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Chapter 848 - Return From a Rewarding Journey

"Ah…" Lu Yi cried out miserably. The black bug army didn't fear death as they rushed over. There were still a few who made it through the pill furnace's blockade and rushed through. 

There were just too many of them, to the extent where even the skies were dark. A small half were at the Divine Flame Realm, so it was the same as a group of deities chasing after them!

"We have to move faster!" Lan Yichen brandished his arm. Ding dang sounds rang out continuously. Sparks flew about from his metal body. He was like a human shield, but even though this was the case, it was still difficult for him to hold on.

They fled from the divine fruit forest, rushed through the white bone field, and then sprinted through the bloody cliffs, yet the Black Divine Bugs were relentless, continuing to pursue them without any intention of giving up. 

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the air. Electricity interweaved, sending lightning down endlessly!

The pill furnace shone. Even though it was only the size of a fist, it was sparkling and glowing. It poured out a silver stream of liquid. Lightning shot out in tens of thousands of streaks, the curse power astonishing.

However, these bugs persistently held on. Even though quite a few bug corpses fell, turning into charcoal, they still didn't give up, covering the sky and earth. When they spread their wings, the sounds were earsplitting. They continuously sent their bodies smashing downwards. 

If they didn't have the precious furnace, Luo Dao and Lu Yi would have definitely died, and things wouldn't look good for even Shi Hao. Even though the bugs weren't that large individually, they were all 'divine level experts'. With such shocking numbers, no matter who came, they would still be killed.

"Not good, those two heavenly deities are advancing in this direction as well…" Lan Yichen's metal eyes were about to become circles from widening. His face revealed great fright.

The foot long Black Divine Bugs were like black dragons as they moved through the air, making the void split apart. They were too terrifying, carrying heaven overflowing vicious might as they slaughtered their way over. 

Along the way, they attacked indiscriminately. All those in their way were completely wiped out.

Those bug armies all moved out of the way for them. These were two bugs that had gone mad. Their bodies released dark light, distorting the skies. The Black Divine Bugs who didn't back off in time fell out of the skies with pilipala sounds, exploding soon after.

This was completely the might of heavenly deities. The dark light that was released wiped out all those in their way!

Even those true deity level bugs didn't dare take a single blow, immediately moving out of the way. Black blood splashed about, bug corpses falling.

Shi Hao took a deep breath. His divine force had recovered quite a bit now. His heavenly passage appeared again, wrapping around these people, and then he added speed again to free himself from the army chasing them. 

The consumption just now had been too great, momentarily leaving it up to Lan Yichen, Luo Dao, and Lu Yi to stop this army. Those three entered a dangerous situation.


Lu Yi opened his mouth, spitting out half a piece of the bug. It had been directly bitten through. 

"Vile bugs, this is already the tenth one I've spat out from my body. I'm already almost done for!" Lu Yi cried out miserably. At this moment, he also risked it all.

This was true for Luo Dao as well. Quite a few bugs were shaken off of his body. 

"Ah ah ah…" Even the Divine Striking Stone was participating, continuously crying out strangely as it slammed into the Black Divine Bugs who approached. 

Unfortunately, the Emperor Butterfly formed a cocoon and entered a dormant state. Otherwise, it might have been able to influence these Black Divine Bugs to some extent. 

"Just need to hold on for a bit longer." Shi Hao said. His recovering ability was great. Even though dealing with the divine level bugs almost dried up his magical force, after taking some time to catch his breath, his energy became as vigorous as that of a dragon or tiger again. 

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen were shocked. They were holding back this army in his place for a bit, buying their group a bit of time, but they didn't expect him to recover his powerful combat strength so quickly.

"How powerful!" There was no way they could do something like this! This type of recoverative force was just too great. They were dealing with a whole bug hoard here!

If he was fighting alone, wouldn't that mean that he would always be at his optimal state, not producing any bit of uncomfortableness? His blood energy was as exuberant as a sea!


Shi Hao moved his Kun Peng wings, continuously changing locations to avoid the two heavenly deities, increasing his speed to the limit. He flew while sticking close to the ground, fleeing with extreme speed into the distance. 

What was terrifying was that there were restrictions here, so one would be affected while flying through the air. Occasionally, magical force would suddenly disappear, and they would fall onto the ground.

They couldn't compare to those bugs. Those Black Divine Bugs were too numerous in number. Even if they didn't use magical force, they had transparent wings themselves that allowed them to fly. 

