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Chapter 853 - Little Six Kid

"Descendents of chaos and sin, I came precisely for you." Ning Chuan spoke. His silver hair shone, pupils like starry streams, sparkling and brilliant. The dragon patterns on his forehead appeared. 

He was aloof and free from vulgarity, his white clothes exceptional, but exuded an indescribable pressure. As he looked at Shi Hao, it was as if a king from an immortal domain descended to carry out judgment. 

"You think you're worth anything? Please stop acting like you are someone important." Shi Hao replied. This person was truly quite strong, someone he needed to treat cautiously, because he was powerful to the extent of making all sects' heavenly talents feel despair. 

"The sinner who has the thickest impure blood, you will be suppressed." Six Crown King said. This was the first time he became this serious. Previously, his expression had always been calm. 


Along this strike, with a turn of his hands, clouds formed, and then with another flip, rain was produced. His palms and fingers moved, bringing about a wave of crazy winds, as if the pillars that supported the heavens were collapsing. His power was tremendous. 

Great winds split apart the skies, a rain of light surging outwards.

This was just a casual method he released. Ning Chuan had studied many, many things, visiting all different sects, leaning the secret methods of Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate and many other sects. 

He truly had too many precious techniques, proficient in many profound mysteries. 

"Clouds with one turn of the hand, rain with another!" Someone cried out.

Those clouds carried wisps of chaotic energy, and the rain was from the divine force of great yin. Now that they merged together, a terrifying attack was formed. 

This was a terrifying precious technique from Phantom Drake Dao Gate. The so-called clouds from dragons overturning seas and rivers was displayed right here, making this place erupt with commotion. 

Shi Hao released a cold snort. With a raise of his hand, his palms and fingers shone. He also used a secret method, forming a large dragon. His five fingers condensed into a dragon imprint, the loose move he obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm. 


A loud explosion sounded between heaven and earth, as if stars were colliding, creating a terrifying destructive force. Clouds rushed upwards, great rain scattered down, and dragon figures soared into the heavens, raising their heads to roar. 

This was a great clash of precious techniques.

No one could see anything, their view drowned out by bone texts. 

After a long time had passed and the noise disappeared, the bone texts scattering, both sides confronted each other, staring from the distance.

"You wanted to suppress me with just this much?" Shi Hao asked.

"Just a small trick to test things out. If you couldn't even defend against this, then you're better off dying from a flip of my hand." Ning Chuan spoke calmly, recovering his peaceful expression. 

His attacks against each of these three individuals were all tests.

Regardless of whether it was the past or present, he always believed that after being unmatched in six eras, the seventh will be perfect once again, suppressing all enemies in this world! 

Shi Hao didn't get angry, continuing to remain calm and collected. He had never been weaker than another, so how could he become intimidated by this? "I just fear that in the end, it'll be me who kills you with a flip of my hand." 

At the same time, Qin Hao walked through the void, forcing his way over. "Who do you think you are, randomly taking action, fighting against whoever you wish? I am here to kill you!" 

He had a competitive heart, or else he wouldn't have wished to exchange pointers with his older brother, and then fight a great battle against Shi Yi. Now that Six Crown King descended with such domineeringness, how could he endure it? He wanted to fight. 

The void trembled. Shi Yi walked over step by step, his black hair falling down like a waterfall, eyes resplendent as he said, "I originally didn't have any karma with you, but you dare say what sinner's blood descendant in front of my face, how Stone Clan has sin. I can only kill you now!" 

"He came here for me." Shi Hao said, forcing his way forward. 

"Let me! None of you are allowed to fight over this with me!" Qin Hao shouted, rushing forward, not allowing the two others to take action. He wanted to fight a great battle against Six Crown King. 

This scene left everyone speechless.

Fallen Immortal Ridge, no one knew what to say, they hearts feeling great alarm. Who was this? Six Crown King, someone who sealed the world under heaven, his might oppressing all others at this cultivation level. Who didn't fear him? Yet today, these three individuals actually wanted to kill him. This left everyone present speechless. 

When had Ning Chuan who had moved unhindered from past to present, unmatched in six eras become like this, being looked down on like this by others? This was something completely unprecedented. 

