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Chapter 844 - Nest Realm 

Nest Realm, within a primitive forest. 

The tree leaves above the ground were extremely thick, already gathering several feet, so the ground was rather soft to walk on. The forest carried a decaying aura. 

Old trees were densely packed, towering into the sky. Lush and flourishing branches formed an enormous expanse of tree shade, many places not receiving any sunlight all year round as a result. Once fruits or other things fell, they would quickly grow mold. 

Nest Realm, this place obtained its name from being the nest of one of the vicious ten. 

This place was quite far from Radiant Realm, a relatively larger small world. The ancient forest had many poisonous vicious beasts, making this a dangerous place. 

"This is the nest of the one suspected to be one of the vicious ten?" Shi Hao asked. 

"We aren't there yet. This is just the outermost region. That place is extremely dangerous, and many people have already died, numbering at least eighty thousand. Blood has already died the cliff red." Luo Dao said. 

The death toll was rapidly climbing by the day. It was all because this was the nest of one of the vicious ten, a place that had astronomical natural luck. It made people crazy, all of them flocking over like moths to a flame. 

Currently, they were quite deep into the mountain region. Ancient trees covered the sun, enormous vines wrapped around mountains. Beasts roared, ancient birds took to the skies. There was a wild and savage feel to this place. There were quite a few prehistoric creatures.

For example, Two-Headed Dragon Bird, Ancestral Crocodile, Sky Swallowing Snail, and others. All of them were terrifying!

Even Shi Hao felt like he had to back off. Some of these creatures' cultivation levels were terrifyingly high. 

These were the primitive creatures of Immortal Ancient. They lived in this special region, and normally speaking, wouldn't leave their respective dwellings, but they wouldn't tolerate the provocations of others either. 

"Let's rest up under this mountain. There might be a great battle soon." Lu Yi said. 

On a mountain that was several hundred zhang tall, not a single blade of grass grew. It was quiet, without sound. There were quite a few spiritual medicines nearby, their fragrance wafting about. 

The spiritual essence within Immortal Ancient was just too rich. These medicinal herbs flourished, with medicines that were several tens of thousands of years old appearing quite frequently. This was why there were holy medicines that were produced.

Suddenly, Shi Hao's fine hairs stood on end, his entire body shining, golden symbols extending outwards. Those that followed him quickly retreated, travelling over ten thousand zhang away.


In their original place, an enormous head reached out. It had two flesh horns, its body an ash gray color. There was large amount of mucus as well. It looked quite terrifying.

"A Sky Devouring Snail!" Lu Yi's face became pale. The place he chose to rest, that stone mountain, was actually a snail! It was several hundred zhang tall. The snail's shell was a dark brown color that resembled stone.

"It's not too bad, only at the great circle of true deity level, not advancing past it." Lan Yichen said. 

"Need to be a bit careful. This snail is poisonous. If it swallows or even makes contact with you, it will be inevitable death. Its poison can kill even powerful heavenly deities." Luo Dao said.

That mucus couldn't be touched, or else it would destroy one's dao foundation. No medicine would be able to cure that person then. 

Fortunately, this wasn't where Immortal Ancient's primitive creatures gathered, with ancient creature appearances rare. It couldn't be considered the most dangerous place. 

"Those tribes truly have heaven defying treasures. Those extremely ancient creatures' ancestral grounds have rare divine medicines planted within them, their worth unfathomable. Unfortunately, no one dares enter those places." Luo Dao sighed and said. 

The primitive creatures in those places were exceptionally powerful. Even if a higher realms' sect master personally came, it would be difficult for them to survive after barging in. Everything pointed towards disaster. 

However, what people didn't understand was why they would never leave those ancient places. Unless there was a huge disturbance, they would always be content just staying inside those places. 

"I've always felt like it was odd. Why don't they come out? Also, they don't communicate with anyone else, just like living dead." Lan Yichen said. 

"The geniuses that entered Immortal Ancient, there were some that stayed behind due to unexpected events. Their descendents also live in Immortal Ancient, only, these people, once they reach the later stages of life, would always have strange things happen to them, dying mysteriously or going mad. Is it related to this?" Luo Dao voiced his skepticism. 

"There are too many things unknown in Immortal Ancient. It is best if we act carefully." Lu Yi said.

They made a detour around this place, not clashing head on with that Sky Devouring Snail. This type of creature, unless it reached the Heavenly Deity Realm, would move rather slow. They wouldn't be able to catch up to them. 

"We are getting close. It is precisely this region. Currently, no one has truly set foot into the innermost depths of the nest yet. They would all run into various types of problems." Luo Dao pointed forward.

This was a hazy region. Gray mists swirled about, not all that thick. However, the scenery in the distance all became hazy and indistinct as a result.

Stone mountains, ancient trees, streams, everything that should be there was there. 

Only, this place truly had a sinister aura, making it quite unusual. It always gave one a rather uneasy feeling. 

This forest wasn't that tall, all small trees there were half a person's height. It was unknown what their names were, nor could anything special be seen about them. 

Only, whenever cultivators entered this forest, they would lose their way, generally wandering about for several days.

"After this forest is the vicious nest?" Shi Hao asked. 

"En, we'll be able to see it after making it through this place. However, we might not be able to enter. The paths everyone takes are different. There are many strange distortions in space, extremely mysterious."

"Since so many have died, why are they still coming one after another?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Who wouldn't be moved by the nest of a vicious ten? Moreover, even if one can't enter, there are still many areas of natural luck in these nearby regions. Quite a few people have received great harvests." Lan Yichen said.

