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Chapter 849 - Advancing Into the Vicious Nest 

Shi Hao had no idea that there were three great experts he knew who were entering this ancient place, all of their destinations the vicious ten's nest. They were about to run into each other. 

Qin Hao's chest was shining, symbols flickering. He quickly moved about in the surrounding region, hurrying towards the inside of the nest! 

Along the way, all of the mountain rocks, ancient trees, and other exploded into pieces. Even the mountains themselves split apart when they were swept through by the symbols from his chest. 

The dual-pupiled user, Shi Yi, looked forward. All of the mists and natural dao became clear. He calmly walked forward, exuding unmatched confidence as he headed into the secret earth.

Within his dual pupils, the sun and moon swirled, stars shattered. This type of scene was extremely shocking. When those along the way saw this, all of their expressions became serious, coughing out blood continuously as they stepped backwards.

Six Crown King Ning Chuan's white clothes made him look as if he was from a different world. When he took a step out, it was as if the stars moved, time flowed, and the void changed.  He was like a reincarnated immortal king as he entered this mysterious ancient place. 

This wasn't the first time he came, only, in the past, he never received much of a harvest. This time, he was determined to succeed. 

"The sinner's blood descendent is also here. I'll just get rid of him along the way." His expression was calm. He had a bracelet in hand that was gentle and beautiful. There was a scarlet translucent bird beak, a purple sparkling scale, clam pearl, beast tooth, and others, six types of divine objects in total.

This was an extremely formidable secret treasure. This bracelet had six terrifying primordial symbol bones, able to display astonishing power. 

It was because regardless of whether it was the bird beak, beast tooth, clam pearl, or other things, they were all the symbol bones of the most powerful exceptional talents. They could display the most powerful divine abilities before their deaths. 

This bracelet alone was enough to suppress all enemies in this world! 

He previously had others bring this bracelet into Sin Province's Spirit Realm, having them use it to kill Shi Hao. However, due to those people's individual strengths being lacking, unable to activate the precious bracelet to its full potential, they were killed instead. 

At this moment, a faint smile had risen from the corners of his lips, auspicious and peaceful. The bracelet released light, pointing towards the depths of the secret place. It sensed the blood energy of sinner's blood descendent, discovering some traces. 

Shi Hao and the others left that strange place. Those several tens of thousands of corpses all disappeared, and the rotting aura vanished as well.

"We finally made it out! I never want to return again!" Even though Lu Yi obtained some divine fruits, he still didn't want to take a step inside of that place again. 

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen felt similar feelings. That hoard of bugs were powerful and sinister, their numbers too great. There was just no way to fight against them all. No one wanted to turn back. 

"Our harvest isn't small, obtaining divine fruits!" After calming down, all of them felt quite satisfied. 

In the mountain region, there were many ancient trees, their branches and leaves swaying about. The blood suns hung high up in the sky, scattering down dazzling scarlet light.


Suddenly, a great imprint suddenly slammed over. It flowed with brilliant colors and was as large as a mountain. It surrounded their group, its weight over tens of thousands of pounds! 

Moreover, there were other magical artifacts that shone with divine multicolored radiance. These weapons attacked at them murderously; they were being attacked. 

Shi Hao released a cold snort. He had long sensed them. He brought Lu Yi and shifted out several thousand zhang. As for Luo Dao and Lan Yichen, they had sensed something as well, directly avoiding this attack.


Random stones tumbled about in their original location. The mountain region split apart. 

"Vigilance is quite commendable." A group of people arrived from the other side of the mountain region. 

There were more than ten people, all of them humanoid creatures, but most of them weren't humans. Some of them had wings, some had four ears, all of their auras were flourishing greatly. 

"You all were able to pick divine fruits?" A humanoid creature with an alligator tail asked. 

"Correct." Luo Dao replied.

When these people heard this, their eyes flashed with radiance. Greed and expectant looks disappeared with a flash. However, they were truly quite strong, their blood energy flourishing. All of them were extremely shocking without a single weak member. 

"When we were outside, we saw a divine tree forest, feeling that it was right around here. We were just about to go pick them, but you all got there first?" The alligator tailed creature asked.

