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Chapter 847 - Crazy

After making this decision, Shi Hao walked out first. He warned the others again and again that they had to be careful and follow him. 

"Regardless, we are also supreme beings of a province…" Luo Dao said softly, revealing great confidence. With so many divine fruits before his eyes, he couldn't remain calm either. This was simply a tremendous opportunity and natural luck.

They didn't recognize what type of fruits these were, but they presumed that they were definitely half divine fruits!

Divine medicine, something that could be stumbled upon but not sought after. Even if one looked throughout all of the three thousand provinces, they wouldn't find many. Even though they existed in Immortal Ancient, they weren't that easy to find.

Shi Hao being able to pick the Void Sky Divine Vine was a great opportunity. It would be difficult for him to find another. 

Even though the trees here could be called divine trees, that was just a name of praise. To be more precise, it was better to call them half divine trees, because divine medicines were just too rare, impossible to find them in large amounts.

Divine medicines, from what they knew, mostly grew within the dwellings of Immortal Ancients' primordial creatures. Even if a sect master came, they wouldn't dare rashly enter, or else they might be killed. 

Despite this being the case, when all of these divine trees appeared together, it was still extremely shocking. If all of the half divine fruits hanging from them were picked and added together, they really would exceed a true exceptional divine medicine. There was just too many of them! 

"Going to risk it all. Today, I am going to display divine might and gather all of these half divine fruits!" In front of the divine tree forest, even Lu Yi's eyes became green from greed, his courage immediately bolstered. 

Even though he was scared, in front of such temptation, not many could hold themselves back. With these fruits almost within reach, even if they knew extreme dangers awaited them, it was still worth taking the risk. 


Shi Hao walked forward, walking through the resplendent curtain of light around the divine tree, entering a holy ancient land. The three others followed, nervous and excitedly holding their most powerful magical artifacts!

In that instant, several individuals' feet almost left the ground. They were about to float into the air. This was all caused by the holy auspicious light.

It was too mystical. In this precious earth, divine multicolored light gathered, descending like stellar streams. The auspicious sights were world shocking, landing on everyone's body. In that instant, it was as if they were being cleansed! 

"I want to go into isolation here, comprehend the dao and study great techniques!" Luo Dao said. This type of feeling was too wonderful. 

In addition, the fragrance here was rich, forming a barrier of light. It was difficult to describe with words!

"Watch yourselves!" Shi Hao was incomparably serious. As soon as he entered, he sensed the killing intent behind the holiness. He immediately straightened out his mind.

If it was a normal person, it would be extremely hard to sense this, because everything was covered by auspicious energy. It was extremely difficult to sense this terrifying danger. 

Luo Dao,and Lan Yichen sensed something. They both went on their guard. Everything they saw along the way had long informed them that this was not a place that they could treat with carelessness no matter how excited they were.

Shi Hao reached out a hand, about to pick one of the exquisite human shaped fruits.

Right at this moment, a black fog appeared behind their backs. It didn't match this peaceful and auspicious pure earth at all. It quickly took form. 

Shi Hao and the others felt a chill run down their backs. They quickly turned around. When faced with these sudden changes, these individuals acted calmly and cool-headedly, quickly reacting.

The black fog emerged unendingly from the round, quickly forming a humanoid creature. Its entire body was pitch-black, as if it jumped out of a puddle of ink. Only its eyes were a cold, deathly gray, appearing a bit different from the other parts. 


A streak of golden light shot out from Lu Yi's hand as soon as he raised it. This was a divine chain formed from essence gold. It landed on the shadow, directly piercing through it. 

"Is that all?!" He was successful with just a single attack, making him smile and release a breath of relief. He felt like he might be able to deal with it and offer a bit of help here. 

Soon after, his smile froze. After the divine chain pierced through that shadow, it didn't affect it at all. The shadow immediately reorganized itself, and then sent a fist smashing over!

This jet black fist was like a large black sun, incomparably fierce and exuding a terrifying aura. It was simply about to smash apart the void, divine force crazily surging over. 