Shi Hao's Kun Peng wings were formed from magical force and bone texts, not innate divine wings, so it was affected.


A heavenly deity rushed over, this small arm length Black Divine Bug incomparably sinister. Its entire body shone. Like a black sun, it opened its mouth to spit out a streak of divine radiance. An expanse of mountains were destroyed, turned into powder.

That mountain melted, and the long river dried up. Ancient trees turned into ashes, the landscape greatly changed. 

Shi Hao's expression changed. A single movement covered ten thousand zhang, and after several rise and falls, they barely avoided this attack, leaving that area. 

"We can't use space shattering symbols!" 

There were restrictions here. They couldn't tear apart the void.

The only fortunate thing was that they fled far enough, and those two heavenly deities had gone mad, their true intelligence not awake, their spiritual senses not all that sharp either. 


The foot long black heavenly deity bugs took action again, and another streak of light swept over. The great earth split apart, magma surging out from the depths of the earth, dying half the skies red.

Finally, the world became calm again. Shi Hao and the others all laid on the ground, not even wishing to budge an inch. They breathed in and out continuously.

They were truly exhausted, blood energy about to dry up. They finally made their way out from that place, breathing heavily here, recovering their energy. 

Everything that had happened just now was too dangerous. They were almost drowned out by that bug clan army.

Fortunately, Shi Hao's speed was fast enough, bringing them out, losing those heavenly deity bugs.

Those Black Divine Bugs had a set range of activity. After chasing to the horizon, they all returned. This was true for even the two heavenly deity bugs that had gone crazy. 

"I feel like I'm dying…" Lu Yi was incomparably weak, his body full of holes. 

Luo Dao was a part of the main battle force, so his injuries were even more severe. His entire body was covered in blood. As he laid there, he didn't even have the energy to talk.

Lan Yichen was a bit better, but his metal body was a bit dull, as if it was half crippled. He picked up a broken metal arm with difficulty, starting to recombine it. 

Even though Shi Hao was exhausted, he was much better off than the others, just a bit fatigued. Apart from a true deity level bug that almost made it through the middle of his back, his other injuries weren't all that bad. 

However, the harvest this time was extremely great. Shi Hao produced the medicine basket. There were sparkling Half Ginseng Fruits, human shaped and resplendent. A sweet fragrance wafted outwards, travelling several li into the distance.

Everyone's eyes became green. They almost died, but they managed to fill up most of this basket. It truly was astonishing. This type of harvest was unimaginable, definitely exceeding the value of even a true divine medicine!

"So many..." They swallowed their saliva.

Shi Hao placed the medicinal basket on the ground and said, "Let's just eat."

After saying this, he directly took one out, opening his mouth and taking a bite. Liquid flowed everywhere, releasing shocking fragrance and endless divine radiance that surrounded this place. 

"This is just too extravagant!"

When those people saw him eat it like a radish, they couldn't hold themselves back either, each taking one. They carefully put it into their mouths. Sweet fragrance immediately pervaded the air, auspicious multicolored light surging. 

The medicinal effects were astonishing. Lu Yi who was dying, the heavily wounded Luo Dao, and Lan Yichen with his withered body immediately released roiling radiance, quickly recovering. 

Shi Hao immediately recovered to the peak, his flesh becoming sparkling, his wounds disappearing. His body was now full of vitality. 

He reached out a hand. Several black bugs appeared. He released a powerful divine will, forcefully entering their heads to pry into their primordial spirits.

However, what left him shocked was that he didn't find any secrets. He only sensed vicious, murderous, and other negative emotions. They were already partly mad, their minds not normal.

"Could these bugs raise ghost demons? They even want to capture us to turn us into feed?" Shi Hao frowned.


These bugs' heads split apart. They couldn't resist Shi Hao's divine will's pressure, all of them dying.

"These bugs should have underwent strange changes after living in Immortal Ancient for a long time, all of them abnormal now, becoming like those two crazy heavenly deities. It's just that the symptoms are a bit lighter." Luo Dao said. 

"This Immortal Ancient area is too sinister. Whenever foreign races stay here for a long time, all types of problems would always occur, with strange events happening." Lan Yichen said. 

Shi Hao began to sort out the divine fruits from inside the medicine basket. They were all incomparably fragrant and releasing beautiful luster. He gave these three people some of them.