"There are still a lot left there." Lu Yi said. Just now, they had suffered an ambush, so there was resentment in his heart. He wanted to see these people head there out of greed and get attacked by those black bugs from all sides. 

"What is your intention?" Lan Yichen said coldly.

"We are willing to purchase the divine fruits from your hands!" 

When this sentence was spoken, the others' mouths carried smiles. They were looking forward to what was to come, only their looks were a bit frightening. 

"Not selling!" Shi Hao walked forward. These people clearly wanted to take advantage of them and steal their divine fruits. Forget about them, even if it were ancient freaks who came, they would still have to fight to get them.

"Dao friends, aren't you showing us too little face? We are kind heartedly offering to buy them, yet you aren't even asking for the price, directly refusing us?" One of them spoke with a cold voice. 

"And kind of thing are you? How much is your face worth? Get lost!" Shi Hao ruthlessly berated. 

"Not knowing the difference between good and bad!" The humanoid creature with an alligator tail said coldly. The other creatures' faces fell as well.


Those people walked forward, forcing their way over. The ones in the lead were unexpectedly all the most powerful experts of a province. They erupted with astonishing fighting prowess.

"A group of savages, do you feel regret now?" Someone said coldly, using power to intimidate them.

"Even though you all are the most powerful experts of a province, there are only three or four. That's just too few! We even ate seven or eight exceptional talents." Lan Yichen laughed loudly.


A battle erupted. As a result, the faces of this group of people immediately changed.

They were already quite the powerful alliance, with three or four experts that were at the top of their respective provinces. They led more than ten extremely powerful individuals, yet they ended up kicking a metal board.

Shi Hao took action, killing two of their leaders, and then he retreated to the side. 

"It's a misunderstanding!" Someone cried out loudly. 

"There are no misunderstandings." Luo Dao and Lan Yichen took action, wiping them out, not leaving a single person alive.

"En? A stone inscribed diagram!" While cleaning up the battlefield, they obtained a stone inscribed diagram that was extremely ancient. 

This stone inscribed diagram had a blood moon in the sky and stars flickering about. Ten suns rested side by side. It was precisely the scene of the vicious nest. 

Luo Dao sent out a strand of divine will, carefully inspecting this diagram. It immediately changed, unexpectedly releasing strands of mists. It was extremely mysterious, unexpectedly revealing inscribed fragments one after another. 

"Yi, is this a map of the vicious nest's interior?" Luo Dao was immediately shaken up. He never expected these people to have such an ancient diagram on them.

Lan Yichen also hurried over after hearing this, revealing a look of pleasant surprise. This ancient map had many lines on it that extended out within the vicious nest. It truly did look like a roadmap. 

"There had always been a rumor that were a few vicious nest ancient diagrams scattered throughout Immortal Ancient. By having an ancient map in hand, one could avoid many dangers and find places of natural luck. 

No one knew how many ancient diagrams were scattered throughout Immortal Ancient, but whenever a stone inscripted diagram was found, a great battle would ensue.

"It truly is a great natural luck!" Lu Yi laughed loudly.

"Indeed. However, it is dangerous to even hold onto this diagram. Once others find out, there will definitely be many, many people who will rise up to seize it." Lan Yichen said. 

It was to the extent where unmatched exceptional talents would stand guard outside the vicious nest to intercept those entering it, inspecting them to see if they had any ancient diagrams, and then use bloody means to acquire them.

"What is it?" Lan Yichen asked. 

"Nothing, let's go." Shi Hao said., He thought back to that medicine left behind in the divine forest that could actually avoid the Black Divine Bugs. 

In the following few days, they continuously searched about around the outer regions, heading from one place to another. Unfortunately, they didn't encounter any more great natural luck.

Shi Hao felt rather regretful. Before entering, he saw an ancient palace floating above a river of life. There were scripture sounds and great dao symbols moving about. 

Unfortunately, no matter how he looked around or how many regions he entered, he didn't see it. 

Along the way, they saw many ancient medicines.

Shi Hao had to admit that the lower realm was too different from this place. The spiritual essence was rich, and even though there were many wondrous medicines, it was difficult for them to evolve into holy medicines, etc. 