Lu Yi released a strange cry. He used the chain to resist again, wrapping it around this demonic shadow's body to restrict it. 

Only, following metallic sounds, even though it wrapped around that shadow's body, that was all. It continued to charge over viciously.

It not only possessed powerful offensive strength, it was a ghostly mist itself, not being affected by tangible objects, their attacks completely ineffective on it. It directly broke free, its body recombining.

The black shadow's attacks were ferocious, its divine force terrifying. It was unexpectedly at the great circle of the Divine Flame Realm. 

"I can't stop it!" Lu Yi cried out with alarm, quickly backing up. 


Then, Lan Yichen took action. A blue divine sword appeared. Sword energy emerged like rainbows, dazzling and magnificent. He angrily hacked outwards, the power he released incredibly powerful. 

This sword hacked downwards, cutting the dark shadow in half, cleaving it apart.

However, a moment later, the two halves recombined. The fog condensed, forming a human form. It was still unaffected, and a fist smashed over. 

Lan Yichen released a strange cry. His own attack was ineffective against the shadow, and right now, it was rushing towards him, about to injure him. 


He had no choice but to use his fist to fight against it. When the two clashed, divine force surged. Lan Yichen was shocked. He could clearly feel how powerful the other party's attack was, yet the shadow completely disregarded his attack, turning into a black mist and wrapping around his arm. 

"How could this be?!" He cried out strangely. This truly was unusual, to the extent where it could be called horrifying.

This shadow disregarded all of their attacks, ever present as it attacked them. 

Lan Yichen released a muffled groan. His body erupted with divine flames, and then the shadow was finally forced back. When he took a step back, he discovered that his arm had been greatly corroded.

This left one horrified. If it was a flesh body, the damage would have been even more serious. That arm likely couldn't be saved. 

Blue divine light flashed. His arm melted slightly, and metal liquid flowed, quickly restoring it to its original state. 

"It fears flames. Hurry and activate your dao flames!" Luo Dao spoke. After becoming a deity, one would have a divine light flame. However, this exhausted one's source energy.

Sure enough, when he gave it a try, that demonic shadow was forced back.

However, as soon as they ignited their divine flames, strand after strand of dark energy rose from all around them, turning into specters. Their cold eyes stared at them, surrounding this place. 

A single one was hard enough to deal with already, yet several dozens of them appeared all at once. Moreover, there were even black shadows at the True Self Realm that were even more powerful.

"This… how do we deal with this?" This left everyone feeling dizzy. An expanse of demonic bodies appeared, a few even being true deities. Things were obviously pointing towards disaster.


Shi Hao took action. The space between his brows shone, releasing a streak of lightning radiance, striking a black shadow's body. It immediately released a miserable scream, its body becoming more indistinct. 

"They are scared of yang energy!" Shi Hao said. 

Normal precious techniques were useless against it. It could disregard material attacks, so it was difficult to injure it. Weapons in particular were ineffective. 

"Yang precious techniques?" The three of them frowned. All of their bodies shone, but they discovered that the effects weren't that great. They were better off just igniting divine flames.

Only, continuously burning divine flames would quickly exhaust them. They had only done so for a moment, yet they already weren't feeling good. 

Even Shi Hao was shocked. The Lightning Emperor's precious technique displayed its might, lightning interweaving. It was difficult for a single strike to wipe out a shadow, requiring several attacks to do so. No wonder the outside world was surrounded with divine corpses. These things were difficult to kill, almost inextinguishable. 

"These are… ghost demons. They are a gathering of endless yin energy, gaining intelligence after obtaining divine objects." Luo Dao recalled something he saw in a bone book. 

It was clear that this divine fruit forest had transformed them, condensing the yin energy. After endless years, they became ghost demons.

Normally speaking, these things were artificially made. It was extremely rare for them to form naturally. 

"Not good!" Lu Yi cried out miserably. His palm was almost corroded. That black mist was too terrifying, able to refine divine bodies. 


