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Chapter 850 - Brothers

In the mountain region, the ancient trees were especially tall, the roots bold and upright as they protruded from the ground. 

A creek flowed between the ancient trees, the water peaceful and silent. It made this place appear even more serene. 

“This… impossible!” Qin Hao’s voice was trembling, as if he was seeing a living ghost. He just couldn’t believe that he saw that person from the past. 

Shi Hao’s face was calm as he looked at him.

“What a powerful youth, such a terrifying aura. His body’s blood energy is like that of a dormant True Dragon!” Lu Yi was extremely shocked as he looked at Qin Hao. His heart was feeling great concern. 

“You… are still alive!” Qin Hao’s chest was rising and falling greatly, his breathing a bit rushed, so one could see just how shaken up he was inside. His eyes were widened as he stared endlessly at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao looked at him for a while, and then said, “Shouldn’t you call me ‘big brother’ after seeing me?”

When Qin Hao heard his say this, he was finally sure that it was that person from the lower realm. It was his older brother, and he was still alive in this world, not dead yet! 

It was hard to imagine how someone who had lost his supreme being bone, had his essence blood exhausted, and was already buried under yellow earth could revive. This was just too outrageous.

Qin Hao was a bit stupefied as he looked at Shi Hao. This truly was strange. The figure that had already become blurry in his heart actually appeared before him again.

“This… is your brother?” Lan Yichen was shocked. He thought pensively to himself. 

“Qin Clan’s two bone supreme being? He seems extraordinary after all, just the naturally exuding spiritual essence alone so great, as if a divine furnace was burning.” Luo Dao nodded.

They knew Shi Hao’s real identity and understood quite a bit. That was why they immediately guessed who the one wearing the long life battle clothes was. 

Beneath the ancient trees, the creek moved past those tree roots, but no fishes could be seen. It was a bit desolate. 

“What, after all this time, you even forgot this older brother of yours?” Shi Hao looked at the other party and asked.

After several years, Qin Hao had already grown taller, his shining long life battle clothes releasing a mysterious radiance. His black hair danced about in the wind, his facial features fine. There was a heroicness to his appearance as well.

Now, his cultivation had increased, becoming the young supreme being of a clan, using his two bones to suppress all sides, sweeping through everyone before him. He had a great reputation, overlooking the crowd. 

“Big brother…” Qin Hao spat out these words. His face gradually calmed down, but his mind was still truly shaken. He never would have imagined that they would reunite here.

He could sense that his own brother became even stronger, not only cultivation wise, but a type of formless potential ‘power’, like a dragon hiding beneath a pool.

This type of aura, that type of potential, was not something a normal person could sense. It could erupt at any moment, just like an ancient wind, a dormant wind that could immediately soar through the sky and into the nine heavens. 

Now, Shi Hao was already a bit over nineteen. His figure was tall and slender, his appearance heroic. His expression was calm. The only thing unchanged were his pupils that were clear and pure. Only, occasionally, when they opened and closed, there would be sparkling light that would flow out, releasing a powerful wave of strength that would make others’ hearts tremble.

Qin Hao, in front of his older brother’s face, felt great emotions stirring within him. 

“Not bad, you grew up, your cultivation improving greatly, now enough to overlook an area.” Shi Hao nodded. He had been sizing up the younger brother of his before himself this entire time as well. 

“Father and mother, if they knew you were still alive, they would definitely be happy. I never thought that we would reunite again.” Qin Hao said.

He adjusted his state of mind, having himself calm down. As the dual bone supreme being, his expression would not even change before a heavenly deity, but today’s events were too abnormal.

“Father, mother, are they still well? I truly wish to meet them.” Shi Hao said. 

“They are still well. Only... you arrived in the higher realms, so why didn't you come looking for us, to see them?” Qin Hao asked. 

“Would I be able to go?” Shi Hao revealed a faint smile. Then, his gaze became forceful. He looked towards the void, through Immortal Ancient and towards those in the outside world.

