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Chapter 851 - Three Stones

"The one from Heavenfall Province was you after all! You survived and arrived in the higher realms!" Shi Hao stood below the ancient trees as he stared at the person standing on the mountain peak. He released a great sigh. 

Previously, he heard on Fiend Island that exceptional talent Li Yuncong was greatly defeated by a dual-pupil user, and back then, he already developed suspicions that it might be this person. Today, everything was confirmed.

"I knew someone like you wouldn't have died so easily in the lower realm. Sure enough, you tenaciously made it through and reached the higher realms!" Shi Yi sighed softly. 

His battle clothes swirled with gentle radiance, his sleeves fluttering in the wind. His eyes were deep, with great stars changing and chaotic energy hazy within. The scene was astonishing, extraordinary and divine.

Shi Yi was extremely handsome, his build tall and sturdy. His temperament was outstanding, and even though he was just casually standing there, one could still tell with a single look that this was a dragon or phoenix among men!

These two spoke up at the same time, and the words they spoke were similar, giving others a strange feeling. Was this some kind of tacit understanding?

They were quite far from each other, looking face to face from the distance. There was originally an expanse of ancient primitive trees with enormous rocks laying in disarray between them, yet in the end, under a formless type of domain, they silently turned into powder. 

This was especially the case when a mountain broke apart inch by inch, disappearing before everyone's eyes! 

This was horrifying. There was a mountain of distance separating the two, yet as soon as they met face-to-face, the auras they naturally exerted produced this frightening result. 

Shi Hao's expression was calm, but his heart was shaken up. His former enemy, his cousin from the same clan, had become even more frightening.

He looked at Shi Yi, discovering that his pupils were extremely deep. He couldn't see any dual-pupils. They might be on the verge of merging!

He had seen the gray clothed dual-pupiled woman in the lower realm's 'Medicine Capital', and he had seen how her divine gaze was clear, her pupils returning to one. He could tell how she was different from normal people. 

That woman's figure was unmatched, her might oppressing everything under heaven. She had said that when the dual-pupils reached their peak, they would return to being one, but could also produce the dual pupils again. It could be advanced to the limit.

And now, Shi Yi had clearly stepped onto this unmatched path! 

There were many creatures here, all of them here for the vicious nest. They discovered that something strange was happening, and so all of them hurried over. 

It was one thing when they saw Luo Dao and Lan Yichen, but when a few people saw Shi Yi, all of their minds were shaken up. They felt as if their eyes had entered a mysterious universe.

The scene in his eyes was just too terrifying. Stars swirled about one after another, carrying mists, changing within a desolate cosmos to recreate heaven and earth. 

How shocking of a creature was this, unexpectedly appearing in front of a single person. The more one looked at him, the more they felt like their souls were sinking, developing an urge to bow down and kowtow.


A few powerful experts coughed out blood and took steps backwards, using their powerful wills to withdraw from this type of situation. Their hearts were incomparably horrified. This person was not someone they should be looking into. 

There were a few who couldn't control themselves, standing in place like they were in a stupor. There were some who directly collapsed in the mountain forest.

"What a terrifying individual!" The nearby experts all shivered inwardly, feeling incomparably cold. They no longer dared to casually send out their divine senses, not daring to stare into his eyes. 

After a wind blew past everyone felt like they were being suffocated. This mountain area was completely changed, an incomparably great pressure now filling this place. It was as if a True Dragon and an ancient Phoenix were confronting each other, about to carry out a decisive battle!

"You all, back up for now." Shi Hao said. He warned Lu Yi, Luo Dao and the others not to stand by his side. 

"Little brother, you are still quite strong, strong to the extent of surpassing my expectations. You really are still outstanding." On the mountain peak, Shi Yi spoke. His battle clothes shone, making his entire body appear sparkling and resplendent. His voice was calm without any resentment or anger.

At this moment, he seemed to have transcended. He was calm, collected, and confident. His bearing was exceptional.

"You also exceeded my predictions." Shi Hao said. He had never underestimated the dual-pupils, to the extent where it could be said that he attached great importance to him, treating him like a great enemy. 

When he was young, he only had a single enemy, and that was Shi Yi. It could be said that he had also become the only target that he made the firm resolution to surpass.

Ever since then, he had never had another target like that.