Without a doubt, Stone Clan's three brothers were domineering, all of them possessing a powerful conviction and arrogance, believing firmly in themselves, not like others who saw Six Crown King as someone heavier than a mountain, higher than the sky. 

"Alright, don't lose any face for Stone Clan. This Little Six kid will be left to you." Shi Yi stopped, his face carrying a look of amusement, his words deemphasizing the situation. 

When this sentence was spoken, all sides became silent. Little Six kid? How could these three words even leave anyone's mouth? This was directly slandering one of the most powerful experts from past to present! 

So many people crawled under Ning Chuan's feet, yet in the end, this dual-pupiled user directly gave him this 'Little Six kid' title, it was just too humiliating! How was Ning Chuan supposed to endure this?

Qin Hao chuckled a few times, looking a bit different from his normally taciturn character. He then slaughtered his way over. 

Shi Hao also laughed. He was deeply aware of how cunning this older cousin of his was, his mind profound, any random sentence enough to erase all of the unmatched fame Six Crown King had accumulated from six eras.

These three words were definitely going to become what many people were going to call Ning Chuan in secret. For those who hated and feared him, using this name to vent out their feelings might carry quite the destructive force. 

"Truly lacking in confidence, using small tricks to disturb my mood. It's futile." Ning Chuan remained calm, not taking it to heart at all.

"Little Six kid, accept death!" Qin Hao screamed outwards, taking action. He immediately used a great divine ability.

Even in the outside world, the cultivators from all sects were speechless. Ning Chuan whose appearance was divine like jade, his power oppressing all others from past to present, was actually being addressed in such a manner! 


Five elements light erupted, the world's most fundamental elements appearing. They forced a divine ring, crushing towards Ning Chuan to lock him down here.

It was clear that even someone as powerful as Ning Chuan, when facing Immortal Mountain's sect suppressing art, couldn't just easily brush it away. He also had to use a great divine ability.


Qin Hao's long life battle clothes shone, complementing Immortal Mountain's secret art, increasing the technique more than just a few times. This scene was extremely shocking. 

Even Ning Chuan couldn't help but be startled. His palm and fingers shone, blasting outwards, treating this opponent seriously.

"Wasn't there enmity between them? They were still confronting each other not long ago, about to tear each other apart. Now, they are actually joining hands." 

"The sinner's blood descendants are standing together. This is not looking good at all!" 

In the rear, Ning Chuan's followers spoke softly, feeling a chill run down their backs. They were now extremely worried.

"Even daring to say the words 'sinner's blood' in front of our faces, I feel like letting you all live… is the true sin!" Shi Yi spoke. The battle clothes on his body shone. 

No one thought that he would speak out like this and even take action.

Dual-pupiled user, known as a undefeated legend. He was extremely intimidating, and when he spoke, he already closed in with a great halberd in hand, sweeping it through the masses.

"Not good!" These people felt great fear, doing everything they could to resist, hoping to last until Ning Chuan could provide aid. They believed that Six Crown King definitely wouldn't just watch without doing anything. 

However, Shi Yi was just too powerful. With a wave of the great halberd, heaven and earth split apart, immediately hacking apart an expanse of bloody mist. Eight or nine individuals cried out miserably, their precious artifacts destroyed and divine abilities scattered. Their bodies were cleaved through.


At the same time, the dual-pupils shone. As if heaven and earth were opening, two terrifying streaks of light swept outwards, blasting the remaining people into bloody mists, an even more horrifying attack.

Ning Chuan was truly moved, but Shi Hao had already moved through the air, his first move immediately the Kun Peng technique. He moved through the sky, blocking this place. 

When the multicolored light scattered, all of the people behind him were killed by the dual-pupils. Only a single exceptional talent made it through this disaster. His entire body was covered in blood. His heart was beating crazily as he shifted backwards tens of thousands of zhang.

This time, Shi Hao took action, because the exceptional talent was a bit closer to him. With a move of his Kun Peng wings, like a divine rainbow through the sky, he quickly flew over.

"Six Crown King, save me!"

Even though he was a young outstanding talent, compared to the two Stones, he was just too lacking. He was first heavily wounded by Shi Yi, and now he was being pursued by Shi Hao. All the courage he had completely vanished.