"It is Immortal Ancient after all. It's not too strange for spiritual medicines to cover the ground." 

They experienced many battles during the past few days and swept through many individuals who harbored bad intentions. They no longer wasted any time, now starting to head towards the vicious nest! 

Fallen Immortal Ridge, a place they couldn't avoid if they wanted to enter the vicious nest. What laid behind it was precisely the ancient earth permeated with chaotic energy. Shi Hao and the others arrived here. 

The mountain range here rose and fell, the earth and stones all a dark red color. Rumor has it that in the last great era, an immortal died here, dying in front of this vicious nest, its blood covering the mountain range in redness.

"There was this type of rumor, unknown if it is true or false, that the immortal blood essence didn't scatter away, but was instead absorbed by the vicious nest, retained within. That might be shocking natural luck!"

Fallen Immortal Ridge, this place wasn't small. 

There were figures everywhere. Quite a few individuals were heading towards the heart of this place. 

Shi Hao and the others moved through this boundless mountain region. They didn't rush into the vicious nest, instead moving within the mountain region where ancient trees towered into the heavens. They carefully sensed everything here. 

In the distance, symbols flourished, streaking across the skies, roaring over! 

Many of the mountain rocks and ancient trees on the ground collapsed. With a hong sound, a youth descended. 

With him at the center, silver colored ripples moved outwards one after another. It was incomparably terrifying, forming a domain that almost made the void collapse. 

Everyone in the surroundings were horrified, staring at him. 

"Qin Clan's dual bone supreme being!" Someone's expression changed, recognizing this individual. 

It was precisely Qin Hao. He had walked for a few days in the outer region, obtaining some natural luck as well. He decided that he was going to pay the vicious nest a visit. 

"Qin Clan's young supreme being. I wonder if that is just a fake reputation. Rumor has it that one of the bones in his body originally belonged to his older brother, something that was given to him." 

"I also heard that he had an older brother who gave his bone to Qin Hao. Only then did he obtain his present fame for fighting prowess."

A few individuals spoke softly from far away. When they saw him, they revealed strange expressions.


Qin Hao released a cold snort. He coldly looked into the distance. His divine senses were extremely sharp, hearing those individuals' words.

Immediately afterwards, with him at the center, an expanse of resplendent silver colored symbols spread outwards. With a hong sound, they landed in that region, causing those creatures to completely explode! 

These types of methods, cold blooded and ruthless and extremely powerful, shocked everyone in the surroundings. 

"What are you all gossiping about behind my back? If you have the skills, then say it in front of my face!" Qin Hao coldly spoke. He wore long life battle clothes that flickered with metallic luster and divine multicolored light, making him look valiant and formidable. 

Everyone kept quiet out of fear, feeling that he was too powerful. Just a single precious technique, yet it immediately wiped out more than twenty experts. All of their hearts were trembling.

"En?" Qin Hao stared blankly, his mind sensing something. He stared towards the depths of the mountain ridge, feeling a resplendent blood energy there that surged like a sea. 

"An extremely powerful king? Let me see which side's saint it is." His expression was calm as he walked forward. With a few steps, his figure disappeared into the mountain forest. 

"How powerful! Too terrifying! Worthy of being a supreme being with two bones. After his older brother gave him his own bone, an unmatched monster was produced!" 

A few people sighed, feeling that Qin Hao wasn't someone they could fight. He was just too strong. 

Clear springs murmured, ancient pines rustled about.

Within a mountain region, Shi Hao, Luo Dao, and the others weren't walking too fast. They were observing Fallen Immortal Ridge as they proceeded, not moving too fast or too slow. 

Qin Hao rushed over, appearing in the mountain forest. He saw these people under ancient trees from a plateau. His pupils rapidly shrunk, staring at a rear figure. 

Why did this person seem so familiar?

That type of aura… so similar!

Shi Hao turned around. Right now, his true appearance was exposed. Qin Hao naturally recognized his original appearance with a single glance.

"What… how could it be you?!" Qin Hao released a loud cry. He took a few great steps backwards, his face full of shock, not daring to believe what he was seeing!

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