At that time, Shi Yi truly was strong. Compared to himself who had lost his supreme being bone and didn't have anything, he was an insurmountable figure. 

Shi Yi had a supreme being bone, and he even had dual-pupils, a matchless youth. His might suppressed all heroes of the eight regions, with no one being his match!

For the sake of surpassing him, he cultivated bitterly, devouring the True Supreme Water that couldn't be drunk in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, and even at the sand of the Immortal Spring.

He was like a madman, doing everything he could just to surpass Shi Yi!

Shi Yi's strength was evident. 

To force Shi Hao to treat him with such seriousness, this type of honor might be extremely rare in the future.

Only, Shi Yi was still defeated, killed in the Void God Realm by the Little Stone. He had underestimated Shi Hao, never even having the time to use his own supreme eye technique. There were other reasons as well, but in the end, he still lost.

It was precisely after that battle when the Little Stone rose up, his might inspiring awe throughout the world, establishing his unmatched belief. He took his first step onto a glorious undefeated path!


The two stones met again, both sides surging with bone texts. A blazing streak of divine radiance erupted in the void, making the space itself seem like it was on the verge of collapse.

This was a clash between those at the peak, and even more a formless type of confrontation! 

The two stones met again. Waves stirred crazily between heaven and earth, startling all creatures in Fallen Immortal Ridge. All of them were greatly shaken up. They looked towards this direction with expressions of disbelief. 

It was because this type of formless fluctuation was too terrifying, making everyone's hearts tremble. Their bodies couldn't help but shake.

"You are that dual-pupil Shi Yi?"

Qin Hao spoke. He took a step outwards, arriving in the void. He looked at the outstanding male on the opposing mountain peak. 

"You should call me older cousin." Shi Yi had a warm smile on his face as he said.

Qin Hao's eyebrows jumped. "Even someone who my older brother has cut down before is deserving of me calling an older cousin?"

"Regardless of whether it was victory or defeat, whether we are hostile against each other or not, I am still your older brother. You should call me your older cousin regardless of feelings or reason." Shi Yi's face was calm, his eyes as deep as an ocean. 

"Dual-pupils, I have long heard of you and wanted to fight someone like you. Do you dare fight against me?!" Qin Hao spoke.

The atmosphere immediately changed. Originally, he still wanted to exchange pointers with Shi Hao, but now, someone from the same clan, for the sake of becoming the king of supreme beings, he now wanted to fight against Shi Yi.

"You are still young. Wait another three years. Just watch my decisive battle with your older brother from the side." Shi Yi said. 

Qin Hao's eyes surged with radiance, his entire body erupting with symbols. Terrifying energy overflowed into the heavens, sweeping over like a wave, making this ancient place tremble. 

At this moment, all of them heard their conversation, feeling incomparably horrified. These were all people from the same clan?

"They all came from the lower realm, all from the Stone Clan, we know who they are!"-

"Heavens! A single place that produced three supreme beings, is this real? It is a bit too unreal. How are others even supposed to live?!" 

Fallen Immortal Ridge was in an uproar, triggering a huge commotion. 

At this moment, forget about this place, just the sects of the outside world were greatly shaken up, watching this scene with stupefied expressions. 

Was there still normal reasoning in this world?

A single clan producing three supreme beings, what kind of glory was this? How could this even be described with words? This was an extremely shocking event that made people from all sects stupefied. 

These powerful youths had collided, having blood relationship. If they walked together and joined hands, who could match this power? The entire Immortal Ancient would be overturned!

It was difficult for all sects to calm down, all of their minds in chaos. This was just too heaven defying! It all came from the same bloodline, the Stone Clan. It made the sect masters of all different clans' eyelids jump.

Every sect felt jealous. If this type of thing happened in their own clans, then that would definitely be a glorious thing. Their clan would definitely rise up with incomparable glory!

The only fortunate thing was that these three didn't get along, to the extent where they were opposed to each other. There might be a great life and death battle between them. 

"I hope they can start fighting. Otherwise, Six Crown King is currently heading there, so once he arrives, it won't be good…" Many people felt worried.

Immortal Ancient, Nest Realm. 

Ning Chuan's clothes were snow white, his feet not touching the ground. He stepped on flowers and plants to move, appearing incomparably peaceful. He was like an immortal king. Right now, he was already closing in on the ancient land's depths. 

"We pay our respects to Six Crown King!"

