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Chapter 845 - Emerging One After Another

Shi Hao and the others headed forward, proceeding towards those secret realms. 

Suddenly, the road underneath those people shone brilliantly. A small silver path appeared, taking them forward. They surprisingly didn't even have to walk or control anything, and just like that, they entered one of those regions.

This was beyond their choice. They were brought in through the extension of those mysterious ancient paths themselves, bringing those who arrive here forward. 

"Why did we mysteriously end up here? This is too much of a pity. Just now, I clearly saw several powerful divine fruit trees!" Shi Hao was upset and regretful.

The region they arrived at weren't those wondrous places he saw just now. There were no divine objects to be seen right now, but the spiritual essence was similarly shockingly rich. 

In the void, from time to time, the spiritual essence would condense into liquid and fall onto the ground. There were a few depressions in the ground that were filled with spiritual liquid.

"No matter, these areas are all adjacent to each other. We'll search them one region after another, so sooner or later, we'll find them." Luo Dao said.

In the secret earth, one would find tens of stalks of spiritual medicines just by raising their heads. If it was in the lower realm, each spiritual mountain would only be able to grow a single stalk, yet here, they were actually so numerous. 

The main reason was because the spiritual essence was too rich, able to support their growth. 

Even though they were precious, Shi Hao didn't pick them, because he knew that his road was difficult and that it would be hard to make out alive. If they weren't holy or divine medicines, they couldn't save him. 

These ancient trees were especially large, their leaves crisp and lush green, as if they were carved from jade, flowing with green magnificence. They reflected light like mirrors, especially rich with vitality. 

Unfortunately, they weren't any divine trees and were instead just normal trees. However, their vitality far exceeded the old trees of the outside world. They stretched several hundred zhang into the air, some even reaching over a thousand. 

"It is quite strange. These trees should have withered after existing for thousands to tens of thousands of years and replaced by smaller trees. Why is this not the case?"

"There should be strange natural laws in place that stops them from forming, it is quite unusual." 

As they walked over, they felt a thriving vitality, as well as endless rich spiritual essence. Every single person felt their bodies become lighter. It was an extremely comfortable feeling.


Suddenly, more than ten creatures arrived from up ahead, some who had horns on their heads, others with three heads six arms, they were all of different shapes and forms. They were clearly all unordinary. 

Upon closer inspection, these cultivators seemed to have all become deities. Their strength were quite great, and with so many of them together, they formed quite the power. 

"What do you need?" Lan Yichen asked. 

A humanoid creature with silver wings walked forward, saying indifferently, "Hand over all of the treasures you have on you."

They immediately looked at each other with dismay. Did they encounter others like themselves? These guys were actually trying to rob them. 

"Hand over all of the holy medicines you all have!" Lu Yi walked up.

"Aiyou, there are actually others that want to steal from us?" The other group roared with laughter. With a hu la sound, they surrounded Shi Hao's group. 



All types of sounds rang out in this place. Soon after, this place calmed down. There was a pile of people laying on the ground, all of them struck by Lan Yichen until blood came out from their mouths, many of their bones broken.

"Exceptional talent?!" One of them widened his eyes, revealing a look of horror. 

In addition, they could tell that this metal individual wasn't the most powerful one. It was actually that seemingly harmless youth who was their leader. 

Soon after, they were grieved to find that the few stalks of holy medicines they suffered through untold hardships to obtain were all seized. Their bodies were completely searched through.

"Robbery!" Someone cried out with a heart splitting lung tearing voice. 

Shi Hao laughed from irritation. "Have you all ever thought of this result when stealing from others?"

Luo Dao added a few more kicks, sending them flying outwards. Most of their bones were broken. Then, this group of people swaggered off.

"Damn it! We've been robbed!" 

As these people watched Shi Hao's group leave, they howled in grief. 

Shi Hao's group proceeded forward. They saw a few corpses along the way, all of them dying after fighting intense battles. Some of them were in quite miserable states, having their corpses chopped up, blood dripping everywhere.

All of these corpses' precious items were robbed clean, without a single thing left behind.

They frowned, feeling a gloomy atmosphere. This was not some kind place after all. Those who came all went mad, thus starting fights, all for the sake of obtaining heavenly treasures. 

Soon afterwards, they encountered several other groups, the most powerful consisting of sixty to seventy of them moving together. They were like a wolf pack, vicious and cruel. 

Every single one of them carried a bloody aura around them. They clearly killed many people already. 

These people didn't say a single word, directly taking action to kill Shi Hao and the others. Unfortunately, their divine senses couldn't see through how powerful this group was.

Shi Hao didn't hold back, taking action with Luo Dao and Lan Yichen, completely wiping out this group of several dozen. Not a single one was left alive.

Along the way, Shi Hao had seen over a thousand corpses, all of them dying in battle, having their precious medicines and other things stolen. Their deaths were quite miserable. 

This region was extremely large, unexpectedly not being much smaller than a small world. 

They continued forward, using several days to continuously make it through six or seven similar regions, killing who knew how many who stood in their way themselves. 

Meanwhile, it was precisely because of this that, even though this place didn't have divine medicines and other things, they still had rather plentiful harvests, to the extent where it could be considered extremely shocking. 

In their world pouches, cauldrons, if they were opened up, it would be dazzling and brilliant, holy medicines piled up greatly. All of them were obtained after retaliating against these types of bandits. 

"This really is too shocking! In just six days, we've obtained the same amount that we would've gotten from toiling away for half a year! There are actually this many holy medicines!" Lan Yichen sighed with amazement. 

As for Lu Yi, his eyes have long gone straight.

He wouldn't leave even if he was asked to. He promised that in the future, he would personally be in charge of scouting out news regarding the great sects and report them back to him. In addition, he would take care of selling everything Shi Hao, Luo Dao, and the others didn't need. 

