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Chapter 852 - Six Crown King

Fallen Immortal Ridge. Right now, what was happening was so shocking those present were trembling with fear and shock! 

Three of them, all of them standing in different places. Sinner's blood scattered the clouds, holy light surging into the heavens. Three Sin characters engraved in the void; this was just too dazzling, the irregular scene resplendent.

"I feel a bit dizzy. Hold me please." 

"I was recently injured badly, and even now, it seems like it hasn't healed yet. My eyes… are a bit dizzy. I am actually seeing things after encountering the sinner's blood descendant."

When the one holding the bone mirror retreated, those dozen or so followers arrived. Those that were roaring out also felt dizzy, their entire bodies releasing a chill, taking steps backwards. 

It was because the scene before them was just too shocking. Three sinner's blood descendants appeared at the same time, standing there and looking over coldly. Anyone would feel a bottomless fear. 

These people, even though they were powerful and followed Six Crown King, they still felt an urge to faint. This was too… unlucky. Why did they end up kicking this type of thick metal board?!

Six Crown King was powerful enough. If the situation was truly bad, he might be able to escape. However, under the three great sinner's blood descendents' pursuit, killing them was as easy as picking vegetables.

These people cursed inwardly. It really was an unlucky year. They were clearly coming here to flaunt their heroicness, yet they ended up encountering this type of inconceivable and terrifying great event!

In the mountains, the creatures from all sides finally snapped back to reality. A clamoring immediately erupted from the previous dead silence! 

"What is going on? Heavens, we didn't see incorrectly, right? Three sinner's blood descendents have rushed into the heavens, how shocking is this? It shocks both the past and present." 

The crowd was stupefied. This was like something out of a legend. It was rarely seen for just a single sinner's blood descendant like this to appear, unless the sinner's blood ancestors reappeared. 

Today, this type of scene had a type of toppling characteristic. There were three that emerged at the same time, and all of them were brothers, dazzling one's eyes until they were in pain, their heads aching. 

The group of people were speechless, their hearts feeling indescribably shaken.

At this moment, Six Crown King was also speechless.

He stood there, looking at this mountain region, truly feeling like he didn't know what to say. He came for a single sinner's blood descendant, yet in the end, these three brothrs emerged, this… what could he even say?!

It was to the extent where Ning Chuan who understood the divine, and was aware about a strange fate became a bit suspicious. His own 'trajectory' was not heading in a good direction. 

Indeed, even someone as powerful as Six Crown King was feeling a bit stupefied. 

This was something completely unprecedented, making him feel like it was quite bad luck. Things were a bit strange. How did he end up encountering something like this? It was a bit too unreal. 

Ning Chuan stood there, not moving, confronting the people in the mountain region ahead. A flourishing vitality pervaded the air!

At this moment, those of the outside world couldn't remain calm either. The Immortal Dao Flower's petals revealed the matters within Nest Realm, appearing on the monument. Everyone could see what was happening.

Even the sect masters of all sides felt their beards trembling, feeling unrest in their hearts. This type of scene was enough to make them feel speechless, leaving them greatly shocked. 

"This Six Crown King Ning Chuan is too… unlucky, right?" A heavenly deity said softly.

Everyone felt great sympathy, feeling that it was too absurd, almost a bit hilarious.

However, after a moment of thought, no one laughed out loud, instead feeling a formless pressure and terror. 

Stone Clan's three brothers, a single bloodline producing three supreme beings, even something this grand appeared. If they joined up together, becoming one power, in the future, who in the higher realms' three thousand provinces could contend against them?

One was a dual-pupil user, one with an immortal bone, and one who underwent supreme being rebirth, just this thought alone made others' hearts heavy. If they ended up becoming a single inheritance, just this thought alone was suffocating!

It was clear that this type of unmatched grand event, if three brothers truly walked together, there was going to be a great problem within Immortal Ancient. There was definitely going to be a frightening result. 

If the three of them joined hands, then they would sweep through Immortal Ancient, creating a horrifying scene. They would display the greatest destructive force! 

"If they can come out alive, then once they grow up, in the future, there will be another Emperor Clan in the higher realms!" Someone said with a sigh.

When these words were spoken, everyone was startled awake. Their hearts found it hard to calm down. This was definitely a possibility. As long as they didn't oppose each other, then that situation might truly appear. 

Right now, many people were hoping for the three brothers to fall in Immortal Ancient and not come out.

Even if this couldn't happen, the fall of one or two of them was fine as well, changing their clan's fate, as well as changing the situation of the future three thousand provinces. Otherwise, it would give them great headaches. 

Fallen Immortal Ridge, the creatures of all sides were greatly moved, nervous and uneasy, but at the same time, feeling agitation and excitement. This was an unmatched battle between heavenly talents! 

"Who are you saying has sinner's blood?"

On the mountain region, the dual-pupiled Shi Yi spoke. His eyes swirled, releasing precious splendor as he stared at Six Crown King, and also at those followers.

In the void, there was unexpectedly lightning produced. This was not created because of precious techniques, but instead a naturally produced phenomenon that appeared for him. 

"All three of you are."

Six Crown King said. He was a world shocking heavenly talent who had experienced six eras, slaughtering all other cultivators at his level until they were in fear, sleeping from the ancient past until today, so he naturally had his own pride.

Even if he was facing three great enemies alone today, there was still no way he would withdraw. 

"Is that to say that I am also a sinner's blood descendent?" Qin Hao laughed coldly. He walked forward, his chest shining. Blood energy overflowed outwards, exuding tremendous pressure.

"You three with sinner's blood, do you feel proud of yourselves?" Ning Chuan was calm, the radiance he released still intimidating. He spoke calmly and peacefully. 