“I previously learned that my grandfather had been imprisoned, and then exiled to the cursed Fiend Island to mine divine materials. If grandfather wasn’t fortunate enough, luckily able to escape through a fluke, if not for father later on rushing out, something unexpected might have truly happened.”

Shi Hao’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was forceful. He stared into the void, saying, “Qin Clan, there are some who are stopping me!” 

In the outside world, many people saw his eyes through the monument. They were especially resplendent, as if they were feeling a mountainous pressure.

“Apart from mother’s bloodline, there are some within Qin Clan who truly deserve to be killed. If you still remember grandfather, you cannot be lenient in the future.” Shi Hao said. 

“Hao’er!” In the outside world, Qin Yining’s eyes were filled with tears. When she saw her sons reunite, even though she felt excited, there was sorrow as well. She glared angrily towards a group of people from the Qin Clan. 

Too many things happened during these past few years, immediately causing all types of feelings to well up within her. It was difficult for her to calm down. She was experiencing joys and sorrows, her heart rising and falling violently.

Shi Ziling glanced backwards towards some people from the Qin Clan. He didn’t say a single word, but his eyes were incomparably cold. 

Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, and Lu Yi could feel just how many things had happened before between these two brothers. It actually involved the powerful and glorious Qin Clan. They were left momentarily speechless.

“I will get to the bottom of it.” Qin Hao said.

In the outside world, it was difficult for everyone to calm down. Even though they knew Shi Hao’s identity, that he came from the lower realm, the reunion of these two brothers still left them quite shocked. 

A pair of supreme beings. How terrifying was this!

“The surname Shi, how formidable of a clan is this! Even though their ancient country in the higher realms has been wiped out, two formidable figures have appeared in this world!” Someone sighed softly.

Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, and the other inheritances’ expressions all became unkind. This was not some good news for them. 

Someone frowned, feeling worried for Six Crown King. He was currently hurrying over. If he met the two of them, that would not be a single sinner’s blood descendent, but rather a pair!

“Big brother, it is good that you were able to survive. We can have a reunion.” Qin Hao said.

Perhaps their names made it so, perhaps it had always been like this, or perhaps due to other reasons, even though he expressed his intimacy, it wasn’t as enthusiastic as how it was when family members normally reunited. 

“Big brother, how did you end up surviving?” Qin Hao asked.

This was not something only he was confused about, it was something many people wondered about. Back then, Shi Hao died in battle, and many people in the lower realm personally saw how weak he was, how he was heading for death.

Shi Ziling and his wife even more so buried him, protecting that grave for more than half a year. In the end, he unexpectedly arrived in the higher realms several years later, surviving. 

“My fate is great, the heavens wanted to take me, but couldn’t bring me away.” Shi Hao laughed. There was quite a bit of bitterness in this process. He had struggled in the ice cold grave, finally making it through and ultimately reviving.

In the outside world, someone inside of a bronze palace frowned. Back then, Shi Hao suffered from their sect’s tyrannical green rust curse. Normally speaking, he should have definitely died, yet he was actually able to stick it through. 

“Grandfather… how is he? I’ve been looking for him this entire time, but there haven’t been any clues.” Qin Hao asked. 

“He’s good as well. I’ve reunited with him.” Shi Hao said. In reality, Grandpa Fifteen also entered Origin Sky Secret Realm and saw Qin Hao. However, Qin Hao couldn’t recognize him back then and stood with the Qin Clan, so the situation wasn’t all that peaceful.

“Then that is good. When I come out, I will pay grandfather a visit.” Qin Hao nodded.

At that moment, Shi Hao really wanted to ask about A’man. He remembered how that young lady broken-heartedly weeped for him as she took care of him, telling him not to close his eyes, not to lose his memories, wishing for him to get better. 

At this moment, his heart was stirring with emotions.