Of course, during these past few days, they encountered a few vicious stubbles, and even Luo Dao and Lan Yichen were injured. It was because those were extremely powerful exceptional talents. In the end, however, they were all killed by Shi Hao, their blood splashing out on this ancient place. 

While they were obtaining great harvests, the outside world was full of chaos as well.

In an ancient cave, immortal light shone resplendently. Symbols interweaved, and supreme being scriptures sounded, as if it were unmatched true immortals who had existed forever throughout time that were chanting.

"One of the vicious ten's nest has appeared. I cannot miss out and must take a look."

A youth got up, leaving an ancient cave.

He wore shiny long life battle clothes, his figure tall and slender, appearance handsome. There was an aura of a king to his appearance, his gaze like divine lightning. 

Following a roar, his chest swirled with immortal light. It then wrapped around him, forming a shocking rainbow, his figure then immediately disappearing into the limits of the horizon. 

In the outside world, the edge of the uninhabited region.

The various great sect masters were all shocked, many people found it hard to believe. They looked towards Immortal Heavenly Deity Qin Changsheng. 

"It's actually… an immortal bone?!"

The voices of a few sect masters were trembling, not daring to believe what they were seeing. 

The higher realms had a rumor that the Qin Clan obtained a pair of supreme being bones, and this produced a huge commotion. However, who would believe that one of the bones was actually an immortal bone?!

That bone was, without a doubt, not any inferior to Six Crown King's arm bone!

"There has been a rumor that the youth had an immortal bone, but no one treated it as true back then. I never would have thought that in reality…" 

Some people began to think back to the past, feeling a wave of speechlessness. 

False and truth, truth and false, it was clear that Immortal Mountain purposely released a bit of smoke to confuse everyone. 

Immortal Ancient, within a small world.

On a black colored mountain, primal chaos swirled about. This was a dangerous place normal cultivators couldn't step foot in at all, yet there was someone cultivating in isolation here. 

Following a long roar, a male stood up. When his eyes opened and closed, dual-pupils shocked the heavens!

Those eyes released streak after streak of radiance, splitting apart the radiance. It was as if the heavens and earth were opening. Those eyes were completely formed from symbols, resplendent and world shocking! 

He roared towards the heavens, shaking up the mountains and valleys until they trembled. Chaotic energy wrapped around him. He stood on the peak of the black mountain alone like a revived war god. 

Soon after, he calmed down. He overlooked the mountains, rivers, and all things. "After living in seclusion for so many years, the dual-pupils will reappear in this world. I am going to reign supreme in the heavens above and earth below!" 

In the outside world, everyone who saw this scene from the Immortal Dao Flower's petals gasped. Was the dual-pupils user going to emerge from isolation? 

At this moment, the eyes of all of the sect masters flickered, revealing looks of surprise. They continuously looked at that individual. 

Meanwhile, a few old heavenly deities even directly sighed. Many people were discussing among themselves.

Dual-pupil user, known as an undefeated legend from past to present. This type of person was nearly insurmountable. Their deaths were all because of special reasons, such as attacked from all sides or if a giant took action, ending their lives prematurely. 

"The dual-pupil has appeared again after being eradicated in the Ancient Era. This will likely create a huge disturbance. There is no need to doubt his fighting prowess!" Someone said with a sigh. 

For a dual-pupil user to enter Immortal Ancient, this was simply like letting a dragon into the sea. 

"Even this type of dazzling and powerful figure had suffered a defeat before. He had been defeated by Huang in the lower realm, almost killed then!"

When these words were spoken, all sides began to discuss among themselves. 

"When they meet again, the weak and strong will be decided. The dual-pupils is something that can awaken all innate divine abilities!" 

Everyone looked forward to this, hoping that these two heroes would fight it out again.

"En, Six Crown King Ning Chuan has come out from isolation as well. This is truly a gathering of storms. Great chaos is going to erupt soon. If they meet, it will be unimaginable!"

Someone cried out with shock. It was because he discovered that Ning Chuan also came out from isolation!

Immortal Ancient, in a cave no one knew about.

Ning Chuan opened his eyes. After reviving, brilliant colors swirled about his body, immortal multicolored brilliance dazzling, making him look otherworldly and refined, just like a reincarnated immortal king. 

Only, in the depths of his eyes, there was a dignified look. There was a pressure exuded even without displaying anger. 

He stood up and said, "Regardless, I should go out to take a look. I am familiar with that vicious nest, and in the past six times, I haven't obtained anything from it. I hope I can obtain some type of breakthrough this time." 

"Only, it is not suitable for my true body to act recklessly." He frowned, releasing a sigh. 

"As expected, even Six Crown King is going to move out, also for that vicious nest. The Archaic Vicious Ten have shaken the world under heavens, and not even he could sit still and just watch."

In the outside world, many people were expectant. They wanted to see how stunning Six Crown King was, what kind of unmatched style he was going to display.

"He came out from his cave!" 

"Is that his true body?"

In Immortal Ancient, a figure walked out, clothes as white as snow, even the socks and shoes like this, not tainted by the aura of the world. 

Six Crown King Ning Chuan walked out. With just a few steps, he disappeared into the limits of the horizon, fast to the point of making people tremble inwardly. 

"I should get rid of the sinner's blood descendant. Only a single unordinary individual has appeared after all these years, so it is worth me personally taking action." 

At the limits of the horizon, when that figure disappeared, he left behind this sentence. It was world shocking!

In the outside world, border of the uninhabited region. 

Everyone found it hard to calm down. Six Crown King had emerged, and not only was he going to go for the vicious ten nest, he was going to take action against Huang as well, to kill the sinner's blood descendant. This was definitely a great matter!

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