This forest was known as Ghost Forest. 

After entering, Shi Hao immediately knew why it had this type of name. As soon as he entered, it was as if the stars moved, as if he experienced great changes, the scenery of heaven and earth transforming. 

In this place, layers after layers of dense fog covered everything around them, making it easy for them to lose their way and forget themselves. 

"This is strange. Just now, for an instant, I became absent-minded. I almost forgot even my own name." Lu Yi shivered inwardly, as if he had just experienced a reincarnation.

Shi Hao nodded and said, "En, just now, there was a strange power that made my primordial spirit waver. However, it has been cut off by my heavenly passage."

After entering this place, they immediately saw a few figures, all of them searching around for a path, wishing to enter the vicious cave. 

This Ghost Forest was rumored to cover ten thousand li. It was extremely large. 

Despite this being the case, they would run into experts from time to time. No one could be certain just how many people came. 

Shi Hao and the others' journey could still be considered smooth. They had only walked out half a day, yet they were already approaching the nest. That place was surrounded by primal chaos.

"Those mountains, are they all made of stone? Yi, something's wrong. They seem to be volcanoes." Lu Yi was fearful. 

That place was extremely mysterious with an expanse of mountains. The insides were all hollow like volcanoes, all of them massive as they towered there, curling with great dao energy. 

When the primal chaos mist scattered, the sky above was revealed. It made one feel even more shocked. 

Above the mountains were blood moons. After closely counting them, they counted a total of thirty-three blood moons not too far away. They were especially large. 

"Don't tell me that they represent the thirty-three layers of the sky." Shi Hao muttered. 

It looked like the thirty-three blood moons weren't too far from the mountain below, as if there was only several hundred zhang between them.


A noise sounded from the distance. Ten even larger celestial bodies appeared, moving out from within the primal chaos, shining with resplendent radiance. They were ten times larger than the blood moons.

These were actually blood colored suns! 

Lu Yi was shaken up, not daring to believe what he was seeing. "This is an ancient irregular phenomenon! How could it be like this? Ten suns appear, thirty-three blood moons shining, all of them above this ancient place, looking like they are about to touch the ground surface." 

"Ten blood suns, and thirty-three blood moons, rumored to all be dyed red by blood during the Immortal Ancient battle!" Luo Dao spoke. Even though it wasn't the first time he saw this, his eyes were still full of shock. 

This was definitely a great event. Ten suns and thirty-three blood moons were all imprisoned in midair, illuminating the vicious nest. What could compare to it since the ancient times? 

"The blood of immortals dyed these suns and divine moons red, it is terrifying after all. Just what kind of existence fought here before? It truly makes one feel a type of yearning, born at the wrong time, unable to see what happened in Immortal Ancient Great Era…" Shi Hao released a long sigh. 

The others' expressions changed. This fella was strange after all, actually wishing he was born in that kind of terrifying great era. Everything had already been destroyed, and the blood of immortals even dyed the sun and moon red. He actually still wanted to look back, wishing to exist in that time! 

"There has been a rumor since ancient times that sooner or later, that kind of battle will erupt. If you truly can reach that step, you might be able to personally see everything, understand all of the details and secrets." Lan Yichen said. 

Suddenly, rumbling sounds could be heard. Three thousand enormous stars appeared, most of them blue colored. They emerged from the primal chaos and floated there, moving around this ancient place. 

"How astonishing. Don't tell me that this is the three thousand types of ancient heavenly dao…" Lu Yi said. 

Upon closer inspection, these blue colored stars carried spots of blood, some of them half dyed by blood. It was quite bizarre. 

Now, Shi Hao believed that these stars were likely truly infected by immortal blood. Rumors always had a certain amount of reasoning behind their existence, not completely unfounded. 

He stared for an extremely long time in that direction.

"Something's not right. It seems close, but I feel like we are still extremely far away, as if there is a void separating us." Shi Hao frowned. He had a feeling that the ancient place was still extremely far away. 

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen couldn't help but sigh. This fella's spiritual senses were truly unique, able to see through its intrinsic quality. Back then, they had been at a loss for an extremely long time. 

"Correct, there are many regions outside the vicious nest, all of them surrounding that piece of ancient earth. They looked extremely close, but every piece of land is actually extremely large with great natural luck within." 

It was clear that there were some spatial laws here. They looked like they were almost within reach, but in reality, they had pieces of divine earth, demonic land, and holy realms surrounding it. 

Shi Hao's eyes released symbols. He stared at the zone in front of him, and sure enough, changes immediately took place. 

"Yi, it's a place of natural luck. The spiritual essence is just too vigorous. Spiritual liquid actually condensed into a lake in that region, and there are phoenix fish with brilliant wings. These are divine creatures that can extend life! Enough to make sect masters' eyes as red as rabbits' eyes!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

That was one of the rare creatures, its life source shocking. 

In another region, there was clearly a divine fruit tree that possessed divine aura. The ancient tree was upright and strong, shining with splendid multicolored clouds, its branches abundant and luxuriant. There were cultivators roaming about, wishing to approach and pick the divine fruits. 

There was another holy realm where an ancient palace floated above a river of life. Dao sounds rumbled, symbols flickered, it was as if sutras were being chanted there. 

"How mysterious!" Shi Hao was shocked. He was a bit impatient. Forget about the vicious nest, just these regions were worth exploring, with great natural luck to seize.

There were just too many extraordinary places, all of them having divine objects. Obtaining any one of them would be extremely shocking!

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