"These are… for me?!" Lu Yi was stupefied. His voice was trembling, feeling greatly moved. This type of thing was just too precious. 

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen were shocked as well. They never expected Shi Hao to even divide some with them. Even though they had contributed just now, they were after all, still just 'servants'. 

"You all wait in the distance." 

"You… don't tell me that you are going back?" Those individuals' expressions became serious. 

"En, no matter what, I have to at a least fill up one basket." Shi Hao nodded.

"It's too dangerous! We barely managed to escape! Don't risk it!" They advised.

"Don't worry, these types of divine fruits are extremely important to me. I am going to use them to step on my own path." Shi Hao's voice was resolute, telling them to leave this place. Then, he turned into a shadow, rushing back. 

He stayed outside the formation for a long time. Only after making sure that the divine fruit forest was peaceful again did he enter through the gap in the formation. He stepped into this forest full of wondrous fruits.

Shi Hao's actions were fast. He quickly moved through this place to pick divine fruits. 


Unfortunately, no matter how fast he was, he still startled this group of Black Divine Bugs. They were furious, turning into a rain of black specks that covered the sky, swarming over.

The ghost demons also appeared, roaring towards the sky, and rushing over to attack him.

As expected, another life and death struggle broke out. Shi Hao continuously shifted locations, putting his life on the line to pick these Half Ginseng Fruits. 

This time, he didn't approach those treetops. He felt waves of alarm from just below. There were at least three Black Divine Bugs that were at the heavenly deity level. There were two ghost demons that reached this level as well. 

Only, they had already lost their minds and gone insane, as well as entering a strange state of sleep. If they weren't touched, they didn't move. 


When he risked it all and rushed into the depths of the divine fruit forest, his expression suddenly changed, because he discovered that quite a few of the fruits on the trees had disappeared, picked not too long ago. 

"There was someone else like me, successfully picking these fruits?" He revealed a look of surprise. 

Soon after, he discovered something strange. There was a surviving fruit that was unexpectedly avoided by the Dark Divine Bugs.

"Who is this? It understands the Dark Divine Bugs' habits?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Soon after, he then recalled that the ghost demons only took form with human intervention. Were they truly created by the bugs? 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. He didn't have time to think too much. He quickly took action, fiercely resisting the black and sinister bugs. He finally filled up the basket with fruits. 

At this moment, he truly couldn't hold on any longer. Many of the bugs were divine level. All of them rushed over murderously, some of them breaking through the pill furnace's lightning barricade and smashing against his only heavenly passage.

Shi Hao coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood. He quickly left for the distance.

This process was quite difficult, nine deaths and one chance at life. Shi Hao felt that he wouldn't come to this place again. A single mistake and he would be leaving his life here behind as well. 

"I've picked enough now. These types of fruits will likely lose their effects after eating too many of them." He quickly left. 

Heavenly deities roared, Black Divine Bugs covered the skies. Killing energy roiled, filling this region.

Even though it was a rare great medicine, continuously eating it would still lead to it being eventually ineffective. The body would develop a type of immunity to it. He felt like he picked enough of them.

Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood, wounds covering his body. When he reunited with Luo Dao and the others, there were still several dozen bugs crawling all over his skin, all of them divine level. Those three were shocked until their faces changed greatly.


They took action together to kill them. 

"Let's go!" The four of them quickly left this region. 

"Filled up a basket with fruits!" Shi Hao was satisfied. As he looked at the resplendent and fragrant human shaped fruits, his smile became especially brilliant. 

He firmly believed that he could ignite many more great dao divine flames this time, take that step the ancient people had always searched for but couldn't take, achieving the unmatched dao result.

Just as he acquired an abundant harvest, more and more outsiders were entering the vicious nest, with no lack of unmatched experts among them!

"This is precisely the nest of one of the vicious ten. It is unordinary after all." Qin Hao had arrived. He stood outside this place, gazing forward, about to enter the ancient land.

In another area, the dual-pupil user had his hands behind his back, carried by a small silver path into a region.

"That is… Six Crown King Ning Chuan?" Within the ghost forest, mists were hazy. Someone recognized that individual. 

Ning Chuan wore white clothes. He stood in the hazy forest, surveying the vicious nest. He watched as that place became hazy with primal chaos, the thirty three blood moons resting in the sky. It was unknown what he was thinking. His eyes were deep. 

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