoke. It was clear that his status was high, and that was why when he spoke, he didn't refer to Immortal Palace Inheritor as 'great one'. 

On the side, another person said, "My clan's great one has already promised a great reward for any clues related to him. Once someone discovers Huang, great one will come out of isolation and personally suppress him to take him as a servant." 

An uproar immediately broke out here. Immortal Palace's inheritor was going to take Huang as a servant? 

"Correct, the great one has decided to do this, that he would personally take action. Regardless of if he is Supreme Hall or Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor, they all have to bow down below Immortal Palace's feet." That person said. 

"Is that so? Those who can offer up clues for Huang's whereabouts will receive substantial compensation, as well as make Immortal Palace's inheritor personally come?" Shi Hao spoke. 

"Correct. My clan's great one will personally take action to suppress Huang as a servant." Someone replied. 

"Then hurry and bring out divine medicines, holy medicines to exchange for information. Also, please tell Immortal Palace's inheritor to come pay a visit. I know where Huang is!" Shi Hao said. 

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