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Chapter 862 - Night Moon Slaughter

Under the blood moon, those broken mountains' interiors were hollow just like volcanoes as they towered there. Not a single blade of grass grew. 

An exceptional male held a pure white jade bone flute by his lips. His clothes fluttered about, his body sparkling as he stood above the reddish brown peak, playing an immortal melody. 

"It was you that caused all of this!" Shi Yi's eyes swirled with auspicious light. Symbols interweaved in his pupils as he stared forward. 

The melody was indistinct, as if it was a sound of nature, echoing through the night moon. 

That person's expression was calm, only smiling calmly. His teeth were extremely white, his entire body possessing an immortal dao aura. Even his hair was pure and limpid, releasing gentle radiance.

Only, miserable cries sounded continuously from the distance, sharply contrasting this type of peacefulness. Blood scattered outwards, making others' hearts tremble. 

Chang Gongyan held the great black bow in his hands. His left leg took a step forward, supporting a black-colored feathered arrow, his left hand raising the bow upwards, his right hand fiercely pulling the bowstring back.

Immediately, heaven and earth began to tremble, black ripples spreading outwards from his body like tides, sweeping in all directions.

This was a wave of powerful divine might that originated from this bow and arrow!

Around them, all types of stone, trees, and mountains began to rumble and move about. Many plants and trees were uprooted, exploding in the void.

There were even many that floated into the sky, some mountains even collapsing, rising with the black ripples like duckweed in an ocean. Everything was rising and falling.

The magical force was truly intimidating!

This was an ancient freak. Once angered, the might they released was unstoppable, the world resonating in response. Rumbling sounds rang through the air.

Of course, the most shocking and intimidating thing was still that black arrow's tip. It took in and sent out black radiance, exceptionally sharp as it pointed at the vicious nest ahead. 


Finally, the bowstring was released.

A black ancient arrow flew outwards, turning into a streak of dark light, shattering the void!

This type of scene would make any deity tremble, one arrow shocking the world. If one had their body pierced by this, they would undoubtedly die. Everyone could feel the terrifying power it contained. 

On the broken mountain that was like a volcano, with not even a single blade of grass growing, that figure disappeared without a flash.

However, that melody was still there, faint and indistinct. It was like an immortal dao precious sound that descended from the nine heavens.

The black ancient arrow smashed apart everything there. It pierced through a leftover image, not hitting the true body, and then roared towards the horizon. 

With a shua sound, that figure appeared again, as if it had never disappeared. It still released a hazy radiance, playing the flute there and slaughtering all of the experts in the distance.

Flower petals descended, blood covering everything. Every single petal killed a powerful individual!


A great wind roared, and an expanse of dark light shot over from the distance. That black arrow returned, attacking at that mysterious individual again, not stopping until it was killed.

Unfortunately, he was too fast. His flesh distorted the void, and then disappeared again. 

When he appeared again, there was a sack by his side that was simple and dull. However, the great dao aura it released was intimidating. This was the Yin Yang Pouch. 

This was not the beast skin pouch Shi Hao obtained in the lower realm to store spiritual medicines, but a truly terrifying secret treasure. It was a great killing weapon. 

It was made from several tens to close to a hundred ancient beasts' primordial divine skins. Symbols covered it densely. This was something that could collect all things. If deities were collected inside, they would immediately be refined into blood and bones. 

This thing was exceedingly terrifying! 

It was rumored that Immortal Ancient had a supreme treasure that was refined from over ten thousand ancestral beasts' skins, known to be able to store all three thousand provinces and refine the endless stars in the cosmos. 

The one in front of him was refined from close to a hundred types of ancient divine beasts. There was no way it was an immortal treasure, but it was still terrifying enough.

Chang Gongyan's expression changed. His hands formed an imprint, changing the trajectory of the black ancient arrow. After drawing out an arc, it quickly flew black, landing in his hands. 

Then, another black-colored ancient arrow appeared behind his back. It merged with the one in his hand, becoming one. He was going to fire it out again.

"Something's wrong!" Suddenly, Shi Yi was shocked, his eyes becoming deep, as if he saw something terrifying. 

The others were also horrified. A wave of chilliness appeared. Their bodies felt as if they were freezing as well. They saw an incomparably terrifying scene. 

Following the sounds of the flute melody, many shadows appeared in those mountains. Thousands to tens of thousands of creatures crawled out from the volcanolike craters, black like ink, their auras astonishing. 


They began to roar, throwing themselves over.

"Ghost demons!" Shi Hao's expression changed greatly, recognizing them immediately. They were artificially produced strange creatures. He had previously encountered them while picking Half Ginseng Fruits.

"Hurry and leave!" Dragon Girl said. 

This place was too terrifying. That person was deep and immeasurable, and at his side was a group of ghost demons. There was simply no way to take them on. They numbered in the tens of thousands, crowding densely, as if a door into the underworld had been opened, crawling out from the 'volcanic crater', roaring as they emerged. 


The Yin Yang Pouch was enlarged. It floated in midair, releasing strand after strand of multicolored light. The pouch already opened, about to collect them inside.

Dragon Girl released a cold snort. The ancient horn in her hands shone, and with a fierce move, the void immediately became chaotic, spreading like water ripples. 

"We can only leave. A portion of this vicious nest has already been grasped by him, the formations activating as he wishes. We cannot fight him." Chang Gongyan sighed. 

There was no way for them to even retaliate. They had just escaped, deeply understanding how terrifying this place was. There were all types of great formations. If not for joining hands, they would have long died inside.