Along the way, there were some who offered their greetings. They were incomparably moved, their eyes carrying enthusiasm and excitement. 

This was a group of people, more than ten of them. They belonged to Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, and other sects, all disciples that existed to oppress Sin Province. 

Six Crown King was born after heaven and earth gave a command of great fate. He was aloof and detached, and the moment he emerged from his mother's womb, he carried a heavenly diagram on his back, his forehead producing dragon patterns. That night, divine radiance illuminated the sky.

Six Crown King had studied many things, having some relationship with Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, and other great sects. That was why he was viewed as an unmatched hero who possessed the great dao!

Ning Chuan had them rise. His entire body was releasing sparkling splendor. In his hand was a bracelet that led towards a certain direction. His expression was gentle as he said, "The sinner's blood descendant is already not far." 

"I am willing to follow Six Crown King great one, assist in the eradication of sinner's blood evil!" Someone shouted. 

There was actually an exceptional talent in this group, but he similarly worshiped, willing to head there together.

Six Crown King Ning Chuan nodded and agreed. 

Fallen Immortal Ridge was not that far away. They could feel a wave of fluctuation, precisely originating from this confrontation of experts.

Ancient trees reached into the skies, creek water murmuring.

The mountain ridge was not calm. Many creatures were startled, all of them looking towards this direction. 

"Heavens, another great character arrived, that's… Six Crown King!" 

This region erupted with commotion, difficult to calm down. Everyone became shocked. An ancient freak king, the one who shocked generations, Ning Chuan appeared?!

Ning Chuan was surrounded by radiance, his body in snow colored clothes, even his shoes and socks white, untainted by a speck of dust. His silver hair scattered about, shining brilliantly. His face was handsome to an almost unrealistic level, being prettier than many girls. 

As he moved forward, the mountainous region was suffused with a rain of light, auspicious and holy. It was as if he came from the Immortal Realm, refined and otherworldly. 

He appeared in the world six times, each time rising to the top, his divine bravery unmatched, forging an undefeated legend. He was one of the most powerful individuals of the current cultivation realm from past to present!

"I came for the sinner's blood descendent. Everyone else, back off." Ning Chuan's voice was calm. His entire body released divine splendor. Ever since he appeared, everyone became quiet, all of them feeling reverence, wishing to bow down.

Six Crown King Ning Chuan looked towards the mountain region ahead. There were three individuals who stood out from the masses, standing at different locations, giving him a strange type of feeling. 

In his hands, that bracelet released resplendent radiance, pointing forward.

"Are you all still not going to back off?!" Those who followed at Ning Chuan's side berated everyone.

Moreover, one of them held a bone mirror in hand, loudly shouting, "Sinner's blood descendant, you still aren't going to show yourself? Six Crown King great one has personally descended. He is going to protect the great dao by killing you!" 

"The great dao must be protected. Blasphemy will not be tolerated!" The others shouted as well, their voices shaking heaven and earth. The power they exuded was oppressive, rumbling like thunder through this region.

However, something shocking happened. After that bone mirror shone and divine light swept out, following a hong sound, heaven and earth trembled!

In that mountain region, there were three individuals who showed irregular reactions, their foreheads shining incomparably brilliantly. They each released holy radiance, scattering the clouds, all of them engraving a 'Sin' character in the heavens, this phenomenon accompanied by great dao divine sounds. 

Sinner's blood scattered the clouds, holy light rushing into the sky!

"This… what is going on?!" The one holding the bone mirror was stupefied, his fine hairs standing on end.

In the rear, the dozen or so experts who followed were stupefied as well, feeling incomparably shocked. A coldness attacked at their bodies, making them feel a chill running down from head to toe.

A single one of these individuals were enough to shock the world, destined to become incomparably powerful, but why did three of them appear at the same time?

"I… feel a bit dizzy. I might have seen incorrectly." The voice of the one who was holding the bone mirror trembled, continuously backing up. He was truly scared.

Three sinner's blood descendants, their foreheads all releasing holy light that rushed into the heavens, all of them releasing heaven shocking irregular scenes. This… would make even Six Crown King great one suck in a cold breath of air, right? These people naturally felt incomparable fear. 

The most frightening thing was that those three that were originally confronting each other all revealed unkind expressions. They turned around, looking this way. They actually had… anger against a common enemy! 

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