Shi Hao didn't give him any opportunity, not waiting for Ning Chuan to come provide assistance. 

A Kun Peng fist blossomed, shining with incomparable brilliance, directly blasting him to pieces.

At this moment, everyone trembled inwardly. Stone Clan's three brothers displayed their power, each more terrifying than the last. The 'youngest' was fighting against Six Crown King, challenging him, while the two 'bigger' ones slaughtered a group of people. This was just too terrifying. 

"A clan with three supreme beings, this… is truly frightening." 

In the mountain region, all cultivators shivered inwardly. If the three of them joined hands, how were others even supposed to live? All sides of Immortal Ancient were going to feel great restraining fear. They could overturn the heavens! 

"What Six Crown King? Should just kill him a bit earlier to simplify things." Shi Yi said. 

When these words were spoken, the atmosphere became even more nervous. 

"Actually, I also feel like he is an irksome presence. Instead of giving him a glorious death in battle, just directly slap him to death." Shi Hao said.

The two of them echoed each other, making Ning Chuan's brows jump, his gaze cold and forceful. 

In the outside world, all sects were shaken.

Of course, the most worried were Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, and the others. They overlooked Sin Province, seeing it as their life mission to oppress them. When they saw how dazzling Stone Clan's three brothers were, they were all stupefied, feeling their scalps turning numb.

Meanwhile, those two 'big ones' were too dangerous, actually wishing to quickly get rid of Ning Chuan! 

"If not for us not knowing if those by the desolate border have all died, unable to tell if they can still return, we would have flattened Sin Province a long time ago and not leave behind a trace of life force." 

An elder in the outside world with chaotic mists coiling about him was seated within an ancient war chariot, speaking to himself with a divine will others couldn't detect. Great dao patterns could be seen within those eyes, the scene frightening. 

"Nothing bad will happen to Six Crown King, right?" Some people felt worried. These were all individuals closely related to Ning Chuan, people who now felt deeply worried.

This type of situation was anything but reassuring, to the extent where it could be said to be terrible to the extreme! 

"I hope Ning Chuan can look down on Immortal Ancient, suppress Nest Realm and kill those three enemies!"

"I believe in Six Crown King's might. He has reigned unmatched in six eras, so he naturally has his outstanding points. I want to personally witness his glory, slaughtering all of these sinner's blood descendants!" 

Someone spoke, their eyes blazing as they stared at the monument.

Immortal Ancient, Nest Realm.

"Little cousin, it seems like you are still too young, about to suffer a loss." Shi Yi moved through the void. He moved forward, ready to take action at any time. 

On the other side, Shi Hao didn't hesitate either. When facing this type of arrogant person, the best method was being simple and direct, quickly striking him down.

"I wish to continue fighting with him!" Qin Hao was unresigned. Even though he knew that he wasn't Ning Chuan's opponent, he still wanted to continue fighting for a bit. 

"I heard that the best way of entering the vicious nest is through a blood sacrifice. By using the blood essence of an expert as sacrifice, it could open up a mysterious path. His body carries a wave of extraordinary true blood, so I think it won't be that bad of a choice," Shi Yi said. 

"Perfect as sacrificial material." Shi Hao nodded. With a hong sound, the Kun Peng wings appeared, rushing forward, displaying the most powerful methods. 

Chi! At the same time, Shi Yi's eyes widened, terrifying light splitting the sky as they blasted at Ning Chuan. 

Everyone became shocked. Three great sinner's blood descendants took action at the same time, their methods reaching into the heavens, making others' souls tremble. 

"Stone Clan's three brothers, one more freakish than the next, going to use Six Crown King as a blood sacrifice for the vicious nest, treating him like an offering…" 

Even Luo Dao, Lan Yichen and Lu Yi were speechless, all of their jaws dropping.

As for the others, there was even less of a need to talk about them. All of them were stupefied. 

"The three of them are going to join hands to quickly eliminate Ning Chuan, using him as an sacrificial offering?!" 

All of the creatures were petrified like clay sculptures. 

Many people sensed that Ning Chuan was unlucky, going to fall tragically.

As for the outside world, a few people's hearts were already shoved up to their throats. They knew that after encountering these 'savage' three brothers, even Six Crown King would bleed, difficult to stop them alone! 

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