Shi Hao fought a great battle with difficulty, yet he only killed six or seven of these ghost demons. These things were too hard to kill.

If news of this type of battle got out, it would definitely leave all sides shaken!


A true deity level ghost demon took a lightning radiance fist head on. Dark light and electrical light erupted at the same time, making the void cave in.


Roars sounded continuously. The eyes of the surrounding dozens of ghost demons were ice cold. They rushed over together, and just true deity level ghost demons alone numbered eight or nine. The situation was getting incredibly dangerous.


Shi Hao roared loudly. Lightning was released in tens of thousands of streaks, releasing all of his potential, blasting at these ghost demons. It was as if a great sea of lightning drowned out this place, clashing fiercely with the yin energy. 

"Let's back up. It is too difficult to deal with several dozen ghost demons." Lu Yi was terrified.

Shi Hao didn't reply. His aura continuously surged, lightning radiance becoming even more resplendent. In addition, all of the distant clouds were gathered, drifting towards this place. He was going to use a forbidden secret method, guiding the lightning between heaven and earth. 


A streak of lightning descended, blasting a true deity to death.


Suddenly, the sounds of wings moving could be heard. Above those tens of trees, a powerful aura of life was released. Endless specks of darkness rose, covering heaven and earth. Some of them rushed into the clouds, some at Shi Hao. 

There were just too many of these bugs, the great swarm unexpectedly scattering the clouds in the sky! 

The other group surrounded Shi Hao's group. Their mouths released sharp screeches, unexpectedly able to control the ghost demons, causing them to attack frantically.

"These… ghost demons were raised by those bugs?" Lan Yichen was stunned. 

These bugs were precisely those they saw along the way. Their bodies were pitch black with transparent wings. They were the size of fingernails, their appearances vicious like fiends. Their wings released a buzzing noise.

These bugs were so small, yet they were so powerful, the weakest being at the Supreme Expert Realm. There were quite a few at the Divine Flame Realm as well. They turned into streak after streak of dark light, swooping over, terrifying to the extreme. 

"I know what these things are. Black Divine Bug. These divine trees are most likely Half Ginseng Fruit Trees!" 

Luo Dao thought carefully to himself. He recalled a vague recalled a passage from a bone book. The Black Divine Bugs were extremely small, but they were quite heaven defying, exceptionally powerful. They liked to live together in hoards. 

One shouldn't look down on these bugs because of their size. This group could produce heavenly deities and even experts more powerful than that. 

This type of ultra powerful race generally guarded all types of divine medicines and other things. The Half Ginseng Fruit Tree was a half divine medicine, so it was naturally something worthy of being surrounded by this bug race. 

This was a crucial part to their evolution. 

Every hundred years, they would have a chance for evolution, an innate racial characteristic. At that time, they needed to devour the Half Ginseng Fruit.

Half Ginseng Fruit, rumored to be related to the legendary long life medicine -- Ginseng Fruit Tree. 


Shi Hao erupted, blood energy overflowing outwards, frantically displaying divine might. Three True Deity Level ghost demons were destroyed one after another. 

At this moment, the concentrated hoard of bugs had already slaughtered their way over. The shrieks their mouths released were extremely sharp, commanding these ghost demons to attack.

As for themselves, they also went crazy, killing energy overflowing into the heavens. 


They had just made contact when Lu Yi cried out miserably. His arm was pierced by several black lines, blood flowing outwards. 

"Come here!" Shi Hao shouted, protecting him at his side. He resisted these attacks with great force.

Dang dang dang...

Lan Yichen's body trembled greatly. Several hundred bugs smashed into his body, sending him flying out. If not for his body being metal, he would have already been pierced through.

Even though these bugs were small, many of them were at the Divine Flame Realm. Only a small half were Supreme Experts. Their strength was terrifyingly great. 

When so many of them gathered together and attacked a single person, that kind of power was enough to make one's scalp go numb! 