Only, he was worried what kind of unforeseen events would happen if he seriously asked.

Once his strength was great enough, he could pay Qin Clan a visit himself to ask for someone. 

"Let's go and head inside the vicious nest together. We’ll take a look around Fallen Immortal Ridge along the way as well.” Shi Hao said. 

Qin Hao felt a bit of hesitation, but after a slight pause, he nodded. He then followed at Shi Hao’s side, heading forward together. 

Only, the atmosphere was a bit awkward as they walked together. There was an awkward silence. 

After a long time, Qin Hao raised his head and said, “Big brother, many creatures have now arrived. We should hurry a bit. After looking around Fallen Immortal Ridge, we’ll head for the vicious nest.”

“That’s fine.” Shi Hao nodded. 

Qin Hao’s feet shone, and with a single step, he moved past the mountain ridge, his speed fast to the extreme. 

Luo Dao was moved. The other person looked like he was chasing stars and overtaking the moon, moving so far so easily. He had quite the methods.

Lu Yi laughed bitterly. This was all done by just a single step. If he truly wanted to move fast, how would he be able to catch up?

Shi Hao’s body shone, and then symbols were released, bringing this group forward, following along. 

Qin Hao revealed a strange look. The other person brought the others with him, yet still had this type of speed, following along right by his side.

“The Kun Peng technique really is extraordinary. Big brother’s speed has exceeded the limits of the Divine Flame Realm.”

Qin Hao spoke. His chest shone, and bone texts swirled about, wrapping around his entire body like armor. It increased his speed, bringing him through Fallen Immortal Ridge. 

Without saying anything, he similarly increased his speed, continuing to move right beside him, not staying half a step behind.

Qin Hao’s mind was shaken. He gave his older brother beside him a look, feeling that the Kun Peng technique really was hard to surpass. It was worthy of being one of the world’s greatest movement techniques.

He continuously increased speed, but was still unable to break free from those at his side. He found it difficult to remain calm. 

“Older brother, how about we exchange some pointers?” Suddenly, Qin Hao spoke to his older brother Shi Hao. He felt complicated emotions that were hard to describe.

However, there was one thing that was clear. He truly wished to surpass his older brother!

Shi Hao was shocked. He gave him a look and said, “We’re getting close to the vicious nest, so there might be a great battle. There’s no reason to waste energy here.” 

“It is just to verify what we have learned. Didn’t we come to Immortal Ancient to increase our strength?” Qin Hao persisted.

“Alright!” Shi Hao didn’t make things to hard for him. Without saying another word, his figure stopped.

Qin Hao’s eyes flourished, symbols swirling around his body, and then they erupted, forming a starry stream of radiance that moved about his body. He released astonishing battle intent. 

“En?!” Suddenly, Shi Hao sensed something, and then he stopped, staring in a direction. 

In the distance, a youth stepped out from the void and arrived, travelling through Fallen Immortal Ridge, powerful and confident, rushing over with extreme speed.

This aura was something that was difficult for Shi Hao to forget. Back then, he had fought a desperate struggle against this person, fighting until his spirit was weary and strength exhausted. Blood splashed throughout heaven and earth. It was the most difficult great life and death battle he had fought after emerging into the world. 

Shi Hao’s eyes burned like a torch, staring into the distant mountains.

That person’s figure flourished with heroicness, overlooking the world below the heavens. There was a wave of unmatched confidence. Within his eyes, the sun was destroyed and the moon sunk, starry streams vanished. The scene was incomparably terrifying!

Shi Yi, it was unexpectedly him! 

In the past, this was Shi Hao’s greatest enemy, as well as the target he cultivated so bitterly from his youth to surpass. After the Void God Realm’s life and death great battle, only after he himself was half crippled did he cut down the other party. Only after nursing his health for half a yar did he recover. 

At this moment, the dual-pupiled Shi Yi also discovered him! 

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