They didn't hesitate, turning around and leaving. It was because those ghost demons were rushing over, their numbers too great. Shadows were everywhere, appearing extremely sinister under the blood moon.

"Who is he? Do you all recognize him?" Shi Hao asked Dragon Girl and Chang Gongyan. 

As a result, both of them shook their heads. They had never seen that handsome and perfect face before, not recognizing him at all.

"How could it be like this?" Qin Hao's face was pale.

The vicious nest had existed since the ancient times, and now, it was turned into a place of death by this individual. That person was too terrifying, already killing more than a hundred thousand creatures in recent times. 

Even someone with a temperament as tough and tenacious as Shi Yi felt a wave of coldness at this moment. His mind was deep, and he was intelligent even when he was young. Now, even he felt that this person was too terrifying.

From what Dragon Girl said, she had seen some last words inscribed on a stone, that this person had been planning for six to seven eras already. 

When everyone carefully thought about this now, everyone shivered inwardly. 

Six or seven eras had gone past, yet this person was silent and nameless, not being recognized. How patient, how low-profile was this individual, waiting until the last era before appearing without any misgivings? 

"Forget about the past, just from just now, there are three or four ancient freaks that died within!" When Dragon Girl said this, everyone became silent.

This person was too sinister, formidable to a terrifying degree, using the formations inside to kill everyone, absolutely ruthless. 

"I believe that he hasn't truly obtained all of the vicious nest's natural luck and is instead using everyone's blood as sacrifice to open something. Through all this time, he has produced countless ghost demons as well." Qin Hao said. 

He was a youth with great ambitions, but the events that transpired in the vicious nest this time dealt a heavy blow to his mind. If not for his older brother taking action, he might not have even been able to walk out alive. 

Soon after, they rushed into Fallen Immortal Ridge. 

Suddenly, everyone thought of something. It was rumored that there was a true immortal who died here, the blood essence absorbed by the vicious nest and stored within the precious pond. 

Could it be that this person absorbed all types of blood to use as sacrifice to draw out the pool of immortal blood?

He might also be using the blood sacrifice to open up a few areas he currently did not have access to. This was what they were speculating. 

"A plan arranged over six or seven eras, how tenacious… This person is extremely terrifying, powerful to and insurmountable degree." Chang Gongyan said.

"If we were to select one person among ancient freaks, who would be the one that matches this the best?" Shi Hao asked. 

In that instant, everyone recalled Ten Crown King, one of the most powerful individuals from past to present at this cultivation level. He was unmatched at this level!

"Even though I never saw Ten Crown King, it shouldn't be him, because this type of way of doing things doesn't match his style." Dragon Girl shook her head, rejecting this thought.

"That only makes it even more terrifying…" Shi Hao sighed. 

From past to present, this person's name had never appeared, not drawing anyone's attention, not seizing the crown in any era, only displaying his brilliance in this final era. 

They already caught up to the fleeing creatures up ahead. They were all powerful individuals, but they were all fleeing frantically, wishing to immediately leave this place of disaster. 

Shouts and roars continuously sounded. Flower petals fluttered between heaven and earth, carrying a type of fragrance. They looked like they were carved from jade, fine and replete with moisture as they fell. 

Every single flower petal was sticky with blood, killing a powerful individual! 

Flute music sounded unendingly behind them, turning into sound symbols to kill the masses. It was terrifying to the extreme. 

Flower petals continuously flickered. It was extremely eye-catching, the flower petals that carried bloody wisps extremely brilliant, as if there were stars flickering about. They fell from the sky, dancing about in this mountain region. 

That person followed them, standing in the void with the fine white jade-like bone flute by his lips, urging the tens of thousands of ghost demons as he moved. 

Dark red moonlight fell, creating a bewitchingly beautiful scene. 

That person seemed to have transcended beyond this world, untainted by mortal ways. However, the flute music sounded vaguely, giving everyone a scalp numbing, hair raising feeling.

"Acting so viciously and heartlessly, do you not fear retribution?!" Someone roared before death. 

The only thing he received in response was a flower petal formed from symbols. It moved through the space between his brows, drawing a string of glaring blood droplets. 

In the sky, that person was still otherworldly, his expression peaceful, looking incomparably holy. There was a smile on the corners of his lips, but no words came out. 

The flower petals didn't drift towards Dragon Girl and Shi Hao's party, because the one in the sky wouldn't do pointless things. He knew that it would be difficult for a mass slaughter method's bone symbols to harm these people. 

However, the ghost demons still roared, their numbers over ten thousand as they rushed at Shi Yi and the others. 

"These things can't catch up to us, but why do I feel such a heart trembling feeling?" Qin Hao said to himself, feeling like something bad was about to happen. 

"We should prepare to fight. There are definitely more ghost demons up ahead." Shi Hao said. 

Sure enough, as soon as his voice dropped, roars sounded from in front of Fallen Immortal Ridge. Several thousand ghost demons appeared, jumping down from the mountain and throwing themselves towards these people.


Miserable cries sounded continuously. Many people's blood flowed under the vague flute music, torn apart by these demons.

These ghost demons were all powerful, some of them long becoming true deities, so how were people at the Divine Flame Realm supposed to face them? There were so many of them, stretching as far as the eye could see.

Under the blood-colored moonlight, the mountain forest became a place of death, turning into a place of malevolent spirits. 


Shi Hao took action with full force, struggling to break out of Fallen Immortal Ridge. 

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