"Ah…" Luo Dao cried out loudly, his head of hair erupting, sweeping towards the void. Even though he killed a few black bugs, he himself suffered from attacks as well.

These types of things were difficult to defend against. There were just too many of them! His divine magical artifact, a pagoda, had even been pierced through. Several hundred of these bugs swarmed over, half of them at the Divine Flame Realm. It was just too frightening. 

Luo Dao was injured. Blood flowed continuously. A small half of his body had been pierced through by dozens of Black Divine Bugs, his current state extremely terrible. 

Who would have thought that these bugs would be this terrifying? They were just too concentrated, turning into dark light and swooping over together. Not even the most powerful exceptional talents could stop these attacks. 

They finally understood why there were so many rotting corpses outside. This was the result of thousands to tens of thousands of bugs and ghost demons working together. How many people could defend against this? 

Shi Hao's situation wasn't too great either, because all of the ghost demons were attacking him. There were a few bugs at the True Self Realm as well. They moved their wings, rushing over, joining the assault. 

It was difficult to imagine how such small bugs could erupt with such terrifying combat prowess!

The largest bug wasn't bigger than a thumb. However, it was a true deity, weaving through the void, impossible to defeat.

Shi Hao activated the Reincarnation, lightning, and Heaven Calamity Light techniques with all of his power, raining down attacks on these bugs. However, he himself was stuck in a dangerous situation as well. 

His clothes were tattered, and many areas were dripping with blood. It was dangerous to the extreme.

"Come here!" 

Shi Hao shouted. He opened his only heavenly passage, protecting Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, and Lu Yi who are in critical states. This heavenly passage was like a resplendent divine disk as it surrounded these people. 

They were all shocked. In this place, no techniques reached them, as if it could stop all harm. Those bugs frantically rushed forward, but they were unable to get any closer.

It was to the extent where even the ghost demons were stopped.

"This is too crazy!" Lu Yi's voice was trembling. 

There were countless bugs outside, smashing over like rain. They formed a black expanse that left others horrified.

"There are just too many… who can stop all of them?" Lan Yichen felt uneasy. It was because even Shi Hao's heavenly passage was starting to distort, on the verge of losing efficacy. 

The pressure of the outside world was too great. Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood, his face a bit pale. The situation now reached critical danger. 


Shi Hao released a light shout. He produced a pill furnace, opened the lid. Immediately, the heavenly river poured outwards and lightning radiance surged, carrying with it an immortal dao aura. There was a terrifying curse power as well.

This was extremely effective. Regardless of whether it was the bugs or the ghost demons, they were both forced back.

This was the water obtained from Fiend Island's forbidden stream. It possessed endless lightning, and the more powerful the creature that made contact with it, the greater the curse power they were infected with. 

"Too terrifying! There are so many bugs. There's no way human power can resist them! No wonder all of those people died..." Lan Yichen shivered inwardly.


Lu Yi coughed out a mouthful of blood. He opened his mouth, spitting out two bugs. He frantically attacked to kill them. Those were the Black Divine Bugs that entered his body just now, the two of them only leaving just now. 

Luo Dao was even more severe. His body shone, undoing a small half of his body's seals. Divine blood splashed outwards, and more than ten of them were forced out. Their party quickly took action to kill them.

The main reason was because Luo Dao could be considered a main power in that battle, second only to Shi Hao. He had suffered too many attacks. The Dark Divine Bugs penetrated his body and remained inside. If not for him immediately sealing his body, he would have definitely died a miserable death. 


This group of bugs were incomparably ferocious. After a momentary cowering, they released vicious attacks, slamming into the lightning and even colliding with that pill furnace. Bug corpses continuously fell, but they didn't die. 

"These bugs are going mad! They aren't going to give up until they kill us!"

These bugs are extremely sinister, understanding how to raise ghost demons. Those corpses outside are all great nourishment for the ghost demons. We are being treated as food by them as well." 

They conversed with each other, feeling that the situation was severe. They needed to immediately retreat.