Shi Hao laughed loudly. He couldn't help but laugh. Not even he thought that this type of scene would appear today. Ning Chuan came to attack him, but encountered all three of them. 

"Ning Chuan, you think you are worth shit? Does the great dao need you to protect it? Do you truly believe that you can represent the will of heavens?" Shi Hao said coldly. 

Those following behind said, "Towards you all, our inheritances precisely represent heaven's will. We are here precisely to suppress descendents of great vicious beings like yourselves who sin and cause chaos." 

There were some followers who, despite being uneasy, still felt that they couldn't cower back.

"What sin, what disorder? What part of our blood is unclean? Why don't you explain it for me?!" Shi Yi asked extremely coldly. His pupils shone, releasing astonishing radiance that exuded a great pressure, making heaven and earth tremble greatly. 


That person cried out, not suffering an attack, but feeling as if his soul was going to sink just from being looked at by those eyes alone. His face became pale, and he couldn't help but cry out in horror.

Six Crown King's snow white sleeve moved. With a light wave, that person recovered. He hurriedly moved back, hiding behind Ning Chuan.

A great battle was about to unfold! 

Ning Chuan was divine like jade, his beautiful face without a blemish. Silver hair hung down to his waist. He faced the three great experts alone, walking forward. He took the initiative to take action. His socks and shoes were white, transcending above this world. 


When he took action, hazy mists surrounded him. His left hand shone, and his speed increased greatly. He grabbed forward, displaying an extremely powerful pressure. 

This was a great divine ability. His palm turned into the heavens, and with a honglong sound, he slapped downwards, about to suppress and kill his enemies.


Qin Hao moved. His eyes were cold. He wore long life battle clothes, displaying a heroic appearance. He pointed forward with his hand, and then in the void, countless ancient trees appeared, seizing the heavens' spiritual essence to break apart that large hand.

He came from Immortal Mountain, which was also known as Five Elements Mountain. He understood the great methods of the five elements, and this was a technique of earth.


Heaven and earth trembled, holy radiance illuminating the world. 

Everyone's hearts trembled. They knew that this battle was definitely going to be recorded in history. Everything they saw today was going to become a 'major event' in bone books. They felt fortunate to be able to witness this themselves. 

In the skies, ancient trees grew densely, all of them produced by symbols. They crumbled the skies to resist the power of Six Crown King's palm. 


The mists flowed over, the heavens toppled. That hand formed a heaven and earth, crushing downwards, crushing apart all of the ancient trees created from natural laws. It was slow moving and powerful, unswerving as it slammed down murderously.


Qin Hao shivered inwardly. The other party's casual attack was actually this powerful. 


His chest shone, and then a divine rainbow shot into the skies, piercing the heavens, making this place erupt with chaos. A wave of immortal dao pervaded the air, making the heavens indistinct. 

Everyone's hearts trembled. When people like this fought, it would definitely split apart heaven and earth, making even ghosts cry out in fear. 

While feeling great fear, everyone felt a strange excitement as well. How many times would they be able to witness this type of battle strength? Today, they could personally witness it. 


A trembling sound rang through the void. The heavens that was pierced through formed a larger hand again, crushing downwards, resolute and unmoving. Even after being destroyed, it could still reform.

Qin Hao revealed a grave expression. He began to stir on the five elements. Five types of energy erupted!

"Six Crown King is truly heroic, sealing the world under the heavens, ruling over the rise and fall of this world!" 

In the rear, someone shouted. It was precisely the one that had been rescued earlier by Six Crown King's sleeve. 


Shi Yi turned around, giving that area a look. His eyes shone, and this time, he truly attacked. The symbols in his pupils condensed, rushing outwards.

Those symbols scattered downwards. Silver light surged, arriving in an instant. It was too fast to avoid.

That person frantically used precious techniques to defend himself. At the same time, those around him also took action to help him neutralize this disaster. 

However, something terrifying happened. Those silver symbols flew over, directly breaking through those precious artifacts. With a hong sound, it made the divine level secret treasures explode. 

At the same time, the others' precious techniques were scattered, unable to provide aid.


A streak of bloody light surged. That individual was pierced through, hacked into two in the void as if a blade cleaved through his body, losing his life on the spot.

"You dare act viciously in front of my face?" Six Crown King turned around. His expression was still calm, but his words carried a type of might, releasing a tremendous pressure.

"Six Crown King, what awe-inspiring authority!" Shi Yi said coldly. He stood on the mountain peak without any fear. 

Ning Chuan abandoned Qin Hao and looked at the dual-pupiled user. With a fling of his sleeve, heavenly winds swept about!

Immediately, this heaven and earth became dim. A black heavenly wind blew over, enough to make a divine individual's bones and flesh disappear. This was a great divine ability -- Great Yin Stellar Wind. 

He didn't attack with everything, only releasing a casual attack, yet it formed such a terrifying scene, displaying his unmatched divine figure. 


This time, Shi Yi still didn't move half a step, his eyes shining. However, the golden beam of light that was released formed a wave of tremendous pressure. 

Following a hong sound, the world distorted, divine light released in ten thousand streaks, making this place erupt with disorder. All types of scenes couldn't be seen any longer, drowned out by the bone texts.

Fallen Immortal Ridge, it was unknown just how many people gasped, their hearts trembling greatly. They continuously backed up out of fear of getting caught in the blast wave. 

They were already quite far away to begin with. 

When everything calmed down, the two of them stood in the void, the mountain region below them in tatters.

"Truly exceeding my expectations…" Ning Chuan said softly. He came for a single sinner's blood descendent, yet in the end, two more great young supreme beings came. 

"You came for me, right? I'll keep you company then!" At this moment, Shi Hao spoke. He took a step into the void, confronting this individual. 

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