"If I don't bring away a few Half Ginseng Fruits, I'll be letting myself down!" Shi Hao said. He even used his greatest trump card, the pill furnace, so if he didn't pick any divine fruits, then that would leave him feeling too sullen. 

In addition, his body was covered in wounds. A True Self Realm bug was stubbornly shaken off from his back, blood covering that area.

If not for his flesh being powerful enough, he would have definitely been killed!


Shi Hao walked out. The entire divine tree forest was swaying. With the pill furnace above him, he brought those people with him outwards. He supported the heavenly passage as well, using dual protection, and then started to pick the divine fruits.

Those small Half Ginseng Fruits were crystalline and brilliant. Divine multicolored light swirled about, their fragrance so thick it made one intoxicated.

Shi Hao frantically took action, picking eight ancient trees clean in the shortest amount of time. Even though each tree only had a limited amount of fruits, he still picked more than twenty. They released rich fragrance from within the medicinal basket, their radiance pervading the air. 


There were some bugs that were clearly cursed, as well as those scorched black by lightning. They were about to die, so they frantically rushed over to smash into Shi Hao's only heavenly passage. 

If it was just one or two, then that would be that, but there was a huge swarm. There were just too many divine bugs.

One has to understand that many of them were at the Divine Flame Realm, and some even at the True Self Realm. When so many 'experts attacked together, attacking at his heavenly passage's protection together, it would be difficult for anyone to hold on. 

Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood from his mouth, but he didn't stop, continuing to pick the fruits.

"Hurry and go! You are just like the bugs, becoming mad! If we wait any longer, these bugs won't even leave our bones behind!" Lu Yi screamed in fear.

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen nodded, their faces extremely pale. The situation was too dangerous. If they continued like this, they might lose their lives at any moment. 


Shi Hao rose into the air, jumping onto a treetop to pick the fruits. He was momentarily shaken, his scalp going numb. On the treetop, there was actually a foot long bug, as well as ghost demons. They weren't moving, as if they were hibernating.

Even though there weren't too many, that type of aura made one's fine hairs stand on end. 

"Hurry! Let's get out of here! Are those Heavenly Deity Realm bugs and ghost demons?"

"There are even sect master level ones!"

"I knew it! After an endless accumulation of time, how could there not be world shaking experts? There's no way we are making it out of this alive…" 

Lan Yichen, Luo Dao, and Lu Yi's expressions became miserably pale. 

Even Shi Hao was stupefied. This was too terrifying. 

However, contrary to expectations, these bugs and ghost demons didn't take action, continuing to remain dormant. In addition, those bugs and ghost demons below didn't dare approach, all of them circling about anxiously. 

"Yi?" When Shi Hao saw this, be began to pick more fruits. In the blink of an eye, the medicinal basket was filled with more and more fruits, their radiance astonishing.


Finally, a few bugs couldn't take it any longer. They rushed onto a treetop. They joined hands, raising the two foot tall Black Divine Bugs up and throwing them towards Shi Hao and the others.


They were barely over a foot, but after reviving, those two Black Divine Bugs released roars that shook heaven and earth. They were definitely at the Heavenly Deity Realm. They were about to kill all of the creatures here. 

Those Black Divine Bugs that lifted the heavenly deity all shattered with pilipala sounds, falling out from the sky.

Shi Hao's fine hairs stood on end. He quickly rushed to the ground, and then he ran frantically for his life. 

It was quite strange. After those two bugs revived, they actually attacked indiscriminately, as if their minds were in disorder. Quite a few of the Black Divine Bugs and ghost demons were killed. They weren't especially targeting Shi Hao's group. 

"I understand! These bugs aren't Immortal Ancient's primordial creatures and are considered outsiders as well. They have taken residence here just like the descendants of the geniuses that stayed behind in previous eras. Once they reach a certain stage, if they don't die, they all go mad!" Luo Dao said. 

"Right, some of those bugs and ghost demons on the treetop are corpses, and a few are still alive, but have already gone mad. They were sleeping there." Shi Hao nodded. 

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